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I'm considering coming out to my parents as trans... like, FTM trans. But I'm terrified to do it... I don't want them to freak out or anything... do you have any tips to help me?

1. It’s ok to wait until you’re ready and you feel safe. There is no shame in waiting.

2. It’s good to be honest. If you hide the truth or gloss over it or whatever and you’re parents love it, you’ll never know if they love the real you. It’s best to be totally upfront and honest. That way, however your parents react you at least know you have integrity and they’re reacting to the real you. Knowing that will bring you some peace.

3. Have a party for you after you tell them. See some friends. Plan something in your life for after so that it will feel a lot like your life will go on and on and on (because it will).💛💛



so I got called out of art class to go to the theatre classroom? And my first thought was ‘shit I skipped and hid in his room the other day I must be in trouble’ which, thinking back now doesn’t make sense bc he was like 'oh ur skipping? Hide in my room it’s all good’

Anyways I go down the hall expecting to get yelled at but there was this girl standing in front of the door to the classroom holding a sharpie out for me to take? So now I’m like?? What?? So I take the sharpie and I go in and our teacher is like 'Welcome to my class Phoenix. There’s something I’d like to talk to you about’ so. Now I’m like rly convinced that I’m in trouble but then some? Guy? comes out from behind this stage prop holding a prom sign that had little checkboxes on it for 'yes’ and 'no’

So then I’m like 'what is this’ bc I don’t know this man and THEN
KIRA comes out from behind the stage prop holding a bouquet of Fucking ROSES like the SAPPY POS SHE IS

So now I’m like


So I use the sharpie I was handed at the door and I check the little yes box and AHHHHHH I’m going to PROM

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so i don't know if you're still doing the Dex poetry series, but i would be interested in seeing if Dex ever shows Nursey the poems and how that goes down, if that's okay! thank you :))

I am still doing the poetry series (I promise!), but I haven’t had any inspiration recently. I will continue it if and when the inspiration strikes. Really, I will.

If anyone doesn’t know, this is my poetry series tag and it’s a series of poems written from Dex’s POV.

Thank you for the prompt! The poems are actually not from the POV of my usual HCed Dex, so it was cool to write from another version of Dex’s POV. :)

(Also, I was in a weird mood, so this got super introspective and complicated but I feel like it fits for Dex’s relationship with writing so I’mma just go with it.)


           It’s not that Dex isn’t good at hiding things. He is. He grew up in a house with very nosy parents and five siblings who assumed anything of Dex’s was theirs as well. He learned how to keep things private, found nooks and secret spots as easily as he found studs in a wall and learned how to be just conspicuous enough to be overlooked. Of course, the newfound literary part of him can’t help but see this as a metaphor, the kid trapped in the closet is good at hiding things, and he realizes it with the same kind of bitterness he attributes to all of his newfound literary perspectives.

           It’s mostly Nursey’s fault anyway, that Dex is so literary now. Dex could just as easily blame Samwell as a whole, what with requiring he take a literary course, but it’s harder to blame an institution than a person and Dex, somewhat out of character, took the easy way out in this time. Yes, the first English course was required, but the second was not. The second was a poetry course usually taken by freshmen who hadn’t technically chosen their major yet but were dead set on English. Dex had been the only science oriented person there and, at first, he had felt out of place. That, too, Dex realized later, was a metaphor.

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Starting off, the animation in this sequence of Edward walking towards the camera, wind tearing through the golden field and ruffling his clothes and hair, is drop-dead gorgeous. Incredibly fluid.

I’m not sure what his reaching out to us symbolizes. Perhaps a reference to his initial quest: Obtaining a Philosopher’s Stone.

And then… Jesus, it’s just straight up Hohenheim. Keep in mind I could have seen this opening as far back as episode 01! Seeing Hohenheim here would have completely nullified the early teases of what he looked like. The reveal was casual and uninteresting, sure, but I still enjoyed the mystery while it lasted.

And through this whole scene, Hohenheim’s eyes are obscured by the light hitting his glasses. A common trick used to make characters more mysterious, to hide their emotions. It’s a good fit for how Hohenheim figures in Edward’s life.

As the scene ends, the camera pulls away as Hohenheim swiftly turns away from us, and begins walking to what looks like the stone walls of Central. A clever reference to the fact he’s hiding down in a chamber beneath it.

Just a little (very cheesy) thing. I owe you, bro :P

Fili’s hands are milky marble chiselled on the raw stone of the ramparts, burnt black by dragon fire around the edges.

He has his eyes closed, head tipped back and cloak swelling around him, tasting the wind on his tongue. The breeze wafts through his loose curls and Kili lets himself smile, full lips and pearly teeth peeking through the short beard adorning his cheeks.

Fili looks like an eagle ready to take flight. He would have golden wings and sharp blue eyes, Kili thinks, and soak up sunlight until he’s glinting with it, as if he were the sun itself.

He would be beautiful.

He is. And Kili can still be the wind underneath his wings, gliding with him on the scent of wildflowers and pine trees.

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You did a meta about hide being a betrayer but if is that so why did he talked to touka about Kaneki's life? I interpreted this as him trying to help kaneki through her or something like this, do you think he was manipulating touka at this or this conversation only happened so we could know his opinion about kaneki?

He wasn’t manipulating Touka. I didn’t say Hide was a betrayer either, just that he betrays Kaneki because he believes he’s helping Kaneki. 

There’s an interesting parallel between the way that Kaneki and Hide’s relationship goes post Aogiri. Kaneki does a selfish action that is, cutting Hide off from all contact with no explanation whatsoever. He does this however, because he genuinely believes it is for Hide’s own good to be cut off from contact with him. Kaneki does not stop to think about how Hide will feel hurt while being cutoff, he just thinks that associating with him can only hurt Hide in the end. 

Hide at the same time then goes and plots behind his back. Even if my theory is false and Hide was never the witch’s servant, Hide did join up with the CCG specifically to help them track Kaneki down because he saw it as the only way of finding his friend again. Hide goes behind Kaneki’s back “betrays” him for what he believes to be Kaneki’s sake. 

They both do this to each other, neither has the moral highground because their behavior is reflected in each other. 

As for what Hide’s conversationt to Touka meant. My friend nea @nimudash pointed out to me that during this conversation Hide went in assuming that Touka was just like Kaneki, somebody who needed to be reassured which is why he just shared some basic and uplifting facts for Kaneki. However at this point was the turning point in their conversation, because Touka stepped beyond her own need for reassurance and instead tried to reassure Hide. 

At which point after staring wide eyed in shock for a moment, Hide smiles and decides to share a personal fact about Kaneki, that will help Touka decode Kaneki even further. 

That’s the moment she realized that Touka wasn’t somebody who was in need of reassurance, but actually somebody who wishes to understand others like he does. He might have thought Touka was somebody like Kaneki at first who relies on pure empathy, but finished the conversation thinking that she’s more like himself, somebody who is thinking and trying to figure out and understand others (Notice also that Touka remembers Yoshimura’s words in this chapter that she should try to understand others) and then recognizing that Hide gives Touka a tool to help understand Kaneki.

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I'm actually redoing the whole book of TCaF and i have this obsession with an imagine: imagine Raydan running after his and Kenna's daughter but she is as good as him to hide ! Ps: I really like your blog ☺

DEAD… I THINK I DIED OF OF CUTENESS , I can so imagine that , someone should write a fanfic on that idea!
PS. THANK YOU SO MUCH ❤❤❤ my life lights up with comment like that! 😘😘😘😘😘

Riverdale Appreciation Week Day 3: Episode

Summary: Jughead haves a little emotional “episode” after the whole ruckus with his dad and Fred Andrews.

“I miss the old him, Betty.” Jughead told her as they were walking away from the Andrews.

She didn’t know what to say to him so instead she pulled him closer to her, trying to convey feelings that words could never be enough for.

She had to let him get all his negative thoughts and emotions out of his system; she would never let him succumb to them.

“I miss the times when my biggest problems involved whether or not I could eat one more burger, or figure out where Jellybean would hide my beanie.”

“He was a good man, back then. I know he tried doing what he thought was best for our family.”

Silence followed.

“A part of me wants to blame Fred Andrews for starting his downward spiral; it was only after he got fired that all of this started.”

She could feel his confusion and anger and she wanted nothing more than to take all his pain away and throw it to the wind.

“But I can’t! Mr. Andrews did what he had to do. I know he wasn’t lying when he said that he tried to help my father.”

“I just… I don’t want to end up like him, Betts.”

He looked straight into her eyes and she saw a fierce intensity in those eyes. She found herself getting lost in them, but she managed to say something before the feeling consumed her.

“You won’t.

He looked away from her.

“You are a different person from him, Jug. Not only that, but I believe that your dad has so much goodness in him as well; he just needs to overcome what he’s going through now… and I think you and your family is his greatest motivation to change back.”

Finally, she saw the edge of his lips curve upward, and it gave her so much relief that at least she was able to lighten him up, even if it was just a bit.

“I’m not going to give up on him.”

“That’s good.” She said, smiling up at him now, her hand squeezing his arm in an effort to show her support.

“Come on, let’s go to Pop’s. I’m getting hungry.”

She knew that the smile on his face was a little forced; but then, she could also feel the hope radiating from him. Hopefully, she would be right and FP would amend his ways; because seeing Jughead Jones in that much pain is something she would never want to witness again.

A/N: I’m not very good with angsty stuff so please forgive me if it’s not too good!! 

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I like imagining Dash and Harv hanging out far from any medical help when suddenly a lingering part of an old incubation makes itself known- Dash collapses, screaming in agony, his stomach jumping with movement. And Harv preforming emergency surgery with only his poker knife tool. Then trying to keep Dash alive afterwards until he can figure out how to get him to a hospital


Seriously though “lack of access to proper medical tech” is such a good trope. Would be especially juicy if Dash were HIDING symptoms from Harvey because “hey, we’re on a camping trip or w/e, Harvey deserves to take it easy without any of the usual BS, and- oh wow okay my stomach hurts a SHIT ton, and is it hot in here or is it….. just… me….” *ptfo*

Gahhhh need this fic so bad jdaksjaks.

fuck u know what i remember my sanvers dream from last night. they had kissed after maggie was like you think i scared him and alex full on kissed her and i had paused the video and maggie was tugging on alex’s top lip it was so weird to see, plus she wasn’t doing a good job of hiding her tongue it was nice and gay but weird and almost felt like an out of body experience 


Happy 14 million, Sean.

(Song: Undertale - Undertale OST)