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a bokuaka family drabble

“Tsubasa, I said no,” came Koutarou’s stern voice from the living room.

Keiji picked up his coffee and shuffled out of the kitchen, reluctantly joining his husband and daughter for whatever that evening’s argument was about. Tsubasa stood in front of the couch, where Koutarou was seated, with her arms crossed, resting her weight on one leg, hip jutting out, exuding all of the attitude a thirteen-year-old girl was capable of. Which Keiji was coming to realize was insurmountable. 

“But dad that’s not fair!” the demon that had possessed their wonderful child at some point in the last year screeched. 

“Well, let me tell you something about that little one,” Koutarou said, leaning forward to rest his forearms on his knees, “Life isn’t fair.” 

Tsubasa rolled her eyes so hard Keiji feared she might hurt herself. He sat down in his armchair and waited for the inevitable:

“Stop calling me that,” she snapped, placing her hands very purposefully on her hips. “It’s condescending and I’m not a child anymore!”

Koutarou sat back, raising a finger in the air. “First of all, excellent word choice.” He let his hand drop. “Second, I don’t care how old you are, you will always be my little one.” 

Tsubasa made a frustrated noise, suddenly rounding on Keiji. 

“Papa,” she cried, “Tell Dad that he should stop acting like I’m a little kid!”

Keiji took a sip of his coffee, regarding his daughter with a raised eyebrow. 

“Are you trying to convince your father and I that you’re not a child while whining at us like one?” 

He barely had time to file away the look he received from his daughter in his mental scrapbook of ‘You’re Literally Ruining My Life, Dad’ Faces before Tsubasa exploded, making that lovely pubescent growling/screeching sound that would erupt from the back of her throat. 

“YOU TWO ARE INFURIATING!” she shrieked, storming away from them. 

“Excellent word choice,” Keiji called while she stomped up the stairs. 

“I KNOW!” she yelled back. 

There was a slam of a door and then it was quiet. 

They both sighed. 

“You really shouldn’t call her that while she’s angry,” Keiji chided lightly. 

“I know,” Koutarou groaned, “But she was being such a brat, I couldn’t help it.” 

Keiji smirked. “What did she want?”

Koutarou made a face, picking up his tablet from where he must have put it down to properly argue with their daughter. 

“To go out and see some new scary movie with her friends,” he answered, swiping at the screen.

“But she gets nightmares,” Keiji stated. 

“I know.”

“And is still afraid of the dark.” 

“I know,” Koutarou said, throwing a hand in the air. “That’s why I told her she couldn’t go.” 

“Oh no.” Keiji’s eyes widened. “You didn’t tell her that, did you?” 

Koutarou snapped up his head, looking at Keiji like he was insane. “Of course not! I’m not an idiot. Besides,” he added, going back to whatever he was doing on his tablet, “that would just make her feel bad.” 

Keiji hummed. “You’re a good dad.” 

A wide smile broke across Koutarou’s face, but before he could reply he was interrupted by their daughter’s door being thrown open. 


“Oops,” Koutarou mumbled, looking guilty.

There wasn’t much either of them could say to assuage the situation, so Keiji didn’t even bother trying. 

Instead, he did what dads do best–

“Excellent word choice, sweetheart.” 

–which was to say the worst thing possible. 

When someone finds out you love one direction then asks how you’re dealing with “the break up” and you know they aren’t worth the whole tortured explanation and your belief system re: The Hiatus™ but you can’t figure out what to say other than “fuck off, becky”:


Inspired by this post, a small fic on Bad Bob just trying to be the best dad he can be. Could also be seen as a companion to Coach. Also on AO3…  

Bob had grown up in locker rooms. The majority of his life was spent surrounded by the sweaty stink of post-game adrenaline, the raucous laughter, the camaraderie. And he loved it… for the most part.

There was the part of it, however, he didn’t like, didn’t particularly care to join in on. Prejudice of any kind had no place in Bob Zimmermann’s heart. When a distasteful joke was made, he retreated into himself. Excused himself to go shower or meet his parents – and later, Alicia.

Alicia was quite vocal many times saying, “If you had been a stereotypical jock I would never have given you the time of day.”

Bob nodded, and didn’t think he was being or not being anything in particular. He just preferred to judge people by their actions and their heart – and nothing else.

Alicia loved his gentle nature, which was a stark contrast to the person he was on the ice. While he was Bad Bob Zimmermann on the ice, off the ice Bob opened doors for little old ladies, he stopped to pet random dogs on the street, he called his parents every Sunday, made corny jokes, and enjoyed cooking for the people he loved.

When Jack came along one hot August morning, Bob held his newborn son as tears flowed freely down his face.

“He’s perfect, Alicia,” Bob murmured as he pressed a kiss onto the baby’s head.

Alicia hummed and closed her eyes, full of exhaustion and bliss.

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  • Taserface: "You've gone soft old man!"
  • Yondu: "I AIN'T GONE NOTHIN'!"
  • *Yondu kills everyone that betrayed him, rescues Rocket and Groot, helps the Guardians kill a celestial being, and sacrifices himself to save Quill.*

This is kind of old but I just gotten around to finishing it….

Anyway this was based off a thing (I think by @prinxietys maybe) I saw about Logic having Dyslexia. And my favorite character that I relate to the most having Dyslexia like me, I’m defently gonna write that!

This is actrually based off my exspriences! I made up the end a bit because I didn’t get to finish my page like logic did because my Lover had to go home.

Please tell me if I need to tag anything!

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This started as an idea for one character and rapidly turned into a mini Dad’s of Thedas AU, because of the Game Grumps new dad game!

We’ve got: Spy dad, Nerd dad, Craft dad, Author dad, Assassin dad, Brooding dad, and Sad dad.

Descriptions of dad’s under cut. I can’t believe I did this, but the idea was far to fun not to.

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gonna be super gross and mushy in the tags and it’s not even abt like hockey or anything lmao literally don’t read them i’m such an emotional mess it’s embarrassing


Who are you marrying this time?