good batter

does anybody remember that one game???????? where the baseball man cleanses his hoolahoops???????????????

If You Purify Everyone, Then They Can't Punish You For Destroying The Zones....

hence nothing remains except for our regrets…

I alternate between drawing the Batter with hair and without as the picture demands and I was talking to my sister about it once and she’s pretty sure he’s bald and while that makes sense I still picture what he’d look like if you removed his hat then and I’m just like

Put it back.

I found the comment where Mortis (sorta) answered somebody asking if the Queen and Batter were supposed to be surrogate parents.

I’m not sure precisely what the Batter and Queen were created for, but somehow the idea of them being intended to be parents for Hugo somehow makes it all even WORSE imo, like

Can you imagine fucking up so badly in making some replacement family members that one leaves you unattended basically all the time and the other straight-up murders you??  Yeesh.