good bit

no shade at dreamworks but wyd giving lance this cute-ass hoodie

but not ever letting him wear the got damn hood?? 

let him wear it when he’s embarrassed. let him wear it when he wants to hide his face so that no one can see that he’s been crying. let him wear it when he’s tryna goof off. do you fucking know cute he would look with the hood on? what’s the point of wearing a hoodie if you don’t ever use all of its functions? dreamworks you’re doing lance a disgrace by not letting him wear his hood this is sacrilegious —

  • Ravenclaw: *crosses something off their to-do list*
  • Ravenclaw: Look at me being productive! I deserve some time to relax.
  • *To-do list still has 51 undone items*
  • Ravenclaw: *anxiously ignores them while sipping tea*

“I am ten times bigger than you” I say to my cat as I sit uncomfortably to avoid moving her even slightly from her spot on my bed.

“I could just pick you up and move you” I protest, while not doing that.