good andy good

“You had a crush on me? Dude that’s gay.” Simon teased, poking at Jace’s arm.

“We’re married, Simon,” Jace pointed out, rolling on his side to look at his now-husband. 

“Still,” Simon said, grinning at Jace like a kid on Christmas. 

“And who said the crush was in past tense?” Jace asked, raising an eyebrow.

“You still have a crush on me?” 

“We just got married, of course I still have a crush on you.”

Simon tapped his chin thoughtfully. “Can you call it a crush when you’re in an actual- married- relationship with said crush?”

“You’re a nerd.” Jace said, laughing softly.

“The nerd you married.” 

Jace grinned, surging forward to kiss Simon. “The nerd I married.” He agreed. 

Happy Thoughts For A Boring Shift

.Neville Longbottom is the most rockin’ father ever. Like, he’s always trying to show people pictures of his kid(s). 

Scorpious Malfoy has a weakness for blue raspberry gushers. The little muggle fruit snacks always stain his mouth blue for hours. 

 Minerva McGonagall at 14 had pulled more pranks than all the marauders combined. (Not that she’d ever tell.)

Seamus Finnigan secretly loves classical music. After he and Dean move in together, it constantly plays throughout the flat and is now the only thing Dean can paint to.

After the war, Hermione was struggling. She couldn’t concentrate on even the most interesting of passages due to her severe ptsd… there was too much buzzing in her brain. Too much nervous energy…  until Molly Weasley showed her how to knit without magic. The consistent movement of the needles calmed her and channeled her nervous energy into something constructive…

Both ladies one Christmas decided to knit every child at Hogwarts without Christmas presents their very own Weasley Sweater. They called it the Secret Santa Sweater Society. 

Harry Potter traveled the world before joining the Aurors. He needed to be reminded that there are good things still out there, untouched by the cruelty of the Death Eaters.

Luna Lovegood hasn’t changed, she’s still Luna. 

Arthur Weasley was taken to a theme park for his 65th birthday. He rode every ride. 

Reasons why Mort by Terry Pratchett is a good book you all should read:

-ditsy ginger becomes edgy
-Ysabell, Death’s awesome chubby daughter
-Binky, Death’s awesome horse
-Death attempts to live Spongebob’s life
-local ginger ruins everything
-yandere princess mcfreaking loses it
-Death loves cats with a burning passion
-butler leads a double life and attempts to kill ginger
-local monk dies, screams, then comes back to life
-Ysabell is so thirsty it hurts
-actual good life lessons about death
-I take back singling out Ysabell everyone is so thirsty it hurts
-“He felt as if he’d been shipwrecked on the Titanic but in the nick of time had been rescued. By the Lusitania.”
-the ol’ bait and switch


Ignore my ugly mug, this was the week sent from Hell and our country’s lost its fucking mind. On a personal front I’ve opened up the shop for the past two weeks, waking up at 3am every day, and I am spent. None of that mattered in this moment because a Certified Angel graced me with her presence and swerved every single A. Morgan-jersey clad fan, signaling me out and stopping two security guards from pushing me away. I’ve cried so much these past two days both with my customers and my co-workers, friends and family, and yet - this woman and this team managed to make it one of the best nights of my life. Christen Annmarie Press, is golden. I know she always makes it a point to sign for fans with signs specifically for her, but the fact that she went WAY out of her way, and came ALL the way back to the end zone - that she technically wasn’t allowed to go to (as a USSF rep came running over immediately when he saw she was walking over to sign for me and asked her repeatedly to make her way towards the sidelines) I am absolutely floored by your kindness and gratitude, and I have yet to catch my breath. I wish I had more than those 20 seconds to have told you that you deserve that starting spot, and to keep fighting - it’s yours for the taking. Seeing her in action tonight only solidified my love and appreciation for what an all-around special player she truly is and I hope that Jill Ellis f i n a l l y realizes it. Beyond that, this woman is intelligent and kind-hearted and brave. She has the brightest and warmest smile and no one deserves a night like tonight more than her. On a selfish note - I am so fuckin happy this happened in The Bay.