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Malala Yousafzai gets into Oxford to study PPE after collecting A Level results

(Telegraph) Malala Yousafzai was just one of the nervous youngsters waiting for news of their A Level results.

However, it was good news for the UN Messenger of Peace and young student.

She found out through UCAS early on Thursday morning that she had met the grades required to study Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the University of Oxford.

Congratulations Ms. Yousafzai!


dure un buen rato en decidirme cuales eran mis favoritas❤ si gustan pueden recomendarme más💐


Ruki: it’s almost time for the POP-UP STORE so lemme upload some of the photos I took of the pre-sale goods! 🙆
Ruki: just as I tweeted yesterday, here’s my Koron for the first time in a long time and the round towel that’ll be pre-sold at the POP-UP STORE! the fabric is solid so you can also  use it as interior decoration 🙆 I put it on the sofa where Koron usually sits 🛋
he’s had this habit of putting out his tongue since way back, he’s so cute. I was able to capture it on camera 🤤 (image 1 + 2)
#nilduenilun_tokyo #nilduenilun #popupstore #thegazette #ruki #KORON #dog #likes
Ruki: the tote bag you guys had so many questions about. the details on the size will be announced later, but just to give you an idea, if you put the huge RAD sneaker in it there’s still lots and lots of room 👟about as big enough to fit Koron when he was a little smaller! I recommend it 〜😎 (image 4)
#nilduenilun_tokyo #nilduenilun #popupstore #thegazette #ruki #totebag #bag #likes
Ruki: and finally, this is the No.1 item that I really wanted and I’m really glad I made! I carry my cell phone, and all kinds of other things in it 👉
it’s just very convenient and useful! 🙆
when I was outside the studio drinking coffee it was raining but it’s still kinda like the rainy season, isn’t it? 🙍‍♂️ (image 3)
#nilduenilun_tokyo #nilduenilun #popupstore #thegazette #ruki #clutchbag #likes #PleaseMakeItSunnyOnTheDayOfTheLIVE
Ruki: so, starting on August 1st, there will be a POP-UP STORE at Laforet in Harajuku for a limited time of 10 days so please come by and enjoy 🙆 I will also hurry up and go to take a peek 🏃
Ruki: here’s the NG* shot after I kept taking pictures and Koron’s look kept getting tired and is if he were bothered 🙄 (image 5)
*NG = No Good / Fail 



My brother and I… had to scrounge for food, steal, loot, anything to survive. But everywhere we scavenged was being picked over by other orphans. Then one day, we scouted a military warehouse, just like this one. Taking a little at a time and going one by one, to avoid detection. And that day… it was my turn.

I Like It When You Do That (Isaac Lahey)

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Summary: However this ends, he’s a fool if he does nothing or a fool if he gives into the sweetness of temptation.

Author’s Note: I’m glad I’m finally done with this story. I had debated on a while on how far to take this. But I’m glad that I decided to push the envelope and go all the way with the smut. Enjoy!

Nights like this were always innocent.

They would curl up under the covers of her bed and watch movies until they both fell asleep. Suspicions never rose when they spent hours together behind her bedroom door; often times it wouldn’t open until the early hours of the morning and it was time for Isaac to leave so he could head home to get ready for school. It was entirely innocent…until it wasn’t. Her parents should have expected that it would turn out that way eventually.

The night starts out like every other one. They had watched two movies and thirty minutes into the third (some French film remake with an obscenely long title), she was sound asleep. The movie was a thriller; it was on the subtler side but the heroine was hot and that kept his attention mostly.

Then there was a sex scene. Of course there was a sex scene. Not that he was complaining too much. The guy okay looking, but seeing the actress naked, enjoying being eaten out, being thrust into from behind—the whole scene made his cock twinge with desire.

Isaac feels a shift beside him. Looking down, he sees [Name] burrowing herself further into the covers of her bed. Lying on her side with one arm tucked under the pillow and her legs pulled towards her stomach, she looked like an angel. She looked so peaceful (and not his girl) and there was a desire in his blood to touch her. It should never have been a thought that entered his mind. It was wrong. She was his friend and asleep, and he was turned on by a movie. He should have just gone to bathroom to jack off. Isaac licks his lips as his eyes travel across her sleeping form.

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french nighttime vocab 💤

🌙 night vocab 

  • la nuit: the night
  • la lune: the moon
  • les étoiles: the stars (f)
  • nocturne: nocturnal 

🛏️ bedroom vocab

  • la chambre à coucher: bedroom
  • la chambre: bedroom
  • la grande chambre: the master bedroom
  • un lit: a bed
  • l'oreiller: a pillow
  • un animal en peluche: a stuffed animal
  • une couverture: a blanket
  • la literie: bedding
  • la table de chevet: bedside table
  • le dessus-de-lit: bedspread
  • la taie d'oreiller: pillow case
  • douillet: cozy
  • la couette: comforter
  • faire le lit: make the bed
  • le lit est défait: the bed is unmade
  • un grand lit: a king sized bed
  • un lit à deux places: a bed for two people
  • un lit à une place: a bed for one person
  • un cadre d'un lit: bed frame
  • les draps: bed sheets (m)
  • un lit superposé: bunk bed 

  😴 sleep vocab 

  • un somme: a nap
  • un petit somme: a quick nap
  • la sieste: a siesta (nap in the afternoon)
  • le sommeil: sleep
  • la somnolence: sleepiness
  • un rêve: a dream
  • un cauchemar: a nightmare
  • une rêverie: a daydream
  • l'insomnie: insomnia (f)
  • le somnambule: sleepwalker
  • un noctambule: a night owl 
  • matinal: early riser
  • un réveil: an alarm clock

🌌 verbs

  • se lever: to wake up (literally to rise)
  • se coucher: to go to bed
  • se recoucher: to go back to bed
  • s'assoupir: to doze off
  • dormir: to sleep
  • rêver: to dream
  • rêvasser: to daydream 
  • pioncer: to sleep (informal)

🌃 phrases

  • bonne nuit: good night 
  • passer une nuit blanche: to pull an all nighter
  • être un lève-tôt: to be an early bird 
  • être un lève-tard: a late riser
  • sortir du lit: get out of bed 
  • dormir à poings fermés: sleep like a log
  • rester éveillé: to stay up
Wolfram’s hilarious language mistakes

I think the YenPress translations of Wolfram’s “language mistakes” are too refined and don’t do justice to what he actually said in the original version.


What he meant to say: Un, niau (Yes, you look good.)

What he said: Un, niou (Yes, you stink.)

*Note: niau = look good, niou = smell bad, stink


What he meant to say: Ojou kincho shiteru. (My Lady is nervous.)

What he said: Ojou kancho shiteru. (My Lady is doing an enema.)

*Note: kincho = nervousness, kancho = enema (or a prank)


What he meant to say: Ojou, genki dashite. (My Lady, please cheer up.)

What he said: Ojou, benki dashite. (My Lady, please get the toilet seat.)

*Note: genki = cheerfulness, benki = toilet seat


To me as a non-native English speaker, Wolfram is actually one of the most relatable characters in Kuro.

I feel you, Wolfram…!!! (´-ω-`)



invoices are an easier / safer way to request money from commissioners. all the commissioner has to do is accept to pay the money, so you don’t have to worry about them clicking or typing anything that will get you in trouble with paypal.


under Invoice Information you can choose what date your invoice needs to be paid by. if you don’t have a specified date for your commissioner then make sure to select No Due Date so they don’t get into any trouble for not paying by the default date.


go through your Business Information to make sure it’s only showing what you want it to show. your default template may show your address, phone number, name, etc, but everything is optional and can be turned off. personally i only keep my e-mail visible so commissioners know where the invoice is coming from.


your commissioner’s e-mail goes here


fill out what your commissioner is paying for and how much it costs. double check the Total towards the bottom to make sure you’ve filled out everything correctly. keep item names vague like “commission” or “image” since paypal may freeze your account if they catch any buzzwords they don’t like.


here you can fill out any terms and conditions your commissioner should know about, ie when you accept payment, if you give refunds, etc.


in the Memo box you can write a note for yourself to see when you look at the invoice. you can write down who commissioned you and anything else you’ll need to remind yourself of later


remember that you can replace the default template so you can save your business info, terms and conditions, etc for the next time you fill out an invoice.


look under Selling Tools on your home page and click Seller Preferences

click Update next to Shipping Preferences

go to Display Ship Button at the bottom and make sure Goods is un-checked

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