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Team Japan (figure skating) || Winter Universiad2017

Meanwhile, in AsaKiku
  • England, in a sweater vest, drinking tea: Any day above ground is a good day.
  • Japan: Very wise.
  • -Later, that same day-
  • England, wearing a leather jacket and tartan bandanna: #GETREKT *Tires to jump over trashcan**Falls on his face* I'M THE BLOODY UNITED KINGDOM!
  • Japan: You truly are a strange man, aren't you?

アルバイト ぼしゅう
part time job wanted


•Type of job/ cash register assistant・stocking shelves・organizing goods

じかん/ 1 ) 月〜土: 13:30〜21:30
    2 ) 日・しゅくじつ:12:30〜20:30

Times/ 1) Monday to Saturday 13:30〜21:30
    2) Sunday・holidays 12:30〜20:30

Actual work is about 7 hours, about 4 weeks ( high school students aren’t possible)


We welcome people who can do late shifts,
Details are negotiable

( 応相談: obtaining agreement by consultation, matters settled in an interview)

じきゅう/ 1,100えん〜
Hourly pay/ ¥1,100

I don’t think i posted this on here before, but i wanted to make a post about my Scarlet Beriko merch! ★~(◠‿◕✿) Scarlet Beriko is my all time favorite mangaka and i love everything she does!! All of the merch is absolutely beautiful! I aspire to be able to draw as beautiful as her one day!! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)


95z • 94z • JinKook • Yoongi || GOOD DAY || BTS JAPAN OFFICIAL FANMEETING Vol.3 君に届く

I made the two-hour drive from Kanagawa to Chiba so I could inquire about parts. I was floored at how hospitable and polite the staff was. It’s a family owned business. The father owns a 22b (pictured above), the mother drives a modified Suzuki Swift Sport and the sun is currently building his car in secret. They all spoke to me at length. My Japanese wasn’t good enough to go into the level of detail with the parents I would have liked, but I was still able to converse with them. Their son, however, spoke English well enough for us to nerd out for an hour. I got my final quote on how much the widebody, installation, paint, and their custom exhaust would cost. It’s not cheap, but I was pretty pleased. I got some photos and said my goodbyes. 

It was a good day.

Today at work
  • *Dude comes in with his wife and 2 kids*
  • Dude: Hey I like your nose ring!
  • Me: Thanks!
  • Dude: I used to have one but I had to take it out cause I'm a 40 year old man.
  • Me: Aww man, I'm sorry, you should've kept it!
  • Dude: Me too, but that's just not okay in this society.
  • Me: We should change that.
  • *Coworker walks up*
  • Coworker: Hey man, I like your tattoos!
  • Dude: Thanks! They're not finished yet. They're going to be full sleeves someday.
  • Me: That's awesome! I wish I could get full sleeves.
  • Dude: You can!
  • Me: But I'm trying to be an actress. That wouldn't fly in the acting world. It would take too much expensive makeup to cover up.
  • Dude: So? Vin Diesel. He's covered in tattoos!
  • Me: Yes but he's a man. It doesn't work that way for women.
  • Dude: We should change that.
  • Me: Yes we should.


Today (Feb. 2nd) is “Good Couple Day” in Japan.