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the goblin and grim reaper doing a good deed on the first day of 2017
(Happy 2017! May every moment of your 2017 shine x)

I was 18 years old when I found out that a 20 something man I worked with had passed away unexpectedly in the middle of the night. I had just seen him. He had so many dreams and plans and now they were finished, forever.

At his funeral, his 7 brothers and sisters spoke and sang and cried tributes to him, vowing to not let good deeds go undone since he proved you never know the day where tomorrow doesn’t come. I did everything I could to not realize that that could have been me in that casket.

Years later, I found myself broken, morbidly obese and miserable. My quality of life was non-existent and the quantity shrunk with each bad decision. I had tried to lose weight for all the wrong reasons in the past: love, lust, health, status, arrogance and ego. Mostly, I had tried to lose weight so I could avoid dying.

The one thing I had NEVER tried was to lose weight so I could actually START LIVING. I had sought only to avoid the nightmare of death but never had I tried to embrace the dream of life.

You cannot change yesterday or control tomorrow. Forgive yourself for yesterday, focus on today and love every living moment.

Your second life starts the second you do.

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I just realized that in the Transcendence AU Trump never got elected because Mable abolished the electoral college back in "The Last Mabelcorn" (you can see it crossed out on her list of good deeds).

Mabel saving the day!


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I can’t even express how tired I am…. on the side note, I did a good deed today, so it cheered me up :-) remember that a simple act of kindness and go a long way!

p.s. o lvls are merely 94 days away like WHAT
p.p.s my handwriting changes 24/7

Went to Shibuya Station at late night and wait until people are gone just to snap this beauty :’)
Met a group of girls too who were trying to take a selfie of all 4 of them with the poster and I offered them my help, and we instantly became friends (*´꒳`*)♡ they’re not a fan of the actors but a big fan of the manga since it started a few years ago, and one girl also loves Kuroo so much just like me 💖 one of them will be going to Tatchan’s event next week and we promised to see each other there 🌟 my good deed of the day ended up with new friendship ♡ thanks to Haikyuu, Haruichi Furudate, the stage production and of course the giant poster at Shibuya Station ♡

Selina loves the way Bruce says her name. The way it barely escapes his mouth, hovering between his lips. He tries to keep himself under control, he really does. But she can see his emotions peeking through, whether it be his flashing eyes or tense hands.

It’s almost…magical.

Selina, ” Bruce grits, jaw clamped shut and eyes closed. He takes deep breaths while she flicks off a stray piece of glass. The kids are shouting in the background. Whether it be in fun or terror, Selina supposes that really doesn’t matter. She’s done her good deed of the day. Bruce opens his mouth again but only emits a growl. He swallows. “Se-lin-a.”

“That’s my name,” she replies, settling her sunglasses on her nose and stretching, “Don’t wear it out.”

She smirks as she hears the stifled sounds of apoplectic rage.

Well. It’s magical to her.

Bruce, on the other hand hand, may have asphyxiated back there. 

Ollie helps out

Ollie was a charitable soul and having seen the poor guy sitting out side his favorite cafe on the pavement, wrapped in layers of old clothes, homeless and unloved. He decided to do his good deed for the day and offer the luckless chap some breakfast.

His new friend could sure eat, he looked like he’d not had a decent meal for weeks. He was all lost and lonely, with no home to go to and no one to love him, like some abandoned puppy who’d wee’d on the carpet and got thrown out. Ollie asked him how he hit on hard times.

 And as his new  homeless friend tucked into his meal with gusto,he told his tale of woe, round mouth fulls of much needed food, and hot coffee.

Turns out the poor guy was a actor who had fallen on bad times…hell the last time he’d had a job he’d been was wearing a gorilla suit. He spoke of his love of Shakespeare and of how back in the day he’d had the girls fall over his Romeo and panting at his sword play.

“But those days are all behind me” he told Ollie. An addiction to welding and a love of boxes had left him homeless and unloved.

Ollie’s heart went out to the guy, he seemed a decent chap who had just taken a wrong turn, and he decided to see if his boss Luke and he could reboot his career. Ollie took him to a red carpet event to get some much needed exposure, they lent him a suit gave him a bath and almost got him to shave!!


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since i’m ranting about girl guides in Poland here’s more:

  • started war preparations in APRIL 1939 because they were smart and they knew what was coming. by august they had 75 training camps next to german border and was working close with female military training organisations
  • meanwhile boy scouts WERE ON HOLIDAYS, hiking and shit
  • when the war broke girls were taking care of civilians and making sure that there’s no panic
  • part of the Gray Ranks from the very beginning
  • the Gray Ranks as in working in conspiracy and being considered soldiers no matter how old they were
  • big girls training in secret to be nurses and doctors
  • they were not allowed to train with guns because that was manly thing to do
  • that didn’t stop them from making home-made weapons
  • organisation was taking care of orphans and helping Red Cross
  • couriers!
  • the only male courier i can think of is Jan Nowak-Jeziorański (great sad man)
  • but being liaisons was like THE job for girl scouts
  • but they didn’t forget what scouting was about in the first place
  • supporting young people in their development and guiding them into adulthood
  • they did whatever they could to help
  • and were ready to work when war was over and they had to start all over again
Matthew's Legacy

It took me awhile to post this, mostly because of how much this story reminds me of my best friend Joseph. :’(

Link to the story:

A man named Matthew did something nice for someone. This wasn’t just a one time thing for him. This was something he’s always done.

A single mom was at the grocery store with her child. She couldn’t pay for her groceries. A generous man took care of the bill and only asked that she pay it forward later on.

The person he helped was grateful for his generosity. She wanted to thank him for his good deeds, but unfortunately, he passed away 2 days later.

She was so touched by what he did, she decided to continue his legacy of good deeds, calling it Matthew’s Legacy.
She wanted to continue showing the kindness he gave to others. She wanted him to be remembered.

I cried so much after reading this story. This is so similar to my life.

My best friend Joseph was just like Matthew. Always kind, always helpful. A wonderful and inspiring person. Especially to me.

He would always help people out. He would drive people around, use his knowledge of auto repair to fix peoples cars, always helping out and volunteering.

He was the kindest and gentlest soul in the world. But like Matthew….his life was tragical cut short. :’(

He lost his life to a drunk driving accident. He was taken suddenly and violently from this world, just like Matthew.

My heart was crushed when this happen. I cried so much. I lost my only best friend. Why did this have to happen? :’(

Why did this wonderful and caring person have to be taken? Why did fate decide it was his time???

What did he do to deserve this?? I still don’t have an answer for this.

Why did Matthew have to suffer the same fate? Why do the good have to die young?

They are the ones this world needs most. They make life better for everyone….

Perhaps there will never be an answer.

But while they are no longer here, the good works they’ve done will not stop.

All the goodwill they have done, will continue. We, the ones inspired by them, will pick up where they left off. We will continue to give to others in their name. We shall continue the kindness and generosity they have shown us.

In their names, we will continue on. It is our honor to keep their memories alive.

This will be our mission in life. To ensure these wonderful people are never forgotten. To keep them alive in our hearts. :)

I am inspired to see that other people are paying it forward, just like I do with Joseph’s memory.

This is Matthew’s legacy. This is Joseph’s legacy. And maybe, if I fortunate enough, my legacy.

It is times like these that I thankful to be alive.
I may be sad that my best friend is gone, but I am joyful to know that there are others like me, like him, who open our hearts to others.

I know the future is difficult. I know life can be trying. But if we care for and support one another, we can make this world a better place.
Not just for those here, but those who have passed on as well.

I am so thankful to have had Joseph’s presence in my life. No matter how short it was.

He showed me how wonderful it is to care for my fellow man. He showed me how selfless one can be living for others.

Thank you Joseph. Thank you for everything. :)

I still miss you very much. :’( Every single day I am missing you.

Just thinking of the day you went away, the bond between us that was broken. I cry so much just thinking about it. :,(

But my memory of you is not all sadness.

I am proud to be given the chance to call you my friend. You changed my life so much. I am proud to call you my brother.

You will always be with me in my heart.

You will always be my brother, in this world and the next.

This I swear to you.

With my time on this earth, I will continue to live the life you shown me is possible.

And when my time is done. I will see you on the other side.

Thank you again guiding me straight and true, and through the many obstacles in my path, and for keeping me resolute when things seemed lost.

Thank you for showing me that others like you are still in this world.

Thank you Joseph.

Thank you Matthew.

I hope I can make both of you proud of me.

Joseph brought out my good side.

And Matthew continues to inspire me to keep moving forward.

I know that whatever good I will do in this world, it will be because of you two.

This is my life.

For Joseph.

For Matthew.

For myself.

For others.

“In that book which is my memory, on the first page of the chapter that is the day that I first met you, appear the words…‘Here begins a new life’ ”

-La Vita Nuova