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‘Where the Streets Have No Name’ came together in a bit of a rush the evening before we were due to start recording again…I was recording onto a four-track tape machine, working alone, sequencing keyboards to the drum machine.  I was starting to get desperate and thinking about the next tour.  I imagined being at a U2 show and tried to dream-up what I would want to hear.  It was my attempt to conjure up the ultimate U2 live-song.  It was a strange feeling when I finished the rough mix, because I thought I had just come up with the most amazing guitar part and song of my life, but I was totally alone in a big house with no one to share it with.  I remember listening to the complete silence of the house for a few seconds after the music had stopped and then doing a dance around the room punching the air.  Then I went home.

The Edge, U2 by U2

lmao that is the most adorable thing I have ever heard I love Edge so much

he is totally my spirit animal

also did this dude literally just spontaneously decide one evening “I’m going to write the best live song ever, like, THE quintessential song that will define U2 concerts forever henceforth,” and then just like…sat down and…did that??? in one night??? how

like damn son, if Edge had been around Italy in whatever BC, Rome WOULD have been built in a day



peeps be like– ‘ladrien is angst!

         and i be like–
                          ‘naw son.’

hey. i am not unreasonable. we can hunt demons after lunch. ❜  
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Jon/Sansa fic recs: the modern AUs

For Fandom Fic Rec Days!

I have a hundred Jon/Sansa bookmarks if you want to rifle through those, but I thought I would rec some of my favorites in a few posts: the modern AUs, the canonverse fics, and the historical/other AUs.

A City of Fortune and Failure by @justadram​ (196k, M, one main longfic and some side ficlets)
Amidst maneuvers and intrigue, heartbreak and betrayal, bankruptcy and political scandal, the players jockey for power, money, and prestige in a game of business, politics, and love in New York City.

A sort of retelling of some of the books’ events in the frame of modern Amerian politics. But spoiler: only two people die! The cast is also much more limited: there’s a lot of focus on the Starks, Jon, the Lannisters, and Daenerys, but that’s basically all. Rotating POVs. A delight from beginning to end.

Beans by @justadram​ (11k, M, coffeeshop AU)
Jon and Sansa never seem to be on the same page about their relationship.

Adorable and charming! Never was dry humping so hot, tbh.

Down from the Mountain by caesia (23k, M)
Sansa flies home from college after her older brother Robb, one of the country’s hottest young pitchers, is hurt in a car accident. Robb’s best friend Jon is there to help the Stark family in any way he can.

Sweet and lovely. A classic “romance” story featuring firefighter Jon.

i prayed for newborn skies by lagardère/@aknightfornawt (3k, T)
“You don’t whine,” she protests. And just for the pleasure of seeing his smile turn rueful and sharp, she adds, “you grumble. You do grumble a lot, Jon Snow.”

Literally this was just posted the other day for the Valentine’s Challenge prompt “stood up/alone on Valentine’s Day.” A nice sharp tension between Jon and Sansa, which you don’t always see.

Into the Darkness of the Grave by caesia (10k, M)
The tragic death of Eddard Stark’s cousin Lyanna brings her estranged son back to Winterfell House, the family’s old plantation home, for her funeral.

caesia is a lovely writer and it shows here even more than usual. Melancholy and atmospheric, sad but hopeful. Something of a music AU. The reimagining of pre-canon events (Lyanna/Rhaegar, Brandon, etc) was really well done.

Snow by @justadram (8k, E)
Without a little snow, none of this would have happened.


The cold will hide its face by lagardère/@aknightfornawt (3k, T)
Whether it be Starks or honorary Starks, they’d all gather in Winterfell, the old family manor deep in the countryside. Winterfell looked very much like a stiff meringue in the winter, with the roofs covered in snow and all the pale stucco that some ancestor had decided to add after an ill-fated trip to Italy.

lagardère, mistress of melancholy modern AUs. Sad but hopeful holiday fic peppered with a background of reinterpreted Season 5-6 events (sans rape and torture).

The First Five Times by caesia (5k, T, music AU)
Pop singer Sansa Stark has a successful international career, legions of teenage fans, and an alarming habit of sharing intimate moments with a certain curly-haired rock star.

In which Sansa is basically Taylor Swift. PermaWIP, but not of the cliffhanging sort, so worth reading even if you don’t normally read WIPs. Nice UST and attention to detail.

The Here and Now by Jillypups (5k, E, reincarnation)
Jon and Sansa meet in a bar, go back to his/hers, and in the middle of fucking, have a flashback to their canon-era lives.

I’m not usually into reincarnation unless it’s part of the canon, but I made an exception for this because I was hard-up for some smut and this had a lot of kudos. GOOD CHOICE, PAST SELF. Super hot but also have some tissues handy (…for the other reason). I legit cried the first time I read it.

the perfect gift for me would be by @jonnsansa (5k, T)
“Be my boyfriend,” Sansa says. Jon’s eyebrows raise, and she amends, “My fake boyfriend.“ Sansa, Jon, and fake dating for the winter holidays.

FAKE DATINGGGGGGG. A delightful, frothy read guaranteed to end in smiles.

Where Did You Sleep Last Night by lagardère/@aknightfornawt (8k, M, rock band AU)
“Why don’t you ask Jon? For your new band. I hear he’s done with the Wildlings… You two would be good together.” He says it like he’s matchmaking, like what he has in mind is a goddamn wedding. Her and Jon Snow. Sansa shakes her head. (Or: Sansa needs a new guitarist, Jon needs a new band, and the two of them definitely don’t need each other.)

The way lagardère reformulates the canon events into AU context is always well done. I adore this fic. The side characters (Tormund, Petyr, Theon, among others) are super well incorporated, particularly Petyr’s creeping on Sansa, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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After spending almost all year travelling the world with Ford, Stan is happy to be back in the comfort of his home. Retired and looking forward to a week of blissful domestic relaxation before the twins return to stay for the summer, the last thing he expected to turn up on his doorstep was Rick Sanchez. No seriously, just who is this guy? Can he help Stan remember that large gap in his long-term memories that Ford and the kids couldn’t fill? Does Stan even want to remember?

To be continued…

I was at a crossroads. One road had my entire life paved out for me. Live the traditional life and settle down. The other road was wild with growth. There was no set path, and my steps were entirely up to me. I couldn’t see very far down that road, but I knew it was going to be some type of adventure. He was my paved road. My safety net. My security blanket. You challenged me. You were unsafe and reeked of freedom. I was at a crossroads, and I didn’t know which path to take.
—  To Stay Safe or to Be Free- Excerpts from a Book I’ll Never Write
Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
—  Groucho Marx

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chu learns how to gif: bo believing in tamsin in 3x08

thiswaitingheart  asked:

Re: the age ask - 15

That was the year I discovered god awful fan fiction net……

No, uh, I was on live journal then and writing a metric ton of femslash! Mmmostly utena/anthy (good choice self) and more like, obscurely in terms of audience and canon interaction, anime verse winry rockbell/rose Thomas!!! As well as my totally original short story which was set in France (France!!!!!) and ended up having the worlds heaviest accidental lesbian subtext.

….I feel like 15 yo me was doing better in terms of women….representation, but hey, me and my girlfriend (and griffin mcelroy) are supplying the wlw content we want to see in the world, leave me in my 18C trash pile ……