So when we met Thomas he asked us how we wanted to pose for the picture and so my sister heyitsemeraldorbs thought since he dressed up as Hans we should do the heart at the end of liaod (love is an open door) and Thomas wasn’t sure how to do it at first so in the first photo you can see a very confused Thomas and in the 2nd photo where he figured it out you can see how excited he got. Thank you so much thatsthat24 for making my day perfect just as you usually do. Never ever stop being the most adorable ray of sunshine because you make this world a lovely place 💖 also Yay for both being hufflepuffs ✌👌

Min Yoongi releasing his mixtape, along with a MV does not mean this is an opportunity to bash and degrade Namjoon.

Both boys, along with the rest of Bangtan work so hard in order to release music for their fans. They are the ones who are most critical about their work, and to have that work be reduced to nothing besides fuel for a non existent competition between members is dissapointing.

Namjoon and Yoongi are each other’s biggest supporters, along with a six year friendship between the two, so I doubt they’d want bashing to happen against each other.

Today may be a bad day, but better ones than you could ever imagine are on the horizon :))