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  STEVENSANE || John x Jane || TIME AFTER TIME || S01E05 || Jane pushing John around

It’s Jackaboy, the stealthiest hunter to ever stealth.

Just ignore the screaming.

Inspired by @therealjacksepticeye‘s The Hunter Call of the Wild video. It’s a few days late but you know what? I’m gonna shit-post anyway. It also seems topical to the more recent video AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! A blessing to us all. Amen Robin, the editing god.


@brilliantrosetyler requested: compliments/nice things they say to (about) each other


Never Stop, Daniel Lissing, Erin Krakow, Richard Brancatisano (SafetySuit cover)


“Morning,” Jack mumbles sleepily, blinking his eyes open to look over at Joe, who’s propped up on one elbow, smiling down at him.

“Morning,” Joe leans forward, kissing him slowly, “Husband.”

“Hmm, I think I like the sound of that.” Jack chuckles, reaching over to pull Joe on top of him, kissing him again.

“You’d better like it,” Joe buries his face into Jack’s shoulder, “You’re going to be hearing about it a lot. As in for the rest of your life.”

“Wouldn’t have it any other way, babe.” Jack kisses the side of Joe’s head, his fingers finding Joe’s, their silver bands resting against one another.

The two laze around in bed for a while, their flight not due to leave until the evening, and so they exchange simple kisses, their hands warm on each other’s bodies, slowly building up the pleasure, neither in a real rush to reach their high. They mostly just want to enjoy being with each other.

Eventually Joe decides that they need to get up and shower, because Jack danced a lot last night and he’s sweaty, and it’s gross.

“You have to put up with it though!” Jack laughs, wrapping his arms around Joe when the older man goes to sit up, keeping him pinned in bed. “We’re married now.”

“Marriage or not, you stink.” Joe grunts, trying to get out of the grip. “Jack, if we shower, it could lead to more…”

Which is all the encouragement Jack needs, and they are in the shower within the next minute. Although the hot water is gone by time they step out.

“Conor wants to know if part of his speech came true,” Jack comments as Joe does his hair, walking into the bathroom with his phone.

“Which part?” Joe meets Jack’s gaze in the mirror, smiling as the light catches the silver band on Jack’s left hand.

“He says, and I quote, did you two stay up all night fucking like rabbits? Or did you actually get some sleep and decide to leave it for the honeymoon?” Jack smirks as Joe blushes, loving that even after all their years together, the other man still got flustered.

“And what did you tell him?” Joe turns around, leaning against the counter as Jack walks forward.

“That he can go mind his own damn business. Being best man doesn’t mean get gets to know about the details of my wedding night.” Jack leans down, brushing his lips against Joe’s, “Even though he’s wrong anyways. Because last night was amazing, and our honeymoon will be even more amazing.”

“Are we ever leaving the hotel room?”

“Probably not.”

“So much for sight seeing…”

“Who goes sight seeing on their honeymoon?” Jack wrinkles his nose, and Joe lets out a small laugh, kissing the tip of it.

“People who aren’t sex addicts.” He replies, stepping to the side to leave the bathroom.

“I’m sorry that the sex is so good!” Jack calls after him.

Because its them, the two left their packing until that day, so they spend a short while doing that, although Joe claims that Jack is not being very helpful when he keeps pulling Joe in for random kisses.

“But you look so kissable,” Jack smiles, pulling Joe back in for another one, the shirts in his hands pressed between them. “And I want to kiss my husband.”

“We can kiss after we’ve packed.” Joe mumbles, even as his lips find Jack’s once again.

“Or we can pack after we’ve kissed?” The younger man grins, his hands slipping under Joe’s shirt, pressing their bodies close together.

“We’ll be late,” Joe gasps as Jack rolls his hips against Joe’s. “And we were already late for the wedding…we can’t be late for our honeymoon.”

“Hey, no.” Jack pulls his head back to give Joe a stern look, “It was our wedding, we were not late. Everyone was just early.”

“You keep telling yourself that,” Joe rolls hie eyes, finally gathering the strength to push Jack away. “And go grab your clothes!”

“I thought those were mine.” Jack points at the rumbled shirts in Joe’s hands.

“You think I’m packing for you?”


“Wrong. This is my bag.”

“Some husband you’re turning out to be…” Jack grumbles, heading for the closet, but he smiles when he sees the pile Joe has already made for him.

With the exception of Conor’s text earlier, both boys have ignored their phones for the morning and most of the afternoon, instead wanting to spend the time with each other, and their hands keep finding each other, thumbs brushing against the coolness of their rings.

“I still can’t believe you agreed to marry me,” Jack shakes his head, lifting their intertwined hands to his lips, kissing the silver band.

The two are sat on the couch, Joe’s back pressed against Jack’s chest, their legs out in front of them, fingers laced together. Their car is due to show up any time, and their bags are packed and ready to be loaded, their passports and tickets resting on top.

“I must be insane.” Joe shrugs, smiling as Jack pinches his side lightly. “Hey, I’m in as much disbelief as you are!”

“Really?” Jack turns his head to gaze down at Joe.

“Yeah,” The older man blushes, “I just never thought you’d settle for someone like me.”

“I’m not settling, babe.” Jack turns Joe’s head to face him, kissing him gently, “I’m just in love.”

“And cheesy.”

“You bring it out in me.”

“Oh gods, I’m stuck with this forever now, aren’t I?”

“Damn right!” Jack replies cheerily, lifting their hands, “We’re married now!”

Laughing, Joe turns his head again, kissing Jack’s jaw just as the doorbell goes off.

“That must be our car.”

“Well then,” Joe stands up, his hand still linked with Jack’s, “Shall we go on our honeymoon, Mr. Maynard-Sugg?”

“I think that sounds like the best idea ever, Mr. Maynard-Sugg.” Jack stands up, pressing his lips against Joe’s once more before they grab their bags and head downstairs, ready to step outside for the first time as husbands.

Eye for an Eye

Part 9: Time

Part 1|Part 8|AO3

Jack, Geoff, Michael and Jeremy entered the room. Ryan noted Michael was armed, but the others didn’t seem concerned. The state he was in, he doubted any of them considered him a threat.

              That wasn’t what you thought when you first woke up. They still fear you. And rightly so…

Ryan blinked a few times, he was just confused. He tried to banish the idea from his mind.

“How are you feeling Ryan?” Jeremy asked gently.

               How do you think?

“Not great,” Ryan shook his head, ignoring the obnoxious intrusive thoughts, “and my brain is real not-alright.”

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“Isn’t going stag to Winter Screw a thing?” Dex asks. “Like in high school prom or whatever.”

“But it’s not high school prom,” Nursey says. “You can’t screw if you’re going stag. Or I mean technically you can, but that’s called mas—”

“Nursey, you disgust—”

“Alright, enough,” Bitty interjects. “There’s nothing wrong with going by yourself.”

“But it’s never been done before,” Holster wails from the computer screen. In the other Skype window, Ransom also looks somewhat distressed. “Bitty, we may have graduated, but we will find you a date. Even if our mortal bodies are not at Samwell, the power of Google spreadsheets transcend physical limitations.”  

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you know what? after reading the uprising comic i’m more and more convinced that a third party organized the explotion in the swiss headquarters


I just really really really like Blake. I could draw a ten page comic of him just getting ready in the morning. Five of those pages would be him trying to figure out which hideous tie he is going to wear that day.