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#420 [Adam Cole]

Requested, #420. “You’re mine and only mine. In the least objectifying sense of the phrase, of course.” - fluffy/funny (Prompt from here.)

Author Note: This is just fluff. And happy things. And cute relationship stuff. Because I think we could all use some goodness right now.

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Adam Cole wasn’t known for being sentimental in the wrestling ring, that was something everyone knew. Maybe when he’d first started, he’d been kind of a goof, but over the years he’d evolved to cold and calculating and determined.

Outside of the ring, his personality was dependent on the situation. Around friends, family, and fans he was outgoing, funny, and kind. Around real strangers, however, or people he didn’t quite get good vibes from, he let his in-ring persona take over.

But when it came to you? Well, he tried his best to never be anything negative to you.

He was supportive of your career, of your dreams and goals. He loved you, cared about you, wanted you in his life. Months ago he’d told you, in a very serious tone, “You’re mine and only mine. In the least objectifying sense of the phrase, of course”. You’d rolled your eyes at the time, but the sentiment had stayed in your heart since.

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No, but the faces Asami makes while thinking about Korra  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Representations of Black Family Life

Anonymous said: Are there any stereotypes to avoid when writing a parent-child relationship in a black family? Thank you! ^^

A Note on Stereotypes

First of all, there are real People of Color who have realities that are “stereotypical.” Sometimes circumstance and culture dictates somewhat recurring themes in certain peoples lives. But that should in no way speak of the worth of those individuals.

And while there are definitely stereotypes fulfilled and realized in the Black community, that shouldn't grade their worth, nor the whole lot of are worth.

On the other hand, I want to see more than only stereotypical portrayals being brought forth on my screen. Even if some stereotypes ring true in some people’s lives, it is detrimental for media to milk one image of a human being, and in this case Black family life, as it adds to the belief of that group of people being as a monolith with the same ole situation, say ole story.

Plus, as mentioned, people are not their stereotypes yet when we’re given the same image of a person over and over, that’s certainly all they become. More caricature, less human.

Writing Black Family Relationships

On that note, I do think there are “universal truths” so to speak within some Black cultures, and as you’ll see in Black tumblr/twitter memes “Black mamas be like…black family reunions be like…” Which I find myself laughing at because they’re often so true to my life and experiences.

Instead of focusing on not creating a stereotypical family life or parent-child relationship with a Black family, though, try focusing on the circumstances that surround your character, their personality, and their community.

Who are their parents? Are they still together, divorced? Both alive? How close is your character to their parents? What is their parenting style? How does your character get along with her parents? Do they share the same religion, beliefs? How much can they confide in one or more parent? How comfortable is their dynamic; it is strict, laid-back, somewhere in between? Again worry less about falling into a stereotype, but what’s true for your character’s reality.

You’ll know you’re falling into some problematic areas if the storyline lacks complexity, with one negative aspect after another without anything dynamic to it. If you’re still worried, I suggest searching “black family stereotypes” to get a feel of the sort of redundant portrayals in media and society.

Remember the good ole 90s and early 2000’s with all its Black sitcom families? The Baxters (That’s so Raven). The Huxtables (The Cosby Show). The Banks (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air). The Winslows (Family Matters)…

Within this array of shows we’ve got all sorts of varied relationships between parent – child and none come off as problematic to me. You’ve got goofy, uncool parents, busy, working-class parents, upper-class parents, chill parents. strict parents…

Kids who get into mischief and are rightly disciplined, kids who get love and support…kids who jest with their parents and get quipped back in return… yeah know, just normal life and family stuff. And that’s what I, personally, want to see more of.

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On POC Characters not being “authentic” enough

~Mod Colette

It begins

Let’s start here. I am about to embark on all 64 books in the Animorphs series. As a kid, I always wanted to read them, but never got a chance to. Well, it’s finally time!  I figure it’ll be nice to keep a record of my thoughts and reactions while reading them. 

The only things I know right now are:

1. These books were incredibly popular in the 90s, cause they’d always be hogged by other kids at the library when I was a kid.

2. There are a bunch of kids and they can… morph into animals?

3. There’s a spin-off series that everyone hates.

Okay, so the first book is called “The Invasion”. It has 27 chapters and the cover features a mugshot of a boy morphing into a green lizard head. Good ol’ 90s photoshop created 6 in-between transitions that look comically fugly.

I’m going to read Chapter 1, then I’ll be back with my thoughts. 

Let’s do this.


DC Animated movie weekend! (´∀`)♡

Just some screenies of my favorite scenes. XD 

Some comments on Justice League: War… I hope I’m not spoiling anyone?

1. When would you ever shut up, Hal? Srsly… Why are you so mean? :C
2. Why is Clark bigger than Bruce? *///A///*
4. Victor & Billy = such bros. very teamwork. wow.
5. Darkseid’s lazer beams. HOLY SH*T BRO.
6. “This ice cream is WONDERFUL!” (ANOTHER!!!)
7. Hal and Barry’s not-so secret hand shake. LOL.
9. THIS.
10. Hal: “What’s your hurry, Flash?” ASDFGHGFDSMFSDLFGMS; CAN’T

As for JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time…

1. THE VOICE CAST OMG. OMG. OMG. (Jasok Spisak I cry a river.)
2. LOOK AT DAT JAY. Who’s actually Dick+Tim BUT 45% more Jaybird. LOL.
5. I love how it feels like the good ol’ 90’s cartoons. <3


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HaruMichi Crossover Week Day 4: 

BRING IT ON (feat. Reinako)

I think I’ve said this before,but I love a good ole’ 90′s cheerleader AU for any fandom; it just fits! This is my favorite movie for many personal reasons, so why not put the dorks in it in a lovely crossover? Also tagging howmanyheartaches who wrote this lovely fic for our prompt party and actually wrote this crossover! (which you should read!)

“this new generation doesnt understand the meaning of CHILDHOOD. when i was a child i was playign outside with sticks and watching good ol 90s shows. kids with their PHONES and MEDIA and BAD SHOWS”

literally what the fuck are you even saying you sound so ridiculous its fuckin awesome that younger generations are experiencing something new that you won’t be able to. they’re growing up in a fast-paced time where technology is expanding and moving forward and they’re gonna be fuckign smart as hell. when u send ur poor child outside to play with sticks mine will be building a hovercraft get out