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Old people love to accuse millennials of being arrogant and entitled, but our life goals are basically, 1) don’t be shot, 2) don’t be raped 3) be allowed to vote, 4)pay bills on time, with enough money left over to buy the good cheese from the deli instead of the store brand. That’s it. There’s literally nothing left for us to give up on except cheese.

zeplerfer replied to your post“Off to make a chocolate cheesecake. Wish me luck. (As well as luck…”

Life hack: buy baked goods from the store and just put them in your own tupperware container.

That’s cheating, missus.

VARIETY: A24 Buys ‘Good Time’ With Robert Pattinson (EXCLUSIVE)

The film follows a bank robber’s race to evade the police dragnet that threatens to send him behind bars. Josh and Benny Safdie directed the picture from a screenplay by Josh Safdie and Ronald Bronstein.

The Safdie brothers are well known in the indie film community for their work on “Go Get Some Rosemary” and “Heaven Knows What.” Pattinson shot to fame as the brooding vampire at the heart of the “Twilight” films. Since accelerating the heart rates of teen girls the world over, he’s used his heartthrob status to get backing for edgier fare, working with David Cronenberg on “Map to the Stars” and “Cosmopolis,” and appearing in the upcoming James Gray drama “Lost City of Z.”

A24 is currently fielding Oscar buzz for “Moonlight,” a coming of age drama from Barry Jenkins. Upcoming releases include “20th Century Women” with Annette Bening, “Trespass Against Us” with Michael Fassbender, and “Free Fire” with Brie Larson.

“Good Time” is produced by Elara Pictures, The Safdie Brothers, Sebastian Bear-McClard and Oscar Boyson and was financed by Rhea Films.

The sale took place in advance of next month’s American Film Market. WME handled the film’s domestic sales rights.


OPM trivia

(Credit to: @toranekogenos)

I read it on twitter and thought it was interesting so I wanted to share xD 

- Per ONE, although he’s bald, Saitama has hair everywhere else on his body.

- Saitama had part time jobs as a construction worker and a convenience store worker.

- Genos can sleep because he has a ‘sleep mode.’

- Genos’ face is essentially the same as it was when he was human. Dr. Kuseno slowly aged him up as he grew older.

- Saitama has not used any of the money Genos brought with him.

- Per Murata Yuusuke regarding this pic, Saitama himself picked out Genos’ duster and slippers from a dollar store. Saitama is posing like that because he’s going to catch a cockroach.