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I’m crazy into black dusty backgrounds, the mother-son dynamic of Princess Leia and her son and Daughter lyrics … So I combine that shit.

tfw you’re not sure why your friends sometimes bump their heads together but you love them anyway

I just read a story that had over 2,000 hits, hundreds of kudos, and SIX… *six*… a total of SIX… comments. And actually, it’s worse than that: the total comments from people who have read are actually THREE. Half of the comments was the writer responding to those.

Let me repeat this… over 2,000 hits, hundreds of kuods…

THREE comments.

The story was posted in 2012. ONE comment was from 2012, one from 2013, and one from 2017.

This is why writers curl up and die and stop writing.

The writing was good, the story was not bad compared to most things I’ve attempted to read on AO3 lately, and this writer used to be a fandom favorite.

But hey, when people don’t give a fuck, it’s really discouraging, and the writer stops giving any fucks too.

It’s sad on many levels. It not only hurts the writer, but hurts the readers too, because the quality writers leave, and we’re left with a pile of shit to leaf through to try to find anything of quality to read, then wonder why there just aren’t any good fanfics anymore.

Sure life happens, people get bored of fandoms, etc. But feeling unappreciated and like no one likes your writing is a huge contributing factor. It matters.


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So I have never seen Soy Luna, although I have seen many of the things you reblog about it and I have to say it looks really good. Sadly it isnt here in the US yet, so I guess I will have to wait... ): Also, I have a question, what is Luna's past? I just saw something about it, but I didn't really get it. Anyways, hope you have a good day. (:

First, I am glad my posts have done that! lol. Yeah, I am hoping its available on the US soon, two of my friends want to see it too but can’t yet. I am dying to fangirl with them about it lol.

Okay so basically back to the point, Luna is adopted. She has always believed that her mom abandoned her, and doesn’t really talk about it. She is really happy with her adoptive parents tho. Anyway, Luna is actually Sol Benson, heir of the Benson family, a rich family from Buenos Aires. 

Her biological parents were killed on a fire when she was very little, a man who used to work there rescued her, but because he didn’t want her to end up under her aunt’s custody, he took her from Buenos Aires to Mexico and left her on an orphanage, where Monica and Miguel later adopted her from. 

Her aunt is also her parents new boss, the one that took them all the way from Mexico back to Buenos Aires. Although none of them know this, because as far as her aunt knows, she died on the fire too. 

The necklace with the moon is the only thing Luna has of her parents, but it actually is just a part of it, because it actually consists of a sun and a moon together, but the sun fell when she was being rescued. Luna has also had this weird dreams, where she has been able to see her mom but doesnt remember her, and some other things about the fire too. 

So yeah, by season 2 she is going to find out about her real identity, as well as her aunt, who is also evil and doesn’t want her to know about the big fortune that belongs to Luna, because she wants it for herself. Pretty dramatic, isn’t it? ;)

today was actually such a good day !! i got so much stuff done and i am so motivated !!!! hopefully this week will be super laid back and maybe i will even get to spend some more time with my Crush™ !!! i am just loving these good vibes and positive feelings and i hope all of you feel just as good as i do if not better and if you dont just know that i am sending you some of my positivity !!!!


Characters: Reader x Dean

Words: 1462

Summary: Dean takes the reader to a special place for their first date.

Part 19 in New Roommate Series. Read Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here, Part 4 here,Part 5 here, Part 6 here, Part 7 here, Part 8 here, Part 9 here, Part 10 here, Part 11 here, Part 12 here, Part 13 here, Part 14 here, Part 15 here, and Part 16 herePart 17 here, and Part 18 here.

Alright, the place featured in this part is just a small part of my life and so much fun. :) I thought it would be a perfect place for their first date. Anyways, enjoy! :)

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when the worst is over, it’s time to chill


april 9th, 1990  happy 26th birthday, kristen jaymes stewart!

wishing a very happy birthday to a very special girl. you’ve touched so many lives and continue to make an unforgettable mark on mine each day. thank you, kristen, for showing me it’s okay to be me and that who i am is nothing to be ashamed of, but something i should take pride in. thank you for showing us your breathtaking talent in all the incredible women you’ve played, for gracing us with your smile, and being a friend to those who have needed and continue to need you as a source of positivity and inspiration in their lives. you are certainly one of a kind and anyone who knows you, either personally or as an admiring fan, is lucky to have you around. i’m proud to call myself a kristen stewart fan and i will always have your back. i love you, we love you, and we hope your birthday is just as amazing and memorable as you are. happy birthday, babydoll.

finished version of this post! can’t say i’m satisfied but it’s ok  ┐(︶▽︶)┌

9 am [Drabble]

It is the feeling of Kuroo moving that wakes Tsukishima up, the sound of the sheets as he turns around, his scent that is suddenly way closer as he rubs his cheek against Tsukishima’s face. He can’t exactly tell if Kuroo is awake, his eyes are still closed and his breathing still slow and even. But his legs and chest are warm and his black hair tickles on Tsukishima’s forehead.

Still, Tsukishima doesn’t want to move, doesn’t want to wake the other up.

So he lets him sleep, he doesn’t even mind it – he has no intention of getting up just yet, it is Sunday and he has nowhere to be today besides of in Kuroo’s arms.

A low groan is what tells him that Kuroo is starting to wake up, twenty, maybe thirty minutes after Tsukishima. The sound of Kuroo’s voice and the way he pulls him in closer to his chest right as he wakes up are what make Tsukishima smile, he doesn’t even try to hide it anymore. The embarrassment of how deep he could fall for someone of the first days is long gone. Their noses brush against each other and he lets their lips brush against each other only seconds after, a sweet soft morning kiss that doesn’t taste like anything but the feeling of being home.

“Morning,” Kuroo mumbles, his voice still drowsy and his eyes still half closed.

“Good morning,” Tsukishima answers, his hand soft on Kuroo’s cheek.

“5 more minutes?” he asks and presses a kiss on Tsukishima’s lips.

“It’s Sunday, you can have a lot more than just 5 minutes.”

Tsukishima shifts a bit out of Kuroo’s embrace to grab his phone on the nightstand. The digits on the screen read something slightly after 9, and he moves back close to Kuroo’s chest, it’s warm and he can hear his heart beat slowly.

“Good,” Kuroo says. He closes his eyes again, rests his chin on Tsukishima’s head and reaches for his hand, intertwining their fingers.

Tsukishima dozes off as well, lulled to sleep by Kuroo’s heartbeat.