good day as usual

so anyway I’m thinking I’ll probably remake? for good this time? because 3000+ followers and only maybe 3 or 4 ever bothering to talk to me on a good day - usually much less - is becoming kind of. upsetting, in a ‘what did I do wrong’ and ‘i know people see this so do they just hate-follow me or something’ or ‘maybe I don’t actually exist and it’s all an illusion’ kind of way.

i don’t want to make this a ‘test’ or anything, but I guess I’ll just make people ask me if they want my new url or whatever? this way people who don’t give a shit don’t have to keep pretending or anything, and I’ll stop feeling like I’m literally invisible. maybe.


But the world has changed, the future is uncertain.
And in the opinion of this humble reposter,
before things get better,
              they’re going to get a lot worse.

rubyreddemise  asked:

Ok here's my best shot lol, I need a truly fluffy fic please. As you know my emotions have been on the non fun kind of roller coaster this week and reallly need a Prompto day of cuddles. Please include him addressing the depression and emotional roller coaster because it really helps.. hope this request makes some sort of sense..

I hope this is alright for you! Although it may be less fluffy than intended, but I hope you still like it! 

Prompto x Reader
My Everything ~
WC: 1234

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my first piper of 2017 :’) by god i love her

Sometimes it seems like your ADHD friend is being totally random with the things that come out of their mouth. Here’s a helpful diagram of whats actually going on. Usually. This is a good day. sometimes this is jumbled up, sometimes it’s at X10 normal speed. sometimes it goes backwards. sometimes there’s five of these layered on top of each other. On top of this, it feels like there’s a film between your brain and the rest of the world, or cotton, or a sheet, etc.

Not all of it make’s it out of our mouths. Most of the time, given how neuroatypical people are treated by society, they’ve figured out how to internalize most of this. When we don’t get the words out though, they have to come out as stimming. Leg jiggling, tapping, and self harm are the most common but just like with any stimming, there’s no real limit (outside of physical ones).

The next closest thing I can think of that matches this is bipolar mania, though that’s not to say they’re the same thing.

On the morning you decide you didn’t love me anymore
I woke up with an awful gut feeling
Something wasn’t right
I just wasn’t sure what
I got dressed and sat down to eat breakfast
But I couldn’t even swallow my cereal because my stomach was in knots
I left for school and felt uneasy
I texted you good morning… no reply
The school day seemed longer than usual
I saw you last period but it didn’t feel right
There was something in the way your eyes didn’t smile when I did
After school I went home and lied in bed
I called you
I let the line ring for 30 seconds only to be greeted by the automated voice telling me you couldn’t answer your phone
So I texted you “what’s wrong”
I waited and waited for your reply
And finally it came
“I don’t love you anymore.”
My mouth got dry and my eyes got wet
Shakily I typed the words “I know.”
—  The day you decide you don’t love me anymore
Quickest Way to Wake Up the Amis

Enjolras: Cuddle him.  Immediately alert.

Combeferre: A strong cup of coffee, and he needs to smell it.

Courfeyrac: Sing him a wake-up song and he’s ready to face the day with a smile on his face.  Usually Good Morning from Singing in the Rain

Joly: All Joly needs is the sound of his pager, and he’s saving lives. 

Bossuet: If B really needs to wake up on time, a kiss from his beloveds is the best bet; anything conventional never works.

Jehan: As they would say, “Birdsong is the most natural way for a poet to wake up, already connected and at peace with their fellow creatures.”

Bahorel: His latest pump up song!  Don’t be surprised if it’s a showtune!

Feuilly: Alarms are literally all that wake up the PaperMan up in any kind of hurry.  Otherwise, it takes him about five hours to get out of bed.

Grantaire: Pour a goddamn bucket of water on top of this lazy asshole’s head.

okay but think about Even and Isak and social media if Even ever got on board

  • imagine the snaps
    • Even loves sending Isak ridiculous snaps with the face filters and witty one liners. they usually make Isak roll his eyes but some of them are actually kinda funny and Even’s cute no matter what filter he uses so there’s that
    • Isak isn’t much of a selfie guy because he’s a self conscious lil bean but on the nights they aren’t together he sends Even snaps of his spread of homework with captions like why am I like this or will you ever fuck me as hard as this biology paper is
    • sometimes when they’re together Even takes sly photos of Isak because his boy is just so effortlessly beautiful and it blows Even’s mind and he wants to capture those moments for when he isn’t feeling so great so he can remind himself that while the world may seem bleak and hopeless there will always be Isak’s light
    • if Even’s feeling good Isak usually gets random snaps through the day, just little things that capture Even’s attention. sometimes it’s bright flowers or a black and white shot of buildings or clouds or literally just a snap of what’s right in front of Even as he walks. these are Isak’s favourite sort of snaps because it’s like seeing the world through his boyfriend’s eyes
    • when one of them is getting crushed under the horrifying weight of being a student or just being alive the other will send a cute little video saying something like you got this I love you you can kick this is the ass and it’s almost always followed by a blank snap that just says you need me to come over? because like hell would they let the other struggle alone
    • Even has been known to send Isak a snap of the front door to the kollectivet captioned are you going to let me in or what? after Isak’s sent him a particularly stressed out snap
  • facebook
    • Even doesn’t really use his facebook, he mostly got it because there were some groups in his classes where students swapped ideas back and forth and it was pretty helpful
    • Even and Isak are totally that couple that tag each other in stupid memes and just say ‘you’ ‘me’ or ‘us’ and everyone thinks it’s adorable
    • Even’s favourite thing to do is to find kitten photos and tag Isak in them with comments like ‘looks like you’ and when the boys see that they lose their collective shit because yes Isak you are just a tiny kitten definitely and Isak is so embarrassed and he’s going to kill Even
    • it’s hard to argue with it though seeing as the second Even runs his fingers through Isak’s hair the boy practically melts Even is convinced that if humans could purr Isak would
    • Isak gets revenge by tagging Even in hundreds of posts that try to say Terminator or some shit is the best movie ever made
    • sometimes they’re actually cute though and they’ll tag each other in those posts that are like ‘tag someone who changed your life for the better’ or ‘tag the love of your life’ and whenever the girls (especially Eva, who knew Isak way back when) see it they can’t help but swoon and sigh a lil because #goals
    • Even’s facebook has almost no posts because he doesn’t really see the point in documenting everything he does, but the few posts that are there are usually check ins where he’ll have ‘finally got Isak to watch *insert movie here*’ 
    • any photos of Even are where he’s been tagged in someone else’s photos. Eva is the worst for taking photos on a night out but hell if Even could say no to her when she’s so happy so yes okay he’ll bend down and take a photo with her 
    • Even’s favourite photo is one with Eva and Isak. he has his arm snug around Isak’s waist and he bent down a bit to accommodate Eva’s wish for a selfie and she surprised him with a kiss on the cheek and the photo got snapped just as Isak’s jaw dropped and he yelped out a hey!!!
    • Eva just captioned it with told you I’d steal him ;) and it became an iconic photo in their friendhship group
  • Instagram, the Skam fave
    • Even totally has notifications on for Isak’s insta because he’s extra af
    • Even’s instagram is probably what he uses most because he quite likes photography, he likes capturing the little moments in life that grabbed his attention
    • it’s very aesthetically pleasing and he actually got a lot of followers who’d have guessed?????
    • but every so often he’ll post a photo with Isak and it’ll literally be the cutest sappiest shit because that boy is so in love and it’s so obvious and his phone gets blown up with notifications to the point where he turns them off because he knows he’s dating the most gorgeous boy in the world he doesn’t need to see a thousand comments telling him what he already knows
    • Isak doesn’t use his instagram much, but Even always leaves cute little comments sometimes just a lil heart emoji. he especially leaves cute comments on the photo Isak posts of Even, things along the lines of wow what a good looking boyfriend you have you must be happy ;)
    • Even definitely looked at all the older things Isak was tagged in, and he even buys Eva a muffin at school as thanks for posting all those things with Isak in because they are a fucking gift
    • Even literally can’t get over how much of a baby Isak looked just a year ago??????????? sometimes he looks at Isak for ages until Isak can’t take it any more and asks what Even wants and Even just shows Isak one of those photos from Eva’s instagram and he’s just like how was this a year ago what the fuck Isak you look 12 I don’t understand this is keeping me up at night


I hope taylor has one of those really good days when everything is just a little brighter than usual and beautiful things are seen everywhere instead of when she looks for them. I hope it’s one of those days where she answers the phone and anyone on the other end can hear her smile so hard they can’t help but smile too. I hope Meredith doesn’t scratch her today. I hope she sees a cute baby too and finds something she’d thought she lost. Little typical victories you know? Just a really good birthday ⭐️

I love my regulars. There’s this one guy Richard who comes in almost every morning and gets the same thing, Grande nonfat dry cappuccino. Today just like every other day I say, “Good morning, Richard! Getting the usual today?” And…bless Richard..he says, “How do you do it? Seriously how do you guys do it remembering everyone with all of the customers you get all day? You guys work so hard, you really work so hard.”

Thanks Richard. You’re my new fave.