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Got some muse for the Goddess!AU so I did a couple of doodles, featuring good ol’ Pinkie being a good big sister-like babysitter to these little tykes. For those of you who don’t know (or need a refresher), I’ve mentioned awhile ago that Pinkie is much older in this AU than the Mane 6 and such. And given how often she used to hang out with the Sparkle family and the Dash family when she was younger, she really took to the youngster to the point that she’d sometimes babysit them. Pinkie, despite her cheery personality, had a hard upbringing in this AU, and given the discrimination against Twily, Shiny, and Dashy because of them being half-bloods, she’s very protective of them. o3o

I think that’s all I have to say here, so if you have any questions feel more than free to ask! :3


holy heck! one hundo followers! what a beautiful day for this dumb little blog.

i’m sure you don’t want to see the proprietor of weirdzootopiaframes dot tumblr dot com get too mushy or anything, so i’ll be brief. this truly excellent film has, over the course of a little over a year, cultivated a truly excellent fandom. and i don’t say that lightly. fandoms are often garbage fires! fandoms are usually garbage fires! but this one is amazing, brimming with enthusiasm and creativity and just lovely people. maybe it’s because the message of the film is so great, stressing inclusion and communication. or maybe it’s because we all rally around one really solid ship instead of getting into slapfights over who judy should marry. (”what ship?” “wildehopps!”) whatevs.

point being; running this blog has been a lot of fun, and most of that is reading people’s comments and riffs on the posts i make. keep being great, zootopia fandom. you’re the best.

Motivated by command, caps, or curiosity, each companion found their own reason to investigate the vault that loomed over the ruins of Sanctuary Hills. The gear-shaped platform screeched as old mechanisms carried it deep under the earth, to a vault entrance still mostly untouched by time. Rusted, yes, with a few bullet holes here and there, but it still reeked of the Old World.

Passing through hallways full of overgrown roaches and grinning skeletons, the silence seemed eerie. Oppressive, even, the unnatural hush from being so far below the surface sending a shiver up the companion’s spine. Past a still-sparking engine, they found rows of frosted pods, the bodies within them a pale blue, and their eyes dull and lifeless.

The companion stopped at the far end of the pods, peering through the plastic window at the young figure within. They fiddled with the control panel just beside the pod, and the adolescent tumbled out.

Cait: She jumped back, breathing curses and jerking her fists up over her chest. “Whattaefuck.” There weren’t enough Pre-War valuables in the world to make this creepy feckin’ Vault worth the trouble. As Sole lay frozen on the floor, the brawler paced, debating whether or not to make a run for it while she still could. Then, she met Sole’s eyes as they feebly lifted their head. A shiver went down her back. “God damn,” she swore, inwardly berating herself for what she was about to do. With a sigh, she knelt down, and extended a hesitant hand. “Y’alright?”

Codsworth: “My word.” His claws flew up over his torso in a human-like gesture, jets propelling him back with a swell of hot air. The warmth from his engine made Sole melt faster than normal, the teen coughing and shuddering back to consciousness. “Are you all right? Are you… Sole?” The lenses of his eyestalks widen. “Er, Mx. Sole, I-I mean. I- Oh, dear.” He flutters, waving his claws, finally settling on hovering low beside the teen and letting his jets warm them, one claw rested on their shoulder for comfort.

Curie: Without Sole’s intervention, she’s still a Miss Nanny bot, locked deep within her own Vault. But, through a stroke of luck, her terminal manages to connect to Vault 111, to patch into the security cameras still overlooking the room of cryogenic pods. She sees Sole’s face, sees the way they stare out the window of their pod, and wonders. Wonders why Vault-Tec would run such experiments on children. Wonders if she’ll ever get to meet them.

Danse: As his team goes through the room, the Paladin opens Sole’s pod and catches them as they fall into his arms. Life support on all the other pods had failed, so he’s surprised when Sole starts shivering and stuttering. “We have a live civilian!” he calls, when Sole coughs and gasps for breath. “I want heat packs and fresh clothes. On the double.” He hands them off to the Scribe, letting them be ushered away and taken above ground. Of all the Pre-War relics he’s recovered, a living child may be his most fascinating find.

Deacon: For a Vault supposedly interfered with by the Institute, this place sure was barren. When he came to Sole’s pod and pressed his fingers to their neck to check for life signs, his mouth felt open as a faint pulse drummed against his fingertips “Whoa, kiddo,” he said, helping ease the teenager from the pod when they lurched forward. He took off his jacket and wrapped it around their shoulders. “Take it easy.” He kept rubbing the kid’s shoulders to try and comfort them, since for the first time in so many years, he had no idea what to say. 

Dogmeat: Paired up with a scavver trying to loot the Vault, the dog protected the teenager when they fell from their pod and hit the ground. Dogmeat’s current master wanted to harm the kid, the canine could tell, but this human seemed good. Dogmeat could tell a human in need when he smelled one.

Hancock: He had to be high. He had to be. The ghoul stared blankly at the defrosting kid at his feet, taking mental stock of the amount of chems he’d consumed that day. When they breathed a weak plea for help, Hancock shook his head clear, and knelt down to help them to their feet. A smoothskin vault dweller, huh? Their eyes widened when they saw him, but were too weak to recoil. Since they were the only survivor here, Hancock figured they’d need a little help, and guided them out of the Vault with his arm around their shoulders.

Nick Valentine: A lead on one of Kellogg’s cases brought him to this Vault, but the last thing he was expecting was to find some Pre-War squirt, melting like an ice cube on the Vault floor. He didn’t trust them not to be an Institute plant - too many fishy things going on here. Had to take things with a grain of salt. He did his best to bust up the security cameras, brought Sole to the Overseer’s office, and interrogated them there, asking them questions and making them a cup of hot coffee to warm them up before allowing them out into the wasteland.

MacCready: Some folks wanted this Vault cleared, in case any baddies were waiting to kill whoever tried settling in the rusty neighborhood downhill. When a teenager not much younger than him started coughing for mercy as melted ice pooled around them, the merc started questioning the wisdom in taking this job. “Jesus,” he breathed. “Hey, uh, kid… who the he- heck are you?” Too bewildered to be gentle, he avoided physical contact and gave them something to eat.

Piper: A failed Vault might have made for a mediocre story. But a cryogenically preserved survivor from two centuries ago? Man. The reporter did her best to comfort the teenager, helping them into the other room and sitting them down with a towel around their shoulders, observing their appearance and actions with a critical eye. She knew an interesting character when she saw one, but  this kid didn’t seem that much older than Nat, so she stayed as friendly and comforting as possible, trying to play the role of Good Big Sister as she got some food into the teen.

Preston: While everyone else started settling Sanctuary Hills, Preston took it upon himself to investigate the spooky Vault atop the hill nearby. While he couldn’t say he wasn’t surprised when a 200-year-old teenager fell into his arms, he handled it well. “Hey, now,” he breathed, pushing their hair back and holding them in his arms. “It’s gonna be alright. You just breathe.” He even took off his thick Minuteman coat and wrapped it around them, staying by their side until he was sure they were okay.

Strong: Without getting into details, if a tribe of Super Mutants - including an unconverted Strong - got into Vault 111, with Sole at their mercy? That would not be pretty.

X6-88: Father wanted this particular ‘project’ checked up on. The synth couldn’t help but grit his teeth at the thought of the tongue-lashing he’d definitely receive when he returned to the Institute. Sighing, with Sole struggling to wake up beside him, he placed a hand on the teen’s shoulder and signaled to be teleported into the medbay. If they were awake, they were awake. Now X6 just had to deal with the consequences.

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As Emma and Regina watch Henry chase toddler Lucy around the yard on a beautiful summer day, one chooses that moment to reveal to the other that a third child is on the way

Thanks for the prompt :) 

“Can’t catch me!” Lucy squeals as she hides behind the apple tree. 

Henry grins, putting on his best monster impression as he growls, “Yes I can!” before getting down on all fours and leaping towards her. 

Lucy laughs dodging out of his way before running to her next hiding spot so she can taunt her older brother once more. 

“What do you think happens when he gets her?” Regina asks as she lounges beside her wife on their porch swing. 

Emma shrugs, “I have no idea, besides he always lets her get away.” 

Regina nods, “He is amazing with her.”

“He is, hopefully he’ll teach Lucy how to be that good of a big sister.” 

Regina lifts her head in surprise as she stares at Emma, who for her part blushes sheepishly at her slip. “What?” Regina asks. 

Emma smiles through her blush, “Uh…surprise?” At Regina’s dumbfounded look she continues, “Okay, I had something much better planned but you know what? It’s a beautiful day and we’re watching our two incredible kids…and everything’s…everything’s good, the way I love it best so why not now? I’m pregnant Regina. We’re having another baby.” 

Finally, a smile blossoms on Regina’s face and she turns to capture Emma’s lips in a joyful kiss before looking down at her wife’s stomach, “Another baby?” 

“Another baby,” Emma repeats. 

“Wow,” Regina breathes, “I love our happy ending.” 

Emma beams back at her before kissing her tenderly as she replies, “I love you too. Do you think the kids will be happy?” 

“Another person to chase after?” Regina asks, “Definitely. Our home is just going to get crazier and crazier isn’t it?”

Emma nods, “Yep…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” 

I just really love the idea of Serendine being like.. this really good big sister or something to Judar when he’s so young. It’s kind of easy to forget with the way he acts in the manga, but he’s still only what… like 6? 7 or something like that?? I just really like the thought >w< So I wanted to draw something. 

If I Could Do It All Over Again

All Parts: {x}

Part: 9/?

Pairing: Hamliza

Inspiration: this drawing

Summary: After Alexander died, he realized the existence of reincarnation. While most didn’t believe in the possibility, Alexander was one of those special few who remembered everything in their past lives. Because of this, he spent almost all of his lives searching for his dear Eliza. As his lives went on, things began to seem hopeless, all until he runs into her one day in the most unexpected place.

Warning: injuries, cussing

Word Count: 3,776

Dedication: @totallyademigod I like what you had to say :)

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When the trio arrived at Angelica’s house in Upper Manhattan, Angelica had invited Eliza’s entourage to stay for dinner. Angelica had always been polite, but it was something Eliza didn’t exactly expect. Usually, when Angelica was being cordial, she was really finding a way to indirectly get information from someone, and that was exactly what Angelica was doing.

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Harold was a Liar

by reddit user AtLeastImGenreSavvy

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My brother, Harold, almost never told the truth. He was six years younger than me, and, although our mother tried to hide it, he was her favorite. It was easy to see why. Harold was adorable. He had round apple cheeks, curly blonde hair, and big blue eyes. Even at age seven, he was a social butterfly. He was always on the move, always playing with a different set of friends every week, and always charming.

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Hey Maja I am a bi boy and really want to go to Ann Summers to buy myself some toys but I am worried i will be embarressed and also how would I hide it as i live with 15 other guys who don't know I am bi...

dont be embarrassed! ann summers staff are trained to be sensitive to people who might be nervous about buying sex toys. they’re not gonna make a big fuss or judge you at all, you have nothing to worry about. hiding them is easy, put the toys in a pencil case and then tuck it into a drawer or a corner of your warderobe- even under your mattress or down the side of your bed works well as a hiding place!

oh yeah here’s me at that wedding I went to this past weekend. me and my big sis on the right talking to an old family friend and her german boyfriend on the left. YOU CAN’T SEE MY GLITTERY SHIRT WHICH IS A SHAME…

I’m playing the same song at full volume on repeat until my sister cracks. 

so far we’re on the fifth round. 

Update: She just walked past my door and shouted “BUMHOLE” 

Another update: She came back and danced with me for a minute before stealing my snacks and running away