good campaign

had an urge to draw my old DnD wizard who I may have mentioned was the absolute worst and whose magic was effectively just cartoon logic

there was also the running joke that, as in cartoons, his eyes were 100% visible in complete darkness just like these big ole googly googlers in a pitch black cave or whatever as well as having night vision, so whenever we ended up in a dark place my party’s fighter always yelled “tiiiiime to follow the bouncing eyes, guys!”

Some quick Tabletop Roleplayng tips for newbies

With the popularity podcasts like TAZ or Critical Role have gained I’ve been seeing many people start getting into tabletop roleplaying which is so nice and fills me with hope since I’ve gotten used to be the youngest in groups at 23. 

So here’s some tips for people who are interested in getting into tabletop roleplaying: 

  • Your first session is not going to be what you expect. Unless you and your peers have a theatre kids background, you’re probably going to be shy and it’s going to be awkward. It’s normal. You’re not an actor or a professional entertainer. You’re having fun sharing a story with your friends, not recording a podcast for a living. 
  • Long campaigns are good but it’s usually difficult for adults to commit to one and it’s sad when they get abandoned. Give one-shots and short campaigns a chance! They are honestly really fun for a night with friends and don’t usually require hours of building a character.
  • Speaking of characters, my recommendation is to start with a character whose personality and beliefs resemble yours. Choosing to play a charming and outspoken character who loves public speeches can put a lot of pressure on you if you’re shy. 
  • If you go to a LARP do a bit of research on who is organizing and who is attending, if you don’t know them make sure it’s in a public place. If there’s softcombat let the GMs know if you’re allergic to latex and if you have any lesion they should be aware of. 
  • D&D and high fantasy are not the end-al be-all of tabletop roleplaying (in all honesty I find it kinda boring?), give other universes/systems/lore a chance, you might find something that suits your interests more than D&D. 
  • Don’t stress over rules. Also, a good GM should not make you stress over rules. 
  • Villain campaigns might sound cool, but I wouldn’t recommend them if this is your first campaign. ESPECIALLY if you don’t know the people you are playing with. 
  • A good GM should not make fun of your triggers and will work around them . 
  • Trust your gut. You are here to have fun, if you are feeling uncomfortable it’s time to get up and leave. 

Travis: Hey Griffin?

Grifin: Yeah?

Travis: Can I just say real quick that this is like, a really good D&D campaign you’ve made. I just realized I was sitting here on the edge of my seat, adrenaline-fueled like, “alright, HRR, YES!”

Griffin: Thank you.

Travis: I just wanted to say that you’ve done a really great job.

Griffin: Well, it’s you guys that make the magic in me.

Justin: Let’s wait and see how it ends though, because Lost seemed pretty good too.

Good TAZ things in no particular order
  • The music
  • “ABRA-CA-FUCK YOU!” “I cast…ZONE! OF! TRUTH!” “Magnus rushes in” “Taako’s good out here!” just all the catchphrases
  • Taako always messing around at the Fantasy Gashapon
  • Taako in general
  • Magnus and the Voidfish!!
  • the story line in general oh gosh
  • End of Petals To The Metal
  • Ren!!! Just Ren
  • Kravitz’s accent
  • Wooden ducks
  • Killian and Carey
  • That moment towards the end of The Suffering Game with the “word of mouth” thing when they all do stuff individually to fix the situation bUT IT FITS TOGETHER SO PERFECTLY AND IT’S BEAUTIFUL
  • the Bureau of Balance using Wizard of Oz Good Witch bubbles for transportation
  • The whole purple worm minecart chase in The 11th Hour
  • No. 3113 with Killian and Carey

The Adventure Zone is just wonderful and so are the McElroys and if you don’t watch TAZ already please do you will not regret it

WHAT IF the new campaign starts off with Matt telling the story of how Vox Machina became these established figures in Exandria, but one day they all mysteriously disappeared at the same time. Some of the most powerful people of the planet, just gone without a trace. And it stays a mystery for most of the campaign until the new party reaches a high enough level to find/rescue these legendary (but somewhat elderly) heroes. All while the players have no idea what happened to their old PCs.

Alternative ending: The new party finally finds VM drinking mimosas on the beach of a remote tropical island; they just wanted to retire without making a big fuzz.