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My Candy Love 30 day drawing challenge
Day 1 : Introduce your candy!

Lunaria Loresima, 16-17, hetero, albino

  • Originally have red eyes but prefers to using blue lenses
  • Good with pigment jokes, makes fun of herself often
  • Have a pure personality but gets dirty jokes easily
  • Forgot her words often
  • Sometimes says weird things under stress/alone with her crush
  • Shy and silent at first, warm and caressing after
  • Secretly jealous for her close friends/crush but good at hiding it
  • Really wants a pet bun but cause of her mom’s allergy she never gonna get one
  • Acts first, thinks later
  • Loves holo and sparkle items/clothes
  • Have an italian accent
  • Loves cats/loves to messing with cats

Color palette and outfit idea belongs to @loonylein  👌


Had quite a surprise first thing this morning!

This poor little baby fell in the pool sometime early this morning! Thankfully she got out and was hiding back where I keep flower pots and other random junk. Henry sure wanted to be friends with her!

I  didn’t want her to go out into the pasture for fear of my mare Sandy killing her (she hates dogs and dog-sized things) so I carried her a short distance away to the woods behind the milk house. I watched her until she found a good spot and nestled down in some tall grass to hide. Fingers crossed momma finds her soon!


Ask me how deep the ocean is.

Shut up.

Come on, just ask me.


‘Cause I know the answer.

Oh! Do you?

Yes, I do.

How deep is the ocean?

I’m not gonna say.

I’m brokenhearted.

The ocean is six miles deep.


Isak and Even | Hiding tonight 

Why i think Eva likes Chris

   Jonas: she doesn’t seems jealous of Jonas. She say on the chat she got a little stressed, because they hooked up and she didn’t knew he has a thing with Emma. So when Emma came to them to talk about the party, Eva probably feel bad bc Emma seems to think she and Jonas are serious.That explains the weird look she gave, but right after that she kind of recover and she is actually pretty nice to Emma. When Emma leaves, she’s already talking about the speech and she doesn’t seems to think much about jonas/Emma. Remember Eva on s2, she was jealous of Jonas then and it was pretty clear. Eva is not really good in hide emotions.
And plus, i don’t think Eva would want to get back with Jonas, knowing that he hook up with her while leading Emma on.
It’s different with her situation with pchris because she is quite honest with him about not wanting anything serious. And he only talked about getting together with her on Sunday, after the Jonas incident.
   Chris Berg: Eva says to Chris B she feels bad about the hook up because now that Chris is back they are having a" thing “.
She doesn’t say she feels bad because Jonas and Emma are together . She feels bad because of her thing with Chris. So if she’s worried about this "relationship” she has with Chris, i think it means she cares.
 When Chris B ask her about feelings , Eva said she doesn’t know if he’s being real or just faking. If she didn’t had feelings for him why she would care if he’s faking or not? She probably would just answer she doesn’t like him like that.

   Vilde: she say Eva might like Chris. I know Vilde is not the most reliable source. But why she would think that? I’m guessing maybe because Eva says something about him, not necessary about feelings, but maybe she keeps mentioning him and that’s why Vilde thinks that. Remember on s2 when Eva still had feelings for Jonas? She didn’t admitted to her friends, but she was always talking about him. Like i said before, Eva isn’t good in hiding emotions. And Vilde probably doesn’t see much of Eva and Chris interactions, so that’s why she just assumes Chris is the same old Chris .
  So, concluding, i really think they have feelings for each other, but i’m not sure if they will end up together as a couple or not. But at least, i think there is 0% chances of her ending with Jonas.

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They don't even block all nsfw stuff like their entire search and censor functions are just broke

it’s pretty amazing, tbh, because hiding explicit content is a good idea but naturally tumblr finds the exact wrong way to do it wherein they’re simultaneously way too aggressive (blocking all LGBT content) and way too lax (not blocking straight up nsfw stuff) so that the function not only doesn’t work, but has the exact opposite effect of hiding innocent and very useful stuff while still exposing people to genuinely explicit stuff.

It’s like they’re trying out for the world championship of How to Not Be Useful in Any Way

My grandmother always tell me that hide and seek is never a good game to play because you never know who is hiding behind you. But it is a game we will never grow out of, so I do not take any notice of her warnings. She is always afraid one of us would get hurt in some improbable way, anyway. 

One time, the first round began and I was dubbed the seeker. A few minutes into my search, I came across you. I had walked into my room and realized that the balcony door was open a crack, as every moment or so a gust of wind would blow the curtains about haphazardly like an open parachute. I stepped out into the night and there you were on the other side of the railing, standing upon the bit of concrete that stuck beyond it. Leaning calmly against the villa, you were completely wrapped up in your phone and the glow of  the screen was casting shadows across your face. I do not know how you could stand there so passively, as if one push would not send you falling to your untimely death. I myself could never quite stomach standing on the edge like that for long, though I loved it – the thrill of being in complete control of whether or not you fell. The closeness of danger, so near you could feel its breath upon your skin as you looked down at the ground so far below you. I wished I could stand there like you did for so long without having to grip the railing like my life depended on it. Though I guess it did depend on it but regardless, my fragile mortality frustrated me.

“Found you! You are the first.”
“Haha. Okay.”

You looked back down at your phone. You seemed busy so I made a move to go. You had been on your phone a lot that afternoon, tapping away at goodness knew what. I had yet to fall into the endless ritual of obsessively poking at screens all day and could not help making one last comment.

“You are very antisocial: a typical teenage behavior.”
You looked up and smiled, “You’re almost a teenager yourself.”
“I suppose I am.”

And with that, I left. Maybe I was going to be a teenager but if I could help it, I did not want to be a typical one.

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i'm meeting my ex tomorrow. i'm going to leave him for good. i don't know if he knows. he should; i haven't exactly made it a secret. he's kinda dumb tho and very good at hiding from conflict. it's been the better part of a year, but we never dated. he was the first boy i fell in love with. then he changed. he was never intentionally cruel but he was selfish and immature and he's hurt me terribly. i don't know what to say. i still love him but it's over. i don't want that. i'm so sad and empty

First thing first, know that you’re doing the right thing by leaving him because it’s not good for you to be in an unhealthy relationship with someone who is negligent and immature. And since you said both of you never really dated then know that it is easier for you to recover from it and even if you still love him, think of this relationship as a lesson to learn from and move on. Don’t keep dwelling on it because it is only going to make you feel even more hurt and empty then you already are. Why cry for a guy who doesn’t even think about you at all? Save those tears. They’re not worth crying for him and go on with your life. It’s okay to be sad and empty for a few days but after that, you have to get up and change and decide that you’re much better off without him and as I said before, there are plenty of guys out there and there will be one just waiting for you. :)

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can u talk ab capricorn moons?? its a struggle 😿😿😿


I love Capricorn Moons although I don’t know TOO many of them! I’ve found them to be hilarious people and they don’t get the attention they deserve. They are highly emotional people, but they do a damn good job of hiding it. Most don’t like to admit to this emotional sensitive side though! I think Capricorn Moons are simply people who need a little love in their life tbh! 😭

in the morning

request: reader and van being really good friends and having a crush on each other but kinda hiding it cause they don’t wanna ruin the relationship they have, but maybe one of them gets drunk or something and spills? And they kinda don’t believe it at first but then they remember small things the other person did for them and stuff and makes sense

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Mystic Messenger Male MC (ZEN x Jumin x MR) “Can’t Take It”

Hi, could I, if thats fine with you, ask for a ZenxJuminxMaleReader? (though, if thats not really fine with you, than just one of them xMR) like Zen & Jumin are either arguing non-stop or just kind of ignoring the MR and one night MR doesn’t came home, though it there is heavy snow storm outside and both realized what they done and they find him and then fluff? if thats makes at all!

OOoo You got it!! 

Entire Master post

❅ ❄ ❆ ❅ ❄ ❆ ❅ ❄ ❆ ❅ ❄ ❆

The impossible couple. The true couple. Whatever people wanted to call it Jumin and ZEN looked like perfect, most handsome, couple on the outside but what was really happening behind close doors wasn’t as sexy as people thought. Zack put on his headphones and sighed as he curled into the corner of the couch. The bedroom wasn’t a good place to hide since what was transpiring would transfer to there, and Jumin’s office was locked at the moment. The penthouse was more spacious than it had rooms, so a place to hide wasn’t really an option. Zack flinched at the sound of Jumin’s booming voice. 

“I told you.” Hyun leaned against the counter. “For the LAST TIME!!!” His voice nearly shook Zack’s eardrums, “I WILL NOT DO THE AD!!” 

Looking calm and crossing his arms but on the inside was seething with rage, Jumin slowly closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Zack braced himself as did Hyun. “… I am doing this to help you.” The controlled rage was almost frightening. 

“HELP!? THIS ISN’T HAPPENING! Now… for the sake of my nerves… STOP BRINGING IT UP!” 

“I am TRYING!…. to help you.” Jumin’s hands gripped the sleeve of his suit. 

Hyun had a hard time of letting Jumin have the last word. Right after Jumin finished his sentence Hyun started yelling again, and then Jumin started yelling louder, and soon it was hard to even find one reason to stay in the house. It was always something stupid. In fact it was any little thing that was making them argue. Zack leaned his head against the tiled wall of the bathroom. He had locked himself in here and tried to focus on the videos he was watching but- 

“I’M GOING FOR A DRIVE!” Hyun yelled and soon the front door slammed shut. Something broke and then something else. 

Zack curled into the bathtub more as he listened closely. Jumin’s footsteps traveled to the office room and then… Another door slam. Feeling his muscles relax just slightly Zack climbed out of the bathtub and slowly opened the door. The rooms were quiet and the house felt cold. Hyun’s motorcycle keys had been taken off keyring rack and two vases had been thrown angrily at the door. Zack quietly brushed the pieces up and swallowed as he threw them away. 

Lately… he had been thinking why he even stayed here. It wasn’t even a relationship anymore it was just a place where occasionally they talked normal. It was always filled with an aura of anger or irritation. It didn’t used to be like this. When all three made the decision that they wanted to be together it seemed like the most important, and greatest decision he ever made. They all cared for each other, loved each other, and with them both loving him and Zack loving them things didn’t feel so empty anymore. And now all of it felt like a big mistake. He was starting to feel foolish that he thought he received a happy ending. All of it felt 

felt so lonely. 

❅ ❄ ❆ ❅ ❄ ❆ ❅ ❄ ❆ ❅ ❄ ❆

Zack awoke to the sound of Jumin’s soft snoring next to him. He didn’t remember what time it was when his mind became to exhausted to think anymore but he did know he was alone at the time. Looking over at Jumin he could see Hyun was nowhere to be found. He stared at Jumin’s sleeping face and frowned. It had occurred to Zack that every morning he awoke with only one of them in the bed. Never together like before. And how long ago was before? He wasn’t sure. That lonely pang shot through his body once more and instinctively he got closer to Jumin and lightly searched for his hand. How long as it been since he just talked and enjoyed living here. 

Too long. 

Long enough for him to consider leaving. 

Slowly getting out of the bed Zack stretched and took a quick shower. He peered into the living room and saw that Hyun’s keys were still gone. Feeling a bit worried he grabbed his phone and dialed. It went straight to voicemail. 

“A-are you okay? You’re still not home.” Zack paced the living room. “Um… I know it’s been hectic but… I really…” he took a deep, shaking, breath. “I miss you a lot. I miss all of us together, laughing and just… being happy.” He gripped the phone tightly in his hand. “Please be safe. Please come home…” He hung up. “Even if it’s for the last time.” He mumbled. 

“He’s still not back?” Jumin was leaning against the door frame to the bedroom looking cross. 

“No.” Zack put down his phone. 

“He’s probably out drunk somewhere.” He said it like he didn’t care. Jumin flipped open his phone and dialed for Driver Kim. “Yes… yes check the tracking device…” 

“Jumin… stop asking Seven to give you tracking stuff.” Zack mumbled. 

Jumin looked back at him as he talked. “He’s at a bar hole?” 

“A watering hole.” Zack corrected. 

“Which one?” Jumin said into the phone. “Yes, pick me up and drive me over there.” 

“W-wait I want to go-” 

“You stay here.” Jumin said as he went to his closet and changed into a dark purple button up and black slacks. “This doesn’t concern you right now.” 

Zack froze. Why didn’t… why didn’t it concern him? “But I-” 

“Stay here Zack.” Jumin ordered as he laced up his leather shoes. “I don’t want you involved.” 

Involved in what? Was he… just some person who lived here? Was he even considered here at all? Everyday he woke up and went about his day, and every night he retreated to a quiet room to get away from the hatred. 

Yes. It was true then. Hyun and Jumin must hate each other. This all was a mistake. 

❅ ❄ ❆ ❅ ❄ ❆ ❅ ❄ ❆ ❅ ❄ ❆

“Yeah… well I didn’t mean to stay out so long.” Hyun rubbed the back of his neck. 

“You could’ve gotten hurt. And you didn’t have your cellphone charged. How do you expect us to find you if you can’t contact us. You’re lucky I asked Luciel to put tracking devices on your clothing.” 

“What?” Hyun lightly chuckled. “I… I’m sorry about raising my voice with you so much. I’m sorry that I-” 

Jumin shook his head. “Say no more, I wasn’t being cooperative either.” He rubbed his arms together. “The weather has suddenly turned harsher then what the weather man reported today.” 

“Yeah, the snow doesn’t look like it’s letting up. Heh, should’ve brought a jacket trust fund.” Hyun straddled his bike. “You coming on this with me?” 

“No. And I wish Zack didn’t ride with you when you go on those weekend trips.” He walked towards his limo. 

Hyun sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. When Jumin had found him he was surprised to see him sit down on the old squeaky bar stools and drink a draft beer. They talked for hours explaining to each other what the other was feeling, why things would just turn into a screaming match. Jumin was calm and he listened and it reminded Hyun why he cared for the rich bastard in the first place. And now he was going home to his prince, he would hug him and tell him how sorry he was. And, heheh, since he was on his bike, he would get there faster (in a safe manner) and would have more time to monopolize his prince. 

The phone was dead and Zack was wearing only a light sweater. Really the weather had shifted so abruptly that he couldn’t even find shelter in time. What was a light snowfall suddenly turned into a dark and stormy blizzard. The only place where he could find some protection was a small shack deep in the grove of a fishing hole. He rubbed his hands together and breathed into them and placed the semi-warm flesh on his ears. It felt nice if only for a moment. Though his phone was fine the signal had been cut out the moments after the storm began. And, to make matters worse, these were new clothes that he had bought today so he figured there was no hidden tracking device on his clothing. Unless Jumin went so far as too attack it to his socks and underwear. 

Zack chuckled. That would be excessive. He was going to just go for a walk maybe do some window shopping here and there, but every time he thought about going home, a tight knot would turn in his stomach. This had to be enough of a push for him to realize that maybe he should just leave. Let them scream at each other and just disappear from the picture. His heart felt like it was squeezing in on itself. He closed his eyes and just focused on staying warm.  The cold wind was coming through the rickety wooden walls of the shack. The door lightly thumped thumped against the frame. The only thing in here was old rusty tools and weather worn garden supplies. 

He was sitting on the floor not daring to press his back against anything in fear of the shack falling apart under him. He sat legs crossed and leaned his body over before covering his head. It was freezing in here. He chuckled stiffly as he shook his head. “I’m a fool for coming in here.” He snickered to himself. “I’m a fool… for thinking this was a good idea.” He felt hot tears run down his face. “Ah shit.” He straightened up and touched his face. “Shit stop crying.” He forced himself to laugh. “Stop… stop crying.” 

❅ ❄ ❆ ❅ ❄ ❆ ❅ ❄ ❆ ❅ ❄ ❆

“What do you mean!?” Hyun slammed his hand against the wall. 

“The security footage shows that he left. And all the GPS data is being hindered by the snow storm.” Jumin’s fist was shaking. “I can… I can.” 

Hyun sighed. Both of them flipping out wasn’t a good idea. “Listen, you do have some data right, maybe we can trace the last place he went, where the data cut out, and start there.”

Jumin took a long deep breath before nodding. “Yes good idea.” He typed into the computer before pointing to the screen. “There seems to be where the data cut off.” 

“I’m surprised you know how to use the system.” 

Jumin closed the window. “I made Luciel teach me. Come on! We can call Driver Kim.” 

“Ugh let me take us on my bike!” 

“No! If we find Zack we will have no way to transport him home.” 

“Just hold him in your lap.” 

“It’s not like riding a horse Hyun. If we hit a speed bump he’ll go flying.” 

“It’ll be fine. I swear.” 

❅ ❄ ❆ ❅ ❄ ❆ ❅ ❄ ❆ ❅ ❄ ❆ 

“This is not what I had in mind Hyun.” Jumin said as he sat in the tiny sidecar. He was far too tall for this as his knees reached his chest. 

Hyun looked at Jumin and burst out laughing. “Well it’s what I had in my mind. Come on skamp-” 

“Don’t call me that.” 

“-let’s get going.” Hyun handed a helmet for Jumin and smirked as he gave him a read scarf and metal rimmed goggles. He had to bite his tongue to keep from laughing as Jumin seriously put on the outfit and held onto the sidecar. 

❅ ❄ ❆ ❅ ❄ ❆ ❅ ❄ ❆ ❅ ❄ ❆

It was so terribly cold. Zack could hear the whistling of the wind as the blizzard covered the word in a bed of white. “So…cold.” Zack said as he rocked in place. He could feel his nose turning to ice and his tears of frustration turn to crystal. It was so damn cold that he was starting to fear that he might actually die. Maybe leaving was a good idea. He could backtrack and hopefully find a warm store to defrost in. 


“Ack!” Zack jumped slightly. “H-Hyun!?! What the hell???” 

“There you are!” Hyun huffed and pulled Zack into a tight embrace. “God! I was worried sick! You’re freezing you idiot! Why didn’t you go home!?” 

Zack could see over Hyun’s shoulder Jumin walking up with an unnatural look of worry on his normally neutral face. “I-I…” Zack’s voice was muffled with Hyun’s death squeeze. “Hy-Hyun….I… ca-can’t breathe!” 

Jumin walked into the shack and pulled Hyun away. “You’re crushing him.” He said as he gave Zack a hug. “We were deathly worried.” He mumbled. 

Zack gripped the back of Jumin’s jacket and tried to pull him off. “C-ca…breathe!!” He gasped. 

“Why on Earth would you lock yourself in here!?” Hyun said as he crossed his arms.

Zack pushed Jumin off of him and coughed. “I, ahem, I came into here to avoid the snowfall. But I guess… that was dumb.” 

“Yes it was.” Jumin glared and refused to let Zack go. “Why were you being so foolish?” 

Hyun sighed. “We… it’s all our fault isn’t it? You didn’t want to go home.” 

Zack nodded as he felt Jumin’s grip tighten before pulling him into another hug. “Ah, Jumin, it’s okay. I… I’m sorry but I just don’t want to come home.” He mumbled. “I… hate it there.” 

Hyun closed his eyes and sighed. “I… I don’t blame you. Life there must have been… irritating. But… we’re trying to change and help each other. Be more open you know?” He moved closer. Soon zack was enveloped by both of their warmths. “Please… please just give us another chance. I want to try harder.” 

“As do I.” Jumin aid as he kissed the top of Zack’s head. “Please.” 

❅ ❄ ❆ ❅ ❄ ❆ ❅ ❄ ❆ ❅ ❄ ❆

“Hurry up~” Hyun said as he watched Zack stir his hot cocoa. 

Zack smiled as he started to stir even slower. 

“Zachary, you’re testing my patience.” Jumin glanced over as he put his book down. 

He laughed and nearly stopped all together. He could hear the both of them stand up and suddenly. “Ah! Careful I almost spilled the cup.” He said as they sandwiched him into a hug. 

“Hurry up.” 
“I don’t like being kept waiting.” 

Sitting together on the couch with a soft throw blanket over their laps, the three quietly talked to each other as soft jazz played in the background. In their warm embraces Zack felt all the loneliness and sorrow melt away. They’re going to try to work things out and Zack wanted to do all he could to help as well. He loved them both. This happiness, he never wanted it to slip away ever again. 

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Do you think David is seeing someone as well but is good with hiding it because he wants to keep his private life actually private?

i’m not sure. i think he’s single and he’s happy because he’s living his dream. i feel so good just thinking where he is right now - he achieved so much, i couldn’t be more proud.

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

Ok what the actual fck???! @staff just came out with a “safe mode” and apparently i cannot turn it off because i’ve said im 16. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT DOES IT PROTECT ME FROM??? LGBT. LGBT. Exactly! if there’s ONE post on my dash containing “gay” they’re gonna hide it. Great! teach young people it is forbidden to be lgbt! Good job! Extraordinary!

also hiding posts because of swear words??? what are you?? an 80y/o grandma? 

damn i hate this site so much i’m seriously leaving for good


Guess who’s going to Disney World this weekend?

What? No, not the Chocobros… Me.

(Prompto, sweetie, sit right in the boat or you’re gonna fall out.)