good batter

does anybody remember that one game???????? where the baseball man cleanses his hoolahoops???????????????

If You Purify Everyone, Then They Can't Punish You For Destroying The Zones....

I alternate between drawing the Batter with hair and without as the picture demands and I was talking to my sister about it once and she’s pretty sure he’s bald and while that makes sense I still picture what he’d look like if you removed his hat then and I’m just like

Put it back.

Being With Cas (A Drabble Series): Baking with Cas

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“Crack one more egg,” you instructed, watching Cas carefully crack an egg into the bowl for your cake batter. “Good! Now, we use the mixer and then pour it into the pan and it’ll be ready to bake.”

Cas nodded, grabbing the mixer and turning it on as you held the bowl steady. As soon as the spinning mixer touched the batter, it went splattering everywhere, speckles of batter getting all over you, Cas and the kitchen walls. 

“Shit!” you exclaimed, both you and Cas laughing as he turned it off.

“I think you have some on your face,” he teased with a smile, his thumb wiping away some of the batter on your cheek as he locked eyes with you. 

“I think you do too,” you said quietly. Your hand reached behind him and dipped into the flour before placing a dot of it on his nose. “Right there.”

Cas went cross-eyed as he stared at the flour at his nose. You giggled and he looked up at you with a smirk, his eyes narrowed in suspicion. 

“I know what you’re doing,” he warned, grabbing a handful flour and advancing on you. 

You grinned and ran away from him, laughing hysterically as he chased after you and tossed flour at your back. A squeal left your lips when his arms wrapped around your waist from behind and lifted you into the air, twirling you around in a circle. 

“Got you,” he said quietly, placing you back on the ground and booping your nose, covering the tip of it with flour. 

You grinned widely, wrapping your hand around the back of his neck and pulling him in for a deep kiss. Cas immediately dropped his handful of flour onto the floor, wrapping his arms around you to pull you closer and deepen the kiss.


Dean’s loud voice startled the two of you away from each other, and you turned to see a very angry Dean glaring at you both.

“You two better clean this kitchen,” he warned, pointing his finger at you and Cas. “Friggin’ animals.”

Cas turned to you and smiled as Dean walked away grumbling to himself. “I think we should bake more often.”

You smiled, nuzzling your flour-covered nose with his. “I completely agree.”

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i can’t believe… myself…… i was getting into bed like at like 3am when i realized i forgot to marinate my tofu overnight? so i just spent the last forty minutes zesting lemon and squeezing tofu dry and drowning it in vegetable stock and soy sauce and something called dulse flakes. i am….. Adult. but worse yet… i am white Whole Foods adult. and i am ashamed


this game is really underrated 


good batter aesthetics:

- big clunky teeth
- eating raw meat
- not knowing how to smile
- people trying to get him to laugh/smile only to be faced with awkward silence
- four eyes with the bottom two having black sclera
- no face at all
- stout, muscular batter
- bean pole batter
- batter drawn with a sun halo around their head
- turtle neck
- the deep v neck
- all batters r good batters

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So... I was thinking if you could write something to lighten up the mood a bit :/ After all that hurt for Alex and Kara and that much karamel x.x.... How about kara asking alex for a device that would weaken her so she could go on a romantic get away with lena without worrying she's gonna break everything or hurt lena. And maybe some Sanvers Domestic Fluff....

When she hears the fluttering at the window, she smiles to herself and starts brewing extra coffee, starts rummaging around to make extra pancake batter.

“Good morning, Kara,” Maggie sing-songs without turning around. “You realize we have a door, don’t you?”

Kara guffaws and steps into the kitchen with a broad smile on her face. She blushes slightly when she realizes that Maggie is wearing only one of Alex’s old college t-shirts and a pair of boxers, but Maggie doesn’t seem bothered, so Kara decides she won’t be, either.

Especially not if she’s going to ask Alex what she needs to ask Alex.

“Good morning to you, too, woman who makes the best chocolate chips pancakes in the galaxy.” Kara grabs a fistful of pancakes that Maggie had already made and set aside for her and Alex.


“What’s that there, Sunshine?” Maggie asks with a furrowed brow but a huge grin as she whips up more batter.

“And I can say that literally,” Alex supplies for her sister as she steps out of the shower, hair still wet and wearing nothing but a fluffy purple towel. She pads over to her favorite women and pokes Kara’s nose and kisses her cheek before kissing Maggie’s lips long, soft, passionate.

Kara adjusts her glasses behind them and clears her throat after it seems like they’ve had long enough, thank you very much.

“Sorry, Little Danvers,” Maggie offers, but she doesn’t look sorry at all.

Alex is beaming as she grabs a pancake off of the plate, too.

“God, it’s both of you, isn’t it, what, did Eliza make you compete for food as kids?”

Kara and Alex just lean into each other and laugh, laugh, laugh, because the sun is shining and it’s a new day and they’re all together, together, together.

“Alex, I wanted to ask you something,” Kara ventures when their laughter finally subsides.

“Shoot,” she says, taking another pancake as she perches on a stool, completely unbothered by the fact that she’s naked under her towel.

Kara adjusts her glasses and Maggie glances sidelong at her as she stirs extra batter.

“Oh boy, this is gonna be a doozy,” she interprets, and Kara blushes. Maggie nods, confirming her own diagnosis. “Yep. Out with it, Little Danvers.”

“Well, um, Alex, I… I wanted to take Lena away for a weekend, and I… It’s been so hard, you know, since we defeated Cadmus, you know, for… for all of us, and I… I thought we could use a romantic weekend together…”

Alex cocks an eyebrow and swipes her finger through the batter Maggie’s working on. “You want a destination recommendation or something? Because I’m pretty sure a Super and a Luthor can get a VIP stay anywhere – “

Kara adjusts her glasses again, and Maggie knows what’s coming a moment before she says it. She tries to hide her smirk and watches her girlfriend closely.

“I was… I just… I was wondering if you could maybe make me something. Portable. To drain my powers, just… safely, so I… so I don’t… hurt her or… or break anything…”

Alex blinks and Alex stares and then Alex rounds on Maggie. “Is that why you keep going on those late night runs to Kara’s place? To Lena’s? Are they…” She rounds back on her sister. “Kara, what have you been breaking?”

She adjusts her glasses furiously. “The bed, the couch, the kitchen c– “

Alex throws up her hands as Maggie snickers. “Lalalala, okay, yes, good, I’m so glad my sister is happy and getting laid and just… yes, good, but my god I just woke up, Kara, I don’t need a blow-by-blow of my little sister’s kinks – “

“Well you asked her, Danvers. And don’t forget how many times the poor innocent soul’s walked in on our kinks…”

“You hush up or there will be no more kinks for you, Sawyer.”

“Oh please, Danvers, I’d like to see you try and resist me.”

“Um, guys. Still here. Still humbly asking for help.”

“Sorry, Sunshine.”

“Yeah, what she said. Um…” Alex adjusts her towel and stares off into the distance like she does when she’s working on a problem, when she’s conducting an experiment in her head. She nods to herself and she starts muttering slightly, and Maggie and Kara exchange a grin, because they know what comes next.

“It can be done. Yeah. Red sun lamps. We can have them installed in strategic corners of wherever you’re staying, even probably work them up as mood lighting, like regular light bulbs… I’ll have to uh… figure out what to tell J’onn about the allocation of the resources…”

Maggie chuckles. “Oh please, you think he doesn’t know? Alex, your gay thoughts were apparently so loud he knew even though he didn’t explicitly read your mind. You think Kara doesn’t think just as loudly as you do?”

Alex smirks as her fingers collide with Kara’s in the batter bowl.

“I don’t believe I’m helping my sister get laid.”

“You love me.”

“That I do, Kara. That I do.”