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Team Japan (figure skating) || Winter Universiad2017

I made the two-hour drive from Kanagawa to Chiba so I could inquire about parts. I was floored at how hospitable and polite the staff was. It’s a family owned business. The father owns a 22b (pictured above), the mother drives a modified Suzuki Swift Sport and the sun is currently building his car in secret. They all spoke to me at length. My Japanese wasn’t good enough to go into the level of detail with the parents I would have liked, but I was still able to converse with them. Their son, however, spoke English well enough for us to nerd out for an hour. I got my final quote on how much the widebody, installation, paint, and their custom exhaust would cost. It’s not cheap, but I was pretty pleased. I got some photos and said my goodbyes. 

It was a good day.


Today (Feb. 2nd) is “Good Couple Day” in Japan.

Today at work
  • *Dude comes in with his wife and 2 kids*
  • Dude: Hey I like your nose ring!
  • Me: Thanks!
  • Dude: I used to have one but I had to take it out cause I'm a 40 year old man.
  • Me: Aww man, I'm sorry, you should've kept it!
  • Dude: Me too, but that's just not okay in this society.
  • Me: We should change that.
  • *Coworker walks up*
  • Coworker: Hey man, I like your tattoos!
  • Dude: Thanks! They're not finished yet. They're going to be full sleeves someday.
  • Me: That's awesome! I wish I could get full sleeves.
  • Dude: You can!
  • Me: But I'm trying to be an actress. That wouldn't fly in the acting world. It would take too much expensive makeup to cover up.
  • Dude: So? Vin Diesel. He's covered in tattoos!
  • Me: Yes but he's a man. It doesn't work that way for women.
  • Dude: We should change that.
  • Me: Yes we should.

anonymous asked:

how are the 2p when they get out of the bed?

2p America: If you let him sleep the appropriate amount of time, he’ll wake up always in a good mood, ready for the day. But, when he doesn’t sleep properly he gets really clingy the rest of the day.

2p England: He is that kinf of person that has a “after waking up” checking list, like brushing his hair, taking a bath, brushing his teeth and doing breakfast for himself and from the person that’s with him, if that is the case. NEVER try to make him stop until he’s done.

2p France: “Why I have to get out of my bed?” He doesn’t sleeps that much, but he likes the sensation of being in his bed. Only wearing underpants. Drinking wine straight from the bottle.

2p China: Likes to wake up early in week days, and is somehow very active even when he spends the whole night doing something. In the weekends he sleeps until the afternoon and spends the rest of the day wearing pajamas and watching tv.

2p Russia: Wakes up every day at the same hour, even if he doesn’t really have anything to do. He is totally a morning person, so he always do his chores right after waking. The only thing that makes him moody in the morning is oversleeping.

2p Canada: He doesn’t sleep a lot (3-4 hours for night), so he needs a lot of coffe in the morning. Will probably be melancholic in the beggining of the morning (his nightmares are really fucked up).

2p Italy: Very sleepy and moody person. Don’t talk to him until he has his breakfast or you’ll end up in a living hell.

2p Germany: Same as Luci, except the violence part. He just walks like a zombie for like a hour until feeling good for the day.

2p Japan: He is used to waking up very early, but, unlike Viktor, Kuro likes to take things slow in the morning. He does his chores in the morning, but tea and a walk are the first thing after waking up.

2p Spain: If Flavio didn’t exist he may never wake up.

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