Here is my Bec Noir plush. He is made of fur, fleece, and the spade on his collar is machine embroidered. Many parts had to be handsewn together and he took approximately 5-7 hours to complete. He sits over a foot tall with about the same wingspan. The pattern was inspired by a few other plushies, but I drew it up myself so it’s all my own.

Sorry for crossing the streams here a bit in my Tumblr. I’ll put up a bunch of new photos of the crew to make up for it. 

Here’s the Good Dog version of the poster series! (It’s a 13 x 19 like the cat poster is and on acid free paper.) I’ll be adding in more Bad Cat/Good Dog things they do as we keep going with the series. Probably going to do some cards and a shirt or two! (Had a very fun time with cat vs dog people at Rose City Comic Con, we were all playing pet bingo with these posters. *laughs* (My cat/dog does this!) was what I heard a LOT from people. Also got to look at everyone’s pet phone pictures, awww.