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Fetch with Twilight

WOW HEY HAVEN’T VOICED STUFF IN A CRAZY LONG TIME AMIRITE? Thought I’d get back into it and voice a comic from the amazing @lightsintheskye ‘s Link and the Links AU. I’ve always wanted to try voicing a Toon Link. (*´▽`*)

Voices: @taidatenshi as Wind Waker!Link, @goat-boi-dubs as Ocarina of Time!Link, @vowgan as Twilight Princess!Link, and Breath of the Wild!Link as himself

Comic by: Lightsintheskye

Music Used: Hateno Village (Day) from the Breath of the Wild Soundtrack

A Guide to Major Junior Hockey Names
  • QMJHL: French names (Maxime, Alexandre, Cédric, Pierre-Luc, Benoit-Olivier, David)
  • OHL: Common white boy names (Ryan, Dylan, Michael, Nathan, Mitchell, Matt)
  • WHL: Uncommon white boy names + 50 different spellings for Brayden (Skylar, Braylon, Cross, Krz, Kale, Jaeger, Bode)


Decisions decisions… so many to make.

Had quite a bit of fun trying to take more time to make the audio edits sound nice, overall I really liked the comic, so it was fun making a dub of it.
The comic was this one right…..


Which was made by the talented @spatziline​, so thanks for making cool stuff!

That’s right, no one is safe from my voice, haha!

Anyway, thanks for watching!

(Edit:jeezus, can ya’ll stop being such amazing people? Blowin this post up an shizz)

So it turns out staying up 2 nights in a row to write a story and make a comic dub results in a crash and full system reboot on the third day for me. I set this to render last night, then overslept and couldn’t upload until now lol.

I was like 1000% sure I was going to dub @zarla-s‘s father’s day comic the moment I saw it. Flowey in handplates? Oh lordy [BEGIN EMOTIONAL MELTDOWN]

In addition, as some of you already know, I wrote a one-off continuation of the comic [here]. Because I’m so familiar with another story that involves Flowey and a lot of needless Papyrus suffering by a certain @unrestedjade, this simply had to happen. I’d say I’m sorry…but I’m not >:3

Funnily enough, @robynred also wrote a [story] that continues the comic, and uploaded it basically the same day lol. It’s a bit different, but just as gutting.

I really like how in Seraph of the End they show that despite Mika and Yuu both vowing to save and protect each other, they do it in different ways. Mika keeps Yuu safe on a mostly physical level- he helps him in battle, carries him away when he’s injured, and tries his best to keep Yuu from rushing into dangerous situations. On the other hand, though, Yuu helps Mika on a mostly emotional level- he’s his support and stability. Mika doesn’t always need physical protection because his body is practically invulnerable, but his mental and emotional health is pretty bad. Not only does Yuu help him to be happy again, but he also encourages him to keep on living despite the difficulties and tries his best to support him (though he really does need to actually sit down and *listen* to what Mika has to say on things). And Mika’s mental health/depression is treated as something that he genuinely needs saving from just as much as Yuu needs to be saved from physical harm, which is nice.


Another take on my fan comic comes from @mrpanda28 and I freaking love it!

Thanks! <3


So the Wish app recommended me this specific choker a while back and I couldn’t help it lmao… 
Art blog: questionartbox
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Just a reminder that @enviousoddy is dubbing my first, long r76 comic Powerless and he’s doing an amazing job!  Here it comes one of my favourite parts! Enjoy!!! <3

chapter 4 is probably gonna come a little later than expected, just a heads up! i’m still working on the mini comic (abt halfway thru) and after that’s done chap 4 will start. 

my hand just started aching quite a bit after drawing uhh nonstop for weeks on end jfkdlf (I HAVE A LOT TO DO) and there’s a few illustration pieces i need to finish on a deadline, so those will get priority… mini comic will be on hold for a little while so my useless excuse for a hand can heal i guess. thanks 4 understandin