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breaking the cycle: gotg2 and the theme of toxic masculinity

It’s taken me, oh, about a month to organize my thoughts on this and they’re still a mess, but I have all these snippets in my head about how GOTG2 deconstructs toxic masculinity, and hey! you’re gonna get them now

Toxic masculinity is basically the concept that socializing men and boys to be a certain ‘masculine’ way, and criticizing them or ridiculing them when they fail to live up to these (often impossible or even abusive) standards, is ultimately harmful to everyone, men and women alike. Ever wonder why you flinch at dudes yelling “man up!” to their crying young sons instead of comforting them? Yeah, that’s why.

Anyway, regarding GOTG: a lot of this stuff revolves around Yondu and the Yondu-Peter relationship, but also (I totally love this) a large portion of it also revolves around a white, straight, able-bodied man who is quite literally called ‘Ego’. spoilers follow, naturally-

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Hey, look at that! I drew another thing! 

If this looks familiar, yes, it was based on something. If it doesn’t look familiar, go watch Treasure Planet.

By the way, those are burns on the table. Alfred does his best, but nothing save a good sanding will fix a bat-grenade malfunction or two.

While I’m bored and on the subject of random RWBY things. 

One thing I really love is the idea of Weiss and Yang being team caretaker. Like even for their friends. 

Weiss is always making sure everyone is doing their homework and taking notes in class. She’ll help any of her friends with their work, but she’s the type that will NOT do the work for you. She’ll make you do it and help when she feels necessary. 

Meanwhile Yang is the “you just put in a workout, you need to drink some water and eat something” kind of friend. Or if someone has had trouble sleeping Yang will make them warm milk, sit and talk or just go running with them to help them burn off some energy. 

Weiss and Yang also have kind of flighty partners, for different reasons. I think there have been many nights where Yang has had to drag Blake out of a book and remind her that she needed to go to bed. Just as Weiss has pulled Ruby away from weapon maintenance because they had a big test the next day. 

Then it gets more serious when Yang (as we’ve seen) has to reach Blake to make her stop thinking she needs to save the world with every breath she takes. That it’s okay to relax and do things for herself. Many nights have come and gone where Yang is up texting Blake even though they’re on the same bunk beds, just listening as Blake opens up about all the things she wants to fix and all the things she cares about. As determined as Yang is to help her with them, she’s just as determined to make sure Blake doesn’t get lost in them either. 

Then there’s Ruby, who has her own hero complex and wants everything to be right or wrong and that can sometimes be frustrating. Like Blake, I imagine Ruby sees bad things in the news and instantly wonders why she couldn’t fix it. Why she wasn’t ready yet to help more people and do more things and Weiss has to keep her grounded. 

Not to mention that I still believe they had a very good few moments together at the end of V3 before Weiss’ father came for her where Blake was gone and Ruby was still out and it was just the two of them and they both knew bad times were coming and they had a definite bonding moment. I think that’s part of why I wanted them to find each other first in the reunion. If anyone can get shit done. It’s Weiss and Yang. 

ok but modern au anora mac tir

     who goes into law and has to work twice as hard as the men around her to get half the recognition, who’s the first one at the firm and the last one to leave whenever there’s a case, who has to grit her teeth every time she hears someone call her sweetheart

     whose father is the chief of police in new york city, who worked his ass off to put his daughter through college and law school after his wife died. whose husband is a young politician with big dreams and a lot of talk about wanting to crack down on corruption in politics and law enforcement. who ends up a widow, standing next to her husband’s grave with her father’s hand on her shoulder, having to hear the people next to her whisper about it was a mugging gone wrong and she’s not even crying; what kind of wife is she? she didn’t deserve him, as if her heart isn’t breaking.

     who pushes and pushes for her husband’s death to be investigated, only to be told by her father that there’s nothing to be done, we’ve done all we can, sometimes we just can’t get anywhere farther with cases like these, i’m so sorry. who starts noticing that her father and detective howe shut up when she enters a room. who starts looking into things when she finds scribbled notes in the margins of old newspapers her husband kept locked in his desk drawer, something about corruption and the police force.

     who finds out that her father had her husband killed when he started asking too many questions and when people started looking at them and saying things like i’d hate for your daughter to have to suffer for her husband nosing around where he doesn’t belong. who finds out that her father, her hero, with his big heart and his good intentions, somehow ended up on the wrong side of things. who has to decide whether to see justice for her husband, or to protect her father.

     ( who eventually ends up visiting her father in prison every weekend, who can’t ever tell if she hates him or forgives him, who eventually finds herself pulled into politics herself. )

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Week 15! I’m finally starting to catch up on series, so hopefully you’ll start seeing your own in here! Note that drabbles are no longer included due to the length of the recs. I hope y’all enjoy this weeks compilation. 

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Bioshock 2 (Good Ending) Aesthetic

And then father, the Rapture dream was over. You taught me that ‘evil’ is just a word. Under the skin, it’s simple pain. For you, mercy was victory. You sacrificed, you endured, and when given the chance, you forgave. Always. Mother believed this world was irredeemable, but she was wrong, Father. We are Utopia, you and I, and in forgiving, we left the door open for her.

“Old Rivals”

So here is a little backstory to NewTales Papyrus and Undyne. Papyrus first meet Undyne in a class field trip to waterfall when he was a kid. There first meeting didn’t go well because at this time Undyne looked for anyone to pick a fight with. She always felt she needed to fight to prove to herself and her father that she was indeed strong. So she ended up becoming a bit of a bully. She choose to pick a fight with papyrus’s elemental friend Grillby and then temmie try to stand up for him she merely pushed him aside roughly calling him a freak. That really pushed papyrus buttons. Papyrus was already being teased in class cause he couldn’t read well and he got into deep trouble when he severally injured a student “by accident”. This cause all the students and even the teachers to fear him….a few giving him the stink eye and treating him like a bad guy. So you can only imagine what happen next when he felt the safety of his friends were in danger. Just in case you guys don’t remember, Papyrus at this age had a hard time controlling his predator side so he really gave undyne a good fight. By the end of it though her father broke it up immediately calming papyrus and giving his rambunctious daughter a good scolding. However not all was bad.

Due to this event, Undyne’s father saw potential in Papyrus and decided to take him under his fins. He offered his mother free lessons for papyrus on controlling his anger trough some martial arts at his dojo. This was where a friendship with Undyne begin to bloom slowly and she begin to understand papyrus for who he is rather then what he is.


Coffee gramps omg that’s too cute… And I’m grateful that a sweetheart like you loves my blog! <3 Thank you all for requesting! I hope you like it!

Note: grab a snack / water because this will be a long one.


  • Akira would want a child, but it would be in the far future when his life is more stable because he knows it takes tremendous responsibilty.
  • In addition, he’d most likely want to adopt; from his experience, meaningful bonds don’t require blood relation.
  • He’d be comfortable with one child, and when he and S/O arrive at the foster home, his eyes unconsciously stray to the loneliest child in the room, and it clicks. The kid’s about five or six years old.
  • The knowledge that Akira’s missed out on a few years of his child’s life makes him that much more determined to shower them with love and wonderful memories. he’s the ultimate dad
  • Bedtime stories, piggyback rides, and skateboarding are among the many activities he engages with his child. 
  • In addition, his child loves Morgana and converses with the cat quite a lot, much to Akira’s surprise. 
  • He also loves cooking and playing the piano with them.
  • If they can afford it, the family will go to Destinyland during the summer.
  • Most of their holidays are spent with friends / family, usually at Leblanc; luckily, the size of the venue has expanded over the years.
  • Sojiro closes up shop on those occasions and the children of the Thieves constantly tug at him from all directions. his understanding increases
  • He handles it well with a reluctant smile on his face, and Akira is quick to tease him.
  • “You’re smiling, old man.~”
  • “Shut up and eat your dinner before I make you clean the attic.”
  • Sojiro brews gourmet hot chocolate for the kids (and Ryuji), but when discovers that Akira’s child prefers coffee, both he and Akira nearly shed a tear from how proud they are.
  • Typically, Akira and S/O take their child visit Sojiro and Futaba on available Sundays; the kid frequently requests it along with Sojiro and Futaba themselves.
  • Moreover, Akira never misses a recital / rehearsal / game for his child; if he has to take a personal day off of work, he will. 
  • Furthermore, he’s going to be the dad that wears some kind of jersey / shirt with his kid’s name on it, probably relating to the star arcana. yusuke helped him design it
  • He teaches his child numerous life lessons and skills, although S/O may have had to reprimand him for teaching their child how to construct a lock-pick.
  • Despite him being very proactive in his child’s life, he doesn’t feel the need to control it; his child’s life is their own, and they can make their own choices / mistakes. 
  • Akira knows that his role is to support them regardless of their decisions and to impart wisdom when it’s requested; that being said, he is by no means a pushover, and if his child is out of line he won’t hesitant to call them out (only in private, of course).
  • Even when he ‘scolds’ them he maintains a neutral expression and he never raises his voice. He’ll simply explain the reason why the thing they did / said was wrong. those speech skills come in handy
  • Other than that, Akira’s a really chill parent, and his kids’ friends love him.
  • He’ll dance with them and S/O sometimes whenever he’s endured a rough day; it melts his stress like snow. 


  • When S/O expresses that they want to have a child, Ryuji is… conflicted, to say the least.
  • He’s worried that he won’t be a good father, or that he’ll end up like his own, so he asks for time to think about it since he refuses to rush into such an important decision.
  • Ultimately, he truly does want a child, so he pushes aside his fear in favor for pursuing an experience that could be wonderful.
  • Ryuji would probably want three or four kids since he loves them so much, and he’d want them to be biological.
  • Likewise, kids tend to gravitate toward him as well because he’s in perfect harmony with his inner child. to think like a child you must become the child
  • He gets emotional every time he looks at his baby; he just can’t grasp the fact that he’s taking part in something so beautiful, and he wants to show this kid the time of their life. 
  • Ryuji wants to be as involved as possible in his kid’s life, so he’ll constantly take care of them and play with them.
  • In addition, he is extremely gentle whenever he holds his baby, almost as if he’s afraid they’ll break.
  • When he hears the baby cry in the middle of the night through the monitor he practically bolts across the hallway to check on them.
  • When the baby calls him ‘dad’ for the first time, he almost faints.
  • Ryuji uses one of those baby backpacks when he goes shopping with S/O, but when his child is older he’ll give them cart rides.
  • As his kid grows, he’ll start to give them piggyback rides and they love it because he runs so quickly. They’ll also play tag with S/O and Ryuji lets them win. he’s unbeatable otherwise
  • Ryuji and his child sneak into the kitchen at night to get chocolate, but they always get caught by S/O (who then joins them).
  • Of his own accord, Ryuji dresses up as Santa every Christmas and he internally cries from how pure his child’s excitement is.
  • He’s terribly smothering, and the family often snuggles together on the bed (until the child’s outgrown it).
  • His bedtime stories consist of his grand adventures during his time as a phantom thief… except infinitely more exaggerated.
  • Nicknames are definitely integrated into the kid’s life. he even called them ‘dude’ once
  • When S/O takes pictures, Ryuji and his kid always strike a pose. He has to help them since they’re small, but he manages.


  • did you really think she’d be anything less than an amazing mother 
  • Ann’s initially terrified of the prospect due to the rumored pain of childbirth; in addition, being a supermodel and traveling for photo-shoots ensures that she has no time to spare for raising a child.
  • However, she’s wanted one (or two) for a while now, and she feels as though she’s ready.
  • As a result, she becomes impregnated and requests maternal leave from her agency. 
  • She’s beyond excited once she overcomes her initial fear, and the first thing she does is go shopping for her child and herself.
  • Ann is definitely going to be the type of person to ask their S/O for fast food / sweets in the middle of the night. Other than that, she tries to eat mindfully.
  • She gets morning sickness once or twice, but nothing too drastic. S/O usually holds her hair and soothingly strokes her spine.
  • Her pregnancy barely shows until the final trimester, although even then she appears as though she’s simply bloated.
  • Ann fondly hugs her tummy from time to time and whispers to it, informing her future child that she can’t wait to see them; S/O will occasionally read stories to it.
  • Once it’s born, she does not stop taking pictures, or rather, selfies.
  • She dresses her baby up in the most stylish clothes, but she won’t overdo it (sometimes they’ll match, and that includes S/O).
  • Ann and S/O will perform ‘shows’ while the baby’s in the high chair to entertain it. Both of them squeal with delight when it giggles.
  • Peek-a-boo is one of her favorite activities, especially when she’s peeking around the corners of the wall; the baby just watches her with wonder in their small eyes and Ann can barely maintain a straight face as a result.
  • As the child grows, she’ll start taking them to the neighborhood park, and the two love going on the slide together.
  • She frequently hugs them and kisses the crown of their head.
  • In addition, she’ll probably request one of those family photo-shoots, and to no one’s surprise, they all look amazing together.
  • The beach is a typical location for family vacations, and Ann will invite the other Thieves as well as their children. 
  • All the kids love her because she’s so much fun and she always has candy.


  • dream daddy
  • S/O is the one to approach Yusuke with the topic of children, as he hadn’t given the matter much thought.
  • He deliberates on it for a time, since it’s an important decision. Ultimately, he and S/O decide to have a baby of their own. He’ll probably adopt another a couple years later once he realizes how much he adores caring for his children.
  • Painting doesn’t come easily to him anymore because he’s so excited, and a bit worried. S/O reassures him that he’ll be an incredible father. spoiler: he is
  • When he first holds his baby in his arms, he just stares at his with widened, disbelieving eyes, as though he had stumbled upon the world’s most precious treasure.
  • He uses the baby voice, but his manner of speech doesn’t change at all.
  • *baby voice* “You’re so adorable that words cannot sufficiently encapsulate your charm.”
  • Akira gives him a planetarium lamp as a gift for the baby, and Yusuke will lay with it and simply watch the rotating, twinkling stars while humming a calming melody.
  • The family finger-paints often in Yusuke’s home studio.
  • Speaking of which, once the baby becomes a toddler he’ll buy them art supplies, and whenever his child creates any kind of art – be it macaroni, finger-painting, or even from his own collection –  Yusuke marvels at with wide, glimmering eyes, proclaiming that he’s truly inspired by such a marvelous piece. he’s not faking it in the slightest and it’s so adorable
  • Moreover, he’s so proud of his child’s artwork that he displays their best piece in his exhibits.
  • Yusuke enjoys watching movies with them perched in his lap, and when a song commences, he’ll occasionally ask them to dance with a bow.
  • When they’re in large crowds or if there’s an event, Yusuke plops his kid onto his shoulders to help them get a better view. giraffe man
  • He’ll sit in those little 25-cent rides inside malls or he’ll ride the carousal with his child. His favorite is the dragon.
  • Bonus: when his child is in their high school years, all of their friends have a massive crush on Yusuke because they think he’s extremely attractive. amen


  • Makoto’s considerably busy with police work, so she’s never had the opportunity to think about having a child.
  • She finds the idea intriguing, but she’s concerned that she won’t be able to spend time with them and properly bond with them.
  • It takes time for her to grow accepting of the idea, but she decides that she wants a child of her own.
  • As usual, Makoto eats extremely nutritiously during her pregnancy, thus her cravings are scarce.
  • She’ll slowly sway with S/O and they’ll shower her with kisses, intermittently kissing her slightly protruding stomach.
  • Exercise is important to her, so she’ll likely go on walks or do some light yoga with S/O. 
  • After giving birth, Makoto and S/O are practically inseparable with their baby.
  • She makes silly faces and uses peculiar voices just to make the baby laugh, and it works.
  • Baby yoga is absolutely something she’d sign up for, and Ryuji (along with his baby) sometimes comes with her.
  • Makoto adores going to wide-open parks or piers with her baby just to lay down a blanket and snuggle them as they sit between her legs. She’ll gently rest her chin on top of their head, too.
  • She actually cuddles with them quite a lot, mostly when she’s reading or watching TV with S/O.
  • They’ll ‘help’ Makoto cook too, and she’ll make sound effects when she adds the ingredients.
  • Bonus: when her kid’s enrolled in school, she’ll show up to PTA meetings and improve everything.


  • The poor health conditions of Futaba’s childhood have unfortunately impacted her as an adult, consequently influencing her ability to bear children.
  • She wanted to adopt anyway, but she was slightly disheartened.
  • Luckily, S/O was open to the prospect of adoption; in addition, adopting a baby was the most viable option for Futaba, and she was so overjoyed from holding it for the first time that she cried. precious mom
  • She’s absolutely going to be the video recording mom, and she’ll probably edit hilarious effects into it. She’ll send them to Sojiro and he sighs in exasperation.
  • Moreover, Futaba always visits Sojiro so he can spend time with his grandbaby. He’ll have portraits of the whole family (including Akira) scattered throughout his house.
  • Most of the baby’s toys came from crane machines that Futaba nearly swiped clean. she’s the only person in the world that’s good at those games
  • Futaba smiles whenever the baby steals or smudges her glasses, and she’ll smooch them as punishment.
  • The baby will sit in her lap while she researches or plays video games, and they’ll occasionally clap when they’re excited.
  • She taught her kid how to high five and fist bump. baton pass
  • As far as family venues go, Futaba’s ecstatic to escort them to the zoo, and she can offer more information about the animals than the plaques.
  • Her child learns how to read / write quickly due to her clear and concise instruction.
  • Futaba eats tremendously healthier to set a good example and to preserve her child’s health. 


  • there’s no possible way she couldn’t be a phenomenal mom
  • Haru has already come to terms with wanting a child of her own (likely three), so she doesn’t exactly hesitate. S/O is equally as eager.
  • She eats as healthily as Makoto, and she also performs light stretching / barre exercises with her while pregnant. she wears pink leg warmers too
  • Her wardrobe during this time consists mostly of fluttery dresses and snug flats; it’s easy and comfortable. S/O away offers to carry her items for her.
  • Thankfully, she has a smooth delivery and she’s extremely impatient since she just wants to go home with her baby.
  • Haru purchases the most stylish and top-of-the-line toys, furniture, and clothes for her baby.
  • She has an indoor pool that she’ll take the baby in, ensuring that their floaties are properly fastened to them. They’re so surprised by the sensation of water that their eyes nearly bulge out of their head, and Haru orders S/O to fetch the camera through her flurry of giggles.
  • Haru sings along with the Disney movies and her baby incredulously stares at her as though she were the moon because she has such a dazzling voice.
  • The baby imitates her when she drinks tea, utilizing their own plastic tea set. She simply smiles fondly behind the teacup.
  • Sometimes she’ll reintroduce ballet into her routine and her baby will spectate. If they already know how to walk they’ll attempt to join her.
  • Haru adores playing hand games with them, such as patty cake. She delicately presses her fingertip on their button nose often, too.
  • S/O and the baby will occasionally join her in the garden, and she’ll craft matching flower crowns for all of them.
  • Haru’s frequently busy with running her businesses, and she definitely feels guilty leaving the baby with the nanny. She compensates for it when she comes home by peppering them with kisses and compliments.


  • oh boy
  • Out of everyone, Akechi is the most nervous by a landslide.
  • He knows that all the time in the world wouldn’t be enough to quell his uncertainty and crippling self-doubt; he has next to no confidence of being an appropriate father.
  • Truthfully, he does want a kid, but he needs a lot of time alone to fully grasp the idea.
  • It’s a difficult process for both himself and S/O, but if he’s going to go through with this, he’d rather adopt; he’s all too aware that there are plenty of children that need good homes.
  • Akechi’s stomach is in knots for the duration of the adoption, but S/O reassuringly squeezes his hand, causing him to relax slightly.
  • He’ll probably adopt a younger child, most likely a toddler.
  • Much to his astonishment, the two bond quite naturally, and he finds himself growing along with his child.
  • Every hug Akechi receives from his kid is like a confirmation that he’s doing something right, and his confidence skyrockets as a result.
  • With S/O’s patient assistance, it doesn’t take him to long to fully warm up to his child, and he becomes exceedingly more playful with them.
  • He spoils them often by sharing sweets, although he’ll be firm if need be.
  • They love watching him play darts, and their jaw is on the floor by witnessing Akechi’s skill and precision.
  • Like any responsible parent, he denies their request to play, but he offers an alternative: water guns / grenades. he is a pro run kid run
  • When Akechi has to leave for work, both his child and S/O see him off, and his throat tightened with emotion the first time; after all, he never he’d make it this far.
  • He braids their hair frequently, and he’ll dress up if they want him to.
  • The family stargazes together on the roof of the apartment complex, quietly leaning on each other while sipping on cups of coffee (juice for the little one).
  • He nags his kid about topics such as hygiene, proper eating, etc. S/O knows he means well, but they have to gently remind him to tone it down sometimes.
  • Additionally, he’s the stylist of the household so he’ll usually choose his kid’s clothes, unless they desperately want a specific item.
  • He knows a moderate amount of magic, so he loves performing magic tricks for his child, and he subdues his laughter with all his might when he observes the flabbergasted expression on their face.
  • Akechi enjoys the experience exponentially more than he initially presumed; perhaps it was because he reclaimed his childhood, along with a child of his own.
  • He doesn’t think too hard on it, though; seeing the welcoming smiles of his first family is more than enough.
Unexpected Part 2

Word Count: 1800 ish

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: Cursing. Angst. Fluff. Pregnancy. 

Summary: Sam goes after the reader.

A/N: I am so pleased that you guys liked the first part so well! I am willing to continue this little series if you’re up for it… I love dadddy!Sam so much. :-) Feedback is greatly appreciated!!!

Read Part 1 Here


You drove all night to distance yourself from the bunker and Sam. When you left, you could hear Dean calling after you but you didn’t look back.

The way Sam reacted had broken your heart. How could he have just not responded? The look on his face told you enough how he felt. You weren’t sure if you were going back or not. You had left all of your belongings including your phone at the bunker, only taking yourself, your baby, and your wallet with you on your little getaway.

Once your eyes started getting heavy, you stopped at the nearest motel and booked a room. You threw yourself down on the dingy bed and finally let the tears you had been holding back loose. For the first time since you found out about the baby, you quit trying to be strong and just let your sobs take over your body.

You cried yourself to sleep that night. And the night after that. On that third morning, you were all cried out. Not one more tear could escape your eyes.

Sitting up in bed with your hair in a rat’s nest, you rubbed your eyes and looked out at the curtains covering up the window. The rays of sun were so desperately trying to get through those drapes.

You wondered if Sam was trying that hard to find you.

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anonymous asked:

That Jumin angst was so heartbreaking yet so amazing. Damn Chairman Han. He keeps going out with gold diggers and his son never complians, yet when he finds someone he loves, the chairman loses his mind? Can I please request a happy ending to it?

Sorry it took so long, but here’s the happy end! If you haven’t read the first part, you can click here. Also, if you want maximum feels while reading it, click here for some background music. ;) 

Jumin should’ve seen it coming from his father’s vague comments throughout the evening. But even if he knew, it wouldn’t have prepared him to see MC walk into the conference room along with her new boss. Now more than ever, he wished he did more research on this client and, more importantly, their assistant.

In a rush of confidence, he had asked MC afterwards if they could speak, and that’s how they ended up here in the small, secluded courtyard at the back of the building. The night sky hung above them, the cityscape sparkled in front of them, and a barrier of silence stood between them.

“I’ve missed you.”

The words came out of Jumin’s mouth involuntarily.  Perhaps they had been festering inside of him for months, and were torn out of him magically by her presence.

MC shut her eyes and exhaled shakily. “Jumin,” she began. But no other words followed. It was as if they were trapped in her throat, and she was unwilling to release them.

“I don’t have any expectations of you,” he said. He turned his gaze to the buildings in the distance. “I never had. I just…want you to know, in case you decide to leave once more.”

He was surprised by the sniffling he heard. He started slightly before turning to look at her. MC had her hand over her mouth, tears streaming down her face. Jumin reached out a tentative hand to touch her shoulder. “MC? Are you…are you okay?”

She swallowed, waiting a moment to speak. “I didn’t want to leave you, you know” she rasped. A few more silent tears escaped. “I just thought it might be for the better.”

“Are you unhappy with life?” he asked. He held out a handkerchief to her. She gave a watery chuckle at the pawprint embroidered in the corner before taking it. “It seems you have a good job at a good company.”

MC chewed on her bottom lip. “Yeah,” she choked. “But, I’m not nearly good enough for you.”

For him? He dared to hope that she always intended to return to him. Even if he wished she had never left in the first place. He gingerly reached, his fingers grazing her shoulder. She tensed under his touch but slowly turned to face him. “You don’t need to prove yourself, MC. You never have. You know that, if it came down to it, I’d choose you over this life, right?”

Her lip trembled, and his own chest constricted. It was a strange sensation really. It was as if his heart had been dead all these months, and now it was starting to beat once more. It was simultaneously painful and liberating.

“I would never make you choose, Jumin,” MC said. “I would never ask you to choose between your family or your home and me.”

“Then why do you think I would ever make you choose?” he returned evenly. “I never once asked you to change yourself to fit in better. All I ever wanted was for us to start something new together. Neither one of us should feel the need to fit. I just thought…I just thought you wanted to leave, so I went along with what I thought might make you happy.”

“I know. You are always too thoughtful,” she replied. There was only a ghost of a smile on her lips, but the sight made Jumin lighter. “But what about your father? I don’t want to come between you–”

Jumin interrupted with a chuckle. “I have a feeling it’s not a coincidence my father targeted this particular client…for whom you happened to work. He may have his…frustrating moments, but he is a good father in the end.”

Realization flashed across her features before she too let out a laugh.She looked up at him, her eyes sparkling, and the gaping hole inside Jumin’s chest slowly shrunk until it was nothing more than a painful memory. “So,” he began, his fingers intertwining with her own. It all felt so familiar…and right. “Can we start again?”

MC’s mouth twitched upwards before she pushed herself to her toes. She pressed a kiss to his lips. It was so quick and light that it sent shudders through Jumin. All at once, his complicated world became simple again. His heart could breathe, finally free from its suffocating ropes.

As MC wrapped her arms around him, her warmth enveloped him and he smiled for the first time in what felt like ages. Perhaps fate wasn’t cruel after all.

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“Heirs: Family Bonding”  (Chapter 3)  - [A Jeremy Irons/Tom Hiddleston/Sebastian Stan  story].

Written by: A.Wölf.

Previous chapter(s): 1: “Heirs: The Scent of Revenge”.  // 2: “Tiptoed love”.

Notes: NSFW  //  Let this be another one of those repetitive reminders. No disrespect to any of these actors, they are just portraying these crazy characters of mine.


The morning sun filtered through the curtains, awakening Tom.

The balcony door had stayed ajar the whole night and the ocean breeze had grazed his wife’s naked back. Tom stared at her and it was impossible for him not to let a warm smile spread across his face, invaded by an optimistic feeling for the first time in months. He felt strong and better than ever, having finally slept by her side after making up and making love. He got up carefully for her slumber to remain undisturbed and walked into the bathroom.

He looked at himself in the mirror, and his beard reminded him of the pain he had endured in the last weeks, and his self-destructive behavior. He opened the mirrored cabinet and grabbed his razor; it was time to shave.

“Good morning”, said Jeremy at the sound of Sebastian joining him in the dining room.

Jeremy didn’t even glance up from the newspaper he held in front of him, and his son could only see the cigarette smoke floating above it. His father, as usual, was sitting at the head of the table, so he sat to his left. The maid walked in to put a plate in front of Jeremy; eggs, sausage, and two pancakes. This at last, made the businessman put down the paper and put out the cigarette to take a sip of his black coffee.

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mlm effect • garrus vakarian

Given the Current Climate in fandom, I figured it was a good idea (and a good time) to do something like this. Basically, a series of short oneshots about male Mass Effect companions unabashedly loving men. Support gay and bi male fandom members. Support their narratives and their love.

Previous: Jaal, Drack, Joker, Kallo, Steve.

Dating Shepard was never going to be easy.

Dating Shepard as the Reapers approached the Milky Way from dark space had its ups and downs. Dating Shepard while he was ‘stationed’ in Vancouver and undergoing an investigation by the Alliance made things even more difficult. Dating Shepard during the Reaper invasion when everything was falling to pieces around them was almost enough to make Garrus question his taste in men.

But the most difficult part of dating Shepard came when the war was over – introducing his war hero boyfriend to Castis Vakarian.

For weeks, Garrus worried over the details. He booked passage to Palaven. He spent hours on the comm, talking to Solana, sharing recipes for levo-friendly dishes as well as requesting that she please – please, please – make their father’s favorite meal. That way, if all else failed, at least Castis wouldn’t have to pick around something he didn’t find palatable. He knew that Shepard knew enough about turians to not say anything horrible or even just out-of-line; he had as much experience with them as Garrus did with humans.

They set the date. They informed his father. And in less than a week, Garrus was standing outside of the front door of his father’s semi-permanent apartment on Cipritine’s border.

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24 with Peter Maximoff?

24: Getting positive on a pregnancy test + Peter Maximoff

You’re not quite sure what to do, even though you won’t ever admit it out loud.

Hank gives you a reassuring smile, a large hand awkwardly coming to to press between your shoulder blades in a silent attempt to make you feel at ease.

It doesn’t work.

You know full well what a child implies - the responsibilities and the sacrifices, and you’re also aware of Peter’s backstory. Or more importantly, of the lack of a paternal figure in his life. Would he be willing to raise a child with you if it meant learning everything from the start?

If it meant going slow instead of his usual fast paced lifestyle?

A sudden zapping noise echoes throughout Hank’s lab, your eyes landing on a worried looking Peter Maximoff. You notice how Hank avoids your eyes, and you immediately realize what’s happening.

Charles told him to meet you there.

Pushing a piece of silver hair away from his face, he steps closer, squishing your face in his hands like he usually does when he knows something’s wrong.

“What’s up, partner?” he asks you in a half playful, half concerned manner - a manner that only him can pull off. He lets you slide the goggles out of the way, leaning into your touch when you caress the sides of his face.

“I’m… You… We’re going to be parents?” it sounds like more of a question than a statement, but you pay it no mind. You know he’ll understand either way. And he does, even if it takes him longer than usual to process your words.

The feeling of his lips engulfing yours makes your eyes close, his hands - trembling and uncharacteristically gentle - moving up to cup your face in a moment of pure bliss before he’s gone.

You can clearly hear him shouting “I made a baby, heck yeah!” through the halls.

The smile stays on your face for the whole day.

And the fear? Vanished.

You know Peter’s going to do everything in his power to be a good father. He doesn’t want to end up like his own father, and you know he won’t.

Because he’s Peter.

And because you love each other.

Dear Journal,

This morning we woke up really early to take the train to the orphanage. Sirius and I were so excited to meet our baby. We arrived a bit to early so we ate breakfast in this cute restaurant. Sirius’ leg was bouncing from excitement. We were talking about baby names while eating our pancakes and cinnamon rolls.

“Maybe something simple like Alex?” Sirius asked.

“There will be a hundred Alex’s at Hogwarts.. We need something unique.” I said, taking a bite of my breakfast.

“How about Teddy? It’s cute?” Sirius said.

“I like Teddy… He’ll be our little Teddy bear!” I giggled.

“I can’t wait to see him Remus.” Sirius said, looking at his watch.

“I know… we’ll see him soon..” I smiled.

We finished breakfast and had a coffee. I kind of regretted letting Sirius have a coffee because he was already so excited and nervous! It didn’t help!

“It’s time! Let’s go meet our son!” Sirius said, smilling.

He grabbed my hand and we walked down the street to the orphanage. A nice lady welcomed us and told us to wait in a room. Sirius was shaking and I tried to calm him.

“What if i’m not a good father? What if i end up like my parents?” He asked.

“You won’t Sirius. You’re nothing like your parents.. Just take a deep breath.” I said.

“Okay.. I can’t wait Moons..” He laughed.

We then heared the door open and the lady came in with a baby wrapped in a blanket. It was our baby. Sirius put his hands on his face and started crying. He was happy. The lady layed the tiny boy in my arms and i couldn’t stop smiling. I felt a few tears run down my cheeks and Sirius kissed my forehead.

“Hey buddy..” I said, brushing my finger on the little baby’s cheek.

“He’s beautiful..” Sirius said.

“He’s so small. Look at his eyes Sirius.”

He had bright blue eyes and long lashes.

“Do you want to hold him?” I asked my boyfriend.

Sirius nodded. I carefully layed the baby in his arms. The baby giggled and grabbed a strand of Sirius’ hair.

“How are you going to name him?” The lady we totally forgot exsisted asked.

Sirius looked at me and i nodded.

“Teddy Lupin.” He said to the lady.

Sirius insisted on using my family name. He didn’t want Teddy to be a Black. I tried to convince him otherwise but he wanted him to be a Lupin. The lady wrote down the name on the official papers and looked up.

“What about the middle name?” She asked.

“Regulus. Teddy Regulus Lupin.” I said instantly.

Sirius looked at me. We haven’t thought about a middle name but I did. Sirius smiled and a tear ran down his face. He mouthed a “i love you”. He looked down at the little baby in his arms.

“Teddy Regulus Lupin.. It’s beautiful..” He said.

We spent the day with the baby. He was so beautiful. Sirius tried to make him say “Padda” but he was just mumbling some sounds and it made us laugh. Unfortunetly, it was time to go. The lady told us that we could come and get him at the beggining of the week. We still had to make a room for him. Sirius didn’t want to let him go. He kissed his forehead and the lady told us that he would be okay. She walked away with our baby and the his hands were oustreched towards us.

“I don’t want to leave him..” I said.

“I know. Me neither. But he’ll be home soon. Can we go baby shopping tommorow?” Sirius asked.

“Of course! Lily will come with us maybe.” I smiled.

“He’s perfect. I want to hold him forever.” Sirius said.

“You will be able to do that soon!” I laughed. “But I want to hold him too!”

In two days, Teddy Regulus Lupin would be home.

April 8th 1978

BTS reaction: them having a kid they didn’t know about

Thank you for requesting! xx

Jin/Kim Seokjin:

He would definitely want to arrange a meet up with you and talk about it. I don’t think he would be angry that you didn’t tell him, but he would definitely be upset. It’s his kid too, and even if the two of you broke up he would at least have wanted to know about them. Depending on how the two of you broke up he might want to either get back together, or at least be friends, so he can be in his kid’s life, because he doesn’t want them to grow up without at least knowing who their father is.

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Suga/Min Yoongi:

He’d probably confront you right then, because he’d worry that you wouldn’t agree to meet him if he asked later. And he’d probably get a bit angry. Like, he’d be so upset that it would turn into anger. He wants to be a good father to his future kids, and not even knowing they exist does not qualify as being a good father. And depending on wether you ended on a good not or not, he’d either ask to be a part of their life, or at least to get to spend a day with them, and then maybe let them decide wether they want him or not. He’s not about to let his kid get away without even trying.

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok:

Like with Jin, I can’t see him getting angry. But he would definitely be upset. I think he’s another one who would try to confront you right away, but I don’t think he’d be collected enough to really get a good point across, so the two of you would decide that it’s better to meet up in like a few days. And when you do, he would pretty much beg you to let him be a part of his kid’s life, even if the two of you ended on a really bad note. And if he still has some kind of feelings for you, he’d probably suggest that the two of you get back together for your kid’s sake. He’d take it very seriously, and would do anything.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon:

He would probably be more shocked than anything. Like, did he actually get you pregnant? He wouldn’t believe it at first. And because of that he wouldn’t walk up to you right away, but rather text or call you later and be like “I saw you with a kid that looked a lot like me today… Are they mine?”. And I think that he would want to figure most things out during that same conversation, and not postpone it to a later date. This is about his kid, and he is not about to wait a few days to figure out a solution with you.

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Jimin/Park Jimin:

Like Yoongi, I think he would be so upset that he would get angry, especially when he finds out you didn’t say anything because you thought it was your burden. He’s just as responsible for the kid as you are, so what on earth made you think it’d be okay to not even inform him of his kid’s existence? He’d probably confront you about it right away because his emotions would tell him to, and then decide that it’s better to sit down later and talk things through for real, when he’s more collected and fit to talk about it like an adult.

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V/Kim Taehyung:

He’d be upset, frustrated, and mad at the same time. He loves kids, and everyone knows that. So why didn’t you tell him he was a father? Did you think he wouldn’t have wanted the kid? Were you afraid he’d try to take them away from you? Did you simply not want to put yet another responsibility on him? Whatever the reason, he’d think it was absolute bullshit. He’s always wanted to be a father, and now he was, even if he didn’t know about it at first. And like Hobi, he would do anything he possibly could to make you let him be in the kid’s life.

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Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk:

He’d be similar to Namjoon. He’d be shocked to the point of refusing to believe it at first. He couldn’t possibly have gotten you pregnant, right? And then he’d discuss it with the members, and they’d probably be the ones to convince him to get in touch with you because he would be very hesitant to do that. But once he does, he will try his hardest to let you be your kid’s father for real. Once it has all sunk in properly, he will get really strong fatherly feelings, and he won’t want to give the kid up.

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Swords of an Honorable Ruler is my FAVORITE Inuyasha Movie

I don’t care how big everyone’s ears are.

- Its one of the better glimpses we see of Inuyasha’s parents relationship and the tragedy surrounding his birth,(Thank goodness for the Tenseiga, huh?) and how Inuyasha’s father actually met his end.

- While Sesshomaru is is typical self - scientifically observing everything happening, I think we get to see a little bit more of his motivation here? Like, yes, he didn’t have the best relationship with pops - I mean he wanted to defeat him and be his superior. However I think the fact that Inu no Taisho died protecting Inuyasha and Izaiyoi robbed him of that opportunity. That could cause some serious resentment.

- Takemaru is a super interesting villain. He is quite similar to Naraku in that his desire for a woman soured when she was unavailable to him, thus motivating him to do some terrible things (i.e. Kill a woman in labor and her baby, be reanimated by a sword from hell…)

- The whole several scenes where Inuyasha is possessed by So'unga. Not only does Kagome get to see her nightmares realized (her involvement in the Feudal Era causing devastation in her own time), but also the actual destruction of a village by Inuyasha’s hand back in the Sengoku period. (I think we were ALL Miroku, screaming ourselves hoarse in desperation when we thought Inuyasha was going to kill that mom and her kids - one of my favorite moments btw).

- Sesshomaru’s left arm. I mean… he had the opportunity to get that baby back, but instead, he just casually watched it fall into the pits of hell.

- The scene where everyone ends up fighting together at the castle facing hoards of the undead is epic. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru standing back to back swearing to kill each other AFTER this is over? Miroku (as per usual) trying to martyr himself my sucking in all of the zombies and their miasma.

-AND WHILE WE’RE ON THE SUBJECT THIS LINE: “What good is this cursed hand if I can’t protect the woman I LOVE.” Yup. Love. I’m almost positive this is the first (and maybe only) time we hear Miroku verbally tell Sango he loves her. (Sure we hear him say he deeply cares for her, she’s important to him, etc., but not the l-word). Later goes on, in his poisoned stupor, to keep her from walking off a cliff into the underworld.

- Sesshomaru being protective. He is obviously driven to save Rin and even protect Jaken, but here we also see him protect Inuyasha. Of course he hides it by telling him he’s in the way, but still, he keeps Inuyasha from taking a pretty powerful blow.

I. Love. This. Movie. So. Much.

Also, people who say Luke is weak…when Vader threatens Leia and Luke slipped vaguely downward, he had Vader down in thirty-eight seconds.  (@Ragnell checked the timestamp.)

But yeah, Luke is the weakest of the Jedi.

(Luke is as much of a monster as Anakin, he’s just a good one.)


Howard was not a good father plain and simple. Maybe he had some good moments, but at the end of the day the bad outweighed that good. He demanded certain things from Tony, and even though he couldn’t understand them, these things managed to get ingrained so deeply into him that they really just became a part of who he is. Howard wanted a son who didn’t cry, who was strong. He wanted a son made of iron and he got that. This baby Tony is not a happy kid, he doesn’t’ smile, not even when playing with his toy, he’s emotionless. Adult Tony plasters on fake smiles, doesn’t ask for help even when he desperately needs it, and built himself an iron suit of armor to protect himself. He literally covered his heart with iron to protect it. Stark men are made of iron, and if nothing can get past the wall he puts up, nothing can hurt him. And that’s not even getting into the alcoholism and abuse. 

Tony just has a lot of deep-seated issues and I’m really sad about it okay?