good enough start

Spend this week cleansing. Clean & reorganize your room so that the atmosphere makes you feel good. Clean out your closet & donate anything you don’t wear anymore, delete all the songs on your iTunes that you always skip, clean out your photo album on your phone to make room to capture new memories. Delete old texts. Get rid of anything that reminds you of memories you would rather forget. Don’t hold on to anything out of fear. Cleanse your mind of thoughts that make you doubt yourself & make you feel that you aren’t good enough. Cleanse until you feel the clutter that was weighing you down has been washed away.
—  It’s time for a fresh start.

Happy Birthday to Monsta X’s visual, vocalist and dancer, Chae Hyungwon! 🐢 (Born on January 15, 1994).

I always end up trying new stuff by drawing Fluttershy.


Cube Auditions in Taiwan

What liberals don’t seem to understand, is that fascists and Nazis see the liberal stance that they should be allowed to openly advocate genocide and ethnic cleansing as long as they aren’t literally murdering anyone that second not as principle, but as weakness.

Saying you’ll actually stand up in once they start actively expelling and murdering people isn’t good enough, because once that starts it is already way past too late. You don’t get to absolve yourself of blame while also wondering where the “Good German” was during The War.

If you really had principles, you wouldn’t stand by as these people advocated for expelling entire ethnic and religious groups en masse. You wouldn’t stand by when they blame all of society’s problems on Muslims and Latinos, Black people and Jews. You wouldn’t stand by when they advocate for their removal from society.

If your believed in America as you say you do, you’ll stand up and not let this happen.

Percy definitely knows how to sew right? Because between fights, skateboarding, etc, he’s bound to get some holes in his jeans and other clothing. He wouldn’t want his mom to pay for new stuff so he’d try sewing them closed before she could notice.

It is with great pleasure that I announce the results of the multi-chapter vote.

Alex/Kara Alternate Season 2, picking up where season 1 left off.

Alex has pined for Kara long enough–at least, that’s what she’s decided. She’s on a mission to find her father, but as soon as Jeremiah is back where he belongs, Alex is determined to move on. Things never go as planned, as both Alex and Kara will find out.


  • Maggie
  • Lucy
  • Vasquez
  • retconning the bullshit with Siobhan
  • retconning a few things I didn’t like about S1
  • none of the new dudes
  • slow burn romance
  • angst ♥
  • Kara not as a reporter

I haven’t watched the actual Season 2, but I’ve seen enough from gifs to know I want to do this before bothering with that.

Well, I said I should draw Ohio, so I figured I’d draw Sherry as well.

Because lord knows the fandom needs to give these two girlfriends the love they deserve <3

You broke my heart, and the worst part is you didn’t even know you were doing it.
I didn’t get to be mad, I didn’t get an apology. I got nothing because we were never even “together”.
I don’t understand how you used that as an excuse to invalidate my feelings and I don’t understand how I let you.
I blamed myself for everything,
for looking at a friendship as something more than it actually was,
for not being pretty enough, funny enough, good enough.
I blamed myself when I was angry at you because we were “just friends”
But the truth is you weren’t even a good enough friend to start with.
I was there for you night after night,
god, I made you feel like you were the fucking sun.
I talked about you like you lit up the sky or something.
and you, well; you didn’t give a fuck about me.
I’d be gone days at a time and you wouldn’t even notice.
You were the only person I wanted to talk to when I felt like the world was collapsing on top of me and you didn’t even wanna listen. You couldn’t even text me back while I would stay up all night just to make you feel better.
I gave you so much and I didn’t even realize how you didn’t deserve any of it.
its funny because i apologized for being too much, for caring too much, and loving you too much, when you should of been the one apologizing for not being enough, for not even meeting me halfway, for pretending to care when you really didn’t, for flirting, for the signs that made me believe we were way more than friends.
god I just wish I got a fucking apology so I could get some closure, so I could feel like you knew how much you hurt me but you still dont see any of it, you still don’t care about anyones feelings. and I guess sometimes you don’t get closure, you just close the door, never look back and move the fuck on.
—  you weren’t even good at being a friend. 

After completely blanking on something to draw for @superirishbreakfasttea‘s rom-com challenge fic, I got to thinking, and realized that I have never drawn a Fitzsimmons kiss. How have I never done that? It’s unacceptable! I have let my fandom down! So I decided to draw a scene from the final chapter of her excellent fic Look On Tempests instead. And here you have it: Fitzsimmons face smoosh! It was a little harder than I anticipated, but I enjoyed the challenge and overall I’m pleased with how it turned out. Hope you guys enjoy it!


So there is this prompt that has been buggin me recently.
So I imagine The Infinity War as one big disaster, where nobody can stop Thanos, cause he manages to get all the stones, killing nearly every being in the process, nobody can be saved. Tony is the last of the Avengers in line to kill and while Thanos finishes off Avengers one by one, Tony sees Loki, who’s supposedly dead body laid near him. Loki gets up and casts a spell on him, and when thanos notices it and goes to them, the last Loki’s line is “you are a new story”. And then Thanos kills Loki.
At this moment Tony wakes up the on the day when Thor lands on earth for the first time.

I know it’s kinda messy, but it’s a prompt and let me know if it’s good enough to start shaping it



Ok if there would be THAT many people who would read this, then I must dissappoint you - last time I wrote a fic was 3 years ago, it’s gonna be soooo shitty, so if there would be anyone who would help me in writing, correcting grammar and everything, IT WOULD BE PERFECT. PLSPLSPLS


Make that phone call you’ve been putting off. Put away those dishes that have been sitting there for a week.

If a task will take you five minutes or less, get up and do it now - right now. Excuses are lame. You are strong enough.