good bye and thank you


these r bad, but there u go 👌

  • Atsushi: (breathes)
  • Akutagawa: Who does that bitch think he is.

yeah, i’ll always love you guys too :)

Hi , it wanted to be grateful to all for the support that received ,but it will stop raising photos in a time , i think that it turned into a responsibility ,am not good for it …thank you again …good-bye …and that Heath is still alive with is movies , remember that it wanted ~F.A.

The only things that should be thrown at Lay

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I’d like to title these: Man, I hope TWRP Understands How Much I Love Them Through These Because it Took Me Goshdarn For-FREAKING-Ever to Finish These: A Series of Paintings and Suffering

WELP, it’s been about half a year since I started these boys, I’m so glad I finally finished them! Remind me to never do traditional ever again. I ended up going to digital for some final touches and lighting anyways lol.


first selfie on this blog??? 😱

It’s my last night in San Francisco and I’m taking it easy by staying in and painting 😙. 🌉 I wanted to say thank you to everyone who came to my signing at Kinokuniya on Tuesday night! 😁📚 You guys are seriously amazing 😘💖 A huge thanks to the staff for making it so easy and staying open late! 😄I have one more day of filming but I wanted to give a big thank you to Creativebug for making this all possible! I’m excited to make some great video lessons! 😀✏🎥 I am having a blast working with you.🙇💕


joshua x alter egos - for @liesunheardof, a late valentine’s gift ♡
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For anon…enjoy!

Anakin: *staring as you head over*

Obi-Wan: *smirking* *whispers* This should be good.

Y/N: Hello boys.

Obi-Wan: Afternoon Miss Y/N.

Anakin: *nods* Uh-Uh…hello. You look gorgeous. *blushes* I-I mean well…well rested.

Y/N: *chuckles* As you do, Anakin. However, I must be on my way. *walks away*

Anakin: Thank you-I mean good morning-bye! Goodbye. *huffs*

Obi-Wan: *chuckles loudly* Is little Ani flustered? Bantha got your tongue?

Anakin: *glares* *blushes*

Obi-Wan: I must say, I’ve never seen a man so flustered around a woman. Would you rather she be your master? Not for Jedi training of course.

Anakin: *blushes deeper* *turns away*

Obi-Wan: Have you written a poem for her? *giggles* Or do you plan to send flowers?

Anakin: *hurries away*

Obi-Wan: *following him* *yelling* Wait! I’ve got so many questions!

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