good!nathan was my favourite nathan of them all

At home with SallyGreen (episode 39): 14th Feb (part 2)

Gabriel: So, I’ll go first.

Nathan: No. Hold on. *Thinks: If Gab starts now he’ll talk for hours and it’ll be impressive and wonderful and sweet but I won’t take in what he’s saying because all I’ll be doing will be thinking about what I’ve got to say and it’ll be hours of confusion and shit and I’ll have to try and look relaxed and as if I’m enjoying it and then he’ll stop and he’ll be expecting me to say something about what he’s said as well as coming up with what I’ve got to say and he’ll be kind and encouraging and I still won’t be able to think of what I need to say and  and … oh fuck*  I’ll go first.

Gabriel: OK.



Nathan: My favourite time with you is … was …


Nathan: *swallows*


Nathan: All of them. There isn’t a favourite. 

Nathan: I hate fucking favourites. They’ve all been good. 

Gabriel: *smiles*

Nathan: I mean even this conversation, which is, let’s face it, pretty shit, but I’m with you and you’re happy to do this stuff and you’re smiling so  … that’s good. *shrugs* I like it when you smile … at me. 

Nathan: *blushes* There. OK. Can we stop this now?

Gabriel: *smiles even wider* Absolutely not.