good and sturdy

“I tell you, we will have the finest furniture in all of Ferelden.”

He had to admit he had zoned out of much of the chatter as they drank. Pointless small talk about drapery, and carpets and-

“Particularly the desks.”

“Oh, the desks are good, so I hear.”

“Sturdy is what I have heard.”

“Mh. Well, Cullen has the largest out of us all…desk that is. Perhaps we should ask for his consideration?”

He glanced up, suddenly aware of a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. “It’s, er…a desk? A fine desk? No complaints.”

“But Commander, do tell.” Dorian’s smirk grew to a positively mammoth grin, curling at the edges as he leant forward. “Tell us your thoughts on just how sturdy a desk should be.”

And he froze. 

Maker, how could they possibly know…

He couldn’t help the colour that had started to rush to his cheeks, deliberately refusing to meet the eyes he knew were locked on him, awaiting his response. A quick, sideways glance to Dorian once more confirmed his worst fears - the smug bastard knew.

Andraste, preserve me.

“You’ve gone a very adorable shade of magenta, Commander. Something you’d like to impart upon us?”

“N-No!” He managed to splutter, forcing himself to look at the assembled parties around him. “I have n-no idea what you are…to suggest…nonsense!”

“Really?” Bull’s deep voice cut in. “I heard some most interesting news floating around camp this week.”

“Did you really? Why, I wonder if it was the same news that managed to reach my ears too?”

There was a chorus of sniggering, and Cullen began to twitch, starting to rise to his feet.

“I should really get back to-“

Bull’s hand on his back caught his armour, pushing him back down in his seat. “No, no, Commander. Five more minutes. Indulge us.”

“Would someone like to tell me what I am missing here?” Cassandra was staring over her flagon, an eyebrow raised, and Dorian’s shit-eating grin grew wider.

“Yeah, Curly. It’s rude to leave the lady out of our discussion.” Of course Varric would be supporting this.

“I do not think it is gossip that the Lady Seeker would be even remotely interested in!”

Gossip? Are you saying there is no truth to it, Commander?” Smug bastard.

“Would someone care to explain to what exactly is going on?” Cassandra’s patience was wearing thin.

“My Lady Seeker, we were simply passing through the barracks earlier this week when we happened upon some interesting information. A scout by the name of Jim-“

Jim?!”  That damned scout. He would swing him from the tower when he saw him next.

“Happened to be passing along the ramparts when he saw a most flabbergasting proposition…Imagine, the dear Commander and the Herald of Andraste…testing out the very limits of our fine desks…”

“Perhaps that is why…“ Holy preserve him, not Josephine too. “There was a most interesting comment from our dear Inquisitor, enquiring as to why Commander Rutherford had a very large hole in the roof of his personal quarters that had not been repaired.”

There was silence, and Cullen wholeheartedly agreed that if a rift were to open above him, and a demon to seize him, he would have gone willingly into the Void.

“Curly? Anything to add to that, or have we got the story covered? I do like to be thorough. Remember, the Maker is watching and knows your heart, and all that jazz, so no lying.”

He saw the dawn in Cassandra’s eyes as they shifted to him, and he felt the sweat on his palms under her scrutiny. Maker, he hadn’t been this embarrassed since he was a mere boy, and damned Mia had told his parents about…

You and the Inquisitor?”

It was a fruitless endeavour to continue to pretend now, and he gave in with a heaving sigh, mumbling into his flagon as he drained it.

Sweet Maker, I need more wine.”

The table erupted into a roar of laughter and shouts, and he laid his head against the table, burying it beneath an armoured arm, Dorian’s slap to the back stinging even through the armour.

It was going to be a long, long night.

me in the future buying a house: Hey these are nice doors what are they made of?

Real estate agent: Oh, these? These are a good sturdy pair of old oak doors, they-uh excuse me? Are you alright there? Why are you crying?

me, whispering: a scientist is always fine, I am perfectly fine leave me alone.

If Only Out of Vanity

by Stacey-Ann Chin

If only out of vanity
I have wondered what kind of woman I will be
when I am well past the summer of my raging youth
Will I still be raising revolutionary flags
and making impassioned speeches
that stir up anger in the hearts of pseudo-liberals
dressed in navy-blue conservative wear

In those years when I am grateful
I still have a good sturdy bladder
that does not leak undigested prune juice
onto diapers—no longer adorable
will I be more grateful for that
than for any forward movement in any current political cause
and will it have been worth it then
Will it have been worth the long hours
of not sleeping
that produced little more than reams
of badly written verses that catapulted me into literary spasms
but did not even whet the appetite
of the three O’ clock crowd
in the least respected of the New York poetry cafes

Will I wish then that I had taken that job working at the bank
or the one to watch that old lady drool
all over her soft boiled eggs
as she tells me how she was a raving beauty in the sixties
how she could have had any man she wanted
but she chose the one least likely to succeed
and that’s why when the son of a bitch died
she had to move into this place
because it was government subsidized

Will I tell my young attendant
how slender I was then
and paint for her pictures
of the young me more beautiful than I ever was
if only to make her forget the shriveled paper skin
the stained but even dental plates
and the faint smell of urine that tends to linger
in places built especially for revolutionaries
whose causes have been won
or forgotten

Will I still be lesbian then
or will the church or family finally convince me
to marry some man with a smaller dick
than the one my woman uses to afford me
violent and multiple orgasms

Will the staff smile at me
humor my eccentricities to my face
but laugh at me in their private resting rooms
saying she must have been something in her day

Most days I don’t know what I will be like then
but everyday—I know what I want to be now
I want to be that voice that makes Guilani
so scared he hires two (butch) black bodyguards

I want to write the poem
that The New York Times cannot print
because it might start some kind of black or lesbian
or even a white revolution

I want to go to secret meetings and under the guise
of female friendship I want to bed the women
of those young and eager revolutionaries
with too much zeal for their cause
and too little passion for the women
who follow them from city to city
all the while waiting in separate rooms

I want to be forty years old
and weigh three hundred pounds
and ride a motorcycle in the wintertime
with four hell raising children
and a one hundred ten pound female lover
who writes poetry about my life
and my children and loves me
like no one has ever loved me before

I want to be the girl your parents will use
as a bad example of a lady

I want to be the dyke who likes to fuck men

I want to be the politician who never lies

I want to be the girl who never cries

I want to go down in history
in a chapter marked miscellaneous
because the writers could find
no other way to categorize me
In this world where classification is key
I want to erase the straight lines
So I can be me

gaseous-science  asked:

11. Strengths? 29. Hobbies? 30. Favourite movies? 32. Best friend(s) on tumblr? 47. Pets?

11. Strengths? 

I think mun’s biggest strength is that of being able to push aside a lot of her own sadness and fears out of concern for others. When she senses something is wrong, she will go out of her way to really do whatever she can to make things better for someone else; even if she isn’t doing so well on her end. To be honest, I think this is why her Mama often refers to her as a stone from time to time, but in a good way because of how sturdy and strong she is when someone needs help. 

29. Hobbies? 

Mun seems to have a lot of hobbies, but I think one of the obvious ones is drawing! She loves to draw! Anywhere she goes, if its not a quick errand, she will always have her sketchbooks and pens with her. She rarely ever leaves them. Listening to music is also a big hobby she enjoys too, as well as finding new music to listen to! 

And if she isn’t drawing, but listening to music, its thinking of new ideas for stories and new drawings. She also loves to read books! She has her own little library in her room with 3 shelves full of books! 

And when she wants to be lazy and no do much, its hanging out with her family and playing video games or watching movies. 

Mun’s pretty chill for a person her age. 

30. Favourite movies? 

Oh boy, mun has lots of movies she likes. But if I can just peak into her collection she has so far, I can give off a few to give you an idea. 

Let’s see, here are some of mun’s favorite movies! 

Aladdin, A Goofy Movie, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Tokyo Godfathers, Perfect Blue, Star Wars (all of them), Planet of the Apes (all of them), Mad Max (all of them, though her top fave is Fury Road), Spirited Away, pretty much every Pixar movie, Chicken Run, Prince of Egypt, Joseph King of Dreams, and the Road to El Dorado seem to be movies she really loves the most! 

But there are lots more, trust me! 

32. Best friend(s) on tumblr? 

There are lots of people she really looks to as friends, even as best friends and she loves them all equally! 

Let’s name a few: 

@ministerofbiscuit @mcaesarclown @gaseous-science @that-damn-demon-rin @wilystar @wilystar @korhannstuff @konekonami @luffyasksandanswers @stardustgalaxy @askrosetto @askrayne @jules-the-lynx @ask-the-three-eyes and many many more! 

47. Pets? 

Mun lives in a zoo, did you know that? She has lots of animals! So far, she has 4 cats, 3 dogs, and 1 chicken. She had more, but they have lived a full life and passed on while others…well, had their time cut short. Those are moments that mun doesn’t like to look back on a lot. 

However, she wants to get more pets and often calls them her babies. She does a very good job taking care of them! 


Cancer Male and Capricorn Female - [Requested]

The sister signs in a relationship is bound to have it’s ups and downs as they are so similar yet so different. The Cancer has his work cut out for him trying to break down the walls built around a Cap’s heart, but a cancer is smart enough to see there’s more to them than their cold exterior. Caps would appreciate how much their cancer shows their love and respect, and with a little coaxing, they would learn to do the same naturally; they just don’t readily give it like Cancers do. I also think that Caps can easily become very claustrophobic and a Cancer could easily make a Cap feel forced to open up, which makes the Cap woman shut him out even more so. The Cancer needs to know when enough’s enough and when to leave the cap in peace - because they need their independence. Once everything works out, a Cap is just as affectionate and together they would create a good, sturdy foundation for a family and a stable lifestyle.

How to Start Off the Semester Well

A new semester is a fresh start. A chance to move past the disappointments and build on the successes of the previous semester. Here are my tips on starting off well:

1) Cover your notebooks. It’s a small touch that makes a long-term difference. I like to decorate the covers of my cheap, plain notebooks and protect them with slip-on plastic covers. It keeps them looking good and feeling sturdy for the rest of the semester. Having neatly-covered notebooks that feel more professional and ordered helps me have a positive attitude going into the new semester, because it’s a small, visual reminder that I’m willing to put effort into attaining knowledge.

2) Go to your intro lectures/classes. Although it may seem like a waste of time, if you have access to the class information, it can be very valuable. It’s a good opportunity to find the venues, to meet the people who will be teaching you and to get an overall picture of what you’re going to learn. 

3) Don’t sign up for 8 a.m. classes if you can help it. Even if you are disciplined enough to wake up in time, the traffic and weather can be unpredictable and I personally find it so stressful to have an 8 a.m. I still get to campus early, and ease into my morning by filling out my bullet journal and day-plan before my 9 a.m. class.

4) Empty your backpack. It can be tempting to overfill your backpack and carry around a whole lot of sh*t you don’t actually need. Do you really need ALL 24 fineliners and your psychology textbook? Probably not. I like to *coughs*find*coughs* electronic copies of my textbooks and save them on my laptop, which I DO carry with me. That way, I have my hard copies at home for when I’m doing serious studying, but I still have access to them at campus. If I’m desperate, the library always has hard copies on loan.

5) Have a planner and actually use it. I know you’re sick of hearing this, but it does make a huge difference. I like a bullet journal, but find a system that works for you. Whether it’s an expensive designer planner, a cheap little notebook that you scribble the basics into, a bullet journal, a printable planner (I highly recommend @hexaneandheels ‘s planner - I’m using some of the course outline sheets she made and they are both pretty and efficient), an office-brand diary that your mom got free at work or something from Typo. FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU BECAUSE YOU’LL ACTUALLY USE IT AND BE PROUD OF IT. 

Hope these tips help! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me a message or ask! You can also follow my study-instagram for some studyspo.

Happy studying!

xx Munira

Turbo nerd talk for a sec rq but thank fucking Christ that they got McFarlane Toys to license the Andromeda figures bcs by some combined miracle of crazy glue and sheer will power I still have some of the old Big Fish figures but they were ugly af and they were garbage.

McFarlane is good bcs they make sturdy figures with p good sculpts and are within my price range. Not especially good for posing but they hold up well for what you pay for em. Bcs your only option if you didn’t want The Green Meanie Lopsided Garrus who shattered when you went to dust your shelves was a $90 figure from Play Arts or a $300 two foot tall statue.

So yeah, god bless Funko and McFarlane for mass producing my Mass Effect needs.

Misanthropes have some admirable - if paradoxical - virtues. It is no exaggeration to say that we are among the nicest people you are likely to meet. Because good manners build sturdy walls, our distaste for intimacy makes us exceedingly cordial. “ships that pass in the night.” As long as you remain a stranger we will be your friend forever.

Bit late posting this. Taken at Fanime 2015. One of my mecha cosplays for the year, G-Self from Reconguista in G. First Gundam cosplay I’ve done since starting to cosplay. Good sturdy design and much more comfortable as well. Wish I could have done a better job with the finish, but I had mismanaged my time and ended up rushing it, even had to work on it a bit at con. Lesson learned, not going to do that again. Another lessoned learned is that I’ll probably only do one big mecha cosplay a year, doing too was way too stressful and I ended up doing a half-ass job on both of them. It was also a pain getting transporting them to and from my hotel room, felt really bad for making my friends help me to drag it all from the room to my car.

In my mind I’ve built a house on the beach

It sits ramshackle, paint peeling


The beach stretches out for miles

Wild and untouched

It’s not meant for sunbathing 

But rather for collecting purple flowered sand dollars and tangerine colored starfish

It’s the kind of beach that requires baggy sweats

Hoodies instead of g-string bikinis 

This beach is meant for walking

Hand in hand



We stop now and again to pocket smooth rounded pieces of milky blue sea glass and place them wordlessly in our sandy pockets

This house has a porch for sitting

Sipping strong black coffee as we look toward the sea

This house has sleeping porches where the children scramble from bunk to bunk

Wild like the sea, smelling of salt and wind

Rumpling soft cotton sheets

In this house I grow old with you

Our tangled differences tucked away in my mother’s mahogany hope chest along with the ancient mothballs

It is a good house

A sturdy house

A house worth dreaming about

This house in my mind

On the beach

- Kim Beyer-Johnson

you have built your own shell, over the years
soft flesh and gaping vulnerabilities -
people you used to call brother,
the spots you would hide when you were a child,
things that make you laugh;
all hidden behind armor:
both physical and metaphorical
behind scar tissue and the rigid set of your shoulders,
behind harsh words you choke out,
behind orders and calluses and numbness.
it’s a good wall, sturdy, and constructed with time and care.
but, dear,
you have been the vanguard for too long.
you have taken too many hits.
what will you do,
when your armor finally cracks?
—  what is left inside?