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Halloween Havoc - Dean x Reader x Matt Winchester feat Sam

Written For: Supernatural 100 Quotes Challenge
Quote: 5. I kinda always wanted to punch the Devil in the face (Mary Winchester)
Warnings: language, face slapping and a good old fashion chick fight

A/N: It’s always really stressful when your fiancee meets your mother, it’s even worse when they clash lime oil and water. This is the situation Dean is in when Y/n meets Mary.

Dean and Sam were never big on celebrating Halloween but Mary wanted to have a small Halloween party. Dean thought that be the perfect time for him to introduce his mom to his fiancee. “Dean, you don’t think this costume is a little too slutty for meeting your mom” Y/n said. “No, I think you’re one sexy, yet modest devil” Dean said, “if you want a second opinion let’s go ask Sammy” Dean said. They went into the library to find Sam struggling with Halloween decorations, “Sam, is this too slutty for meeting your mom” she said. “Um, no not at all” Sam said, as a thank you Y/n saved Sam from the evil decorations. Sam was going as Harry Potter, Mary was a hobo, Dean was man at part costumes weren’t his thing. Y/n walked in dressed as the devil, she was wearing a red halter top and red satin shorts along with knee high red boots and a headband with horns. “Hey, sweetheart, mom this is my fiancee Y/n, this is my mom Mary” Dean said.

The women shook hands and it was like a bell went off or a switch turned and they hated each other. “Does that outfit come complete with a spot on the corner” Mary said, “oh I’m a hooker, very original. Is that a costume or your everyday clothes” Y/n said. “At least you can’t see my nipples through mine” Mary said, “well who wanna see yours, saggy and toasted” Y/n said. Dean and Sam just stared at each other while the women shouted out insult after insult. “Go back to the corner slut” Mary said, “Go back to your box, bitch” Y/n said, “I kinda always wanted to slap the devil in the face” Mary said. Mary smacked Y/n across the face making a sickening slapping sound.

Y/n balled up her fist punching Mary in the face, Mary grabbed Y/n’s headband tearing it off her head taking a lot of hair with it. Y/n yanked a handful of Mary’s hair out, before anyone could stop the women were rolling around on the floor hitting, scratching, yelling and biting. “Sam, grab mom” Dean said, Dean and Sam pulled the women apart, Sam held Mary back and Dean held Y/n back. D3an managed to get Y/n into their shared bedroom and threw her on the bed and he stood in front of the door. “Well that went well” Dean said.


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Featuring Sam Winchester/Jared Padalecki

anonymous asked:

Would you be up for writing something really cute and sweet? :3 How about the boy band reacting to receiving an awkward love letter from a really shy and socially inept reader?

I have always loved the love letter thing, yet never got one. Maybe due to the fact no one can win this heart, unless you have food, lol. Write me a love letter on a cake!


I don’t know how to explain my feelings for you in person, so I figured that a letter would be much better. Now I’m not the type that’s good a writing poems or sonnets or anything like that. I just think you’re a really nice guy and I would love LIKE to get you know you much better.

Yet because I’m too afraid to tell you what I’m feeling, and I don’t know how to start, but I’m just a coward who’s so afraid that you might break my heart. I wish this were easier to do, and maybe one day I can tell you face to face, but for now I hope this letter will do.

I adore you.



Being the Prince of the Lucian people, Noctis was use to getting his fair share of love letters and gifts from many of men and women alike. Yet nearly all of them were more ego stroking to both himself and those who were attempting to woo him, the Prince never acted on it.

Until now, this letter was something different, the style of writing, the stroke of the pen, and the fact that it was delivered to his apartment. Whomever this was, knew of the Prince’s home address or of someone who knew of his home address, Ignis, Gladiolus or Prompto. Yet he knew none of them would give it away, yet still this wasn’t any of their handwriting, and the fanit scent of perfume was on the paper.

None of them would go this far!

So Noctis pocketed the letter forget all about it, as he scratched at his neck. Looking to the clock as he realized that he had another few hours before the others arrived for a video game night.

A knock came at the door, as the Prince rolled from the bed, hearing the door open meaning that Ignis must have been with them. He was tempted to have them drag him out of bed, or even set up game night in his room, when he heard someone walking down the hall.

“Yeah, I bet he’s still in bed.” Prompto laughed.

“Is it okay, that we’re just walking around his house?”

Noctis perked up at that, he had forgotten that he had invited you over. An intern at the palace who had grown rather close to Prompto and Gladiolus so in connection himself as well.

“It’s fine!” Prompto called slamming open the door, “Wake up Noct! Y/N got that new horror game! OMG what’s wrong with your face?”

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Bitty’s Southern

Bitty is a southern boy and as a southern girl let me tell you there are things he does that make the rest of SMH go “Ummm….what?” 

  • He says stuff that makes literal ZERO sense to the rest of the team. Mostly southern phrases etc. LIKE, “That boy is about of useless as tits on a bull.” or  if it’s raining but the sun is out Bits just says, “Devil must be beatin’ his wife.”  Everyone is confused as shit.
  • “Oh my goodness I want Chick-fil-a. BUT IT’S SUNDAY.”
  • Holster going,” Hey Bits can you hand me a coke?” and Bitty responding with, “Sure, which kind do you want? We’ve got sprite, mtn dew, dr. pepper…” BC in the south every soda is a coke.
  • “Y’all know what I miss the most about Georgia? Cheerwine. And Duke’s Mayo. You northerners keep using that hellman’s stuff or miracle whip and let me tell you. IT. IS .NOT. MAYONNAISE.”
  • “IT’S SO HOT! Summer is the WORST” “Ransom, It’s like, 70 degrees. It gets up to like 115+ in Georgia. And it’s not even humid! You hush your mouth.”
  • The first time Bitty goes to Stop & Shop with one of the guys from SMH he tells them to grab a buggy on their way in and said member stares at him for a second, “What’s a buggy?” “Oh for goodness sake. A shopping cart! We need a shopping cart!”
  • Bitty’s drunk at a kegster when he suddenly shouts, “WHO WANTS TO PLAY CORNHOLE?!” 
  • It’s New Years so of course Bitty’s making black eyed peas, collards, cornbread, ham, and a pineapple upside down cake. “It’s for luck.”
  • Bitty will be checking Facebook and be like, “Oh bless his heart.” Chowder notices him fretting over the phone so he asks what’s up “Oh it’s just one of my friend from high school’s dad.” and Chowder, being the precious person that he is, responds with, “Oh no. What happened? Is he ok?” Bitty just shakes his head, “He’s done went and fell out of the deer stand. Again. Broke his arm and bruised his pride. You think he would’ve learned his lesson after the same thing happened last huntin’ season”
  • Jack’s all dressed up in a suit or something, he has a meeting with the Falcs, “What are you all gussied up for?”
  • “Look at what all I got up at the outlet mall!!”
  • Rans/Holster/Bitty share a bathroom so I reckon this has happened at least once: “Neither of y’all go in the bathroom! I’m fixin’ to shower”  to which Holster responds, “What was that Bits? What are you fixing?” Bitty hollers from his room, arm full of clothes, “I’m fixin’ to shower!” Ransom chimes in, “I didn’t know the shower was broken!” At this point Bitty is getting frustrated,“Oh for the love of Pete! You Yankees.” He speaks slowly and pronounces each word carefully, “I am going to go take a shower so please do not go and hog the bathroom.”
  • “So I was talking to Momma and APPARENTLY Mrs. Jones, the one that lives down the road, was rude as all get out.” “Really? What’d she do?” Bitty just throws his hands up, “Momma and Coach were drivin’ back to the house and Mrs. Jones was driving in the opposite direction so of course Momma waves at her. AND SHE DIDN’T WAVE BACK.”
  • I know for a FACT that at some point Bits makes a pitcher of sweet tea, puts it in the fridge, and the boys/Lardo finds it. “What’s this?” “Oh, it’s just some tea. You want some?” So Bitty pours them a glass and approximately 2 seconds later “WHAT IS THIS? IT’S LIKE SYRUP! Bits this isn’t tea! It’s diabetes in a cup!”
  • “Just rub some bacon grease on it.”
  • “Don’t you dare pour that coffee out! I can use it for gravy!”
  • “You know what food I miss? Fried pickles. No, wait, HUSHPUPPIES. I’d kill for some right now.”