good cosplayer


Been rewatching a lot of Inuyasha lately, I almost forgot how much I love Sesshomaru’s beautiful ass.

All my silver wigs have dark roots so I thought I’d just go for black haired Lord Sesshomaru 💕✨


“So… when do we start?”
“I dunno, when do you wanna start?”
“Dammit, Steve–”

Anime North 2017, Day 1:
@thesteppinrazor​ (Steve Rogers / Captain America) and me (Sam Wilson / Falcon.) 

Magical Girl Sam Wilson at the end there inspired by @nicoise-salad​‘s Magical Falcon


Anyways here is how my warden cosplay is doing


Feeling good in your body isn’t easy; but day by day, week by week, I’m slowly feeling good in mine ❤

Thinking about starting a blog for all my random selfies, extra cosplay photos, my transition, and all the random aesthetic stuff I wanna post about. Anyway, while I ponder, enjoy some pics of my robot boxers 😜


I just realized I never posted any pictures from the AWA Undertale photoshoot! I got a ton of good ones, but I’m going to post them sporadically so I don’t spam you guys. Here’s three group shots.
@ifellunderthecovers is the Red with the amazing glowing eye, and I’m the Sans trying to make her love me in the kustard group pic. We knocked our masks together when we went for a hug. xD