A nice little tiny water fall on a stream that has cut right into one big rock. Most of the stream was normal dirt and pebbles but this one part was a big rock that had been cut into from the stream. This shot was also an opportunity for me to continue with different HDR settings. I have recently been working strictly with Photoshop for my HDR images, even though I have access to other software made almost exclusively for HDR processing. For whatever reason I just like the results from Photoshop so much more as of late.


Back in 2005 I ran across a band called Minus the Bear shortly after their release of Menos El Oso. Ever since I have been a fan of their music. They have come through this way a couple of time since then but it was not until 2 weeks ago that I was able to attend a performance when they were here in Charlotte at Tremont Music Hall. I took a few pics. Their show was fantastic… spot on with the albums.