good fantrolls

fantroll community was always elitist as fuck, even when i first started out in 2012, all of the ‘good’ artists banded together and then shunned everyone else under the guise of ‘im just really picky’ or ‘i only like to rp with people im close with’ but it was ? super obvious that a lot of better artists in the comm had gross superiority complexes and just didnt want to interact w people that they deemed not as good as them ?

fantroll community was judgy as fuck and liked to pretend they werent it was weird

Future stuck. (Closed with Tempi-Fantrolls)

Sweeps into the future, a petit yellow blood sat reading a book. He flipped through the pages lazily, and if one looked closer or knew him from a younger age, they would note how many differences he had now.

For starters, his hair had gotten longer the yellow ends following suit. He kept it back with an olive ribbion, a tribute to his wonderful matesprit, whome was currently else where in the hive. The wires on his chest and back had gotten more prominent, along with the better development of his psionics. He could lift larger objects higher, and for longer periods of time. Also incineration. That was his favorite. Not that he would harm other trolls, but it came in handy when he tagged along with Malwen, his matesprit, on his ‘adventures’

Yes, adventures, as in gathering information about many different things for the rebellion. He still didn’t know a whole lot, but he knew enough to help.

He closed his book, and set it to the side with a sigh. Cacemi was silent for a long moment, before getting up, and walking to see if he could find his mate.

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