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There were big expectations for former One Direction de facto frontman Styles. Would he deliver on his rock ‘n’ roll potential, or fall flat? Ultimately, his first solo outing in ‘Sign of the Times’ was both a triumph and a relief. It turned out to be more Bowie than Jagger: an emotional glam rock anthem making good use of Styles’ boyish falsetto and stadium-sized ambition, while still offering something moody and new.
—  Best Songs of 2017 So Far - TIME Magazine
“Tombstone” (1993): cowboys and gay subtext

Disclaimer: I wrote this text long time ago, when we first heard the title of the episode, and we knew perfectly nothing about the plot - I just somehow never got to posting it. Back then I never DREAMED that we will be getting Cas and Dean roleplaying Texas rangers, and running around in cowboy hats. (What a time to be alive!) Anyway, I hope this little rant about how “Tombstone” (1993) is relevant to tomorrow’s episode will still be fun to read.

Disclaimer 2: I do not equal effeminate/weak bodied/flamboyant = gay, just different from the surroundings in the context of this movie. At the same time, the movie uses cheap stereotypes to characterize their characters in subtext.  It is 1990s, and this is not good, but it happened back then.

File it under the “Things I do because of my “Supernatural” obsession”: I watch and read stuff I hadn’t expected to before I started watching the show - you know, like a 1993 western telling the story of the legendary gunman Wyatt Earp and his two brothers, hunting and killing some Old West gang of outlaws in a frontier town.

Nevertheless, I did watch it, and now I will write about it because I am painfully aware that episode 13x06 is called “Tombstone”, that it has a western theme, and that it’s an episode by the writer who gave us “Stuck in the Middle with You” (12x12). It is therefore quite possible that the source material is relevant to the final product - plus with Tarantino being a western buff, it all connects nicely.

I will not speculate about the actual episode since we have almost nothing to go on at the moment - besides a few pictures from which we can gather a couple of facts:

  • The boys are most probably in Dodge City at some point (we saw pictures from the set saying “Dodge City” on one of the buildings). The city is about 3,5 hour drive from Lebanon - where the bunker is - and it was here Wyatt Earp was the sheriff before he moved to Tombstone. It also is “the cowboy capital of the US” because of it being the main city on the old “cattle trail”, famous for its cow markets and for its gunfights. We saw Dodge City on the show once before when Krissy’s dad was attacked in “Adventures in Babysitting”, but otherwise this is the first time we visit it,
  • We also know that at some point we will visit a cowboy-themed motel.

[While all of this gives us no story hints whatsoever, I think it’s safe to assume that the keywords for the episode are “cowboys” and “western”. Since Davy Perez’ most noteworthy episode last year was Tarantino themed, I am not remotely surprised this season for him is “westerns” (he is also bringing us the train heist episode later this season - yes, please.)]

I can, however, present the movie “Tombstone” that may or may not have something to do with the final episode (we’ll see). As I am aware that not everyone is as dedicated (read: bored and obsessed) as me to check out every pop culture reference on the show, I decided to share my newly aquired wisdom with the class.

Ok, so the story. The movie tells a (rather idealized) version of the shootout that occured in the frontier town of Tombstone, Arizona, between Wyatt, Virgil and Morgan Earp (plus their friend, Doc Holliday) and the gang of outlaws who called themselves “the Cowboys” - known as the gunfight at OK Corral. I will talk just about the movie here (since the historical truth is a little different, and a compare-and-contrast historical analysis is not what we need right now).

So, Wyatt Earp got famous being the marshall of Dodge City, while also being a pacifist and trying to avoid starting conflicts as much as possible. Tombstone was supposed to be his retirement - he wanted to settle down, finally having his family around, and earn some money for a comfortable and silent life. He came to Tombstone together with his two brothers and their wives; upon arrival, he found out that his best friend, Doc Holliday, also ended up in the town, searching for his luck and trying to cure his TB - an illness that will later kill him at the age of 35. 

We meet Wyatt Earp when he has people closest to his heart right around him, and is very content with his life. He is also very adamant to leave the past and the fame behind, and start a completely new chapter in Arizona. The Earp brothers find out very quickly, however, that Tombstone is very far from the sleepy abode the name might suggest. The town is full of colourful characters - gamblers, gunslingers, preachers, prostitutes, outlaws etc. And of course there is a conflict boiling just below the surface.

Unwillingly, one by one the Earp party is pulled back into being the law officers again, and into the bloody frontier war.

SPOILERS AHEAD (you know, if you wanna watch the movie yourself)

So many themes here that remind me of SPN!

  • We have a duty bound man who meets a maverick and outgoing woman. She offers him excitement and adventures, and of course he falls for her, but doesn’t let himself have what he wants because of his mission, his situation (he was married at the time), and the need to act honourably. He is, however, perfectly aware of his feelings and that a part of this behaviour is fear of following his heart because he had never done this before in his life;
  • It takes a death of his closest friend to realize life is too short, and he should go for what he wants, which he does;
  • Before this, however, he follows the murder of one of his brothers by going on a shooting spree, and killing every bad guy he can find until they all are eradicated,
  • There is also so much gay subtext between two of the characters that the movie is always mentioned when “gay westerns before Brokeback Mountain” are discussed.

“Tombstone” as a lesson in gay subtext:

It is never mentioned in the movie that Billy Zane and Jason Priestley’s characters are gay. Yet, it is so obvious from the way they are portrayed that even people who are not used to reading subtext are perfectly aware the two characters are most probably lovers.

The characterization

The first thing we notice is the look of the characters. The two man are both dressed in a way that differenciates them from the enviroment around them - Billy Zane’s Fabian is completely different from the masculine world of the Old West, with his soft hair, boyish good looks, clean shaven face, and elaborate outfits.

Jason Priestley’s Billy is more in accordance with the tough world of Tombstone - he is the deputy sheriff after all, and can be tough when needed - but still, in his time off he is portrayed as soft, effeminate, especially while contrasted with the criminals he usually runs with. His outfit is not too different from everyone else’s, but he is the only person to wear a bowtie (everyone else wears neckties or bandanas) and spectacles. He is portrayed as a slightly weaker and more vulnerable person.

Exposition in relation to other characters

The two characters sexuality is shown, not talked about, especially through the kind of interractions they have with other people.

We meet Fabian when he steps out of a carriage, all confident, flamboyant, well-groomed and witty. His person awakens the reaction in the manly-men of the West, which is shown by Morgan Earp asking the local sheriff “What kind of town is this?” (at which point Wyatt shushes him, as if he said something offensive). 

To hammer the point home, Fabian is an actor who travels with a gorgeous woman, but obviously has no sexual interest in her - they are best buddies who ogle the Earps together, and comment on their attractiveness.

As for Billy, we meet him when he arrives at the theatre to see the actors’ performance, and right away he is shown bullied by the Cowboys. The quips obviously refer to his sexuality (“Hey, sister boy, gimme some!”). He doesn’t try to shoot them down, just tries to avoid being touched. Quickly he is “saved” by the leader of the gang, and seated beside him. Shortly afterwards the camera shows us the difference between the Cowboys and the deputy sheriff’s approach to Fabian onstage (mocking vs in awe).

Later, during a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, Billy grabs Fabian in the saloon, and cordially invites him to his table. This is the last time we see the two men together, alive.

Fast forward to the end of the movie: Billy is riding around with the Cowboys while Wyatt Earp runs around, shooting everything he can find. The outlaws stop a carriage and find the actress and Fabian in the back: the actor is dead, shot by the Cowboys. Everything here happens completely beside the dialogue and the rest of the scene. Billy watches dead Fabian while the actress holds her dead friend, and angrily discusses the war with the leader of the gang.

(Just for your viewing pleasure, I created THIS GIFSET of the scene)

It is never said out loud that Bily and Fabian are lovers. It is still pretty damn obvious. It is perfectly clear from the way they are presented, their interactions with other characters, and the (very limited) onscreen interactions with each other.

“Tombstone” is a cowboy movie that takes a step towards the actual reality of the Wild West, and makes it almost textual. Homosexuality was a natural part of the cowboy lifestyle - it was after all a society full of men, where the men to women ratio was around 8:1. Everyone had needs, not everyone had money, and love and sexual encounters between men were as common as in any other, similar enviroment. There is a reason why the uber-masculine cowboy stereotype is one of the main figures in American gay iconology - think everything from “Midnight Cowboy” to The Village People and “Brokeback Mountain”.

Why Davy Perez chose to call his episode after the kettle-market town in Arizona, but also after the movie with such a strong gay subtext?


Apple Fritters

summary: after moving to Queens to fulfill your scholarship at the Midtown School of Science and Technology, your first day starts out with a bang. Literally. Colliding with Peter Parker on your first day of school while trying to catch the subway, you both kindle a friendship that feels like it could spark something more. 

word count: 1.5k

pairings: peter parker x reader

warnings: none, just a bunch of fluff. plus some mention of apple fritters. 

a/n: this is my mcu fanfiction debut! i had been thinking a lot about what to start off with, so why not start off with something simple and clean and cute. hopefully it’s as good as i think it is. If it gets some positive feedback, maybe I’ll turn it into a series. who knows? 

One of the many reasons you had fallen in love with Queens were the sounds. You were completely content wandering the streets, just listening to life move around you. While most would be put off by the constant honking and shouting, it was almost therapeutic to you. Your favorite time to be out within the city was early in the morning and late at night; both felt like each of the different times were when the city came alive.

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top/dom!jimin jikook fic recs #01

i’ve only felt religion when i’ve lied with you by kafeuka | 11.6k | 1970s au setting, pastor!jimin, rebel!jungkook, 

Nineteen year old Jeon Jungkook refused to go to church, so his mother brought the church to him.

(aka: Jimin was a youth minister who happened to be the man in Jungkook’s sexual fantasy and oh crap, was his mother really inviting the pastor in training to dinner to fuel his raging libido?)

lovelace by empressium | 4.6k | praise kink, feminization

jimin discovers jungkook’s “secret” stash of lingerie

See Through (If You Will) by flitter | 12k | hs!au, angst, mpreg

Six months ago, Jungkook slotted himself on his best friend’s lap in the middle of an episode of Haikyuu!! and kissed him.

More than an afterthought, now Jungkook’s got to deal with the uncomfortable belly, the odd stares, the unpredictable distractions, and Jimin’s insistence to stay in his life.

If only they were together – but don’t tell Jimin that.

Show me how it’s done by strangedesires | 5.2k | first time, fluff

“Do you want me to kiss you, Kookie?” he hears himself ask, and his voice is so deep, so startlingly deep and scratchy that even Jimin himself is slightly taken aback. 

Teach me a lesson, Hyung by Yoonmin_Trash | 3.1k | pwp, spanking

[ part 2 is Take me, Hyung ]

Royal Punishment by agustdeath, psychojimin | 2.6k | royalty!au, master/servant, oral sex

Prince Jimin was cursed with boredom until he laid eyes on a very captivating servant.

good boy by boyish | 2.6k | omegaverse | alpha!jimin, omega!jungkook

a fucking alpha.

park jimin.

the guy who looked like he spent his time talking to old ladies and cuddling with golden retrievers.

jeongguk couldn’t believe his rotten luck.

honey bun, sugar plum by empressium, graesun | 8.9k | hybrids (bunny!jungkook), fluff 

snippets from the lives of bunny jungkook and his park jimin.


As a student, a young Ted Bundy worked as a busboy in various hotels and clubs. In the August of 1967, he became friends with fellow Seattle Yacht Club colleague, Beatrice Sloan, who fell for his “wicked sense of humour and boyish good looks.” The widow learnt of Ted’s love interest, Stephanie Brooks, and would loan him her expensive car to take her out on dates. Realising the finer things in life impressed Stephanie, Ted encouraged Mrs. Sloan to lend him expensive cutlery to use for meals with his girlfriend. 

Even though she knew that Ted would take girls up to the crows nest of the Seattle Yacht Club for sex, and even that he would steal money from drunk patrons, she couldn’t help but like the young man. She ended up giving Bundy a large loan of money, confident that he would pay her back. When he didn’t, Mrs. Sloan rang Ted’s mother who simply replied with: “You were a fool to lend him anything, you’ll never get it back.” and with that, Louise Bundy abruptly put the phone down.

Despite the betrayal, Beatrice Sloan remembered Ted Bundy as the goofy young college student that she knew and adored. “Once he arrived at the Yacht Club in a jet black wig, it had me in stitches. He just looked like a completely different person.” Unbeknown to her, the killer would go on to use that same black wig as a disguise during his time as a fugitive.

I hate when people try to pretend that all the Batboys look identical. I dislike it when comic book artist, purposefully or not, draw them all so it looks like they’re all actually Bruce’s kids. The best part of Batman is that they’re not related, they’re all a bunch of lost, weird kids who somehow have made an awkward family together. By drawing them the same look and body type, it negates the individual aspects of the boys and their highlighted talents.

Dick is smaller than Bruce in both height and weight. He’s not very buff, he’s incredibly lean and flexible, able to move in ways Batman can’t. His skin has a lightly dusty quality to it, a remnant of his Romani heritage he’s never quite forgotten. Most people mistake it for a perpetual tan, he doesn’t elaborate that he comes from mixed parents. He’s handsome in a very conventional way with his boyish good looks being appreciated by most everyone he meets. He’s not trying to impress anyone except he is so he takes good care of himself and covers any visible scars he has. His hair is floppy, a little long at his bangs and neck, thick dark black with a light wave to it. He has wide, smiling eyes of a deep midnight blue color. In the right light, they can be as black as night or shine like sapphires.

Jason is tall and as big as a house. He’s incredibly strong and durable and his body reflects that. He can’t move as well as Dick but he’s learned to use his large size to his advantage. His skin is medium white, covered in scars and calluses. If he’s out in the sun for too long, a splash of freckles appear across his nose and cheeks. He’s handsome in a dangerous way, like how a coiled snake carries it’s own elegance. If he put more effort into it, he could use his chiseled good looks but doesn’t bother with such things. His hair is thick but more wiry, it never lays perfectly on his head and is always sticking up somewhere. It curls slightly on the ends. His eyes are lidded and a confused blend of blue and green with some brown in there too, as if they couldn’t decide on a color. After his resurrection, he swears his eyes are much more green than before, it could just be his imagination.

Tim is short and not overly muscled, but he is proportional. He is the smallest of the adult boys and he knows it, instead of beefing himself up, he hones his muscles to be more accurate and graceful. He can move incredibly fast and twist his limbs in seemingly impossible manners. His skin in very pale, no matter how much time he spends in the sun, he burns rather easily and is constantly putting on sunscreen. His face is taunt and angled as he’s just finishing the last of his adolescence. He’ll eventually grow into it but he won’t have Dick’s attractive features. His face is always marred by dark circles with his brow perpetually wrinkled in thought. He keeps himself tidy and neat, not so much for himself but for appearances. He appears as nicely as is required, he doesn’t mind that people note how absolutely exhausted he looks. His hair is softer, more fine than his brothers’. It falls in soft waves when he goes too long without a cut. His narrow eyes are a steely blue-grey, strong and piercing.

Damian is still in the midst of childhood but eventually already his body is showing signs of being tall and well built. He won’t be as heavily built as his father, taking more after his mother’s lean muscled form. A nice balance between Dick and Bruce’s body type. His current size means he has a great number of advantages and disadvantages, he tries to fight like a bigger man until he is forced to adjust to his small physique. His skin is dark and tanned, a mark of his mother’s heritage, he very clearly stands out against the other bats. His face is still rounded with youth but already is beginning to hollow out from his exercises. He’ll grow into his father’s strong jawline and become effortlessly attractive, though like Jason, he pays no mind to it. His hair is short and cropped, thick and coarse so it look ill-kempt if he lets it grow too long. His eyes have an Asian fold to them, highlighting his foreign features. Deep forest green eyes, the exact color of Talia’s, gaze imperiously at the world.

The Intern

A gush of cold air swept through Seth’s face as he pushed the glass door forward. He entered the general office only to realize that it was empty. He looked around for the receptionist who will usually be seated around the front desk.  

“Hey, is there anything I can help you with?” A modulated voice came from the back. 

Seth turned around and saw a young man approaching the front desk. This young man is just about Seth’s age, he was wearing a black Off-White shirt with a pair of skinny jeans. His hair was neatly styled with nice undercut sides. 

“Hi, I am looking for Ms Siti, is she around?” Seth replied, as he stared into that young man’s captivating eyes, framed by a turtle frame trendy spectacle. 

“Ms Siti is on medical leave today, I am covering her duties for today.” The young guy said. 

“I see, ermm what class are you in? How come I never see you around in school before?” Seth asked. 

“Hahaha, I am not a student here. I am from SP, doing my internship here.” The young guy replied as he chuckled  

Both boys laughed.

“Anyways, is there anything I can help you with?” The young guy asked.

“Ermm… I am here to report for detention.” Seth replied. 

“Haha! Wow I didn’t know that they still practice that in JC. Thank God I went to poly instead.” The young guy said.

“Yeah, dam lame.” Seth replied.

“Alright, I would need your Ezlink card, name and class.” The young guy said.  

“Seth Yeo from class 16S22.” Seth replied as he reluctantly handed over his Ezlink card to the young guy. 

The young guy began jotting down Seth’s details on the record book. 

“Here you go, don’t forget to collect back your Ezlink card after your detention ends.” The young guy said as he gave Seth a tag that all students have to put on during detention. 

“I am Jun Kai by the way.” The young guy said

“Thanks Jun Kai” Seth said as he exits the general office and made his way to the detention corner. 

An hour had past, Seth was starting to feel restless as his butt aches from the prolong sitting. He still has awhile more to go before he finish serving his detention. Seth was bored, he’s been scrolling through the same feed over and over on his social media for that past hour. He was getting really fidgety. 

He opened a gay dating app installed on his phone. He wanted to see who’s around. The app started loading before it refreshes itself to display people who are nearby. Seth spotted a familiar profile picture. He clicked onto the profile and noticed that the user is only a few meters away from him. As he took a closer look at the display picture, he found it very familiar. The display picture is a headless profile, showing only the upper body. The guy in the picture was wearing a black Off-White tee. The same Off-White tee Jun Kai was wearing earlier. 

He suspects that the profile belonged to Jun Kai and decides to find out more as he started chatting with the profile. Seth sent a ‘Hi’.

He doesn’t have a proper face picture on his profile thus he wasn’t worried that he will be exposed. 

Minutes later, he heard a buzz from his phone and saw a notification from the gay app. He got a reply from that profile. 

‘Hey you seemed near!’ The blank profile stated.

‘Want to exchange face pic?’ Seth asked.

‘Sorry I am discreet’ The blank profile replied.

“Blue bird” Seth ended the conversation abruptly as it was time for him to go. He grabbed his bag and headed towards the general office to get back his Ezlink card. 

Jun Kai was still in the office when Seth reached.  

“Finished Liao ah?” Jun Kai said

“Yeah haha” Seth replied.  

Jun Kai began searching for Seth’s Ezlink card before returning it back to Seth. 

“There you go, don’t be late again ah.” Jun Kai said.

“Thanks haha, ermm… blue bird?” Seth said, hoping that it will ring a bell for Jun Kai.

“Huh?” Jun Kai replied as he was puzzled with why Seth said that. 

“Oh nothing haha, I get going first. Bye.” Seth replied. 

Suddenly Jun Kai recalled the conversation he had with a profile online earlier.

“Wait, I don’t think we need to exchange face pic anymore.” Jun Kai said.

Both boys smiled at each other in an irritatingly smug, their secrets were laid bare in front of each other.  

“Want to go somewhere else instead?” Jun Kai suggested 

“Sure” Seth replied.

Both boys headed towards the top floor of the school. Jun Kai took out some keys from his pocket and proceeds to unlock a handicap toilet that only the school’s staff can use. He explained to Seth that he was given access to the staff toilets in the school. 

Both boys entered the handicap toilet as Jun Kai turned the knob to lock the toilet making sure that no one will be able to disturb them.

Seth was impressed by the cleanliness of the toilet, it was well decorated with flowers unlike the typical boys toilet used by students which is usually smelly and dirty. 

“So you bring boys to here often, don’t you” Seth said as he nudged Jun Kai on his sides.

“You are the first haha” Jun Kai said.

“So… now what?” Seth said as he looked towards Jun Kai.

“I don’t know but dam, you look cute in your school uniform.” Jun Kai said

“Really? I always thought my school’s uniform is hideous.” Seth replied.

“I think so too haha.” Jun Kai said. 

“Haha, why did you even say that I look cute in my school uniform if it’s hideous?” Seth asked.

“I don’t know, just finding ways to compliment you?” Jun Kai said. 

 “What! Haha” Seth laughed.

As their laughers subside, Seth noticed that Jun Kai had gone quiet and was staring at him. It made him felt self conscious, but he was unable to look away once their eyes had met.

Like every other teenage boy, Seth was full of raging hormones causing him to be overtly sexual. He was admiring Jun Kai, boyish good looks. His neatly groomed hair and pearly black eyes. Standing this close to Jun Kai, Seth couldn’t help but notice for the first time just how good looking he is, and how lush his lips looked. He let his gaze slip lower, to the rest of Jun Kai’s body. 

“Wow, when did you get these?" Seth teased, reaching down to run his hand along Jun Kai’s impressive six-pack. But Jun Kai caught Seth’s hand in his just before Seth touched him, startling Seth. 

When Seth looked into Jun Kai’s eyes once again, his expression was intense, almost threatening. For a moment, Seth thought maybe Jun Kai was angry, but before he could ponder it further, Jun Kai yanked Seth towards him and covered Seth’s mouth with his in a hungry kiss. Seth responded immediately, surprising himself. Jun Kai’s mouth was so warm, the caress of his lips softer than Seth could have imagined. He tasted tentatively with his tongue, and Jun Kai opened his mouth with a low moan.

At first their kisses were small, gentle and tender, but then it grew bigger and more intense. Seth traced his tongue across the bottom of Jun Kai’s lip. The caress of Jun Kai’s lips seemed much softer this time. Soon they started swallowing each other making the kisses even more intense. Jun Kai let out a moan and so did Seth while his warm breath traveled into Jun Kai’s face. 

Their hands were busy exploring each other’s body. Jun Kai wasted no time and unbuttoned Seth’s uniform. He pulled apart Seth’s school uniform, revealing Seth’s toned body. Seth’s body is lean and toned, although his not very muscular but his body is a work in progress. Seth’s nipples were pinkish and seductive. His sweat glimmered under the white fluorescent light, making his body even more inviting to Jun Kai. 

Before Jun Kai can ponder further, Seth was equally eager to undress him. He lifted Jun Kai’s tee up and out of his body. Seth’s eyes were filled with astonishment, Jun Kai has solid etched in stone abs. They looked so hard and defined. 

Proud of his accomplishments, which he probably worked very hard for, Jun Kai stood still for Seth to admire his chiseled abs. Seth run his hands through that solid washing board, feeling every curves and edges of Jun Kai’s abs. 

Both boys can’t wait to get into each other’s pants as they reached out to grab each other’s crotch feeling the package underneath. Jun Kai’s skinny jeans was about to burst as his member grew bigger and harder, it wasn’t any better for Seth, his growing member underneath his tight altered school pants is screaming to be release too. 

The boys undressed themselves, as they stood naked in front of each other. Their raging members roar into life upon release. Jun Kai has an impressive 7inch shaft and shaved pubes, making his 7inch shaft looks even bigger. Seth on the other hand is much smaller compared to Jun Kai, his member is about 5inch long. Although it’s shorter but it’s still visible underneath his hairy pubes. 

“Wow you have a forest down there haha” Jun Kai chuckled as he was amazed by how hairy Seth was. 

“Next time you help me shave like yours” Seth replied as he grabbed onto Jun kai’s shaft, stroking it and feeling his massive tool. 

Jun Kai moaned as Seth’s smooth fingers slides up and down his shaft. Jun Kai pulled Seth closer to him, both their bodies came into contact. They can feel the sweat from each of their body coming together. Jun Kai held Seth gently, cupping his face with one hand, pulling him closer. He reached out to Seth’s shaft with the other hand and grabbed hold on to it. 

“Are you top or bottom?” Jun Kai whispered into Seth’s ears.

 “Top, what about you ?” Seth asked.

“Aww, I am top too.” Jun Kai replied.

“We can try som..thing…” Seth said, before getting disrupted by Jun Kai’s lips. Jun Kai was pressing his lips onto Seth’s. Their lips crushed together, sending shivers down each of their back. 

As their mouths engaged in a ferocious battle, Jun Kai was busy exploring Seth’s bottom with his fingers. Both boys were sweating profusely as there was not much ventilation in the toilet, resulting in Seth being ‘wet’. Jun Kai, slides his finger around Seth’s wet boyhole. 

“Ah fuck! Ah…” Seth was moaning uncontrollably as Jun Kai’s finger glides along his boyhole. 

“Are you sure you are not a bottom?” Jun Kai smirked as he continued playing with Seth’s boyhole. 

“Fuck you la haha.” Seth replied, his body was twitching from the overwhelming sensation Jun Kai was giving to him from playing with his hole. 

“We shall see who’s the one getting fucked.” Jun Kai laughed as he inserts his finger all the way up Seth’s boyhole.

Seth was caught off guard by the sudden invasion from Jun Kai’s finger as he let out a loud moan. 

“You like that don’t you?” Jun Kai playfully asked, as he started fingering Seth and locating his prostate.

Seth was moaning non stop, he was clearly enjoying himself. 

“Who’s the bottom now?” Jun Kai teased.

“Fuck man, this feels so good.” Seth was on cloud nine. The stimulation he was getting from his prostate was driving him insane. 

“Now be a good bottom and let me fuck you.” Jun Kai said as he smacks Seth’s buttock with his other hand. 

Seth didn’t reply but his intense moaning was already the answer. Jun Kai removed his fingers from Seth’s boyhole. He instructed Seth to lie down on floor. Jun Kai spread Seth’s legs wide apart, exposing his boyhole. 

Seth laid on the floor as he submits himself to Jun Kai.

Jun Kai got down on the floor too as he grabbed hold onto Seth’s leg and placed them on his shoulders. Seth’s boyhole was in clear view to Jun Kai. Jun Kai positioned his 7inch shaft at Seth’s boyhole. He wanted to teased Seth more as he slides his shaft up and down Seth’s boyhole. Seth’s sweat was providing lubricant making it even more pleasurable for the both of them. 

“Ah just fuck me already, fuck me Jun Kai!” Seth was begging to be fucked as he can no longer take the teasing anymore. He was ready to be Jun Kai’s bottom.

Jun Kai can’t wait to breed this virgin boyhole too as he spat on to his palms and lube up his shaft. He was ready.

“Relax ok, it will hurt a little. You can do it.” Jun Kai tried to encourage Seth. 

Seth was nodding his head as he can’t wait to have Jun Kai in him.

Jun Kai placed his shaft at the entrance of Seth’s boyhole, he can already feel how tight Seth is. Jun Kai didn’t want to hurt Seth, he wanted Seth to enjoy but his 7inch shaft is too much for Seth’s virgin boyhole to handle. 

“I am going in.” Jun Kai said 

Jun Kai pushed his shaft slowly into Seth’s boyhole. He can feel the tightness of Seth’s rectum wrapping tightly around his dick head.

It felt warm and sensational. 

Seth was adapting to take in Jun Kai manhood, but his virgin boyhole was too small. 

“Ah fuck pain… pain…!!!” Seth was screaming out in pain as his boyhole stretches.

“Relax , you will feel better if you relax.” Jun Kai tried his best to comfort Seth, he has to cover Seth’s mouth as he was making too much noise.

Jun Kai remained at that position for awhile to allow Seth’s boyhole to adapt. Once he was positive that Seth is ready, he went in a bit more. He went in slowly pausing even now and then for Seth to adapt. Soon he was completely in Seth.  

Jun Kai had never fucked someone this tight before. Seth was still feeling rather tensed as he clenches his boyhole, wrapping it tightly around Jun Kai’s dick.  

Jun Kai removed his hand from Seth’s mouth and replaced it with his lips, they were back to tasting each other’s mouth as their tongues swirled around in the most intense and passnoitate kiss. 

Jun Kai started thrusting in and out of Seth’s boyhole, he started slow but with every thrust into Seth’s boyhole, his dick was squeezed by Seth’s clenching. This overwhelming tightness is driving Jun Kai insane. Lust took over his mind as he thrusted harder and deeper into Seth’s boyhole. Fucking him like a beast.

Seth was moaning louder than before, he wasn’t able to properly kiss Jun Kai as he was moaning uncontrollably from all the stimulation he was getting from Jun Kai. He can only moan out loud whenever Jun Kai hits his prostate. A moment ago Seth was certain that he’s a top but here he is enjoying getting fucked by another boy. He grabbed hold onto Jun Kai’s waist and pulled him closer to him to have his shaft deeper into him. 

“Ah fuck you are so tight!” Jun Kai moaned, as he continued thrusting hard and deep into Seth’s boyhole. His body went rigid as trembles shook his body, he was near. He could feel his manload building up at the tip of his shaft, ready to be ejectulated into Seth. 

“Fuck… I am going to cum!” Jun Kai warned as his body started twitching. He was about to erupt soon! Jun Kai gave Seth’s boyhole one hard and deep thrust, penetrating all the way into Seth’s boyhole. Seth was clenching his boyhole tight, wrapping his rectum tightly around Jun Kai’s shaft. 

“Ah ah cumming!” Jun Kai screamed as his body twitch badly, shot after shots of thick cum started erupting out of Jun Kai’s shaft, shooting all the way into Seth’s boyhole. Seth could feel, warm shots of Jun Kai’s cum hitting his prostate and filling up his boyhole. Seth almost cum from this overwhelming sensation.  

Jun Kai pulled his shaft out, as cum ooze out of Seth’s boyhole. He just breed Seth’s virgin boyhole and filled it up with his manload.

“Fuck man! That’s was so fucking good!” Seth cried out as he recovers from the massive fuck. 

“Fuck babe, your ass is so tight.” Jun Kai uttered while catching his breath.

“Now that you have my load in you, I want yours in me.” Jun Kai smirked.

Jun Kai went down on Seth, who’s still laying on the ground, he grabbed hold onto Seth’s shaft and started jerking it. Seth was leaking badly as precum coated his dick head. Jun Kai lowered his head towards Seth’s shaft flicking his tongue around the tip, licking all the precum. He knew Seth was close but he didn’t want Seth to cum so soon. He used his tongue to playfully swirl around Seth crown jewels. The boyish scent of Seth’s balls was emitting and invading Jun Kai’s senses. He was enjoying the taste of Seth’s balls as he licked and sucked onto Seth’s balls sending shivers down Seth. 

Jun Kai wanted to taste Seth so badly, he started to bob his mouth around Seth’s shaft, hollowing his cheeks and suck hard. Inch by inch he took every bit of Seth’s 5inch shaft in his mouth. 

Seth was moaning in ecstasy as he felt the warmness from Jun Kai’s lips around his shaft. Jun Kai was determined to sucked Seth dry as he sucked even harder and faster. Seth was twitching, tingling sensation started invading his senses. He thrust his hips against Jun Kai, humping his mouth. Jun Kai has no problem taking in Seth’s full 5inch shaft, he tried his best to deep throat Seth. He knew Seth was about to cum. 

“Fuck! Fuck!, Jun Kai I am cumming!” Seth moaned as his shaft twitched violently in Jun Kai’s mouth. Shot after shots of cum started ejaculating out of Seth’s dick and went straight into Jun Kai’s mouth. Some of the shots even went all the way down Jun Kai’s throat causing he to choke a little. Jun Kai swallowed every drop of Seth’s manload before collapsing down on the floor next to Seth. 

Both boy laid on the floor naked, catching their breath while recovering from their massive ejuculation. 

“Fuck that was fun.” Jun Kai said.

“Yeah, I didn’t know that I will enjoying being a bottom.” Seth replied.

“I want you to bottom only for me, ok?” Jun Kai said.

“Sure, if only you let me fuck you next time” Seth replied. 

Both boys started kissing again before getting interrupted by the school bell. It was getting late and they have to leave the school before the gates close. 

The boys started getting dressed

“Wait, ermm can I have your underwear?” Seth asked.

“What for ?” Jun Kai replied.

“Something for me to remember you?” Seth said as he winked at Jun Kai.

“Sure , you can have mine if you let me have yours and … be my bottom!” Jun Kai teased.

Both boys exchanged their underwear and got dressed before leaving the toilet.

© nottiboyjc


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This one is for you Shan @kpopfanfictrash. Here’s to wrecking biases, BBH style.

“Just leave. Leave now and don’t look back. There’s nothing left for you here”.

You breathe deeply, tears stinging your eyes as he stares back with a similar sentiment. You’re lying through your teeth of course. Here is where you are and here is where he belongs.

He must know this too because before you can turn to leave, he grabs your wrist and pulls you into him. He only lets you savor the anticipation brought on by the proximity his body to yours for a brief moment. “How can you say that? You’re here and that’s always been more than enough for me”.

Hands sliding through your hair he brings you closer. Without another moment wasted on falsities and facades, he kisses you. He kisses you as if it’s the one thing he was made to do.

You sigh, body softening in his grip as your lips meet his. This is everything you’ve ever wanted, he is all that you need…

and then..


A voice rings out and you pull away, head still spinning from that kiss. You turn immediately to face the source.

“This is wrong. It’s all wrong. Y/N, you look like you’re in pain up there. This is the most pivotal scene of the show!”.

Baekhyun treads up the stair to the stage, arms crossed over his body and cursing the theatre gods under his breath while he approaches you.

“This is the moment that the main characters finally get to taste happiness and you couldn’t look less interested,” he huffs. His brow furrows in disappointment and it’s all you can do not to throw your arms in the air and walk out.

You’ve been here for hours. And not that you mind kissing Jongin over and over again, who could really? But you’re exhausted and nothing you do seems to please your director.

You were warned he was hard to work with. He’s brilliant and young and talented beyond his years, but he’s a perfectionist and has no problem letting his cast know the full extent of his genius at any given moment. To put it kindly, he was intimidating.

And now you are the focus of his displeasure.

“It felt like she was pretty interested to me”. Jongin looks at you, a small smirk forming on his lips and you can’t hide the excitement that illuminates your face.

Since auditions, You and Jongin have shared this incredible chemistry. He’s basically a  flawless individual; lips full, skin soft, eyes brooding, body strong and beautiful. Not to mention a smile that blinds. Sharing a stage with him, kissing him, it fills you with an immense energy and wanting every time.

You think he feels the same. He’s always saying things like that, flirting with you after rehearsals and god, when he kisses you the way he does, it’s hard to believe it’s just for the show. But still, he’s yet to ask you out.

Baekhyun interrupts your little moment with a chuckle, rubbing his temples in frustration. “Jongin. Go home, get some rest. You’re excused for the night. Y/N… Stay”.

Jongin shoots you a look that tells you he’s sorry for bailing and you you reply with an accepting nod. Although you hate to see him leave, your sole focus is on the deep pit in your stomach.

Baekhyun is disappointed with you and now there’s going to be no one around to help soften the blow.

“Goodnight,” Jongin calls out, slinging his bag over his shoulder as he exits the theatre. Now all that’s left is you, Baekhyun and the bright lights that illuminate the stage.


Baekhyun motions you towards the set furniture at the back of the stage. First curtain goes up in three days and nearly everything is in place to make it a roaring success. Everything except this scene.

Opting for the lounger, you sit. You exhale softly as to hide your worry. You can’t let Baekhyun know the kind of power he holds over you. The will to please him is something you can’t quite comprehend yourself. You’ve been in plenty of shows with plenty of talented directors but something about him makes you want to be your best self. He brings out a nervousness in you that wills you to be great.

You tense when he chooses to sit beside you. The fit is snug but he doesn’t seem to mind. Immediately he puts down his script and turns to face you.

Your pulse quickens as you take in his boyish good looks. Were he not so talented at his current profession, he would make for a phenomenal stage presence. His face was meant to be seen and admired by the masses. And yet, he opts for a life just outside the limelight.

“What’s holding you back?”.
His voice his calm. More so than you expect and it’s then that you feel yourself ease up, even if only for a moment. “How do you mean?”.

“Fuck. Is Jongin a terrible kisser? Is his breath bad? Do I need to say something to him?”.

Without warning, laughter erupts from deep in your gut. It’s booming and hearty and pulls the corner of Baekhyun’s lips up into a smile that mirrors your own. Jongin is none of those things. The thought alone is hilarious in nature. If he is anything, it is sickeningly perfect by all accounts.

“There. That’s the first time you’ve loosened up all night. Why am I not getting this from you in this scene? I know you’ve got the talent. I want everyone in the audience to see that too”.

Baekhyun looks at you with a sincerity so deep that it almost hurts. It’s like he sees everything in you wish you could find in yourself. Your greatest fear is that you won’t live up to the expectations you’ve held for yourself all your life. Not only in acting, but in every facet of it up to this point. But Baekhyun sees what you want to see. He sees it and the look in his eye shows you a glimpse of it too.

Suddenly, you’re speechless. You want to thank him, apologize, do anything at all except sit there next to him with your mouth agape like a fool.

“Why don’t we try running through it together. And this time, Y/N, just relax”.

When he smiles, your heart races. Run the scene… this scene with him? The director? It would be a lie to say you hadn’t thought about kissing him more than a few times. He’s absolutely breathtaking. But to actually do it? The thought made your stomach flutter.

“You… Me?”.

Your jumbled thoughts surmount to the silliest half sentence any child could throw together and instantly you want to slap yourself.

Again Baekhyun laughs only this time his hand finds your knee to give your a reassuring touch. And then, it’s as if lightning strikes.

“Yes… Me… You,” he teases. “Let’s start”.

You nod and he removes his hand along with the intense sensation that accompanied it. Whatever it was, you’ve never felt anything quite like it.

Clearing your throat, you begin. “Just leave. Leave now and don’t look back. There’s nothing left for you here”.

For whatever reason, the words flow from your lips with a naturality that you hadn’t yet attained until now. You actually feel the pain your character is experiencing and it’s crushing. You feel it in every inch of you, filling you with a despair that rang through in your expression.

Baekhyun sees it too and he fights the proud smile that threatens to cross his lips as he continues on with the scene. He reaches out, gently threading his hand through your locks to bring you into him.

Forehead resting against yours he breathes, never breaking eye contact except to stare down at your lips. Again, his touch is shocking and thrilling all at once. More than anything, you want more.

“How can you say that? You’re here and that’s always been more than enough for me”. He quotes softly. He swallows, seeming to be equally affected by the closeness as you and briefly, you forget that this is just a scene in a play. For a moment, he’s just a man confessing his deepest feelings and you’re just a woman wanting him too.

When he kisses you, it’s as if everything else around you disappears. The scene calls for a kiss, one brief kiss and then a longing stare into your partner’s eyes as the curtain drops. But this, this kind of kiss calls for more.

Baekhyun feels it to because just then he opens his mouth and wraps his free arm around you to move you even closer. You mirror him, parting your lips to welcome a deeper, more intimate contact, nearly gasping when his tongue finds yours.

Heavy breathing and curious hands ensue as you and Baekhyun give yourselves over to the scene. “Y/N,” he pants when he pulls back. He’s stroking your side with his knuckles, trying to apologize and steady his breathing all at once.

When you kiss him again, he’s equal parts surprised and ecstatic. He welcomes it, pulling your body closer to bring you on his lap.

From there it’s a haze. Baekhyun’s lips are on your neck, his hands on your hips as you press as close as humanly possible. You hardly recall how he got you out of your clothes and vice versa, but when he flips you onto your back and hovers above you, you can’t find it in yourself to care.

Baekhyun takes his time, kissing down your body, humming in approval as you writhe beneath him in bliss. You call his name, wanton and airily when he finds your nipple, licking and sucking the soft flesh there. All the while his hand continues south, tracing a path down your stomach and rendering you immobile from desire.
He removes his mouth to look up at you, eyes full of a white hot want, asking permission before removing your final piece of clothing.


Hearing you say his name like that is all he needs to slip his finger below the waistband and slide the lace down the length of your legs.

Eyes trained on your center, he groans at the sight of you wet and willing to take everything he has to give. “God, you’re so beautiful”.

Before you can respond he wraps his arms around your thighs and dips his head between them. Surely if anyone were to come into the theatre at this moment, they’d get a show they weren’t  expecting but for now, the thought doesn’t seem to matter.

You almost can’t bear the feel of his mouth against you. The build up itself has been so satisfying that as soon as his tongue darts out to taste, you nearly lose it.

Baekhyun moves languidly, tongue circling every which way to have you completely coming undone. When he finds your clit, your shudder, hands finding his hair to tug him up. You want to come, but not like this. Not when there’s still so much more you need from him.

“I want you,” you beckon.

Baekhyun doesn’t need to be asked twice and within a moment’s notice he’s between your thighs. He coats himself with your essence, teasing your entrance as he kisses you with a hunger that makes you weak.

Impatiently, you buck your hips forward, moaning into his mouth in the hopes that he’ll put you out of of this euphoric misery and take you already.

When he eases into you, you break away. A noise you aren’t quite sure is human leaves your lips when he hikes your thigh up and around his hip and pushes deeper to fill you.

“Oh fuck,” he swears when you bring your other leg up and force him even closer. He stills briefly, attempting to compose himself before pulling back. When he sinks into you again, it’s faster, more calculated and utterly mind boggling.

He bends to trap your lips with his, tongue exploring as his hips begin their beautiful assault against you. With each stroke, you find your mind fogging and body screaming with absolute bliss.

Baekhyun is everything and everywhere all at once and it now makes sense to you why the scene never worked before. Everything that held you back evaporated the moment Baekhyun touched you and now, as he fucks into you with a blinding passion, you know he really does make you better. He completes you in a way you never knew you needed.

Just as you’re on the precipice of your high, Baekhyun slips a hand between you, stroking your pearl to leave you cursing and calling his name as you come.

Nails in his back and eyes screwed shut, you let the spine tingling release wash over you like a warm wave. When he finishes behind you, you accept the weight of his chest against yours, each of you struggling to collect yourselves after such a feeling.

You lay like that for a few moments; Baekhyun kissing along the top of your shoulder, whispering soft praises against your skin. When he retracts and nestles beside you, he smiles. The kind of smile that tells you he’s just as high as you are right now.

There’s something here, an undeniable spark that’s sure to burn for quite some time after this encounter. Even though neither of you say it, the understanding is there. You are his and he is yours. Maybe it had been that way all along. Maybe the wanting you felt up on that stage was for him all this time.

When Baekhyun speaks, it’s softly. He pushes the matted hair from your face and brushes his thumb along the glistening skin of your cheek.

“I want you this way always. Magnificent, free and fantastically mine”.


PR relationship vs RL relationship pt2

Since I seemed to have piqued a few people’s attention about how a PR relationship works vs RL, let me try and explain how you can spot them.
For the purpose of my musings I will not mention any names, but those who have come to me privately ( I thank you I have enjoyed the throwing ideas around 😙) but of course you will know who I am talking about. Like @cb4tb and others who have been in fandoms before, where the object of fascination have been the leads and how those who hold the power ie money, sponsorship, investment, promotion and of course merchandising the product (product being the leads and movie or TV show tie in) play a very important part aka TPTB

Now naivety is something these ‘suits’ rely heavily on. They expect anyone who follows their product to be docile housewives (yes we women are the key marketing factor) as a male lead attracts our attention and therefore holds our interest in following the online trail of clickbait and become more involved in creating ‘fandoms/blogs etc’ which creates marketing, promotion, media interest etc. But unfortunately we are also very keen minded and not stupid, unless they are looking at the young adult market, where teens do get snapped into the category of ‘they will believe anything we tell them’
They have bots that follow certain feeds online. Bots that click onto a higher surge of chatter (mainly about the male lead) and gathers information about what is being said. Now, Agents and Publicists rely heavily on online traffic, especially when their ‘client’ has a pretty decent fan following. They want to ensure a good section of the media gets positive news about their client, especially one who has a social media relationship with the outside world.

Studios want good feedback, they want the show or movie they have invested in seen in a good light, a positive light, a money making light. When chatter centres around their leads 'off screen’ relationship vs their characters 'on screen’ relationship…investors get twitchy. Studios start panicking, agents and managers get called and their clients get hauled in for a…pep talk/dressing down. It’s not as far fetched as some people think, actors are commodity and when the investment looks unsteady or losing interest, that commodity gets looked at to see what can be done to change its fall of interest. Male leads, unless married or in a stable (non worrying relationship prior to the project) are to be seen as 'attainable’ as in a free agent. Healthy, single, good looking, picture perfect ideal man’s man of the world. They have to look like every female fantasy dream. Of course, if you are playing the most unattainable male in a movie or show (dream Ken) it creates more of an interest. Bad boy characters are more appealing, but romantic hunks with a slight dangerous side hold just as much interest.

Agents and Publicists have the most exhausting jobs of holding a particular image of their clients to sell to directors or studios, looking for a certain actor with a certain appeal. And most importantly, an actor with very little baggage. Online presence, good clean boyish image and of course appealing to both sexes as that creates a wider audience approval rate. Females still to this day struggle to find the equal balance in an all male world; attractive yes, very sexually appealing of course, but unfortunately they can sometimes come with or create baggage 'female falls for male lead’ never the other way around.

Which is why an off screen romance is always seen as the females fault. Which is also why studios put an absolute nada on it ever happening, to the best of their abilities. Creating PR romances are as old as Hollywood. Create an image, a believable relationship 'away’ from the promotion of the movie or TV show or simply…create an image that appeals to the right audience of fans. Old Hollywood hid so many real life relationships through PR promotions, you’d be surprised how many PR romances were used to cover up the truth or indeed in some circumstances scandals. Today is no different than yesterday (past tense) with the exception and headache that Social Media hides nothing. Too many are quick to turn on their computer and search. Too many can post up sightings or indeed snap photos and put them online, that can sometimes cause a studio more indigestion than a bad hamburger from the kraft cart.

The truth…PR relationships are easily spotted, because they are pushed too much onto the unsuspecting or naive fan, who unwittingly believe without question. Print articles will write up a story, without even interviewing the actor or check facts. I always say; don’t 'assume’ or 'speculate’. Don’t believe in 'sources close’ to or an 'eyewitness suggests’
These are word salad, gossip journalists will use when they don’t have a credible source as in went to the actors or his/her agency publicist for clarification. They write up their own narrative and, what is often the case, they read online blogs (hello🤗) and gleam information to add to their story. I chuckled when reading over the weekend a slip of the tongue - a Freudian a certain person made, over reading about themselves on Tumblr. Agency Publicists are those who do the data collection, they are the very people who tell the client what is being said about them the (online chatter) if the actor doesn’t go digging themselves that is.

It is easier to sell a 'PR’ relationship than to hide a 'RL’ one. Shackle your leads continuously and make them promote the opposite - they will, as others have done so before, break free enough to 'show’ the truth. You can only pretend in real life for so long - actors are humans too and the stress of having to live two lives can take its toll…even on the most seasoned of actors.
The Best Songs of 2017 So Far
They all convey messages both timeless and topical
By Raisa Bruner

Harry Styles, “Sign of the Times”

There were big expectations for former One Direction de facto frontman Styles. Would he deliver on his rock ‘n’ roll potential, or fall flat? Ultimately, his first solo outing in “Sign of the Times” was both a triumph and a relief. It turned out to be more Bowie than Jagger: an emotional glam rock anthem making good use of Styles’ boyish falsetto and stadium-sized ambition, while still offering something moody and new.

anonymous asked:

If you're doing requests can you write one where the reader is a Princess from another planet and she's very bitter about the paladins there because last time she let outsiders in they destroyed her kingdom and if you could do it with Keith or Shiro (your choice!) Thank you!

I’m fairly certain Shiro has never met anyone who didn’t immediately like him so the idea of a princess being rude to him is absurdly funny to me. Like he would be so confused because hello? He’s perfect? You are a rude lady.

You tapped your foot loudly, finding small pleasure in the way your shoes clicked loudly against the cracked earth. It was rude, for sure. You’re father, the King, kept glancing in your direction, doing his best with his eyes to say ‘Stop that young missy! We have company!

Each time he gave you the look? You tapped harder. Now one of these so called Paladins, these Defenders of the Universe (pfft, please) was giving you a curious look. You crossed your arms and looked down your nose at him, not caring one wit if you offended him or not. Also he wasn’t handsome. Nope. Not at all. Who has two toned hair anyways? Did he botch a hair job? And who was he impressing? Standing tall with his stupid broad shoulders and tiny waist–

“Brave Princess! You and your Paladins simply must stay with us!”

You felt your neck pop as you turned towards your father. Was he serious? Did he forget what happened the last time he let outsiders in? “Uhm…Father? A word? We are…Surely our humble home is not fit for such…,” diplomacy Y/n, diplomacy, “…prestigious company? Would our guests not be more comfortable in their own castle?” You glared at the gleaming white ship, it’s pristine walls an affront to the ruins they landed in. The ruins of your home from many years ago.

But apparently this princess didn’t get the hint. “Oh, nonsense! The castle is a little sterile, if I’m being honest…I think getting out of it would do us all a little kindness.” Oh, she was good. And your father was pleased, happy that such nice and pretty young things had come to help protect his his poor planet from the Galra scourge. 

You felt your patience running thin.

You planet was fresh and green once before outsiders like them. Before they took advantage of your father’s kindness and your own naivete. Before they destroyed it. But still, you were the princess of those who were left. And for now, you must act like it.

You pretended that you cared for their names. Allura and Coran, the Last Alteans. Shiro, Keith, Pidge, Hunk, and Lance, the Earthlings. How vile their names felt on your tongue. You bowed and smiled as you showed them to their rooms, acting like a perfect hostess.

But it was a different matter altogether when the final door closed. You cornered your father in his humble study, barging in an angry flurry of robes. “WHAT. DO YOU THINK. YOU ARE DOING?”, you felt your vocal cords straining with the force of your shout. “Father! Father…”, quieter now, but still half-yelling you began pacing, “Why are they here? You should have turned them back the moment they entered our air space! They will bring destruction and ruin upon us. Don’t you remember what happened the last time you let outsiders here?”

“I see the effects of that decision every day Y/N!”, he sighed and looked out the window at the pockmarked land, “I did not make this decision lightly. But you know better than I the stories of Voltron. It was your favorite story growing up.”

“When I was a child, father! But do you not remember that Zarkon himself was the Black Paladin? That is proof enough they are monsters!”


“NO, father! No! I will not have this!” Why doesn’t he understand?! You just want to protect your people! “The Galra are after them, father! If they find out that they came here, what do you think is going to happen? They are going to get us killed! You’re supposed to be a king–!”

“Y/N!”, your father’s shout stopped your ranting, “I thought you were old enough for this, but clearly I was wrong. Leave me.”

How dare he. How dare he! You blinked back tears, how could he? You heard him call out to you as you stormed out, slamming the door behind you with every intent of making a loud exit. But you only got so far. Instead of storming off into an empty hallway and screaming your frustrations, you walked right into a warm soft…thing.

“Who–?”, you looked up, nose to nose with the Black Paladin who…had very nice grey eyes. And wow…his arms were really warm and soft…No, wait, “How much did you hear?” You shoved him off you and grabbed his ear, ignoring his squawk of pain, “Were you listening in on a private conversation?”

“Owowow I’m sorry!”, whoa his voice was low, “I heard yelling and I thought…well, I don’t know what I thought, I just heard yelling and wanted to help.” You ‘hmphed’ and released his ear, letting him stand back up to his full height. He rubbed it and gave you a petulant look as an awkward silence fell over you. 

Huh, now that he wasn’t trying to impress a king by being macho, Shiro(?) was actually a really cute guy. Even his boyish good looks couldn’t be hindered by the large jagged scar across his nose and the shock of white hair that you could see was either natural or recently dyed. And boy, he really liked black didn’t he?

“Sooooo…”, Shiro blushed and avoided your unblinking gaze, “Are you okay? You and your father…?”

“That’s really none of your business, Paladin.” You hissed the last word as you crossed your arms. “Why don’t you go bring ruin on another planet and leave mine alone.” Satisfied with his crestfallen look, you ‘hmph!’ed and turned to walk away, making sure to smack him with your flowing robes. They were studded with jewels. Probably painful.

But he didn’t make a noise. You got halfway down the hallway, wondering what would happen if you truly offended him, before you heard the heavy footfall of his footsteps jogging towards you.

Was he really stupid enough to attack you in your own home? Did he really think you were a weak, defenseless princess? You were ready. So ready to throw down.

“Hey, wait up!” 



“What do you want you useless outsider?” Shiro stopped before you and shuffled awkwardly, rubbing the back of his head in what must have been a cute gesture on his home planet. You thought it looked dumb.

“I-I just want you to know that…what I mean to say is…”, what a smooth talker, “…I may be the Black Paladin, but I am nothing like Zarkon. He kept me prisoner for a year…Haggar took my arm….” Shiro paused and took a deep breath through his nose, “I’m sorry you suffered at the hands of the Galra and I’m sorry for whatever it is that happened to make you mistrust us but I want to prove my–ourselves to you. Anything we can do, please, let us know.”

Ugh, he looked so earnest with those puppy eyes and soft blush. Who knew your weakness was soft, buff men? “You can start by leaving me alone. I’ve suffered enough at the hands of unwanted outsiders like you. People like you get people like me killed.” 

Shiro looked like you’d slapped him right across the face. ‘Nailed it Y/N’, you thought, ‘Way to go.’

“Ugh no, wait.” You sighed and drug a hand down your face. Why was diplomacy so hard? Time to make Daddy proud and swallow your own pride. “Just…just promise me that the Galra won’t find out you’re here. We won’t survive another Scouring. Promise me that you will protect us. Promise me, Black Paladin!”

“I promise, Princess”, he said, bowing deeply. Humans were weird, but he seemed satisfied with your answer. Or you hoped so. You didn’t bother to wait for him to stand back up before you began to walk away. He might be cute, but he was still dangerous. 


“Move your ship! I grow weary of see it outside my window.” Better. That was flirty, right?

hey so

i’ve been posting a lot about gender these past few months cause it’s been so confusing and i’ve been unsure about my sexuality relating to that and i’m not Absolutely Certain about anything ever lol but uhh yeah! i’m a nb masc lesbian. i exist! i love women! i’m valid! thanks for listening

Quite aside from his boyish good looks, Eddie is by far one of the best actors I have ever seen. Why? Because every role he has played has been so different from the others & yet he is absolutely, 100% believable in every single one of them. You don’t watch him act & see Eddie - you see Newt, Marius, Stephen, Qwerty, & so on. His talent & skill are formidable!This is why he has won so many awards.. & no doubt there will be more in his future!

(Disclaimer: This is the first time I ever attempted a collage in photoshop, so please excuse the imperfections. Photoshop hates me! Also, I know not all of his many roles are represented, but I tried to choose my favourite from each year. And I couldn’t choose between Birdsong & Les Mis! I also just realised that I left out My Week With Marilyn… gah!!!)

Cosplay Roleplay (Finn Balor X Reader)

AN: This was inspired by an encounter (or two) I had with a person who cosplayed as Finn Balor at Mechacon (fun fact: that’s where I was in my profile pic 😊). Hope y'all enjoy!

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“I feel like a jackass.” I muttered to myself while aimlessly walking around the first floor of the fancy hotel I was in. I had on an itchy magenta wig, a “top” that was too damn small for me, and some sorry excuse for shorts on. I was currently dressed up as some female wrestler named…..Sandy? I don’t know. It started with a S. Sasha! That’s her name.

My best friend should’ve been in this ridiculous get up, but she was currently at her house trying not to puke her guts out. She was super bummed because some mega hot wrestler guy was coming to Comic Con this year. Being the good friend I am, I told her I would go there to get her an autograph. I thought that would be the only thing I had to do, but nope. My friend forced me to put on the costume she was supposed to cosplay in. “Someone has to wear it!” She whined. I agreed to wear the thing, so that she could shut up. I made sure to grab a jacket while she wasn’t looking, though. The “top” had too little material for my liking.

I had been walking around this big ass building for what felt like hours and I still had no idea where this wrestler was supposed to be.

“Omg, I love your Sasha costume! Can I have a picture?!” This little girl asked, rushing over to me excitedly. 

“Sure.” I told the girl, standing there with her while her mom took the picture. “Thanks!” the kid squealed excitedly.

“No problem.” I said, giving the girl a warm smile. I noticed the Finn Balor poster she was holding in her hands. 

“Do you know where he’s supposed to be?” I asked the child and her mother.

“I think he left already, sweetheart.” The mother answered.

“Really?!” I asked, dejectedly.

“Yeah, I’m sorry. Maybe he’s still around the building?” The mother added, trying to cheer me up.

“Yeah, maybe. Thanks.” I tell them before walking off. Fuck, I thought to myself. I felt like shit. I promised my friend I’d get her an autograph, and I fucked up. 

I walked around the hotel, searching up and down for the famous wrestler. I should’ve asked the mom what he had on. I stopped a couple of people who had the paint and gear on only to find out they weren’t him. He had to be long gone by now.

I made my way out of the hotel, feeling like the worst best friend on the planet. She had been looking forward to this so much, and I ruined this for her. It was bad enough she couldn’t go. This was just the icing on top of the shit cake.

“Dammit!” I muttered to myself, tears of frustration starting to burn the back of my throat.

Not paying attention to where I was going, I ran straight into someone. Before I could fall on my ass, the person grabbed me, pulling me toward their hard chest.

“Oh, my gosh! I’m so sorry!” I said, feeling completely embarrassed.

“You’re fine, love.” I heard a man respond with a weird accent. I looked up to see the most beautiful set of blue eyes I had ever seen in my whole entire life. The rest of his face was beautiful as well. Especially those lips.

He gave me a knowing smile, noticing the way my eyes were trailing his face and toned physic in his tight Balor Club tee and matching black skinny jeans.

“Holy shit.” I started breathlessly, “Aren’t you Finn Balor?” I asked, still amazed at how incredibly gorgeous this man was.

The man offered a dazzling smile, face slightly flushing at the recognition.

“Yes, That would be me.” He responded in his thick accent. He sounded Irish.

We just stayed there for a while, looking at each other. One of his arms was wrapped around my waist, pining me against him, while the other was grabbing my forearm. My hands were resting slightly on his warm, hard chest. Our faces were so close together all I had to do was raise up a little bit on my toes and lean forward in order to-

Whoa, down girl, I though to myself, shaking myself out of a daze and moving an appropriate distance away from him. I was already missing the feel of him and his body heat. I really needed to get laid.

We were still silent, eyes taking in each other’s features. He began speaking first.

“So, I don’t remember seeing you at the signing. You would’ve definitely stuck out.” Finn stated, eyes racking over my scantily clad form. I had taken off my sweater now, due to the blazing Summer heat.

“I arrived there too late.” I answered, moving from foot to foot nervously. 

“Well, I’m here now.” He said, throwing me another gorgeous smile, “Would you like me to sign something?”

“Oh, um, yes, please. Thank you so much!” I said, reaching in my tote for my friends fan drawing of Finn and her beloved Bullet Club tee.

“Wow, this is incredible!” Finn exclaimed, taking in my friends work of art. “How long did it take?” He asked, reaching for my sharpie, and proceeding to sign the poster up against the wall of a building we were close by.

“I think it took my friend almost a whole day to create it.” I answered. “She wanted to come here and meet you, but she came down with something and couldn’t make it.”

“I’m sorry to here that,” Finn responded, turning back around to hand me my friends drawing. “You’re a good friend for doing this.” He told me with a smile.

“All thanks to you. If I wouldn’t have ran into you, I’d be the worlds worst friend.” 

“Don’t say that. You still thought enough of her to show up. You want me to sign the shirt?” He asked, referring to the garment in between my hands.

“Yes, please.” I said, handing it over to him. He opened the shirt up and smiled, taking time to look at the other signatures littered across it.

“Your friend must be a pretty big Bullet Club fan.” He stated, handing the tee back over to me once he finished signing it.

“She totally is.” I said, giving him a smile, “It’s her favorite wrestling group.”

“Do you like the Bullet Club.” He asked, curiously.

I was taken aback by the question. “Me? I couldn’t really answer. I don’t watch wrestling.” I responded, slightly embarrassed because of my ignorance.

“Oh, that’s fine.” He said, slightly laughing. “I just assumed you did, with the whole Sasha Banks get up and all.” He finished, eyes once again trailing my body. I felt my body temperature heating, and the sun had nothing to do with it.

“My friend was supposed to wear it. Since she couldn’t, she insisted I did.” I responded with a small smile.

“Ah, OK. You look incredible by the way.” He said, desperately trying not to flat out stare at my chest. If it was anybody else looking at me the way Finn was, I would’ve been cursed them out. I enjoyed his ogling, though. He was making my hormones feel all funny, and the heat definitely wasn’t helping.

“Thanks,” I said, giving him another nervous smile. 

“Did you want to get a signed poster for your friend? I have some more in my car. I’ll go run and get one.” He said, already walking of to get it.

“Wait up!” I started, “I’ll come with you. I wouldn’t want to make you walk all the way there and back.”

“That’s fine.” Finn said, another smile planted on his beautiful, pink lips. “I was gonna invite you to walk with me, but I didn’t want to come off as a weirdo or anything.” He finished, raising a muscular arm to scratch the back  of his head. I watched the muscles in his arm move as he did that, mouth going dry. I thought I was going to start salivating when I saw a sliver of his tone stomach peak out when his shirt raised with his arm.

“You don’t give off any weird vibes.” I told him as we walked toward the parking garage. 

“That’s good to know.”

We walked in silence for a little. It was fine. I just wanted to spend more time with him honestly. More time looking at him, to be exact.

“So, why did you want to become a wrestler?” I asked, peaking over at him

“So, you want to interview me now?” He asked.

“Oh, I didn-”

“It’s okay, love, I’m just messing with ya.” He said with a little laugh and a smile, lightly giving my shoulder a squeeze.

My heart started beating faster at the contact. I looked over at him and let out a nervous chuckle in response. He was answering my question, but I heard nothing. I was intently watching his face while he talked. His lovely blue eyes held a child like enthusiasm to them, and he possessed boyish good looks. His neatly groomed beard gave his look some masculinity, but he still looked adorable.

“Are you even listening to me?” He asked, giving me a big smile.

I felt my face flush from embarrassment. 

“Sorry.” I muttered.

“You’re really cute.” He said, throwing me a wink. I literally felt my heart skip a beat at that.

My face felt like it was on fire at this point.

“I’m sorry, did I make you feel uncomfortable?” He asked, eyes holding a mischievousness to them. He sure as hell didn’t look very sorry.

“Uh, no. You’re good.” I told him, worrying my bottom lip between my teeth.

We were now in the elevator of the parking garage. I was absentmindedly playing with the magneta hair on my head, sneaking glances at Finn. He was staring at me dead on. Can this thing move any slower?, I thought to myself.

“So, what’s your name? I feel bad for not asking earlier,” He said in his thick accent.

“It’s (y/n)” I answered, glancing over at him.

“(Y/n). I like it.” He said smiling to himself. My name rolled off his tongue like butter. I wondered how he would sound saying it in other more intimate scenarios.

The elevator finally stopped, and I quickly made my way out. I waited for him to take the lead.

“This is me.” He stated, waiting for me to catch up. It was a fancy, sleek sports car. Shocker, I thought to myself.

He opened the passenger seat, and retrieved a stack of posters. He picked up one of the silver sharpies he had in the car and proceeded to sign it.

“Here you go.” He said, coming back toward the back of the car where I was standing.

“Thank you so much.” I told him, “My friend is going to be so happy.”

“It’s never a problem to help a beautiful woman such as yourself.” He answered, giving me another one of his breath taking smiles.

“Thanks.” I said, face heating up again. We stood there for about a minute, just staring and smiling dumbly at each other.

“Um, I should really get going. Thanks again, Finn.” I said, waving at him before turning away.

“Wait!” I heard him say, rushing over to grab my arm before I could turn completely around.

I stopped at the contact, eyes snapping up to meet his. I felt my nether regions start to throb at the skin to skin contact, and the look in his eyes wasn’t making things any better.

“I don’t usually do things like this, but I’m finding my self control slipping around you.” He pulled me into his firm chest, now faces only a breath away.

“What are you doing?” I asked, nervously, quietly.

Instead of answering, he leaned down to connect his lips with mine. It started out slow. He was cautious, giving me the option of pushing him away or keep going.

I was still at first, shocked by the feeling of his soft lips on my own. Once the initial shock wore off, I responded to the kiss hungrily, deepening the kiss

He groaned lowly at the response, and started nibbling my bottom lip in between his teeth. I felt his arms wrap around my waist, while one hand grabbed at my ass as the kiss got hotter.

I gasped at the contact, the place between my legs throbbing. He slipped his tongue in my mouth, easily claiming what he found there.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, running my hands up and down the skin of his neck. He moaned into the kiss, making my pussy drip even more at the sexy sound. When he grabbed at my breast, I made a sound in the back of my throat and pulled away. We were still in public after all.

“What’s wrong?” Finn asked.

“We were making out in the middle of a parking lot.“ I answered, looking at him as he were crazy.

“That can be changed.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was currently pinned up against the wall of Finn’s hotel room. We were making out again, grinding into each other shamelessly.

I had my legs wrapped around his slim waist. His hard bulge created delicious friction along my throbbing vagina.

I needed to feel more of his skin. I frantically reaches for the hem of his shirt, working it up to raise over his head. He pulled away from me in order to get the useless piece of clothing off his body.

I was transfixed by his torso. I’ve never seen abs that looked that damn good. I reached down to trace them, drawing moans from Finn’s lips as I continued to trail my hands along the defined muscles of his stomach.

“How can someone look this fucking good?” I wondered a loud.

He smiled at my admiration of his body. “A lot of self discipline.”

“You should teach me.” I said, looking in his heated gaze, biting my lip lightly.

“I’m a hands on kind of teacher.” He responded by grabbing at my breast.

“Good to know.” I said, bringing my mouth back to his.

Finn picked me up by my ass, bringing me over to the bed in the middle of the room. He gently placed me down, before climbing on top of me. He started trailing kisses from my neck to the tops of my breast, licking an sucking at the skin as he went. He reached behind my back and undid the clasp to the top easily, throwing the thing to the floor.

“You’re so beautiful.” He said, kissing the skin of my left breast. He was purposely avoiding my stiff peak. I grabbed the back of his head, desperately wanting him to put the bud in his mouth.

His eyes bore into mine while he sucked on my nipple. I moaned loudly, completely arouses at the sight of his beautiful lips wrapped around my nipple.

I ran my hand through his short hair as he continued to work on my chest. I leaned my head back, closing my eyes and began to lose myself in the pleasure.

His mouth began to make its way down my body. I felt my breath hitch once he made it to the band of my tight shorts.

He licked at the skin there, while his hands grabbed at the flimsy material before pulling them down my legs with my soaked underwear. He got them over my shoes, and then proceeded to take those off of me as well.

Finn made his way back up to my legs, pushing them open in order to get a clear look at my slick heat.

I watched him lick his lips. “You want me to eat out this pretty pussy?” He asked, accent thick and husky, drenched with lust.

“Please!” I begged. He gave me a wicked grin before going in.

He leaned into my pussy, kissing the skin sides of both of my thighs. He brought both of his hands up to them, pulling them even farther apart. My pussy was completely open to him now, leaking heavily.

Finn lapped at the moisture coming from the hole, dipping the tongue in there every now and then. He then kissed his way to my clit before wrapping his lips around it, sucking on it hard.

“Ah!” I moaned out, watching throwing my head back, thrusting my hips up into his face. His hands pushed back against my thighs, keeping me in place as he made out passionately with the lips in between my legs.

I felt him move his right hand toward the place between my thighs, dipping one of his fingers in my pussy while he sucked and licked at my clit. My eyes were screwed shut now. I was completely focused on the sensations he was currently making me feel.

He added another finger in me, thrusting in and out of my soaked heat. The louder I moaned the harder he shoved his fingers in me, curling them upward as he did so. I moaned out lewdly when he touched a certain spot inside my pussy.

“Right there, love?” Finn asked, the vibrations from his voice causing my pussy to grab at his fingers even tighter.

“Yes! Right there!” I moaned out, bringing my left hand to the back of his head, while my right hand played with my sensitive nipples.

He started pounding into my pussy roughly with his fingers now, rubbing that special spot urgency. He was licking up and down my slit now, alternating between doing that and sucking my swollen clit. When he bit down on the little bundle of nerves, I came with my name on his lips.

“Finn!” I cried out, grabbing at the head between my legs. My legs were raising up to buck against his face as I rode out my intense oragasm. He let me, continuing to suck and lick at my pussy as I came down.

“You good?” He asked me making his way back up my body.

“Mhmm.” I responded, raising up to kiss his lips, tasting myself on them as I did so. He instantly responded, pushingbme back against the bed.

He then quickly pulled away and stood up. He was making quick work of his jeans, pushing the article off his body and kicking off his shoes in the process. The bulge in his briefs looked intimidating. There was a wet patch in the front where his pre cum was leaking out. I wanted to taste it.

He slowly pushed his underwear down his gorgeous body, eyes connected to mine the whole time. When he was finally completely naked, I felt my pussy come fully back to life, throbbing and clenching rhythmically.

His cock was just as beautiful as the rest of him. It was standing proudly against his shredded stomach. The shaft was an angry pink color, more than ready to be shoved inside of me.

He made his way back to me, settling himself in the space between my thighs. We both moaned when our privates clashed against each other. His cock was laying across the top of my pussy. It looked menacing there, covering my pussy completely. The heat coming off of him was making my pussy throb harder, even more desperate for his thick shaft to enter me.

“You want my cock?” Finn asked, whispering the question in my ear.

“Yes, please, I need it!” I answered, wrapping my legs around his waist snugly.

Finn smiles at my admission. He placed his hands on either side of my head, in order to keep his body from crushing mine. I watched as he reached his right hand down to the space between our bodies and grab at his cock. He ran his hot, pulsing shaft up and down my pussy, toying with me.

“Finn, please!” I begged.

“Please what?” He asked, watching my every movement.

“Fuck me! Please, fuck me!” I begged loudly.

“With pleasure.” He said with his sexy accent.

His thick cock pushed its way inside my tight heat. We both let out sounds of pleasure once we were joined together. His cock stretched out my pussy deliciously.

“You feel so fucking good.” I heard Finn groan out as he began pumping his dick in and out of me.

The feeling of his cock moving in and out of my body, cock rubbing erotically up against my quivering walls, it was amazing. My pussy grabbed at his invading length, wanting it to drive me to a place filled with nothing but unimaginable pleasure.

He started fucking my pussy faster, hips pistoning his dick in and out of me. I wrapped my legs around him tighter, rising my hips up to meet his.

“Your pussy feeling good, (y/n)? You like feeling my cock stretch this little pussy out?” He asked, voice sounding breathless and accent even thicker due to the speed he was pounding into me.

“Ye…Ah, Yeah!” I struggled to find words, too caught up on what he was doing to my body.

He began fucking my pussy faster, harder. His face screwed into a look of complete concentration.

I felt him drag his left hand down my chest, grabbing at my right breast. He started pumping into my heat at a breathtaking speed.

“Fuck!” I cried out, screwing my eyes shut. His cock was hitting my sweet spot relentlessly now. I felt my pussy clamp down tightly on his member.

“Shit!” I heard him swear quietly. “You want cum all over my cock, love? Want me to fuck this pussy till your screaming you can’t take it anymore?” He whispered filthily in my ear.

“Please! I want It, Finn! Please make me cum!” I was so close now, I could feel it.

Finn removed his hand from my breast, leaning forward on his forearms. He buried his face in the side of my neck.

He was shoving his cock as far it could go. I was screaming now, trying to keep up with his pace, but failing. It didn’t matter, I kept raising my hips up in search of my oragasm as his cock filled up my tight pussy.

He was grinding his hips down into mine, putting pressure down on my aching clit. The sound of his cock pushing into my soaked cunt was loud, and the scent of our fucking filled the air. My pussy was clutching his thick cock greedily now.

“Fuck! Keep squeezing my cock, baby. Cum all over it!” His lustful demand was my undoing.

I came with a loud scream, Finn’s name falling from my lips repeatedly. His cock kept moving inside of me as I orgasmed over his cock. My walls were extremely sensitive, grabbing onto his cock like a vice, desperately wanting to draw his seed into my tight pussy.

He bit down on my neck once he came. His cock was pulsing wildly in my vagina, walls spasming around the twitching length. He pumped his seed in me, making sure to fill my pussy up with every single drop. I took it happily, wanting nothing more than for him to give my pussy his cum.

He kissed my neck and shoulders before rolling off me.

My body felt incredible. I shivered at the feeling off his sperm spilling out of my thoroughly fucked pussy.

“That was amazing, love.” I heard Finn say between gulps of air.

“It was. I haven’t had sex that good in too long.” I said just as breathless as him, looking over at his beautiful body.

He rolled onto his side and brought my body over to his. His lips met mine in a lazy kiss. We enjoyed the slow pace of it, letting our hands explore each others bodies.

Finn rolled us over to where I was on top of him, straddling his hips. I felt his cock start to swell underneath me.

“You ready for round two?” He asked, smiling up at me.

“Hell yeah.” I answered, pussy coming to life once again.


I finally finished this 😂. Its almost 3:30 am and I’m just now finishing this bad boy. It was all worth it though. Hope y'all enjoyed! Thanks for reading ❤ P.s. if I forgot you on the tag list and you requested to be on it, please let me know.
accelerate; one

pairing: reader x bts

genre: literally everything, college!au, fuckboy!bts, asshole!namjoon

warnings: cheating, slutshaming, alcohol, virgin shaming?, angsty, namjoon is rude as, fuckboys

author: admin m

Min Yoongi wasn’t your type, not today, not tomorrow, not ever. He lacked worry, he lacked care, and most of all, he lacked an appreciation for loyalty in relationships. Ah yes, the last year of college and he was still a fuckboy. His black hair and soft smile drew girls in, ridiculously so. Didn’t fool you, though. Nothing could draw you into such a slimy, cheating man. 

So, when you did find the one, it was of course, the man on a complete different spectrum than Yoongi. Kim Namjoon swept you off your feet with the charms of a charismatic salesman- the less annoying, pushy kind, of course. He had made the last year of college bearable, and the friendship you had forged trickled into a romantic escapade, filled with gifts and flowers. Namjoon cherished you, made you feel like the most adored princess.

Curtains blocked the sun from your eyes as you rested upon your single bed, listening to your beloved roommate Lisa complete her attack on her boyfriend’s sex techniques. Too much tongue? Didn’t let her cum enough? You weren’t sure which one it was. Being a virgin yourself, you often felt out of touch with her when she discussed her sexual rendezvous. You hadnt gone further than the handy you had given Lee Jihoon in grade nine behind the bleachers. He hadn’t even came, tucked himself back in his pants still hard and running away shyly. Good times. A sudden silence and Lisa slipping beside you on the bed pulled you from your memories. “Y/N, look at this, and breathe, okay, gorgeous?” You cocked an eyebrow as she passed you her phone, open on a random girl’s instagram. She carefully clicked the story feature. God, time couldn’t have passed slower. The latest update on her story was her grinding against your boyfriend, Kim Namjoon himself. He was chuckling, gripping her thighs, as his friends cheered him on. (You recognised the voices of Jungkook, Seokjin, Hoseok, Taehyung, Jimin, and lastly, Yoongi.) Yoongi’s presence was noted due to the fact Namjoon had hidden you from the older man in fear of him coaxing you with his fuckboyish ways. Hypocritical, you thought bitterly. The video quickly disappeared, and so did every thread of trust you had in your body. “Y/N, babe, it’s okay, okay? He was an asshole..” You nodded numbly, turning over with a huff. Options played through your mind quickly. Ignore or confront. Ignoring seemed easy, bitter, harsh. Exactly like his actions. Good.

Every night since that stupid day was the same. Drinking, crying, and most importantly, ignoring Namjoon. Classes were a blur, mixing with the smell of vodka and lack of hygiene. Namjoon was studying literature, unlike you, who was studying psychology, so luckily, you avoided him during class time. Every attempt of contact was shunned, leaving him clueless. 

It was a Friday, and so far, you were doing okay. You had managed to sober up somewhat- defensive when Lisa claimed the clear liquid in your waterbottle was definitely not water, because, okay, maybe it was vodka, but also, it tasted bitter and burnt your throat and made you feel alive so who gives a flying fuck? You were prepared for a weekend of sleep, Lisa reminding you all week she would be at her boyfriend, Minghao’s,  and for gods sake, Y/N, take a shower. The final lecture ended, and you scooted out, making your way towards your dorm. It was a brisk walk, but long enough to be stopped in your tracks by six familiar, smirking boys. Park Jimin, pretty with pink hair and a cardigan. Kim Taehyung; a tall, slim brunette with a killer jawline and boxy grin. Jung Hoseok, radiant skin splashing against his black hair, a contrast that never failed to confuse you. Jeon Jungkook, a freshman who had weaved his way into the fuckboy orgy with his boyish good looks and athleticism. Kim Seokjin, the broad shouldered gentleman who Namjoon told you had broken more hearts than he had fingers. And finally, Min Yoongi, a ghostly looking man whose raven hair matched whatever heart he had locked up in his chest. You’d attended high school with them all, excluding Jungkook, and knew them well. They were typical fuckboys, just like Namjoon had turned out to be. The group had avoided you most of your high school career, especially Namjoon, until the start of the previous year, when they’d suddenly flocked you like a moth to a flame. In this case, you almost believed they were the flame. They had known your boyfriend had been cheating yet couldnt be fucked saying a single word. Maybe they knew you were too naive, maybe they wanted to hurt you. Or maybe, just maybe, the relationship was simply a game, entertainment for the seven men. They eyed you curiously, taking in your appearance. Your usual preppy, prim and proper clothes had been disregarded for leggings and a slouch sweater, hair in a messy bun that showcased your exhausted face. Stress acne littered your skin and quite honestly, you looked a hot mess, minus the hot, and probably minus the mess too, because it was far worse than that. Jungkook was the first to speak, whistling low. “I must say, Y/N, after what I’ve heard about you, I wouldn’t expect to see this. Avoiding Joon so you can what, get drunk and slut around? Smells like it, anyway.” You felt fury build in your veins. Stupid fucking fuckboys. “Cat got your tongue, Y/N, or is what Namjoon suspects correct, and your mouth is swollen from sucking too much dick?” Hoseok’s bitter words made you sick.

“He cheated on me.” The boys looked at you, confused.                                     “Louder, sweetheart. Not all of us are accustomed to your cutesy silent shit.”     You snapped. “He fucking cheated on me, you fucking dicks. He went and grinded against that girl, he went and did that shit. All the while I am in the dark about it all. Not a simple, ‘hey, Y/N, your boyfriend of almost a year is sleeping with some random girl off campus,’ no, of course not. You had your fun, didnt you? Messing with the quiet kid in your classes, poor little naive Y/N. Fuck off, don’t come near me again.” You spat, glaring up at each of them. Their expressions softened, smirks dropping. “Listen, Y/N, we’re sorr-” you shook your head, cutting Taehyung off. “Oh, and tell your stupid little gang leader that the next time we talk will be the last. I want you all out of my life.” And with that, you left the six boys, abandoning whatever streak of calm you had left.

Arriving back at your dorm, you sat at your desk, sobbing quietly. The pictures you had of you and your friends and Namjoon were thrown everywhere as you held back the urge to throw up. Everything was fucked. Your pity party was drawn to a close when a knock on the door sounded, and without hesitation, you swung the door open. Behind it stood Kim Namjoon. Kim Namjoon, with his soft silver hair and oversized glasses. Kim Namjoon with his big thrasher hoodie and tight jeans and big hands that you yearned to feel on your skin. Kim Namjoon who had disregarded every moment you two shared. Kim Namjoon who had fucked everything up. You grunted, shaking your head. He gazed at you sadly. “Please let me explain, please, I just, I was horny and-” you waved a hand in frustration. “So you decided to be a manwhore and cheat on me when you could’ve easily come to me, you know I would’ve done whatever to make you happy.” You muttered, shutting your eyes. He nodded, moving closer to you, attempting to grip your hips in his large palms. You pushed him away. Namjoon stood back, waiting for more. “Why? Why didn’t you just come to me, instead of whoring around and cheating on me-” He cut you off, anger evident as he slammed a fist against the doorframe. “Nobody wants a fucking frigid virgin to fuck, Y/N!” Your heart dropped, mouth forming a tight ‘o.’ He realised his mistake, tripping over himself, his words jumbling out a frantic apology. You stopped it, smiling sharply at him. “You’re right, Kim Namjoon. No one wants a frigid virgin.” And with that, you slammed the door on him, locking it and crawling into your bed.