good bye fat

Okay, I lost 2 kg in a week. No cardio, just vegetarian diet. And no sweets ofk (I’m not vegan or vegetarian, I ate no meat bcuz of the detox my doctor made me do). But… it’s working! I can’t. I am not fat, I am not really skinny. Just in between. BUT I LOST 2 FUCKING KGs AND NOW I’M NO FIRE TO TRAIN, DO PUSHUPS OR WHATEVER BCUZ I FUCKING BELIEVED IN MYSELF
welcome Sommer body 2k17

"Curves in all the right places"

Ok I don’t wanna be a buzzkill cause all this fat positivity in music recently is super freaking great. But I can’t be the only person getting kind of annoyed with fat and “curvy” being used interchangeably. Fatness held in breasts and butts has always been the “acceptable” fatness for women for a long damn time.

When fat women are described in a positive way it’s always along the lines of “More booty to hold at night” or “Guys like a woman with curves” which, ok ignoring the obviously bullshity aspects of validating women through male attention, is just…inaccurate. Not all fat women hold their weight in “all the right places”. 

Not all of us are hyper feminine women with double Ds and a pinched waist, wide hips and round butt. Maybe with thicker thighs and a small paunchy tummy, but NEVER weight held in the neck, calves, or arms! God forbid! BINGO WINGS! Fat’s fine so long as you don’t have a “boxy”, figure or protruding gut. Not all fat women are “curvy”. 

I’m just tired of the brand of fat positivity that says “It’s ok to be fat because it’s ok to be super curvy”. Because that’s just not true.

It’s ok to be fat because it’s ok to be fat.

My mom just leaved with you in your basket to take you to the vet. You have to go now, you can’t walk and your body stopped functioning correctly. We don’t even know if you’re in pain, but you stopped purring when I petted you this morning. I’m so sorry you have to go, it’s better this way. It was wonderful 14 years with you. We love you shweppes <3


Plays Champagne Supernova….

and you have a fit of crying …

because i’m in denial.

I’m just in denial… that is the end.

Is the end.

My mad fat diary is ending. Really. 

Bye nineties, bye oasis, blur and more great bands and tunes….

Bye Gang Izzy, Chop, Archie, Danny, Chloe, FInn

Bye Rinn.

Bye Rae. Oh Rae earl. Bye bye

I’m not okay. 
You know that feeling discovery this world, the MMFD  beautiful scenes, perfect soundtrack, perfect casting,  great dialogues, life changing really. 

So much of this world i don’t want to let it go. 

Thank you so much. SO MUCH. 

This series told me so many things that no one had spoken. Had the courage to show things that people would rather ignore. Courage to show things that hurt and that we do not know how to deal with them ….
How many times I got mad at Rae wanting her to be happy. Then it taught me that if I want it to her to be happy, because I think she is perfect and amazing. Me too. I deserve be happy too. Thank you for showing me that I am good enough.
I do not know if anyone had spoken this to me, and i didn’t register… but i think that nobody told me that “I am good enough”. 

So thank you for showing me this. I am good enough.

Thank you


Not ready to say good bye.