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Here’s a high fantasy sweet elite au that no one asked for :’)

(yo if anyone likes this au and wants to do their own take on it and makes something, plz tag me)


five days of freaking hades and persephone!natan au and @s-t-a-r-away and i are not stopping i have seen hell and it is great

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so what is the deal with the zipper thing?

When Bellamy is ready for war (political or physical) his jacket is closed and zipped up. It’s his armor, both literally and metaphorically. When Bellamy is open and vulnerable, his jacket is open. This was stated by Bob at a con. I don’t remember who told me this. sorry. i am bad memory. 

But it’s also seen in The List scene, in which Bellamy doesn’t have a jacket at all. His armor is completely gone with Clarke and he is open to her and this is a vulnerable moment between them…. and he runs away from it.

He’s zipped up again in the last episode. He zips it up after leaving Octavia, who is still blaming him, and goes off to business, saving the world again.

Clarke does not like it. We also speculate that when Clarke’s good earth cleavage is revealed, she is more vulnerable. When she’s got a jacket on, she’s got some defenses. When her cleavage is totally gone….she’s closed and protecting herself.

Costume design. Symbolism. Literal and metaphorical open heart/armored. Look at my #good earth cleavage and #costume design tags and you can find more discussion with lots of people contributing.

also fun fact: rvb maine’s model is so fucking thicc in season 9 he doesn’t even have shoulder pads because his THICKASS delts would’ve clipped into them.


I thought some more about that au where the First Child doesn’t exist and Frisk takes their place and scribbled a few things.

Basically in this AU Asriel obviously grows up as crown prince, while Frisk essentially becomes Asriel’s bodyguard the Captain of the Guard who wields a staff. I’m no good at armor design but I tried to take elements from various designs in the game and I do like the results…?

This is p much a work in progress AU that is also just an excuse to draw cute things tbh and I just realized the skeletons, Undyne, and Alphys are going to be KIDS IN THIS AU HOW CUTE IS THAT GONNA BEEEE