goobs will be goobs

Okay but like…

What if they made scripted bloopers with the dinosaurs in jurrassic world??

Just like in toy story and monsters inc like how cool would that be??

Like all the raptors refusing to stay in one spot and are constantly moving to stand by chris pratt or get distracted by something and run off set knocking over tables and lighting stands

Or rexy not coming out of her unit right away and someone walks in to see what’s up and turns out she fell asleep and in the next take she walks out and yawns and very slowly follows bryce howards because she’s just so sleepy

When indominaus Rex is trying to break open the sphere thingy she ends up tossing it around like a cat and another time her claw gets stuck in the glass but she can’t get it out and can’t break the glass

Mosasaurs completely missing indominaus when she’s supposed to take her out at the end and instead accidentally takes rexy

Blue and her sisters goofing around with rexy off screen

Indominaus play fighting with the raptors and being “defeated” by them

When the boys are driving through the crowd of stegosaurus one of them fall and cause all the others to fall and its just all of them falling and tripping over each other and its a big mess but its all in slow motion

They dont lower the gates fast enough at the beginning and one of the raptors get through but she’s not sure what to do because that wasn’t the plan so she’s just goes and stands awkwardly next to Omar sy and he starts laughing because a second ago she was screaming and terrifying but now she just doesn’t know what to do


I had a dream where Robbie had a bright-orange baby sling.  So I had to draw it.

I have no idea where this baby came from
Magical conception?
Accidental machine explosion?
Elven magic?
Just poofed into being?

WHO KNOWS.  Just have a doodle of Robbie with a baby.  You’re welcome.

Robbie Rotten and Glanni Glæpur Headcanons

This is how I see their familial relationship working out in most of my headcanon universes.

  • Glanni and Robbie are ‘technically’ related
  • Robbie is 6′2″ and Glanni is 6′4″ without heels
  • Robbie’s father is technically Glanni’s first cousin
    • Glanni is pretty much the same age as Robbie’s father
  • Robbie’s mother is a disgraced elf - who never bonded with her child when he was born - due to her own issues and her husband’s death.
  • Glanni got pretty damn attached to wee baby Robbie when he was born
    • Robbie’s mother wanted nothing to do with him
    • Glanni hated to see Robbie not loved properly
    • He just straight up stole him one day
    • Yes, Glanni stole Robbie
    • And raised him his own damn self
    • No he never gave him back
    • No he doesn’t give a single fuck
    • Robbie doesn’t either
  • Glanni and Robbie are tremendously close, despite how they act toward each-other
  • Glanni will kill a motherfucker if they think of hurting Robbie
  • Glanni threatens Sportacus will all sorts of maiming if he dares to hurt ‘his baby’
  • Glanni is a horrific mix of older brother, uncle, father and overbearing mother in one beautiful lipstick and eyelined package.
  • Glanni has horrible (to Robbie) nicknames for him
    • Sweetpea
    • Honey
    • My baby
    • Precious child
    • Shithead
    • Marshmallow
    • Pumkin
  • So, all in all:
    • They are messed up
    • But the beautiful kind of messed up
    • … But seriously if Sportacus hurts Robbie Glanni will kill a man

A fence on Woodlawn on the east side of Detroit covered with memorials to people who used to live in the neighborhood.

From Camilo Vergara’s fantastic “Detroit is No Dry Bones,” some background on the fence:

“On the east side of Detroit, on a fence facing Woodlawn Avenue, there are more than twenty poster-size memorial portraits of people who once lived in the neighborhood. Bill, who lives on Woodlawn, does not like the display of mostly young bloods who “lived the fast life.” One of those memorialized, Big Pope, was loved in the neighborhood and remembered for dressing like Santa Claus at Christmas. His poster, at the center of the display, is decorated with yellow plastic flowers.”

I came across this fence a couple years ago, forgot to record where it was, and couldn’t find it again until I stumbled across it in Camilo’s new book of Detroit photography. The yellow flowers Camilo mentioned below Big Pope were not present, apparently, when Bing drove past in 2014.