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Hello! Are you reading Mockingbird? If you aren’t, you should check it out! It’s a solid title with amazing art and writing. And if you don’t read comics but like Bobbi on Agents of Shield, I still highly recommend it–it’s not hard to jump into, and I think it’s a good title to start with. The main creative team on the book are also all women! Bobbi Morse is one of my favourite characters in the Marvel universe, and I’m very happy with her solo title.

Despite everything it’s not making enough sales, and if it goes on for much longer, Marvel will cancel her book. If you can, please buy physical copies to support Mockingbird! Full disclosure: I’ve been buying digital copies since I can’t afford to maintain my old comic habits anymore, but as Mockingbird is the only on-going I read now and I really want it to continue, I’ll make the effort to go to a comic shop for the next issues. Please consider it!


Various painted icons of Christ in the catalog of St. Elisabeth Convent.

Find more here:…/painted-icons.html…

life update:

- the people i am catsitting for come home today. i’m going to make them chocolate chip cookies. i’m really going to miss their cat. 
- my mom is staying at my aunt’s house in sarasota and has essentially told me to give my two weeks at my job and move there. so i will probably be doing that. really not looking forward to trying to quit at this job because last time i tried giving a two weeks notice i was manipulated into working for another month and a half and i know it’s going to be even worse this time and i’m going to be made to feel very guilty for leaving because they’re undergoing a renovation and haven’t hired anyone and are really desperately understaffed at the moment.
- been thinking about elves, like, incessantly lately. why are elves so good?
- i need to buy bras

A'isha said that Rasulullah saw said: “The deeds most loved by Allah (are those) done regularly, even if they are small.” (Bukhari, Muslim)

Some of my coaching clients have assignments that look like this:

1) Go to the store, buy good pencils and a sketch pad, and draw something beautiful this week.

2) Set a timer for thirty minutes to have completely focused time with their children, uninterrupted by phones, computers, cooking, or their brain running a mile a minute.

3) Kiss their husband passionately before he leaves for work, smile at him, say salam, and close the door.

4) Get out of the house for ice cream.

They are simple things. Nothing unheard of here. But all of these simple exercises are inviting change into the marriage.

The first, because she misses her creative side, and as a result, resentment has creeped up towards her husband because she hasn’t made time for her own personal loves and passion.

The second, because she doesn’t allow herself to stop moving, moving, moving all the time in the house so that she truly connects with herself, kids, and husband. By really tuning in, she’ll have happier kids, a more connected heart, and feel no guilt when she asks for kid-free time, knowing she is an awesome present mother.

The third, because intimacy has become stressful, with too much pressure built around sex itself, so much so, both have shut down. With this, she invites her husband playfully to love her “outside the bedroom” and to have fun, sparking flirtation and fun between them both, reviving touch and affection.

The fourth, because being in the home currently leads the couple to predictable patterns. She cleans, he sit on the computer, they run after the kids, the argue about little things. Getting out for ice cream allows them fresh air, change of scenery, a break in monotony, and an inexpensive way to relax. It’s the first of many new outings they will take insha'Allah.

**Massive change often starts with small and simple things.**

A loving and happy marriage is built on small, consistent actions.

Come up with your own list of four simple things you know you’ve been neglecting, or have wanted to do, but haven’t taken action on.

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I really don’t get why this fandom seems to be arguing over liking Lotto or not liking Lotto. It’s all a preference. Either you like it or you don’t, and that’s fine. Some people like autotune used that way, others don’t, and both are valid opinions.

Just because you like Lotto doesn’t make you a ‘better’ EXO fan than the people who don’t like it. It simply means you like that sort of sound.

Just chill tf out and enjoy that we got 3 new EXO songs today, and everyone likes at least one. And that’s great!

pphew! sorry for the late reply to these >.< i figured id just reply to all these in one post with some pics. Below are the watercolors i use and the the gold paints (keep in mind those pics i posted were like first attempts @_@ im still getting used to these…)

The water colors are Mjello Mission Gold Watercolors in the 34 tube set and the gold palette are the FineTec Artist Mica Watercolors in the Pearl set. 

Now I’ll state first– both these sets are kinda pricey. The FineTec palette (about $27) is so worth it though because it comes in different golds and one tube of gold gouache is usually like $9 each or more depending on the amount of mica, so def worth the price and variety.

Below: from lightest to darkest on ivory tinted paper [Silver, Moon Gold, Gold Pearl, Arabic Gold, Tibet Gold, & Inca Gold] they look SUPER outstanding on black paper as well!

my fav is the richest one, the Inca Gold.

They are super nice, but if you plan on getting them, they are super HARD palettes! It’ll take a lot of scrubbing to get them activated and to have that nice gouache-like thickness, so if you don’t want to ruin your nice brushes, I def recommend getting some Ox Gall. Adding a drop or two of this will get them activated in no time, and with a nice opaque thickness. (the brand I have below they dont sell anymore, but other brands still make it)

As for the water colors, ehhh i feel weird cuz those vegetas were like my first attempts with this brand. Ive always used the Sakura Koi 24 color set palette because theyre super nice and super cheap (like $20) and Ive had them for years. I only got these because I wanted higher-grade watercolors in tubes. But they are very expensive, but for good reasons: they have a lot of pigment, which makes them so vibrant and bright and theyre designed to be very close to natural colors, not to mention theyre so SMOOTH when painting and they’ll probs last me forEVER because you get so much color with very little water.

(opera is best color IMHO) here’s a color chart I made (that took FOREVER btw) to give you an idea how beautiful they are and how many nice colors they make

so yea! those are the paints I used for those particular pics. Course if you would like a nice, cheap watercolor recommendation that works pretty well, Sakura Koi’s are a fantastic substitute. …..SORRY IF THIS WAS LONG i just akdfhalkfhd i like talking about traditional hope this was at least a little informative >.< if anyone has questions or wants some recommendations (while also saving some money) feel free to ask! I’ll help in any way i can with what i know, cuz despite posting mostly digital art, I am a traditional art supply FANATIC. 

My submission for the @beauty-karamatsu photobook.

When I was looking up photographs for sunset lighting and motorcycles and leather jackets I kept coming across pictures from Top Gun and I realized Karamatsu definitely loves Top Gun and definitely views Maverick as a paragon of sensitive roguish masculine sensuality and definitely stands in front of the mirror with the dvd paused doing his best imitation of various 1986 Tom Cruise poses.

Let’s appreciate how almost all of You’s screen time in Episode 8 was devoted to her saying “Chika-chan…” and giving Chika worried looks.

and in that moment, Ray disappointed everyone.