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I’m a sucker for the “accidentally fell asleep in the same bed” trope and when it happened on @archangelruind‘s fic anywhere i go, there you are, I just had to make a quick sketch of it. *heart eyes*


We sat there for hours, quietly
among the ordinary and untold
wayward child and idle soul
complete unknowns to the blasphemy
predicted by righteous to erase us all.

Small movements under his mantle
reprieved my loins from the sorrow
he ripped my hell so sublime
But he’s the biggest sinner, I know.
Oh, bless me father,
for what you have done,
daub me in your holly grime.

It’s good day to hide our shame
between my legs and your arms
swollen cheeks imprinted with lies
I’ll say whatever you need to hear
through these cold bars that pinch my sighs
consecrate my lips with your flash, Father
the night is still young for the sacrifice.

I try so hard not to fall for you
but with every moan I’m failing down
there’s the devil in the dark
choking silence on our stuttered love
I’m screaming to the Gods
You want to bear me on your cross
but who can make the void tied up?

I surely can’t.
Can you?

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hey every1 since i, a scorpio, am known for my jealousy (and damn do i get jealous a lot tbh its ruining my life) i have thusly decided to make a nice post out of it and tell all the other signs what i envy about them:

  • aries: i like how gud they are at like. existing. existing in a physical form. they do the whole life thing so naturally . lucky them
  • taurus: i like their taste/style/aesthetic
  • gemini: nobody is smarter than these people
  • cancer: they are so DIGNIFIED and good at hiding any emotion. so cool and gathered
  • leo: they always are so lovable and sincere. even when theyre annoying i respect them like they r just genuine people u know
  • virgo: listen they arent known for being funny but i think they are extremely funny and charming and the best thing is they dont really care about coming off as funny or charming 
  • libra: how do they wrap people around their finger so easily…
  • other scorpios: how r they so… Competent… why not me too
  • sagittarius: they r just really brave. i have never seen a sag do anything cowardly
  • capricorn: they suffer a lot but they use that to get ahead. they just win a lot even though they only focus on their losses
  • aquarius: the CHARISMA of these people is no joke
  • pisces: their tenderness lmfao that sounds corny but like i think pisces are emotionally intelligent and that’s more important than most of us give it credit for

Anyway antis who are literally crosstagging in the main and being misogynistic and gross need to stop and stick to your own tag. Or better yet, ABANDON YOUR MISOGYNISTIC THINKING. That stuff doesn’t belong in the main, tou//ken, or hide//kane tags. It doesn’t belong anywhere at all.

But keep it in the anti tag, because no one wants to see your petty misogyny and no one else agrees with what you have to say.

And if you think bashing Touka to make any character you stan (be it Hide, Shuu, or anyone else) look good, especially with gross misogyny, you’ve literally proven yourself to be incapable of basic civil communication and cannot come up with a compelling argument to save your life.

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but! thomas meeting all the nassau lesbians and ofc the biggest lesbian of all, jack rackham who is so relieved there is finally another man with an iq above fish who can tame the ginger inferno that is james mcfucking hamilton

jack spends a good few weeks hiding from the wrath of hurricane flint 

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Hello. I too am a closet trap(?), but I'm kinda shy about posting pics due to... How I look. Do you have any tips on being more brave? (I post them to private places like kik, but tis all...) (Also, it'd be nice if we could be friends. I... I think so, anyways...)

I was pretty shy at first as well, but what I did was I just took only leg pictures and nothing else. After a while I got tired of the same angles so I tried to move up and take body shots. A good way to avoid posting your face is to censor it or hide it. Face filters work too. You get more confidence over time, so just post whatever you’re comfortable with and your confidence will evolve over time.

Also we can be friends, but you just have to get past my pretty shallow personality (I personally don’t think I have a terrible personality, but I’ve been told I do). I’m pretty easy to talk to if you get an interesting conversation going though.

With Open Arms: Chapter 11

Hello, my lovely readers. Sorry about taking forever to write a new one-shot. This one is dedicated to Brittana4Ever. Bon Bon and Kai are somewhat OOC, or really OOC. Happy belated Thanksgiving! On with the show…

Chapter 11: Not Alone

“I didn’t do it!” Kai shouted. His eyes moved from his mother, to his father. He could not believe that they were doing this. His mind raced. There had to be a way out. Something. Anything. Come on, Kai. Think. The lack of a plan might be his end. He could hear the chanting. He was surrounded. Nowhere to go. Nowhere to hide.

“Good-bye, Kai,” Jo said, with a wave. Her eyes twinkled with a malicious glint. All he wanted was out. Just to try to have something like a normal existence. Maybe in a little town. Or maybe in a big town. He’d heard that Atlanta was a cool place to get a job; working on films. Hell, maybe he’d become the star of a new TV show.

Jo had other plans. She wanted to merge. She’d tried to force him. She’d even accused him of trying to kill their siblings, with an ax, and got them to go along with her plan. Seriously. Who the hell does that kind of thing? Murder his siblings? Ha. Maybe someone in an alternate universe, where he was some kind of a deranged lunatic.

His ears hurt from the sounds of the chanting. “Can you turn down the volume?” he cried, placing his hands to his head.

Suddenly, silence descended and Kai sighed in relief. “Thank you,” he moaned. He lifted his head to find no one was there. “Enough with the cloaking spells!” he shouted. No one revealed themselves and Kai felt a lump form at the base of his throat. “Hello?” he cried out. “Is there anyone here?” Again, silence was his answer. “Shit.”


Days turned into weeks. Kai found himself walking, aimlessly down grocery store aisles. “No waiting. Now, that is what I am talking about,” he said to himself, grabbing a bag of pork rinds and ripping it open. “And don’t mind if I do. Pay. No, sir, your money is not good here. Why thank you, my good man. Perhaps a tip. No? You’re right, money is no good here.” Chuckling, Kai kept walking down the aisle.

The sound of a cork popping made Kai hesitate. “Huh? Sounds like we might have company after all? Why don’t we see?” Striding down the aisle, Kai peeked around a corner. He expected no one. He certainly did not expect her.

A woman stood atop one of the check-out lanes conveyer belts. Somehow she’d turned it on and looked like she was surfing. One of her delicate hands moved up and down like any idiot in California—showing off—on their board. Only she looked like anything but an idiot. She looked sexy as hell. Her short bob bouncing as her hips did this little thing that made Kai’s throat tighten and his lower body give her his whole attention.

The girl held a bottle of champagne as she rocked the conveyer belt; waving it to her right side as she moved. “Are you going to watch or join me? Either way, I’m good.” The girl turned to look back at him and her eyes sparkled with mirth.


Bonnie felt her heart begin to bang in her chest. She’d thought that she’d never see another person again. Every day brought on another agony. She just wanted someone to talk to. And someone must like her because she just got a new playmate. And a boy. A very hot boy for a playmate. Oh, yes. She finally felt lucky.

“Come on. I don’t bite,” Bonnie called to the boy, waving her free hand. “Unless you want me to,” she cocked her head to the side with a grin, displaying a set of fanged teeth.

The boy jumped backward and took off. “Damn,” Bonnie muttered. Of course. She just had to get the one who feared vamps.

Hopping off the conveyer belt, Bonnie sped to the aisle that her new friend(?) would be about to run into. In . .:Five, four, three, two…Bingo!

“Hi there, cutie. I’m Bonnie. And you are?” Bonnie asked, casually leaning against the shelf loaded with pop-tarts and other unhealthy snacks for those who had to worry about diabetes.

The guy’s eyes turned huge. “Leave me alone!” he shouted at her, turning to run again.

Bonnie sighed, pushed off the shelf and moved in front of the boy. “Look. It’s like this. There is nowhere for you to go that I can’t find you. So, let’s take a very long, calming breathe and consider our options. A) You keep running and I chase you down and tie you up; until you choose to stay. B) You try something stupid, like staking me. Spoiler Alert: Not a good idea. C) You stay. We talk. Hang out. Maybe I even show you my place and I’ll cook something for you… Something that looks more like real food.” She wrinkled her nose at the pork rinds.

The guy took a long breathe and then sighed. He looked calmer. “Okay. I’m going with C. Lead the way.”

Bonnie grinned. “Champagne?”

“No thanks,” the guy shook his head.

“Do you have a name?” Bonnie inquired as they began to walk.

“Kai.” He kept his eyes on the floor as he spoke.

“Well, Kai, I am planning Thanksgiving dinner, for later this week, and I hope that you will consider joining me, given the whole not having anyone else to dine with state of things.” Giggling, Bonnie looked at Kai who nodded but refused to look at her. “You really don’t have to be afraid of me,” she reassured him.

Sure.” Kai nodded and they continued around a corner.

“So, I was thinking we could have turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans… Unless you don’t like them. I could get something else…” Bonnie turned her head to find that Kai was gone. “Oh, come on!” she shouted. “Are you seriously going to do this?”

Kai did not reply and Bonnie felt pissed. She did not want to hurt him. But that did not mean she would not throw him into her old friends'—the Salvatore's—basement. She’d give him food and water, until he learned some manners. She had tried to be a good hostess. This was, after all, her world. You had to maintain some kind of civilities or go mad. And her grams taught her to be generous and kind.

Of course, her grams did not anticipate Bonnie’s befriending Damon and getting turned into a vampire. Life was not always what you intended for it to be.

“Come out, come out, wherever you are!” Bonnie called to the empty aisles.

Kai did not reply.

Rolling her eyes, Bonnie inhaled sharply. She could not allow her temper to get the best of her, or she’d end up like Damon, on the end of a pointy stick. She mourned her friend’s death every day. Elena and Stefan probably walked right into the mouth of hell to get him back. Bonnie, on-the-other-hand had to figure out her own way out of hell. Lesson: Never mess with witches you know nothing about.

Fine. You can stay here and enjoy your own company.” Bonnie stormed out of the store. She could wait him out. Eventually, he’d let his guard down and she’d knock his ass out, drag him home and force-feed him turkey and stuffing. Thanksgiving was a day for people to put aside their differences and to celebrate what they had. The new guy would not ruin that for her.


Bonnie waited for three days. No sign of Kai. Maybe he’d gone back to whichever state he’d popped in from. Who knows, maybe he’d taught himself to pilot a plane and left the country. Whatever.

Grumbling to herself, Bonnie went back to shoving stuffing in the turkey. Caroline would be talking, incessantly, about whichever guy she was dating. Bonnie would be pretending to listen while she checked her grams’ recipes to make sure that Caroline had followed it to the letter.

Inhaling, Bonnie felt a sharp pang. She just wanted to go home, and enjoy the day, with her loved ones. Or anyone. She’d settle for the company of the most boring person on earth right now.


The doorbell rang at close to noon. Bonnie rinsed her hands. They had been covered in pumpkin. Making her way to the front door, Bonnie smirked as she opened it. “I see you found my house.”


Kai felt his heart stop beating. Just for a second. Bonnie really was the prettiest girl he’d ever seen, in his entire life. “Yeah,” he sighed.

“What’s behind your back?” Bonnie demanded, leaning against the doorframe, her eyebrows rising, her lips tilting up in that smile that made him feel like kissing her. Be cool, Kai. She’s a vampire. She’ll suck you drier than a cornhusk in August before you can scream, Kai thought.

“Flowers,” Kai said. He pulled the bouquet from behind his back. “For you.”

Bonnie let out a laugh. “Yeah. I’m thinking since we’re the only people here, they’re probably not for someone else.”

“You’re probably right.” Kai found he had begun to laugh with her.

“Did you want to come in? Or did you want me to bring you out a plate?” Bonnie teased him.

Kai swallowed. “I guess I can come in.” He forced his feet over the threshold. Inside the place seemed larger than the outside. Lots of antiques. Made sense for a vampire to like old things. “Have you lived here long?” Kai fell into step beside Bonnie.

No. I’ve only been here for about a year. My friends are working on getting me out,” Bonnie replied.

“You have friends?” Kai asked her.

Bonnie stopped walking and turned to give him a long look. “Yes. I have friends.”

“Are they like you?” Kai asked her. Dealing with one vamp was bad enough. Dealing with a whole group of them; was way too much. His feet began their march back to the door.

Yes. They are. But they feed from blood bags. Well, most of them do. Stefan eats bunnies. And Damon… Damon used to eat people…” Bonnie’s eyes clouded and she shook her head. “Anyway, I have to finish the pie or we’ll never eat.”

Stopping himself, Kai watched Bonnie walk back to the kitchen, like she had not noticed him trying to run away, again. She was strange. And he kind of liked it. Go or stay?

Kai’s feet led him back into the kitchen, where he found Bonnie wiping away tears and staring at her pie. “Are you okay?”

Sniffling, Bonnie looked at him. She forced a smile. “Me? I’m fine. It’s just this pie. It reminds me of home.”

Pausing, Kai saw the human in the vampire. He walked over to the counter and took Bonnie’s hand. Her eyes flicked up to his, a question in their green depths as they stared at each other. “The turkey smells awesome.” Kai watched Bonnie as his words sunk in.

Throwing her head back, Bonnie let out a laugh that Kai figured he could get used to hearing for…the next couple of decades, or, maybe, longer…

“Were you this socially inept when you were in the other world?” Bonnie inquired, her head cocked to the side, a smile on her face.

Kai tapped his chin. “Let me think about this… Nope.” He waited while Bonnie gave him a look of disbelief. “I was a billion times more awkward, especially when I was near a pretty girl.”

“You think I’m pretty?” Bonnie shot back, removing her hand from his and continuing with the pie. Still. He could tell she was watching him; waiting for an answer.

“Well, you’re the prettiest girl in this world,” Kai retorted, laughing when Bonnie turned to give him a mock-horrified look.

“I think you’re flirting with me, Kai,” Bonnie said, her tone serious as she side-eyed him.

“Maybe,” Kai retorted. “You want my help with the cooking.”

Scoffing, Bonnie shook her head. “Not if you’re going to try to put pork rinds in the mashed potatoes. Besides, I’m a vampire. I can prepare this whole meal; without breaking a sweat.”

Kai grinned. “Sorry. I was trying to be a gentleman and not expect you to make the food while I watched the game.”

What game?” Bonnie replied. “We have no TV that shows anything but old movies.”

“Oh, but if I close my eyes, I can see the Seahawks, at their best. And they always win,” Kai said, closing his eyes. “Oh, look. A touchdown in the first five seconds.”

Kai could hear Bonnie laughing. “Go away. I’ll never get this done with you—in here—being a pain in the ass.”

“You’re bossy,” Kai said. “I kinda like it.” He walked out of the kitchen.


Bonnie was humming to herself as she set the table and lit some candles. Okay. So it looked a hell of a lot more like a romantic dinner for two, than a Thanksgiving dinner. Could you blame her? She’d forgotten what it felt like to be touched, let alone kissed. Wanting a little human affection did not seem like asking for too much.

Tilting her head, Bonnie heard Kai’s feet making their way toward the dining room. So long as he was visible, she would always know where he was. The man had no stealth skills, whatsoever.

Rounding the corner, Kai stopped. Bonnie straightened as his eyes moved from the candles, and the good table cloth, to Bonnie’s full-length ball gown. “I think I am underdressed.”

“You could borrow one of Damon’s suits. It’ll be a little short in the legs, you’ve got about four or five inches on him but there’s no one here to judge.” Bonnie felt nervous as Kai nodded.

“Okay. And Damon’s room is…” Kai inquired.

Bonnie moved around the table. “Let me…” She walked around him, their hands grazing. Touch. Oh, she missed this. She led the way to Damon’s room and showed Kai Damon’s best suits, because he wouldn’t be able to wear them in this world, unless he showed up, which she doubted.

“Right,” Kai looked at the suit pants. “Yup. Where’s a good tailor when you need one?” He took the clothes and went into the bathroom.

Bonnie did not have to wait long before Kai came out. He looked good. The pants really were too short but a little skin wasn’t going to bother Bonnie. “Shall we?” she asked.

“Sure,” Kai offered her his arm and they left the room.


During dinner, Kai felt suspicious that Bonnie wanted something more than a dining companion. She looked hungry for more than turkey. Kai did not know whether he would be okay with her biting him. He was beginning to relax but biting was a whole different story.

“Is the food okay?” Bonnie asked him.

“Yeah,” Kai said.

“You stopped eating,” Bonnie pointed out.

“Oh. Um. Well. I had a question.” Kai began to play with his fork. “Did you… Are you planning on biting me?”

“Kai, we’ve been over this before, I’ll only bite you if you want me to,” Bonnie replied.

“Oh. Okay.” Kai sighed.

“Would you like to dance?” Bonnie inquired.

Eyes widening, Kai nearly knocked his chair over, getting to his feet. “Do you?”

“I thought that we could. If you wanted to,” Bonnie’s cheeks flushed and now Kai felt better. Looked like he wasn’t the only one who could become flustered.

Standing up, Bonnie moved toward him and Kai stepped toward her. He placed an arm around her waist and she slipped her hand into his. “You have really nice hands,” he commented, fixated on their tininess in his own.

“Thanks,” Bonnie replied huskily. She looked up at him beneath her eyelids.

“Can I kiss you?” Kai said.

“Um-hmm.” Bonnie nodded, her eyes closing.

Drawing in a deep breath, Kai kissed Bonnie for the first time. She tasted like the sweetest strawberries, in the summer sun. He pulled her closer and she opened her mouth. His tongue touched hers, lightly, and she let out a tiny growl.

“I think we’re going to be cleaning up tomorrow,” Kai said softly.

“Or the day after that. We’ve got plenty of time,” Bonnie whispered.


Bonnie woke up, five days later. Kai laid beside her. He looked peaceful in his sleep. She didn’t feel guilty about talking him into turning into a vampire. Now, he no longer feared her and they would have the rest of eternity together. Pressing her lips to his neck, Bonnie heard the sounds of a commotion downstairs.

Bonnie!” Damon’s voice made her sit bolt-upright.

Throwing her clothes on; Bonnie sped downstairs. “Damon! You’re alive!”

“I am. Thanks to my idiot brother and my girl. We’re taking you home,” Damon told her.

“Not without my boyfriend,” Bonnie retorted.

“Who?” Elena asked, her eyebrows rising.

“Me,” Kai said, coming into the room.

“Is that my shirt?” Damon snapped.

“Do I smell turkey?” Caroline demanded, stalking off. “Oh, my God! How long have you left this mess here?”

Stefan sighed. “We are going home, right?”

Bonnie looked at Kai. “These are my friends. Everyone, this is my Kai.”

Kai smiled at them and Bonnie walked over to place an arm around his waist. “Who’s making Christmas dinner because I am exhausted!”

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3, 2, 1… a fear submitted by Dell to Deep Dark Fears - thanks!

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anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

Guess who’s going to Disney World this weekend?

What? No, not the Chocobros… Me.

(Prompto, sweetie, sit right in the boat or you’re gonna fall out.)


imagine jack and bitty come out by simply not hiding their relationship!!

  • the Samwell team being super protective of their bros
  • the Providence team being super cool with it (and in some cases being lowkey passive agressively protective)
  • but also the tabloids being so straight

“nhl superstar Jack Zimmermann was seen yesterday leaving his penthouse apartment with best friend and roommate Eric “Bitty” Bittle. They were later seen at lunch with a young woman with whom jack seemed very close to. A simple lunch with an old friend or the best friend meeting the girlfriend lunch? Who knows, but one thing’s for sure, Zimmermann seems happy and ready to give his all for the season’s first game this Saturday. #LetsGoFalcs”

  • also, the Falcs winning the Stanley Cup, Bitty runs over to Jack on the ice and they stand there hugging, exchanging i love yous and “im so proud of you, honey!”
  • jack getting married to bitty
  • the media still hasnt caught on that they’re together
  • it’s only been 4 years you know
  • it’s not as if they’re hiding it
  • the media’s just dense af

“Jack Zimmermann spotted with best friend and roommate Eric Bittle and their 3 children. It appears that the pair has decided to add another kid to their little family as they were headed back to their car after meeting with a foster child. These two are absolute #bromance goals and we wish them luck!”

  • the Samwell team and the Falcs mocking news media outlets!!!

“Zimmermann and husband spotted with their children, bro goals!!”

“HAH! Good one, Ransom!!”

“Thanks, Tater!”

it’s 1:34 in the morning someone stop me