good afternoon guys!


02/05/2016 // 1:08pm

What’s better than waking up on a Monday morning and realize that you don’t have school on that day?

I’m enjoying a day off today: writing up macro economics notes for my finals on mid-May, and printed out some stuff to help me organize through my finals week! [I will link it right here if you guys are interested in these printables]

Enjoy your Monday guys, good afternoon! xx

“Today we are here for the union of my most beloved and only son, Matt, and the man who stole his heart, Marshall…But all of you already knew that.”


anonymous asked:

Hello, are you familiar with diabolik lovers? We need translators since the new game lost eden is coming out soon, and we'd love it if you can translate some of the character's routes!


Hi, good afternoon. Haha, you guys are rather interesting. First off, thanks for taking some time of your life to ask me something, dear anon. Yes, I’m familiar with diabolik lovers because of my daughter. She’d constantly talk about it with me, so I know just enough. I was going to translate another game I’ve been expecting for a long while, but turned out that game was a disaster, so I’m not very hyped to do it anymore. That’s why I’ve been translating some bits of new diabolik lovers lost eden previews no has done yet. Anything to forget that game for a second. I’m basically doing this because bored.

Yeah, the situation here is critical. There are not enough translators in this fandom and most of them are focused on spanish instead of english. I’ve heard that dl fandoms had some problems with translators due to reposting or something? Personally, I think some of them think too high of themselves, as if they were the “gods” of this fandom. I guess it can’t be helped though, since this fandom really depend on them. I understand some people might get angry at their hard work being reposted, but I didn’t like how some of them treated the fans that couldn’t understand japanese. Knowing japanese enough to translate games isn’t even that of a big deal as some people make it up to be. I think you guys shouldn’t depend so much on these people. I encourage you to try learning japanese by yourselves. 

 It must be tough being fan of a game franchise that isn’t even localized man. I don’t think you guys’ll have problems with me, y’know? My translations are just scratches I do when I’m bored, so I’m kinda get happy when people use or take something I regard as meaningless. my translations care. My dilemma has been “selfless devotion”(滅私奉公), since I’ve sworn to myself I’d pay for all my sins. Let me tell you, I learned japanese when I was captured during one of my missions by the japanese army. Nowdays, I just take classes and learn on my own. I’m not a professional, but I’ll make sure to make you understand what the flashy characters are saying. Don’t worry, I’ve done this before.

I don’t care if you repost my work, but I do care about feedback. If I don’t get enough feedback, then I won’t translate a large amount of dialogues. Besides, I translate anything, not just diabolik lovers, so don’t misunderstand, dear anon. Therefore, if anyone here wants something to be translated for free, just say straight up to me. I’m bored after all. Oh, about translating some routes of the new DL game, yes, I could do some. My daughter likes Kanato, Azusa and that one guy wearing an eyepatch, Shin. She’s also interested in the new character, which I believe his name is “Kino”? 

However, I want it to be useful, so I’m not gonna do it, unless people are say it clearly if they really want me to do it. Don’t worry, I don’t hurt(unless someone pays me). Also, I don’t see the point on doing it if someone else will do it instead, so I want people to show me they’re interested(follow, reblog, like, send messages, etc…). But I’d really be glad to help you guys. Remember, I’m always open to translation requests, and of course, even aside of diabolik lovers. Oh, but if you want me to erase someone’s existence, you’ll have to pay. And you’d have to talk to me privately, so I can give you my secret site. If you can, give me one photo and a object owned by your target, so my hunting dogs can track their scent. It’d just make my life easier.  

Good afternoon guys! ☆〜(*>◡ó*)Quick coffee before going back to shoot. 

So…. this morning I woke up late and almost forgot that I had photoshoot today.゚(゚ノДó*゚)゚。 But lucky my sist remind me of today. Thank you sist ❤

Also I hope you guys have a wonderful Sunday ~ (*ò◡<*)ッ❤

Door bell rings and Thorin is dragged inside by his siblings

Frerin: “Good afternoon guys! We’re the flower shop that just opened next door and this is the owner, Thorin-number 6 on the Kinsey scale-Durin. Nice to meet you!”

Dis: “Anyways, our totally single and looking for love brother just wanted to stop by and say hello. Say, do you guys do cover ups for past tattoos? Thorin’s really interested in that and would just love to know more. Here’s his card with his cell number written on the back. Okay? Thanks! I’m Dis by the way, and that’s Frerin.”

Bilbo: “…”

Ori: “Actually, cover ups are Bilbo’s specialty.”

Dis: “Perfect.”

Thorin: “…………………………….”

What am I doing. I have a Pharm exam next TuesdaywHAT AM I DOING

Hindi naman ako namimili ng kaibigan. Hindi lang talaga ako agad nagtitiwala at may pinagkaiba yon. Marunong rin naman ako makisama kahit ayoko pa sayo, dahil may respeto ako. May mga bagay kasi na hindi pinipilit at naniniwala ako na hindi lahat ng tao totoo sayo. Hindi rin naman ako mailap sa mga tao, sadyang ayaw ko lang magsayang ng oras para sa mga walang kwentang bagay. Kapag galit ako sayo, sasabihin ko pa mismo sayo dahil hindi ko ugaling manahimik at mas lalong hindi ko ugali na tirahin ka patalikod. Tumatanda na tayo pero bakit yung mga utak niyo pabata ng pabata? Pero eto lang ang talaga ang gusto kong sabihin sayo, bago ka magsabi sakin ng kuno ano ano, siguraduhin mo muna na totoo yan. Dahil kapag kinausap kita at wala kang patunay sa mga pinagsasabi mo, ibabalik ko sayo yun lahat at sisiguraduhin ko na ikaw ang kawawa sa ating dalawa (na lagi naman nangyayari). Kaya kung ako sayo, kilalanin ko muna kung sino kinakalaban ko para hindi ako magmukhang tanga.