This past friday I covered a show in Greensboro NC at Greene Street Club. I initially requested the show as a fan of Trioscapes. I later came to find out that they were playing with Scale the Summit and realized that I would be in for an extra good show. Here is a sample of a few images check Shutter 16 Magazine for the rest and check out my review of the night as well as an interview with Chris of Scale the Summit. I have a real appreciation for the talent of these bands and I really enjoyed their sets.


Here are a few of my favorite shots from my feature over on Shutter 16 from when Foxy Shazam came to Greene Street Club in Greensboro. 

The full feature and the rest of the images are located here

Foxy Shazam are so much fun live and this show was no exception!

I enjoyed the openers Jonas Sees In Color and Sumerlin as well which really added up for a good night all together. 


Earlier this month at Tremont Music Hall the band HRVRD had a (hometown) record release party for their latest “From the Birds Cage”. If you have not heard this album, I can’t recommend enough that you give it a listen. Anyway, their record release show was great! I snapped some shots as I was their to cover the show for Shutter 16 Magazine. I also put together some interview questions for the band that bassist Garrett Leister took some time to answer. You can check out the interview here 

Above are a few shots of HRVRD at that show. I’m gonna have a few follow up posts from the other bands that night which was an amazing line up with Jr. Astronomers, Daylight, and Little Bull Lee. 


I needed to take a break from a photoshop commission and wanted to catch everyone up on a feature I put together last week over at Shutter 16.

On March 22 the Waves Overhead tour with Minus the Bear and Circa Survive came through Charlotte with a stop at the Fillmore Charlotte.

Here are a few select shots from the night including tour opener Now Now.

I’m not the best writer but I at least tried to give a feel for the night. You can check out my feature with a broader gallery here…

It was a great show at a great venue and I rolled that night with my love and a good group of friends so it made the night even more fun.

A nice little tiny water fall on a stream that has cut right into one big rock. Most of the stream was normal dirt and pebbles but this one part was a big rock that had been cut into from the stream. This shot was also an opportunity for me to continue with different HDR settings. I have recently been working strictly with Photoshop for my HDR images, even though I have access to other software made almost exclusively for HDR processing. For whatever reason I just like the results from Photoshop so much more as of late.