good cosplayer

also homestar runner characters are probably the most difficult characters in the world to cosplay because basically the entire main cast’s silhouettes are just so. non-humanoid 

i’ve probably seen like, one good homestar and strong sad cosplay in my life and two good strong bads and that’s it. they’re just so hard to nail down


Kurogane is both a ninja AND the world’s biggest ninja fan. No matter which world he’s in

Kurogane is also the only person ridiculous enough that they can actually pull that off in the first place.

Do you like our Riddles? They are quite questionable. ;)

Arkham Edward Nygma is me

If you are the DC Riddler in this picture, let me know and I’ll credit you.

Photo taken by my friend Paul aka. the Beast Boy Cosplayer at London Comicon.

I am so tired of this fucking bullshit
  • Being skinny doesn’t make a good cosplay(er)
  • Being tall doesn’t make a good cosplay(er)
  • Being short doesn’t make a good cosplay(er)
  • Having an attractive face doesn’t make a good cosplay(er)
  • Being white doesn’t make a good cosplay(er)
  • Being Asian doesn’t make a good cosplay(er)
  • Having good teeth doesn’t make a good cosplay(er)

You know what makes a good cosplay(er)?

Caring about the character you’re cosplaying. Putting love and care into your craft. Endlessly searching for that right pattern, that right fabric, those god damn reference pictures that must exist somewhere. Working hard on your cosplay, seam ripping in a fury, fighting with zippers, and hemming that outfit. Finding the right contacts, the right accessories, learning how to use craft foam for the first time, painting for hours into the wee hours of the morning. Finding that perfect wig and getting it in the mail to find that it comes unstyled. Figuring out how to make that wig perfect and work for you, cutting, brushing and washing. Buying the make up you need to make yourself look just right and practicing putting it on.

Putting it on all together for the first time and feeling pride, knowing that all of those hours and all of that money has paid off.

THAT is what makes a good cosplay(er).


Request: Hello. I just went to comic con.And I was wondering if you could do a Bucky/SebastianStan x reader. Where the Avengers or the actors cosplay as their characters(It’s your choice.And no one knows it’s them.They just think they are really good cosplayers)go to comic con for fun(Tonys/RDJs idea).The reader cosplays as female Bucky.She sees The real Bucky(not knowing its really him)and asks for a picture with him.Bucky finds her really attractive.You can make up the rest😊btw love your work❤❤

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A/N: Fem!Reader. I’ve never been to a con, but I’m going in March to my first, so I may rewrite this later when I find out what one is really like or do another one. I’m not sure, yet. Open for a part two if anyone wants one!

Warnings: I don’t know how ComiCon really goes

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Short Imagine #64

Title: ComiCon

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“Windmill, windmill for the land.
Turn forever hand in hand
Take it all in on your stride
It is sinking, falling down
Love forever, love is free
Let’s turn forever, you and me
Windmill, windmill for the land
Is everybody in?~”

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@delusioncosplay is maccready :P

go on anon and tell me why you follow me


Oh right almost forgot

Pics from today’s cosplay concert!!!

Met a lot of people today, and two of my friends did cosplays too!!(I only took pics of one who’s @luvislee tho haha)

Luvis is Nagikitsune(left one from the first pic)!!!

And no I didn’t take any selfies HA

Going for the second day tomorrow :3

Hope you like it!!!