good bye gossip girl

Gossip girl finale

This episode definitely had me gripping the edge of my seat but to be quite honest I wasn’t thrilled with the exposé of gossip girl’s identity. Dan humphrey?? Really? Well let’s dissect this shall we?
- personality wise Dan is a perfect fit for gossip girl. Always on the outside it made sense about all the gossip he picked up on. And the constant need he felt to be one of them was the perfect motivation to be gossip girl
There are so many moments that don’t fit with the conclusion that Dan is GG
-at Blair’s wedding he sent in the video of Blair professing her love to chuck. Why would gossip girl need to send in a tip to her own site? It could’ve been uploaded directly. Secondly there was no fear of exposure had he done it this way because Nate couldn’t have leaked it on the spectator later.
-when that bitch Juliet took Serena away and Blair and Dan start to look for her. Dan and Blair spend a considerable amount of time looking for clues when Dan suggests that they ask gossip girl. If Dan is gossip girl the. He knew all along where she was. Then why prey tell did he waste so much time when he thought the woman he loved was in danger? Either he isn’t gossip girl. Or he is a dirt bag who cares more about his stupid secret than the safety of the love of his life.
-when Serena and Dan go out he seems genuinely surprised to learn of her party girl days but being gossip girl he already knew every deed she ever did
-lastly as they tell us on the show, Serena never became manhattan’s it girl until one day a picture of her ended up in gossip girl. The whole problem Serena and Dan have THE ENTIRE TIME is that they are from different worlds and guesss what? He created that gap between them before he even knew that they would one day be an item. So why does he get to go around being all high and mighty around Serena?

And my last complaint is about how everyone reacted to the news that Dan is gossip girl. He messed with all of their lives for years and they all brushed it off like nothing happened. That was just forced closure on the shows part. We all know that with all of the horrible things that Dan had leaked as gossip girl it would’ve taken at least a few months to forgive

- Jenny should’ve been gossip girl. She had all of the motive to do so and with all of her skills at manipulation it would’ve explained everything.