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You Keep Saying That You Will, Boy, I Wish You Would

Prompt: But like pastel!dan and punk!phil on a road trip and phil is driving but dan keeps trying to distract him by rubbing his hands over his body and making little cute noise. And like phil tries to ignore him but eventually he snaps and pulls over the car and argues with dan about how they could of gotten into a wreck but then theres the car smuts.

Author’s note: Twice in one day, get rekt,,, (1.2k words) I hope everybody likes this!! <3 Why are all my titles so long??

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Seryn mun’s guide to self love:

No breath in your body is a waste, each one you take is vital. Start thinking of yourself like a fresh breath of air.

When you look in the mirror be honest but with a smile. Somedays I look like I just walked in from a hurricane and other days I look like I belong on the front of a cover girl magazine. This doesn’t mean you always look bad when you don’t think you look good every day, though!

Tell yourself something enough times and you’ll start to believe it! After I got out of my first bout of major depression I spent 5 minutes every day in the mirror looking over my appearance and picking out my nice features. High cheek bones, button nose, gorgeous hair color, ect. You’ll always find something desirable on you!

Learn how to own those features! I have fair, pale skin so I wear good contrasting colors. I also have a nice pair of knockers so I like to show a little cleavage!

Don’t degrade yourself for the things you need like glasses, braces, hearing aids, those nose tube things that come with pulling an oxygen tank around. You might want to but you have to understand these aren’t things that make you ugly or stand out more. They’re just things you need.

Are you shy or have anxiety? Don’t worry! We all have struggles and you know what? That hoodie you hide in looks great on you! Those long bangs that hang over your eyes are actually really cute!

Struggle with depression? I’ve been there, but I’ve learned to accept my scars. They’ve faded now and so will yours. You are not alone, you can move forward. You have to believe that.


The first step to self love is to accept that you’ve experienced self hate. Looking around you’ll find you aren’t the only one. People will help you if you let them! Reach out if you need to, okay?


Luke going with you for your first tattoo and holding your hand through it all, rubbing his thumb against your hand while the artist chats to you and you respond with hums here or there, or maybe a letting out a huff of laughter, careful not to mess up the work. When you’re done like can’t stop gushing over how good it looks in contrast to your skin and he’s so so careful not to touch it. He offers to drive home even though you tell him repeatedly that you’re more than capable of driving but he insists. And when you go to bed that night he kisses the red skin around it, his cold fingers soothing the irritated skin around the new marks on your skin. And all the way up until it heals he’s very gentle with that part of your body, always caressing around the skin. And he still makes sure you know just how much he loves the new addition.

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dark lipsticks look great on you especially because it looks like your hair is a dark color, so it matches and has a good contrast with your skin tone!! (meaning as someone with light hair and light skin, dark lipstick REALLY stands out oddly on me for example) It works well for you!

In all fairness, I wore dark lipstick even when I had pastel hair, but it does look much better now that my hair is darker. 

I’m sure you can pull it off though, you just need to find the right shade :) 

Lost In Translation - (Chapter 7) Sehun Scenario

Koi no yokan (Japanese)
It’s not quite love at first sight, but the feeling you get upon meeting someone that love will happen for the two of you, in time.

You slipped on your dress as you anxiously stared at yourself in the mirror. The dress hugged to your curves in all the right places and the red colour made a pretty contrast against your skin. You had to look good tonight if the person decided to reveal themselves - if. You bent down to put on your heels before tucking a few strands of hair behind your ears that were falling from your updo in curly tendrils around your face. You exhaled a shaky sigh before making your way downstairs. Descending the stairs you watched as your friends stood around your living room, your mother telling them to pose this way and that as she snapped pictures of them. Upon seeing you, she rushed you down to the bottom of the stairs for more pictures, her eyes glazing over.
“Please mum do not cry.” You laughed as you hugged her tenderly.
“I’m not crying. It’s just allergies.” She dismissed your hand as you went to wipe the tears off of her cheeks.
“Yeah sure.” You smiled before giving her and your father one last hug.
“You look beautiful tonight. Anyone would be lucky to have you.” Your father said.
We’ll see about that you thought.

The room was breathtaking. You stared around as you entered with your friends, the room slowly filling with girls in dresses of every colour and suited boys. Silver chandeliers hung from the ceiling, sparkling as the light hit them. White tables were placed around the room on the crimson carpeted floor, fresh roses atop each of them. Calming music infiltrated your ears, easing your anxiety. Turning around to comment on the room to Mark your eyes were led astray by Sehun and a few of his friends entering. He was wearing a classic black suit as he walked confidently into the room, instantly gaining the attention of the female population. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. You were almost sure you had overheard him say he had a date a while ago, but here he was alone. The light shon off his jaw at just the right angle and you couldn’t help but stare.
“You okay there?” Mark spoke interrupting you. Embarrassed you tried to force a smile, but he saw right through it.
“Don’t even try to pretend that I didn’t just catch you eye fucking Oh Sehun.” He placed a hand on your forehead. “What’s happening to you? Are you feeling okay? Or have you finally succumbed to the Sehun fever?”
You sighed dragging him aside. You couldn’t keep this secret any longer, so you told him. He barely let you finish before he excitedly spoke, his deep voice coming out louder than he intended.
A few people looked around at his sudden outburst and you smacked his arm.
“Why don’t you go and tell the whole of the room while your at it.” You said sarcastically.
He rolled his eyes before continuing.
“But the socks! It’s obviously him. What time did you say to meet you at?”
“Midnight and the socks don’t even mean anything, I’m pretty sure you have a pair of green socks too.” You replied. Before Mark could answer, his date tapped his arm pulling him away to dance.
You sighed and walked over to the bar, pulling your phone out of your clutch bag to check the time. 10:00pm. Two hours and you would know.

Those next two hours you spent dancing, laughing and singing along to the music the DJ played. You had discarded your shoes long ago and you danced barefoot hand in hand with your friend on the dance floor. Every so often your eyes would drift over to Sehun and each time you were met with the image of him being chatted up by another girl. You swore that you had saw the girls one by one walk off with a sad look on their face, but it could have just been your imagination. You couldn’t help but feel your heart sink. It clearly wasn’t him then, but instead of letting it bring you down you decided to lift your spirits.
“Drink everytime you see Sehun with a girl that isn’t me.” You cheered, offering a shot to Mark but he only frowned back at you.
“Are you okay?” He said concerned. “I didn’t think you even liked him, clearly I was wrong.”

2 shots later and you were on the dance floor.
3 shots later and you were perched on your classmates lap with a woozy head.
5 shots later and a euphoric feeling filled your veins.
8 shots later and you could barely walk in a line.

You stumbled about the packed room in an attempt to find your shoes. You needed to get some air and your head spun. The people you passed tried to get you to dance with them, some even offering you a drink but you smiled and shook your head. “Shoes. I have to find my shoes.”
“Lost something?” A familiar voice said beside your ear. Turning around you were met with a smiling Sehun.
Fuck his jaw looks so good. No! No it doesn’t. Pushing your way past him you headed for the smoking area outside.
“Not so fast Cinderella.” He called after you, holding your heels in the air. Snatching your shoes off of him you proceeded to stomp off. The cold air outside hit you, making you realise how drunk you actually were. You ran a hand through your now half undone hair.
“Can you stop running away from me?” Sehun said, appearing behind you. Anger boiled inside of you and you laughed a harsh laugh, spinning around to look at him.
“Really Sehun?” You spat, startling him. “Do you really think I want to be anywhere near you after the way you treat me?” He was silent so you continued in your drunken rage.
“You put me down. You make me feel insignificant and for what reason? What have I ever done to you? Because from what I can see it’s only me that you treat this way. You’re popular and talented and smart - everyone likes you! I liked you! So what reason do you have?” Exasperated, you threw your hands in the air before turning to lean on the balcony railing. There was an uncomfortable silence between the pair of you.
“Do you know how much it cost me to buy 14 pairs of green socks? Do you even appreciate how hard it is to find that amount of green socks?” He said leaning on the railing beside you, eyes fixed straight ahead.
“Is that supposed to be some sort of an apology?” You snapped before realisation kicked in in your drunken mind. It was him. You stared at him, mouth slightly agape.
“I’m sorry” he began. “There’s no excuse for the way I treated you. It’s just - it’s just I’m the type of guy who sleeps around.” You winced at his bluntness.
“I don’t get attached to girls. I just want the sex without the relationship. But then you came along and fucked everything up. You fucked me up because when I think about a guy using you like that, it makes me sick. And so that’s why I lashed out and I tried to push you away because I was confused. I’ve never felt like this before and so I asked the guys. Who’d have thought we would see the day, Sehun’s in love is what they said and that’s when I realised. I am.”
Your breathing was shallow as he looked at his feet ashamed.
“I’ve messed up ___. I know that. It’s a lot to ask but please just give me a chance.”
“No.” You replied. His head sprang up, eyes meeting yours - hurt flashing across them. You broke the stare, immersing yourself in the grooves on the floor.
“I understand” was all he said quietly. You watched as he went back inside leaving you alone. Baekhyun, assuming everything went well patted him on the back as a means of congratulations but Sehun harshly pushed him away. You sat on the floor of the balcony. It was going to be a long night.