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Who is in  c o n t r o l?

Merry Christmas @shherie! I’m your secret santa! ^ u ^ I used your prompts cats, kittens and crazy cat ladies boys! (they have very many kittens )

I hope you like it, and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! c:


@gro-ggy commissioned me to draw a set of Esmeralda pictures from @shenanimation‘s Scalie Schoolie for a friend of hers. Esmeralda has a very fun body type and I’m a fan of all of Shen’s work so it was just all in all a blast to draw! 


The power in my hand was gained for her sake.

Egyptian Polychrome and Gilt Cartonnage Mummy Mask, Late Ptolemaic/Early Roman Period, C. Late 1st Century BC/Early 1st Century AD

Wearing a long richly decorated wig painted with a checkerboard pattern of rosettes, lotus and papyrus flowers, and surmounted by a winged scarab with gold sun-disk, and Re-Harakhti with wings spread beneath a field of stars, the broad gold collar ornamented with Eyes of Horus, disks, lotus and papyrus festoons, rosettes, and beads, the face with long finely-painted blue eyebrows and cosmetic lines in relief.