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Group Project: Part 1

Running Title: Group Project. 
Part 1
Part 2: TBA
This will be a short sequel series to my previous story Shelter. Please read that before you tackle this, otherwise it may be confusing. 

Summary: Allen Walker once told Howard Link that he wanted five children, while Kanda Yuu demonstrates that his memory is selective, but at least he knows that Alma likes cupcakes. 

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When someone finds out you love one direction then asks how you’re dealing with “the break up” and you know they aren’t worth the whole tortured explanation and your belief system re: The Hiatus™ but you can’t figure out what to say other than “fuck off, becky”:

Bitty keeps a list of every reporter who has ever said anything mean about Jack. He doesn’t know what he’ll DO with the information, but it feels good to have.

He confesses this to Bob one night, saying, “I feel like maybe I’m taking this press thing too seriously.”

“Son,” Bob says. “No.”

He sends Bitty a voluminous Excel spreadsheet with entries dating back to 1990.


Who are you marrying this time?

A Horrible Day (Or What Happens Afterward)

Summary: Marinette has a horrible day at work, shall we see what Adrien has planned to make her feel better?

Rated: M

THIS IS FINALLY DONE! I’ve been working on this for weeks! Anyway, Title’s a little off (hense the sub-title) cause I realized this is more what happens after the fact then actually narrating Mari’s horrid day…but then title wouldn’t fit in with the first of this series and I like titles that go together. Second Anyway, I hope you enjoy this! *pst*It has sin in it, be warned. XP

I own nothing.


The night air was cool and calm as Marinette Agreste dragged her feet down her home’s walkway. Her shoulders were visibly slumped and her usual vibrant eyes were dull with fatigue, it hadn’t been the best day at work. She groaned as she reached the door, slowly shuffling inside before leaning heavily on it as it closed. Tikki hovered out of her purse just before she dropped it on the floor as she sighed. The tiny red sprite gently nuzzled her cheek, to which the designer attempted to return, before fluttering off to the kitchen.

Taking a moment to compose herself, thoughts drifting to falling asleep and forgetting the day, Marinette took a step forward only to notice something. The house was silent, with only the foyer and a soft light in the kitchen on.

“Adrien?” She called, wandering a little more inside before noticing something on the hallway curio.

A red rose sat there with a small note tied to it. Curious, and momentarily forgetting her exhaustion, Marinette picked it up, taking a whiff of the soft scent before reading the tag.

Follow the roses~

She blinked, wondering what her kitty was up to, before wandering deeper into their home. She found the next rose on the floor, bloom pointed toward the staircase and picked it up. Making her way over she found the next flower on the banister. Adding it to her collection, she began to climb the stairs, pausing at the top to find another rose. A few more were placed down the hallway and as she followed them, the heroine finally tuned into the soft music coming from her and Adrien’s room. Pushing the door open, a look of awe overcame her face as her eyes followed the trail of rose petals to the bed, where her husband stood waiting, smiling fondly at her.

“Welcome home, My Lady.”

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My parents are literally the biggest cliché; and they even look the parts… My dad; bad boy to the max- he transferred high schools and his friend spread a rumor that he had been in jail beforehand and everyone was extremely scared of him (he has green eyes and dark thick hair and he looks terrifying). My mom; the goodest of the good, spent her time studying 24/7 listened to her parents, never skipped school (unlike my dad). Next cliché? They lived on the same street, never met- not even once; my mom’s mom was even my dad’s teacher. They tell me stories and it’s like reading a fanfic tbh…

There’s two types of daughters

One’s like Michelle:

And there’s NemNem:

So the other day on the school bus, a girl in my daughters’ grade (4) said that she would rather have a bad mom and a good dad than two good dads. Cue one of my 9 yo’s….This conversation was literally relayed to me verbatim.

E: That’s homophobic

Z (the other kid): No it’s not. Would you rather have a mom and a dad, two moms or two dads?

E: I wouldn’t care as long as I have a loving family.

Z: How can you not care? Like it’s better to have a mom and dad because a dad can like take you to football games and a mom can like take you to the opera.

E: That’s sexist. A dad or mom can do either of those things.

Z: But like if you have a dance recital, your mom can do your hair and your dad will be like “oh you look so nice”.

E: My dad does my hair way better than my mom (TRUE!)

In listening to her relay the story to me, her twin sister chimes in “A boy can do anything a girl can do. Anything in the whole world.” She pauses, I nod. “Except have a vagina.”

Me: Well actually-

A: Unless they’re transgender!