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I just wanted to post this because its true. I love this account because its made me feels better and i hope they can help you too in whatever way needed.

Vine by jeffrey marsh

so @quicksilverlocket sent me a request from this post and i HAD to fit them all together into one pic…. in which an outpost is out of Ebony and Ignis… well yeah, not happy Jan. RIP to the guy behind the counter and the wrath he is experiencing. 

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Well well... I never knew aromanticism was a thing until a few months ago... I was so pissed that most of my friends were attracted to "hot" guys and I was just there like "um... um yeah he's cute I guess. So what?" For a pretty long time I felt like it was something wrong with me :c So one morning I googled something like "why don't I have a crush yet" and BAM I found a website talking about aromanticism! I was so happy!!! Now I'm a proud 15 y/o aro/ace girl and I hope it never changes.

Something that should have happened in the movie

Remember the Shinkane scene in the movie where Akane had to lecture Kou on his whole “you’re like Makishima but have one big different” comfort speech thing?

If Akane gets another chance like that again, I want her to force him to look right at her, cup his face and look at him with these major serious eyes and tell him

“Stop putting yourself in such risky situations. Stop thinking your getting hurt for other people is the only way to live. I’m here, Kougami-san. You don’t have to shoulder everything on your own. Let me share that position and any pain that comes with it. Whether or not you think so, your life is not something to be just tossed away for the sake of “justice” or the law or even beliefs. You don’t have to put your safety on the line  just because you think it’s the only way you can ‘make a difference’ in this world. Despite Sibyl’s judgement, you’re still more than just some criminal. Your life is far more precious to others than you’d like to believe…”

and then Akane just looks down for a moment before ending the scene with

“As your Inspector, just for once…let me be the one to save you.”

after failing to cop a hyped up supreme piece: actually, i fucking hate the hypocrisy of Brand Fashion, none of this will make me a better person, none of this will increase my self worth, and i could do as well with little known pieces that just look good, and, a-and youre all stupid, for buying this brand


Annabeth Woods

  • Perfectionist  
  • Loves the outdoors 
  • Good                                                                                                                                                                                  

Anna is this innocent little goody two shoes other wise known as your “Perfect little angel” sim who loves to support charities and volunteer. Despite her good personality, she can be a little bit clueless at some points and say the wrong words at the wrong time, but she always means well. 

Hope you guys like this little synopsis of Anna and I’m really excited to see where her sim life goes :)



“You need to stop. This isn’t you,” says Killian. You had recently begun using dark magic and you were having a good time using it, but not everyone thought the same. “It’s fine. I like using dark magic. I’m sick and tired of being known as the good little witch.” Killian groans, “Please, Y/N. This isn’t right. You being a good witch has changed me for the better. I can’t stand by and let you do this to yourself.” He vowed he would do whatever it took to get you back.

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(Eric x Reader)

“Oh yeah, let’s totally go into the creepy decrepit library!”

“Sarcasm registered, now let’s go…honestly what’s the worst that could happen?” Eric says.

“Why would you say that!” You yell, “Now we’re definitely going to die.”

“Tell me again how you made it to a dauntless leader?” He says and snorts.

“I’m adorable, that’s how.”

You had been ranked third in your initiation, just behind Eric. He knew that damn well. He also knew that you probably could kick his ass if you really wanted to. Strangely enough he had never seemed to mind. The two of you had become good friends over the years. You had known him a little from eurudite. Always had been a prick and still was. You didn’t care.

“Well, after you Miss adorable.”

“Do we have to?”


“What if we just say we went and have a drink instead?”


“I hate you.”

“You don’t.”

You were sent to scout out the area. Especially some old parts of the city which had been abandoned for a long time now. There were talks about building something new there but they first wanted to know how everything looked.

“This place is super creepy.” You say as you enter.


“I think that’s enough we should go now.”

“Be quiet, Y/N.” Eric says annoyed.

“Seriously let’s go before we get murdered by a ghost!”

“If you don’t shut up, I’m going to murder you.” He pauses a moment, “Did you seriously just say ghost? That’s what you’re afraid of?”

“What else should I be afraid of? It’s not like we couldn’t handle some strangers attacking us.”

You walk through the empty building, your footsteps echoing from the walls. Whenever you heard a noise or thought you saw something, you tensed and almost began to scream. You quickly clutch Erics arm before continuing to walk. He sighs a little but it doesn’t bother him further so he keeps going.

You hear a loud thump in one of the rooms and stop dead in your track.

“Told you we get butchered.” You whimper.

“We won’t!” He says seriously annoyed.

“How do you know? It could be anything in there!”

“Exactly my point. Tell you what, if it’s a ghost I’m gonna sacrifice myself. Deal?”

“Well, if you insist.”

You got close to the door and peered through. There was nothing to be seen so you gave it a push and let it swing open. Something suddenly jumps at you, you tumble backwards and hit the ground on your butt.

“A cat?” Eric says and picks it up, “Yes, I can see why you would be scared.” He continues with a mocking voice.

“Did everything go as planned?” Max asks when you’re back.

“Yes no problems at all.” You say.

“Yeah you should have seen her, she was fearless. She could have pulled this off on her own without problems. In fact I have never seen anyone who can handle themselves so well…” Eric trails on.

You smack him on the back of his head and give him a death glare.

“We get the idea Eric.” You hiss.

“I don’t think so..” He says and grins.

“Stop making fun of me!”

“You’d be bored if I would.”

KELLY THOMPSON (W) • Paulo Siqueira (A/C)
• The fates of NICO MINORU, a mysterious missing girl named Alice, and a small town in Colorado are all tied together as CIVIL WAR II heats up and threatens to tear A-FORCE apart.
• The team, with ELSA BLOODSTONE in foul-mouthed tow, splits up to hunt down the apparent source of the trouble in the hopes of saving the town.
• However, it soon becomes apparent that all is not what it seems with the team – A-Force is changing – and by morning there may not be anyone left to save the day.
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

“Greetings human teen “Nico Minoru”. I am human adult “Elsa Bloodstone”. I wear “clothes”, drink “tea” and am not an alien bug in disguise. Please, behave properly and lay down your weapon.”

Little known fact, but in good hands Nextwave characters can infect any book with a piece of Warren Ellis’ glorious weirdness.

Human Sport AU for @jen-iii 

Sapphire has played on leagues her whole life, t-ball as soon as she could walk sort of commitment, and is attending school on full-scholarship, highly recruited out of highschool, she’s not just good on the field (and damn is she fast) but she is also a trivia and stats genius and can rattle off the stats of anyone in their division and make good use of little-known loopholes in the rule-book.

Ruby only ever played in the cul-de-sac, where bases were discarded shoes and the rusted out bumpers of tireless cars ‘parked’ on the sides of road.  A buddy (probably Ame) dared her to attend walk-on try-outs (in a situation that probably involved a reference to a well-known stereotype) and… oopsie daisy guess who made the team. 

Coach (Steven?) assigns Sapphire to show Ruby the ropes because turns out Ruby knows jack about the actual collegiate rules (”YES, you DO have to wear a mitt! How is your hand not broken?!”). Its a rocky semester. The final championship game is against the Diamonds …  they utterly shatter them. They kiss under the confetti.


Cubicle of Love 

Epistolary workplace romance AU. When Jemma Simmons receives an outraged email from one Dr. Leopold Fitz, she’s amused by his incendiary tone and can’t stop herself from writing back. They begin emailing back and forth until they become fast friends, confidants and… maybe more?
Their friends and colleagues think they might be made for each other and need to meet in person, but Fitz wont hear it. It would ruin everything! Jemma’s charming, sociable and whip-smart, while he’s pathologically shy, self-conscious to the extreme and not so good with words in person.
With a little help from fate (also known as Daisy, Bobbi and Hunter) perhaps they can brave it after all?

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Can I tell yall how my white coworker was tryna tell me the printer was broken so she said

 "Lowkey the printer broken.“ 

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 Huh? Lowkey is not to be used with blatant facts. You can’t say Lowkey hot flammins hot. You can say lowkey hot flammins good with pickle juice because it’s an unpopular opinion or little known fact. Like

 #stayinyolane #levelstothis #youredoingitwrong

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How would jhope,jimin,suga and Jung kook react if you started pushing them away because you feel like your not good enough for them (you've been dating for a little while but known each other for a long time)

this is so sad (ahhh my heart is–) T^T. I might have gotten a little carried away with this but i hope you don’t mind… <3


He would be really concerned about why you’re pushing him away so suddenly. He would probably end up cracking, not being able to handle being given the cold shoulder anymore. He would probably be an emotional mess (since he’s known you for so long and cares about you so much) demanding an answer. When you finally tell him, he might start tearing up a bit and pull you in for a hug. He’d whisper all the reasons why he’s not good enough for you into your hair. If you were serious about breaking up because of this, he’d respect your wishes but he would be heart broken. 


He would react similarly to JHope. He’d be confused and hurt because of your treatment but he wouldn’t be able to stop his feelings for you either. Since he’s struggled with insecurities before he would be more offended by being pushed away that anyone else. He’d confront you, spilling out all his feelings and ask you why you were being this way. When you tell him, he’d feel some negativity towards himself for letting you feel anything else than perfect/beautiful. He would do everything in his power to make you feel that way, not letting a second go by without reminding you that he’d love you no matter what.


At first, he’d think you’ve just been having a bad week and just needed some space. When he starts getting suspicious that something else might have happened, he would make subtle gestures to cheer you up. Ex: leaving you mixtapes/lyrics/notes that express his feelings for you. When that doesn’t work he’d sit you down to talk. When Suga learns the real reason behind your unhappiness, he’d be devastated. He might not show it outright, but he’d hold your hands while you let out your insecurity. He would assure you that you are just perfect for him. When you fall asleep that night, he’d make a promise to always make you his priority so that you don’t have to be hurt again.


Being the youngest, he wouldn’t know how to handle his emotions. Should he be mad that you’re treating him this way? Should he just back off and give you space? Should he ask you what’s wrong or would that just make it worse? Eventually, the silence would kill him and curiosity would get the best of him. He would have so many things to talk to you about but when he sees how upset you look, the words would die in his mouth. Telling Jungkook that you don’t feel good enough for him would shock the hell out of him and he’d immediately shoot down everything you say. He’d get really emotional explaining over and over again that he likes you a lot and that you should never feel this way, begging you not to leave him. (yes, he’d sacrifice his pride for you).

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