good bye party


some doodles from @songsdva‘s dnd campaign!

  1. my character Middy saying goodbye to her best friend and temporary party NPC Loreth :(
  2. tiefling bard Faith
  3. @elshantz‘s half-elf ranger Kestrel
  4. Faith finding a very interesting item while looting an ogre

I’d like to title these: Man, I hope TWRP Understands How Much I Love Them Through These Because it Took Me Goshdarn For-FREAKING-Ever to Finish These: A Series of Paintings and Suffering

WELP, it’s been about half a year since I started these boys, I’m so glad I finally finished them! Remind me to never do traditional ever again. I ended up going to digital for some final touches and lighting anyways lol.


Robotics End of Year Party!  New Officers (minus one + Alex), swearing in as VP, and this past year’s officers.  I know I’ve already made a post about build season/competition season ending - but there’s something really sad and sentimental about seniors leaving and the new officers coming in.  By the way, I’m pretty sure that last picture is when Harrison said “Say ‘eggplant’ everyone!” so that’s why I’m laughing. 

It’s been a crazy year.  I had no idea what I was going into - I don’t think Alex and Harrison quite knew either.  It was definitely not easy, but it was a hell of a ride.  I grew so much in this past year, and it wouldn’t have been without Alex, Harry, or any of the other people in robotics.  I am really glad that I decided to run for Director of Ops, and glad that it’s taken me to where I’m standing now.  And I doubt any of these people in this post will see this (hopefully they won’t) but it’s largely for me and for me to get my thoughts/memories organized out on paper/computer ness. 

I’m definitely going to miss Alex the most.  (And closely after that, Hannah ofc) It’s such a shame that I didn’t get to know him my freshman year, and I really regret that.  I have a lot of respect for that guy, and we are definitely going to go out and visit him in St. Louis.  We have to. Him, Harrison, and I made the greatest trio of administration, and I’ll never forget the conversations we had.  I hope that I can… keep Harrison under control.  (At least Alex was calm and mellow)

To Alex:  My first impressions of you ranged from… he has nice eyes (the previous president always said this) to he’s pretty quiet and I don’t know much about him.  (At some point, I could have sworn you thought I was annoying, but I always do that) In the It’s Ac vs. Team 449 kick ball game, I think that’s when we talked more - you threatened to strip me of my position if I didn’t kick well.  (oops) And as I got to know you more, I just saw how… freakin’ amazingly great you are.  You may have horrible, awful socks (fishy socks!), but that doesn’t necessarily drop my respect for you.  Kind of.  I’ll definitely miss hearing about your love life, and telling you about mine, as well as seeing you on the way from 7th period to 9th.  I’ll miss the “potatoes” (they were actually eggs, jesus christ man how do you mistake eggs for potatoes), the inventory-ing, build season as a whole, and just your presence in the room.  Dat Pandora doe.  Plus your (incredible, ha) spanish skills when were trying to communicate with that Guatemalan team.  I’ll miss riding in your car (and you and Harrison hating on my music tastes).  That one time, on the last day of build season when we were heading to Bertaut’s house, and Mr. Clay gave us a funny look as we crammed five other people into your car (okay technically that seat between the driver’s seat and shotgun is legal, it is a seat.  But Harrison have really let me sit there, because him cramming in there was not the easiest fit, considering I was in shotgun)  And when you were giving me a ride to Chantilly (plus Harrison and Aaron), we had a great… conversation about my music tastes.  And I’m pretty sure you were riding on 1-0 hours of sleep (thank god we didn’t crash).  And you had that really sketchy 2 year old Clif bar.  Slender man was great (dammit Alex you did so much better than me), Cards against humanity was hilarious in the hotel room, we made some pretty… awful and funny jokes, and NC was great in general.  DC was pretty wonderful as well, between me yelling at you and stuff to the wonderful team dinner.  We played super tic-tac-toe, coincidentially ordered the same meal (+ Patrick, I ordered first to be fair), and had a hella of a good time.  You were really ticklish too, so it was fun to poke you.  Heh.  Overall, Alex, you will definitely go far in life.  I just wish I was there as a friend to see it, and I hope that somehow we’ll keep in touch.  You were kind of like a big brother to me, and in the end, I think you did get me to stop apologizing as much (you’re the first one!).  I almost wish we had Mr. Rose’s hearts, but look where yours ended up <3 ermahgerd so cute, but not going to last.   I’ll miss you like hell, but it’s been real.  I promise to do my best with the team. 

To Hannah:  you were great.  It was fun having you as a friend and someone I could talk to, plus you gave me some really great advice about classes.  We were always random, funny, and awkward, and going to outreach events with you was very fun.  NC was crazy, I will never play another horror game in my life.  It was a lot of craziness laughing with you at the Indian dinner place - plus at the team social.  I know that we’ll keep in touch, and you should definitely come back! 

To all the other seniors:  Alan, Ashu, Ivan, Brian, Evan, Kenda, Ben and anyone I’ve forgotten.  It was a great year, we wouldn’t have made it this far without you.  You all were amazing and awesome, and I wish you all the best.  Ashu especially, you were funny, awesome to talk to in the hall, and just like a great and cheerful person.  I really want to go to Colombia to see you and Alan.  (And Alan, please go and become a bitter professor so I can crash your lectures.  Your last lecture really inspired me, and I hope to take your words far)

In the last words of our swearing in ceremony… “So help me Dean Kamen.”