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Okay but real talk what if somebody handed you a malamute or something.

Okay, so we’re assuming here that this is one of those low-end malamutes that won’t puncture my tiny dogs lungs in a single chomp because my impression of malamutes in that regard is somewhat less than stellar.

Malamutes are one of those breeds that ACE the “Dogs That Make Me Cry from Sheer Beauty” category and do rather poorly in categories such as “off-leash potential” and “is this pet compatible with my other pets” and “do I have the knowledge and experience to take on this pet” and “is this pet small enough that I could physically restrain it if everything goes to shit” (last one is a complete fail, since they’re all at least 50-70% of my own body weight as is and have, as I understand it, considerable amounts of determination.)

But real talk real talk, if someone were to break in through my large living room window one night (it’s the westernmost window on the big grey house on the left with the red barn, you can’t miss it) and leave a maybe slightly elderly, very sad-looking, fucking huge polar dog there, and we got up in the morning and it was waiting, watching me with saucer-sized eyes and airplane ears and you know maybe, maybe my eyes would well with tears and I’d have to move obviously because I can’t keep a dog like that in an apartment like this and I’d have to get a different job that wouldn’t leave me as physically and mentally drained as this one does, but I know of a guy who makes really good custom Nome and combi harnesses and maybe my health could benefit from physical contact with a creature larger than a cat, and oh my god wouldn’t the pictures be just amazing?

Ruriiro no Toki (Moon Troupe 2017)

I saw the play on 5/6 in Umeda Theater Drama City, and it happened to be a very memorable show full of firsts: first solo lead for Miyaruri, first solo heroine for Umi, first show as a member of Tsukigumi for Reiko, and first live zuka small theater show for me. :’D It was also my first time seeing a live show by a troupe other than yuki or hoshi (i have my favourites and also the luck for my trips to coincide specifically with my favourites, apparently). I wasn’t planning on seeing it at first, but I am very glad I managed to. Plot summary for Act 1 (to not spoil it completely since the show is getting a dvd release) and my thoughts under the cut:

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17.04.17 Kizoku Tantei Promotion - 直撃LIVE グッディ! - Aiba Masaki [English highlights]

Aiba-san said the setting is not like in Japan, the feeling is like a fantasy world. His character doesn’t do deduction at all (all giggle) and it is an unconventional story.

Namase-san said that Aiba-san was like Kizoku, he didn’t see him stand in the filming site at all (joke) and Aiba-san put his left hand on Namase-san’s shoulder and hit his own left hand with his right hand pretending to be jokingly hitting Namase-san’s shoulder, and said that it was the character who didn’t stand, when it was not filming he himself stood all along~

Then Takahashi-san asked Namase-san if the interesting scriptlines were from the script and Namase-san said yes while Aiba-san immediately said Namase-san did a lot of ad-libs (all laugh).

Takahashi-san said he has watched the first episode and Aiba-san thanked him.

At last Aiba-san introduced the highpoint of the drama, he said that this deduction drama was filmed by many great co-casts and please stay tuned, and the highpoint is Namase-san~ and Namase-san said what did Kizoku say (giggle), and Namase-san said that the highpoint was solving mysteries and Aiba-san said that his character didn’t solve mystery himself (giggle). They formed a good combi to introduce the highpoint~

Namase-san said that the drama will catch audience’s attention to the last, and Kizoku caring ladies is the highpoint. Aiba-san said the duty of Kizoku is to care about ladies but not to solve mysteries. (giggle)

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DaiSuga Family Fact

Based from Haikyuu! Episode 6. 

Good Family AU Fact in Karasuno.

Father: Daichi Sawamura
Mother: Sugawara Koushi
1st son: Tanaka Ryunosuke
2nd son: Tsukishima Kei
3rd son: Kageyama Tobio

Scene 1

Brothers Trio.
Tanaka the low tempered, likes to intimidate others
Tsukishima who likes to bully and provocate
Kageyama calm but he can suddenly change to be so creppy
They have been intimidating members of rival’s team at the first time of their practice match.

Tanaka and Tsukishima can be a good combi in such intimidating things. Their weapons are Tanaka’s face and Tsukki’s words.

But then their father, Papa Daichi came to stop it.

As the older brother Tanaka get pissed when an old friend of Kageyama tried to provocating his little brother, but Papa Daichi stopped him. In Papa Daichi’s thought, Kageyama should have finished his problem by himself.

Sometimes, their behaviour make Papa Daichi and Mama Suga worried.

Scene 2

When volley ball hits Kageyama’s head. Looks like Tanaka and Tsukki are so happy to see that.

As a good mother, Mama Suga told them to stop laughing at him.

Mom and Dad discussed. How proud they’re with the good parts of their children.

Tanaka is showing off Kageyama’s accurate toss to their rival, especially to Kageyama old friend.

He is also proud with Tsukishima, who sometimes can coordinating with Kageyama. Tanaka is such a good older brother.

But its not takes a long time, after that good coorperation, they’re starting to get into a fight. Always like that. Tsukki likes to teasing Kageyama so much. He likes to see Kageyama angry and get pissed off.

Papa Daichi always tried to make them calm down and stop fight each other for a while.

With Mama Suga’s support for sure.

But after that, Tsukki and Kageyama will start to fight again.

Tanaka also take a part to calm both of them two and trying to stop the fight between Tsukki and Kageyama.

They will be calm for a while before start to fighting again and again.

At the end, only Papa Daichi’s anger can make them stop in peace for a longer time.

[Haikyuu!! Eps 6]

OT3 Overload in VS Arashi 13.08.2015!

Yamamoto just about slays me tonight!  Firstly, as spectators in Stone Buster

… before taking on Stone Buster challenge themselves.

… and where sakumoto makes a good 1-2 tsukkomi combi…

… before signs of the infamous gap start to appear again.

And as spectators for Bank Bowling (first round)…

… and same-side buddies in Koro Koro Viking

… where Keio Chipmunk is deemed “cool”.  Respectful spectators to Saitama team’s introduction…

… turned amused onlookers…

… before cynicism begins to take root.

And Mikitty’s expression totally distracted me for a moment…

… before the perfect 3+1-shot with Neymar!

Where Yamamoto floods me with elation, and Sakumoto floods me with frustration.

VS Arashi 13.08.2015