anonymous asked:

*mutters under breath-I want a gif tribute too *kicks rock #larrimation anon p.s. 😃 this is the 40 Year Old Virgin emoji #thingsIthinkofwhenhighasakite Luv youse bah 🤠

The facts were these:
- I got high
(okay so i may also have briefly been distracted by a variety cheese platter but then, dear old sport, then I remembered this was in your honour and i refocused)
I let the spirit of Zanyé Majik take over me and i made you a thing
(apparently high-me really wanted to off-set the amount of Harry giffery you’ve forced me to create in the past so…)

- The 4.53 Billion Year Old Hoe Emoji is my personal favourite

- Luv youse too. thanks for patiently waiting in my inbox.