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Are you enjoying the Olympics? Then you will love and hate Gooch Grundy’s X-Decathlon, possibly one of the best worst games ever. It’s an absolute top-to-bottom disaster with an unlovable hero, horrible controls, barely coherent live-action graphics, and an extreme attitude that’s totally in your face. Normally such a broken game would be more frustrating to play than funny, but because it’s so broken – and you don’t have to play it in order – there’s no pressure to do well! It could be the most fun I’ve had with an unplayable game in a while.

Screenshots don’t do this one justice, so I embedded a video above. Behold!

Gooch Grundy’s X-Decathlon

This game is total nonsense. The random inanity of its premise feels like an outgrowth of the worst faux edginess of the 90s. See the Computer Throw’s instantly dated tech humor, the gigantic zebra-print dogs that attack you in the Nice Doggy Jump, or the lava lamp grunge aesthetics throughout. Gooch Grundy‘s antics come off as too calculatedly wild and crude to be entertaining. Gooch himself should be a champion for everyday underachievers, but his unsympathetic laziness seems drawn from some sort of hatred for effort. (Gooch’s nemesis, Buff Manly, is basically just an angry guy who works out.)

But Gooch Grundy‘s shoddiness provides the motivation to keep playing. Whether or not you succeed barely matters. You can’t get discouraged over losing something so ridiculous and broken, letting you delight in its warped sensibilities without the pressure to win. In that sense, it bests the fierce competitiveness of better, more coherent games

Maybe that’s the secret to a good bad game. Like in the beloved Action 52, you don’t have to worry about progression. No single challenge has the weight to stop the game in its tracks. Gooch Grundy lets you pick around its playability issues to taste its weirdest, most delicious parts, like a buffet of the damned.

The Josh Tourrets Swear Word Generator - Tag Yourself

Birth day:
1. Fuck
2. Scissor
3. Finger
4. Lick
5. Suck
6. Molest
7. Kill
8. Skeng
9. Shit on
10. Spunk on
11. Eat
12. Circumcise
13. Play with
14. Climb
15. Meatspin
16. Toss
17. Wax
18. Ram
19. Your Mum
(He just makes it work well on its own or with other words)
20. Stab
21. Choke
22. Choke on
23. Your Mother
24. Pipe
25. Bone
26. Cum on
27. Dick
28. Pinkslips with
29. Fiddle
30. Blow
31. Titty Blowjob

Birth month:
1. Your Dad
2. Your Mum
3. Your Nan
4. Your Japs eye
5. Your dead Nan
6. Your gooch
7. Your dog
8. Yourself
9. Your cat
10. A gyppie
11. Your Clit
12. Your Mother

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Gucci Mane - “At Least A M” (Video)

As is the norm, Gucci Mane reveals yet another video from his acclaimed album Everybody Looking. This time, fellow Atlantean Usher and several golden-clad women join the Gooch in the visual for “At Least A M.”

anonymous asked:

What is chire exactly?

I actually tried to find a legitimate definition on tumblr and google, and while they are incorrect they are worth mentioning. 

1.  A term of endearment that Chicagoans use to describe their hometown - especially if they have moved away. (Just cuz I love the Lord of the rings)

2.  The firey sensation on someone’s chode or gooch. (Cuz it just sounds silly and kinda ironic to me)


Chire, from what I’ve gathered is a subgroup of people on tumblr, usually minors, who participate in age regression to deal with stress. Typically they are CSA or abuse survivors. 

So literally the same thing sfw cg/l, nonsexual cg/l, cgl/re, and kidzspace. (and probably some other terms I can’t remember right now.)

Unfortunately they think all of the above named terms are equivalent to NSFW cg/l (Or dd/lg since they rarely acknowledge cg/l) and ageplay. 

So they bully us, send hateful messages, submit porn/gore/mutilation in people’s submission boxes, etc. It’s awful. 

My favorite was an ask I got that had “Go suck your daddy’s cock” in it. Because I am asexual, sex repulsed, single, and have a preference for girls. It was my favorite because it perfectly highlighted how little they care about what you actually do or what you actually stand for. They blindly send hate. I wouldn’t be surprised if any other nonsexual littles, single littles, caregivers, md/lg couples, or md/lb couples have gotten the same ask (that also wouldn’t apply to them.) 

NOT ALL CHIRE DO THIS. So please do not do what they are doing and start blocking/sending hate to every single one without actually seeing what they are about. In fact, DON’T SEND HATE AT ALL. Don’t stoop to their levels. But feel free to block any you see sending hate, running aggressive anti-cgl blogs, etc. It helps to keep them off your posts and out of your inbox. It protects you from them to block them before they find your blog.
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“What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult to each other?” - George Eliot