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ive been here for about 9 months now but ive been making fantrolls since spring of 2013 and i have about 6 on my blog rn! ranging from nice gorls to the worst of boys and a few inbetween. im always down for asks, plots n trying to ease myself back into rping!! 

anyway like/rb this and ill check you out/follow you! 

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new troll blog!!

sup i’m wynn and i’m throwing myself headfirst into the fantroll community™ for the first time in like four years (plus in a shocking twist of events it was @brinytrolls who pulled me in, not the other way around so shout out to that nerd >:3c )

anyway, if you could like/reblog this post it’d be a big help since i’m looking for other fantrolls to follow and all that jazz !! thank you !!

do a fullview if you love jesus

ok but also this took so fucking long to do and it’s actually been done for a little bit, i just didn’t post cos it was the middle of the night and i was tired. i’d wanted to do Kary’s ancestor for a long time, but the last couple tries were just not good enough so i let it sit. but then @tempi-fantrolls was getting rid of some adopts and i just knew. this was finally going to be it.

i want to work on his story but i’m also a big nervous baby so idk. have this little tidbit until i get myself sorted TTvTT

new blog. new (and old) friends. swank art. you know what that means


i’ll keep it simple.
every so often i’ll pull a name (via random generator) from the likes / reblogs off this post and that lucky user will land themselves a new sprite.. this post is going to be a rolling occurrence so whenever i finish that particular “request” i will pull another name from the post and simply go from there.

- no, you don’t have to be following me but my mom thinks i’m cool so you should, too (ps this is a fantroll blog)

- reblogs count. likes count. carrier pigeons count. it all counts

- if i select you and you don’t happen to want a spriteset, you can absolutely give it away to someone else of your choice. 

- please have your asks open, ready and willing to be tenderly seduced in the event you are drawn. 

questions? complaints? concerns? good

OOOOKAY SO I got some history with this gal! I’ve been meaning to make more adopts for ages but I don’t wanna make another batch until I finish the two commissions I got left. 

HOWEVER!! I’ve been dying to design a robotic/android troll for a good good while now, and between doodling concepts during my free time, at class or just when I’m procrastinating, I think I’m finally satisfied with it. Here’s the thing, though: I have become attached to this design, but I’m too scared I’ll just write a concept and never use her, so I’m putting her up as a special adopt with the description to see if anyone would be interested in giving her more depth:

“The concept for this troll is that she’s an android rebel. She can manipulate the colors of her eyes/markings at will, being able to pass as any color of the hemospectrum.”

She’s been adopted by @chaostrolls!

For that price you’ll get the hd version of this picture without the watermark!! This time I’ll only offer the additional option for a talksprite, where she’ll have both outfits and 6 expressions of your choice! This option is available for $65!!


Payment must be done in usd via Paypal

I can reserve this design for 2 DAYS!

Please don’t resell or change any elements of the design. You can give her as a gift to someone else, though!

If you’re interested, feel free to contact me via ask or IM~

Thank you for your time! Signal boost this post if you can, this is easily one of the works I’m most proud of ♥

Fantroll Adopts

That’s right, I’ve made a small adorable batch of fantroll walksprite adopts!

  • -I can only accept payments through paypal
  • -I can’t do refunds
  • -You may resell the troll if you no longer want them but you CANNOT sell them for more than you paid
  • -All physical and personality aspects are up for the buyer to decide but DO NOT use them to fetishize something
  • I can hold a design for someone up to 48 hours before I will put them back up for sale

If you’re interested please IM me or send me an ask off anon so I can give you the correct information to send payment and/or discuss holding a design.


Amber Blood- SOLD – @douchetropolis

Verdant Blood- AVAILABLE

Slate Blood- AVAILABLE (may keep if nobody wants them)

Amethyst Blood- SOLD – @phen01