good blender


one of the best thing that i’ve ever made i swear, i’m really proud of them you can’t understand! 

CHOCO-COCO BLISS BALLS, recipe entirely made by me, inspired from the traditional:

  • 64 grams of almonds;
  • 64 grams of dates;
  • 52 grams of raisin;
  • 3 tps unsweetened cocoa;
  • 3 tps shredded coconut;
  • a pinch of salt to exalt the flavors

all you need is a good blender and the patience to make perfect balls with your hands but you can help yourself with a teaspoon, expecially if you have long nails like mine. left this delicious bunny poop in the fridge for about two hours and then eat it so you can feel heaven in your mouth. your belly will be thankful ♡


Okay I suck at robes. I ported the clothes to skyrim format but I’ve never been good at clothes making. Anyone good with blender that can help me properly do this, I very much appreciate it.

beauty tip of the day:

if you haven’t already purchased the Real Techniques Expert Foundation Face Brush then do. this makes your foundation look airbrushed, seamless & non-patchy. it’s also amazing for blending out your cream contour & way better than using a beauty blender. beauty blenders are good for applying powders & blending in concealers.✨


Spinach coconut smoothie:

half a pineapple
two hands full fresh spinach
two apricots
one orange and some more orange juice
a few fresh coconut-chunks
1-2 tbsp

How to:

just blend everything together in a good blender! and enjoy! :) the smoothie is somehow really filling, maybe because of the coconut, so it’s perfect for breakfast or hungry snacking times!


Sam’s Cooking Tips for Beginners:

  1. Do not over season, go easy and season, taste season taste until it is right. Over seasoning is the most common rookie mistake.
  2. If you over salt then pour out liquid and replace with water. Forget about adding potatoes or bread to remove salt. It doesn’t work.
  3. Do not try and rush things. Cooking is chemistry and sometimes you need low heat and time for things to work out properly.
  4. Use sauces to add flavor, color and texture.
  5. Presentation of the meal is as important as the cooking. 
  6. Avoid over cooking veggies. Asparagus or broccoli are much nicer with a crunch instead of mush.
  7. Use the right oil for the right cooking method. Canola oil or peanut oil are best for high temperature frying. Olive oil adds flavor but scorches at high heat.
  8. If you boil veggies much of the nutrition leaches into the water. So, use this liquid for a sauce or stock for soup.
  9. The best dishes are not necessarily the hardest or the most expensive.
  10. A good veggie cook will have a blender, a heavy duty grater, a mandolin slicer and a high quality knife.

Underworld Inciting Incident, Take 2

You know what would have been a better start to the Underworld arc? If Emma storms into Rumple’s shop in 5x11 because she hears the dagger …and the dagger shows them the hologram of Bloody Hook in the Underworld.

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Then Emma’s motivation isn’t “let’s endanger my family and leave the town defenseless because the rules don’t apply to me,” but rather: “I don’t want my boyfriend to suffer for all eternity paying for my mistakes as Dark Swan.” Isn’t that better? It would give the Underworld trip a sense of urgency– and of course Regina and the Charmings would come along on a rescue mission if there was imminent peril.

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And Rumple could volunteer to go to the Underworld and help … to get back Nealfire: “You rescue your pirate, and I’ll rescue my son.” That seems more in-character than having Emma blackmail Rumple about a secret he can’t possibly keep forever. Rumple could even tell Belle he’s the Dark One before he goes, too, so Belle isn’t in the dark about *everything.*

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Remember how you said back in the day that you didn’t mind that I was the Dark One? Well, funny thing … 

Once they get to the Underworld, the gang could find Hook, who would reveal that his torture was a lure to get everyone down there: “It’s a trap, Swan!”

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THEN the question would be, why does Hades want them down there? How can they escape? How can they bring back more people than they brought in? Etc. etc.

Wouldn’t that be better? Call me, ABC!