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Something glitters in Cal’s eye. If not for the Silent Stone, I know his hands would shudder with flame. He leans forward slightly, lips pulling back against his even, white teeth. It’s so aggressive and animalistic I expect to see fangs.

I am your rightful king, Silver-born for centuries,” he replies, seething. “The only reason you’re still breathing is because I can’t burn the oxygen from this room.”

RQ Characters and their Instagram Bios
  • Evangeline bio: ❌🍆❌
  • Elane: *Diva is the female version of a hustlaaa*
  • Iris: ✌️
  • Cal bio: 🔥🔥 Morning runs w/ Mare 🏃🏃‍♀️👅 Who knows where my alliances lie? 🙊 RIP Dad. YEP, that's right. RIP DAD. BC I DIDN'T FREAKING KILL HIM.
  • Mare, irl: WTF Cal you take that off right now!
  • Cal, irl: *acts innocent* whaaat?
  • Mare, irl: yOU KNOW what, the fucking tongue!
  • Mare, irl: ...Besides...I'd be ahead of you.
Bold Gryffindor

We are Gryffindor.
We are red and gold.
We are the roar in the wild.
We are ashes and smoke.

We are loud jokes and pub crawls with our mates. We are tough but we don’t care.
Sometimes our mouth is faster then our mind.
Sometimes our wand is faster then our thoughts.
We might apologise.
We run before we walk and ride into the sun. We are the spark of the revolution and the kids from yesterday.
We are the legends of tomorrow.
We are the firework in the sky.
We bloom and sparkle and shine.

And fade.

Lights only shine in the dark.
And sometimes the dark is stronger then our glow.
Sometimes the cold is harsher then our flames.
Sometimes we grit our teeth and try to hold on.
And sometimes that doesn’t work.

Sometimes our adventures turn into disasters.
Sometimes our pranks hurt.
And you blame us.
And so do we.

And we are sorry.
So sorry.

Sometimes my friends turn away.
And I am left.
And confused.
Then shocked.
Then angry.

Sometimes I wish I could be more like them.

But then they are back.
My friends.
My family.

And we laugh together.
Live together.
Write stories together.
And I know we can make it.

We are forever.
We are the lions.
We are the kings of our world.

As long as we are one.

{So please, don’t leave me}

  • Maven: who do you think is prettier me or Mare?
  • Kilorn: I dont really want to answ-
  • Maven: who
  • Kilorn: *sighs* you
  • Maven, offended: are u sayin Mare is ugly????

endless list of favourite books
↳ red queen by victoria aveyard

“I’ll make the other scream for you, Mare, every last one. Not just your parents. Not just your siblings. But every single one like you. I’m going to find them, and they will die with you in their thoughts, knowing this is the fate you have brought them. I am the king and you could’ve been my Red Queen. Now you are nothing.”

  • Mare: *sitting in a weird position on the bed, clutching her stomach, groaning*
  • Cal: What's wrong?
  • Mare: cRaaAMps
  • Cal: *moves to hug her*
  • Mare: no don't touch me
  • Cal: Well what do you want me to do?
  • Mare: heat usually helps...
  • Cal: why are you staring at my hands like that
  • Mare: *turns over to lay on her back* *lifts her shirt so that her stomach is showing* Put your hand on my stomach.
  • Cal: ?????????????
  • Mare: Please?
  • Cal: *put his hand on her stomach* Better?
  • Mare: Better.