good and bad government

I think it’s really important to remember that Steve’s perspective, coming in to Civil War, is still very heavily influenced by WWII. The movie calls back to this significantly in a few instances, and for good reason; WWII was a global clusterfuck. Governments made bad choices, some worse than others, and a lot of people died before alliances of nations bothered to get involved. Even the ‘good guys’ made the call to drop atomic weapons, which would be a recent discovery for Steve. He was shit at taking orders then, same as now, because Steve has always done what he personally saw as right, knowing that governments and councils might not make the moral call, or might wait too long to make it. 

We see this when Tony busts out FDR’s fountain pens, apparently in some attempt to appeal to Steve’s nostalgia. But Steve has lived through the war those pens brought his country in to, and seen the far-reaching consequences of one man signing a document – it’s not something he can take lightly. 

He’s still almost on board though, until Wanda being held in the compound comes up. And the word Steve uses then is very important:


The internment of American citizens of Japanese ancestry is not a distant memory to Steve; for him, it happened only a few years ago, and his friend and comrade-in-arms, Jim Morita, would probably have had family in internment camps. All supposedly for the greater good and safety of the nation. Steve balking and balking hard makes a lot of sense; even if Wanda is technically in a cushy situation, what happens when more enhanced people turn up? Ones Tony doesn’t have room for? What precedent is set for imprisoning them if he agrees to this? 

Steve has always been about the individual right to choose what is moral. The kid who didn’t want to kill anybody, just stop the bullies, is the same guy who doesn’t want to sign over his will and his shield to others, to step in and follow orders given to him, regardless of what they are.

(Steve remembers all too clearly the acts of men just following orders.)

sorry, this isn’t directed at anyone in particular, but i’m so tired of all the posts about how y’all don’t like being told to vote. this is serious and your personal comfort or ideological purity or whatever should come second to the greater good here

the us government is going to do bad things regardless of who wins today. i’m not going to sugarcoat it. but one of these candidates (and the party he represents) wants to overturn marriage equality, overturn roe v wade, ban muslims from entering the country, and promote abusive conversion therapy that will ruin the lives of countless lgbt kids. and the other doesn’t

and it’s not just down to trump and clinton! there’s also congress and local elections, which are just as important and often much, much closer elections. vote for your senator, vote for your local judges, vote for amendments to your state constitution, vote for your county sheriff. your vote DOES matter here

this shit is important, this affects real people including myself and countless others. i know it’s annoying if you’ve already made up your mind about not voting, but you being annoyed for a few days is vastly preferable to a trump presidency and a republican congress

if you’re registered to vote and can make it to the polls today, please vote

Karma’s not real

Doing a bad(good) thing doesn’t make a bad(good) thing happen to you. CLEARLY there is no governing force at work here, good, bad, or otherwise. We’re just clusters of atoms that got uppity, and our ultimate fate is the same as the rest of it as the universe expands and cools.

But. Sometimes it feels like you get a little message just the same, either reinforcing or punitive, following the thing you did/said. And it doesn’t require a belief in anything supernatural to listen to that message, think about your recent actions, and look for opportunities to improve for the sliver of time you get, anyway.

Really astoundingly obvious answer to the “but what if the robots steal our jobs” that people bring up whenever they’re arguing against artificial intelligence technologies for whatever reason;

  • We don’t need to have jobs
  • Like seriously you’re assuming that modern capitalism is a given for a future technologically-advanced society
  • You don’t even need to go full socialist literally just tax companies for the money that they used to be paying employees (and then some because be real tax on wealthy individuals and corporations is always too low) and pay that back to the population as guaranteed basic income
  • The whole point of building machines that can do jobs for us is that we now don’t have to do those jobs ourselves, that’s literally the point, and it’s a good thing. It’s only a bad thing when governments refuse to adapt, which is why you need to lobby like hell

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crime is bad! i love the government and capitalism is good! cartoon villains are COMMUNISTS! jack macklemoreson is my hero! how do you do fellow kids!


okay not to be a party pooper but i see posts on my dash like “turkey isn’t a real democracy!” here’s the thing. ‘democracy’ is often implied to be a good thing but democracy is neither good nor bad. it’s just a system of government. is democracy supposed to represent the people? yes, but do they? no. yes, the people elect particular governments but those governments aren’t benevolent just because they’re elected democratically. in the same vain, the US and israel are both considered democratic countries but they’re also two of the worst human rights abusers in the world. does that all of a sudden make them undemocratic? nah. i mean there are particular things that may make them undemocratic but human rights abuses, mistreatment of minorities doesn’t. those exist everywhere in every country, democratic or not. 

this isn’t a judgement of whether those countries are democratic or not, that’s not my point. my point is stop implying that democracy is a measure for whether a state is good. that’s obviously not always the case.