good album everyone

this has been a rlly good year for girl groups so far ok like all my favorite albums from this year are girl groups’

i feel like taylor really doesn’t like red that much and it’s a shame because that album is seriously a masterpiece. there are so many perfect songs on it and it maybe isn’t as ‘sonically cohesive’ as 1989 but that’s actually one of my favorite things about it. because she wrote each song to sound like what she was feeling and i knew you were trouble sounds more chaotic and sad beautiful tragic sounds more defeated and 22 sounds happy and they don’t sound anything alike but it works. and red is about heartbreak and 1989 is about dusting yourself off and when you think about it that way it makes sense that red goes through all those different emotions/sounds and 1989 is looking back on a relationship and telling the story of it without quite the same range of emotions.