goober evans

Things I Like (as demonstrated by Chris Evans)

the jaw thing:

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the bicep thing:

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the arm thing:

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the back thing:

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The dorito ratio thing:

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the hip bone thing:

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the shoulder thing: 

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the butt thing:

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the boob thing:

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the whole body laugh thing:

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the whatever this is:

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[Insp] Guys I took the idea from @friendlyneighbourhoodpizzaman’s spn ones which are amazing and made me laugh so hard.

[Sebastian Stan]

Chris Evans, What an Adorable Dork

This Man

Is literally

The biggest


Look at him

He’s not even wearing socks

what is this?

What does he think he’s doing?

Acting all shy

when really he’s a giggly person

Look at that laugh

He even tries to hide it 

but he gets all blushy

just let it out

there we go

finally letting his true colors show

just peaking out

now lets talk about that fedora

what are you doing, Chris?

I don’t think he knows

definitely not

what is up with that face?

or this one

try explaining that one

he’s just a giant goof

trapped in a man’s body

look at that face

what a goober



but it’s true


okay, yeah I am

there we go :)

Sometimes I remember that an adorable goober like Chris Evans exists.  And also, there is a Chubby Dumpling named Sebastian Stan.

There is a John Cho and a George Takei who were both Hikaru Sulu and are both epically awesome.

There is a John Boyega.  And an Idris Elba.

There is a Daisy Ridley who is SUNSHINE.

There is a Carrie Fisher who is ROYALTY. 

There is a Mark Hamill who is happiness and rainbows. 

And last but not least, my Mommy Duck exists.  And she quacks at me and we laugh and we cry and we waddle together. 

All is well in the world.  All will be well.

—  Me

Last thing I misplaced “Oh man. My sunglasses. Most things I’m pretty good with, and my phone doesn’t leave my side. But my sunglasses, I’ll find them in, like, the refrigerator. I wish I had a tape of when my hand just chooses to let go of them. My brain just decides to open my hand randomly and says, "You will never find these later.”“