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i could never be her
you never
spoke about me the way you did
about her

was fascinated
by the same things
i was
but she
she could express it

She looked at the world
in a way
different than i
and you were fascinated by that

I told you
we all have our person
and i knew she was yours
but, damn,
you were mine

—  the things i could never tell you / will i ever be enough? (via — @makwadeo)

Y no quiero que el mundo me vea, porque no creo que ellos lo entiendan. Cuando todo esta hecho para romperse, sólo quiero que sepas quién soy.

Iris - Sleeping With Sirens. Cover (Goo Goo Dolls)

The Goo Goo Dolls

idk if i’m in the right spot but pls pls pls do tom holland or peter parker thingy based off the song ‘Iris’ by The Goo Goo Dolls - @gvmmybearmichael

Summary: What happens When Y/N figures out Peter’s secret?

Requested: Yes 

Word Count: 3.5k+

Note: Listen here <– If you want to hear the song that inspired this imagine!

Warning(s)?: Cussing, fLUFFFF, (words slanted are lyrics), In Second Person!

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The Goo Goo Dolls

And I’d give up forever to touch you

Cause I know that you feel me somehow

You sat across your bed, your school books spread across your lap as your legs dangled over the edge of your mattress. You sighed pushing your reading glasses further up your nose, beginning to get frustrated with the math equations in front of you. You wrote down the formula followed by the answer, hoping it was correct. You double checked with your calculator and made some minor adjustments in your working out. 

You couldn’t shake the feeling of someone watching you. You glanced around your room and out your window… nothing. You just thought you were being paranoid as usual and continued with your studying. You could hear the traffic night life of New York City out your windows, flashing lights from different cars as they sped past.

Peter sat on the edge of the fire escape next to your window. He knew it was wrong but he couldn’t help it. After his nightly routine of checking around Queens he would find himself back here. He didn’t know why he kept coming back but he did. He’d often just watch you as you went along your business, mainly studying. 

You’re the closest to heaven I’ll ever be

And I don’t want to go home right now

He would often find his heart beating faster at the sight of you, your hair flowing down your shoulders or up in a messy bun as you worked. You also had a part time job working at the sandwich shop he often paid a visit to just so he could talk to you. You guys went to the same school and only really shared one class together. You didn’t hang with the popular crowd or anything… in fact you were MJ’s best friend. That’s how he met you in the first place. 

He finally admitted to Ned after 2 months that he had been in fact harboring a small crush on you. Ned only started to notice Pete’s change in behaviors whenever they were around Liz. Ned say that he didn’t get nervous around her anymore or even blush, he would just communicate to her like he’s known her for years. He did some digging and went to Michelle to see if she knew what was up. She immediately told him being the observant person she is picking it up within the first two weeks. 

And all I can taste if this moment

And all I can breathe is your life

He tried communicating with you at school but stumbled over his words. You would often smile softly, enjoying the dorky side of Peter Parker. You always saw him nervous and on edge and you put it down to teenage hormones perhaps. 

You sighed, closing your chemistry book shut having enough of studying for one night. You put your glasses onto the bedside table and rolled over to get off the bed. You walked over to your laptop which sat on your desk and sat in the chair, checking your social media. You could still feel like there was someone watching you so you looked out the window again. You closed the laptop shut and made your way over, sticking your head out only to see an empty fire escape.

When sooner or later it’s over

I just don’t want to miss you tonight

Little did you knew he heard you coming just as you stood up. He knew you were going to come to the fire escape. Knowing he spent to long there then he should of he began to swing away, leaving a very confused Y/N behind starring at an empty fire escape. 

You went back over to your laptop and hoped over to youtube, deciding to listen to some tunes. You turned on auto-play so that the next song will pop up automatically. 

It wasn’t till about half an hour later where you sat up from your bed from reading a book to glance at the screen. It wasn’t playing music and instead you could hear traffic and people cheering. You watched your screen as you saw a guy in red and blue spandex stop a car from crashing into a bus. ‘That must be spiderman’ you thought. You’ve never met him in person but always kinda wondered who he was under the mask. Did you know him? Go to the same school? Was he older? Maybe it was in fact a girl you didn’t know. You listened in and watched the spiderman videos that popped up one by one, all being filmed from people’s phone cameras.

After about the fifth video you got up and went over to close your laptop. You stopped once you feel the chilly wind blow into your room. Covering your arms with your own hands you walked over towards your window. Grabbing onto the latch to close it you notice something out of the corner of your eye. It was a square piece of metal, you leaned out the window to get it, curling it around in your hands. You looked at the foreign object with raised eyebrows. You decided to go back to your bed and sit down, playing with the new toy you had just found. You flipped it over and found a small button on the back of it. You being who you are clicked it, watching as white mesh soon to fly out of it’s front. You almost dropped it out of shock but instead froze. You glanced up too see it had flown to the other side of your wall, this white lick string. You put the square thingy down and stood up, getting off your bed to touch. 

You rubbed it between your fingers, instantly recognizing what it was.


And I don’t want the world to see me

Cause I don’t think that they’d understand

You woke up to the sound of your name being called from your mother from the kitchen. You sat up and rubbed the sleep from your eyes, your eyes adjusting to the brightness of early morning. You rolled onto your side and sat up, still wiping the sleep from your eyes. Letting out a yawn you stood and walked forward a few steps. You stopped once you found yourself stuck to something. You turned your head around to see the webbing from last night still up, but it sun lower to the ground due to the humidity in the air. You easily got free from the webbing. You went over to your bin and reached your fingers to destroy the webbing, popping it all into the bin. With that done you went into the bathroom and started getting ready for school. 

You arrived at school later than expected and quickly rushed to your locker, grabbing your things for class. You walked into your math class and sat down at the back, already starting to get bored.

Half the day has passed and lunch was almost over. You sat next to your best friend Michelle Jones as you guys talked mainly politics. MJ had a real chip on her shoulder when it came to the government. You glanced to your side to notice two boys sitting down, eating and laughing together. MJ often referred to them as losers and you just kept your head down, shaking your head at your friends behavior. She never meant it in a nasty way, just sometimes her humor was option to subjection.

“What do you have next?” MJ asks, finishing off her sandwich. 

“Physics” You let out a sigh, seeing today was the day for partner work. You never liked partner work cause you were always sick of doing all the work load yourself. The bell want not long after and you both separated, heading to your classes.

You walked to the back of the class and took the last available chair next to one of the guys you sit near at lunch. He seemed to visible tense at your presence and you frowned. You just kept your head down and focused on the paper in front of you, till the teacher spoke up breaking the silence. 

“For this next project you will all be working in partners” He begins, owning a collective groan from the class. He ignored it and continued. 

“Seeing I don’t trust you guys on picking your own partners I’ve already picked them for you” More groans. 

“Say hi to your table partner who, ironically, will be your partner for this project” You turned to your left and softly smiled. He nervously smiled back. 

“My Names, Y/N… What’s yours?” You asked nicely, trying to start conversation. You knew his name was Peter Parker and that he was one of mid towns finest students. 

“P-peter” He seemed to stutter out. You smiled at his awkwardness, keeping your gaze on him. 

“So when do you want to start?” You asked. 

“What?” He asked, seeming to have zoned out. 

“The project” You said in a 'duh’ tone. He looks up to and smiles before looking towards the clock, his leg starting to rapidly bounce. 

“Uhhh…” He mumbled out. He starred at the wall, completely zoning out by now watching the time. 

“Okay well… I’ll come to yours around 7ish after I’ve had dinner… I’ll bring my work notes cause I kinda read ahead cause I was really bored last night so… I’ll see you then!” You replied happily. All he caught was the 'I’ll see you then!’ part. He just smiled in response before the bell rang. 

When everythings made to be broken

I just want you to know who I am

You got ahold of Ned, his best friend and asked for where Peter lived, telling him you guys were working on a project together for physics class. He told you and also gave you Peter’s number, you refuse to begin with not wanting to be rude but he insisted saying 'So you can contact him’, You just smiled and popped the number straight into your phone. 

Later that evening you popped around to Peter’s, an older woman answering the door. She smiled and invited you in once you asked for a Peter Parker. She asked for your name and you gave it, seeing her smile turn in to a smirk at the end of it. She offered you a drink and something to eat and you politely decline, feeling full from dinner. She pointed down the hall to were his bedroom was and you softly knocked, waiting for a response. You didn’t get one so you knocked again, a little louder this time. You waited again for a response but after receiving non you opened the door finding it unlocked. You closed the door shut behind you and glanced around the room. You walked over to what you assumed to be his desk to see it littered with a bunch of retro things. So he’s a dumpster diver. You honestly found that pretty cool, holding onto one of the old dvd players in your hand. You flipped it over noticing the initials P.P on the back. 

You decided to put your bag on the ground and sat next to it, leaning your back against his bed. You reached for your phone and popped open his contact, sending a text. Just as you were about to hit send you heard a creaking noise from the window. You glanced over to see the door slowly opening, someone climbing through then slowly closing again. Unfortunately for you the room was dark so you quickly turned of your cell. What was weird was that then you saw the figure climb onto the ceiling and then climb across. You watched as this happened, fear beginning to settle in. You were debating to whether or not call out for Aunt May to let her know there was an intruder insider her apartment. 

The light came on and your eyes quickly adjusted. Your eyes met a red and blue spandex covered boy, his mask was off but he was facing opposite you, slowly getting himself down from the ceiling. Your mouth dropped in shock. No freaking way… Peter Parker was… Spiderman? 

Once he got down he let out a sigh of relief. He turned around and finally noticed you sitting on the ground. He jumped backwards with his eyes wide.

“What are you doing here?!” He shouted surprised. You were still staring at him, still getting your head around the fact that he was indeed spiderman. The boy you have liked since freshman year was spiderman. You couldn’t picture it… he was just so… him that you wouldn’t have expected him to be spiderman in a million years.

“W-w-e had-d- a study d-date remember?” You stuttered out, starting to become nervous. You mentally face palmed yourself, did you just say study date? 

“What?!” He shouts again, this time calling attention Aunt May. She asked loudly what was going on with which he responded with a rushed 'nothing’.

“You were on the ceiling…” You stated, still in shock pointing up to the ceiling. He shook his head, nerves crossing his expression as he started to quickly get out of his suit. He pulled off just leaving him in his boxers. Holy hell he was ripped. 

The door opened and Aunt May walked in.

“Is everything okay?” She asks, glancing from you to Peter. She notices Peter’s lack of clothes and raises an eyebrow causing his face to blush bright red. 

“You might want to put some clothes on baby” She says to her nephew, to distracted with the strange situation to notice a pile or red and blue spandex on the floor. She closed the door shut behind her and he quickly reached for the sweatshirt that was on the back of his chair. You stood up, letting your books fall from your lap. 

“You can’t just break into my room?!” He says flustered. He finished getting changed and walked closer towards you, ignore the fact that he was probably too close. 

“Aunt May let me in” You responded, your breathing hitching inside your throat. He shook his head and put his hands on his hips biting his lips. 

“Look… you can’t say anything to anyone” He begs, looking you in the eyes again. 

“Who else knows?” you ask curiously. 

“Only Ned” He states. You finally closed your mouth and nodded your head in agreement. He just looked at you shocked.

“Wait… that’s it?” He responded, expecting more of a reaction than that. You just shook your head, a smirk beginning to make its way across your lips. You reached into your pocket and took out the square thingy which you found last night. You stepped closer and his eyes widen once he was what was in your hand. 

“Ummm… where did you get that?” He asks nervously, his eyes never adverting from the object. You shrugged your shoulders innocently, deciding to have a little fun with this.

“I don’t know… do you want to tell me?” You asked innocently, his gaze now reaching yours. You battered your eyelashes at him innocently causing him to gulp.

And you can’t fight the tears that ain’t coming

or the moment of truth in your lies

“I-i-i can explain..” He stuttered out obviously becoming flustered again. You couldn’t help but to smile at the dork in front of you. He may be a superhero but he will always be a dork. 

“Are you spying on me?” You asked casually, leaning back slightly. He glanced back up to you shocked and shook his head. 

“N-n-n-o nothing like that… I just…” He trails off, not seeming to form the right words together. You held his gaze and just smiled. You were lying if you didn’t say you were feeling slightly flattered. Slightly creeped as well but mostly flattered.

When everything feels like the movies

Yeah you’d bleed just to know you're alive

He lets out a sigh and lower his head in shame causing you to softly giggle. You found it to adorable to be even mad with him or annoyed. He was just too innocent which was what you liked about him. 

You walked over and turned open his palm, your hands tingling at the contact. You softly placed the square thingy into his palm closing his hand with your own on top. 

“Next time pick up the things you drop yeah?” You ask innocently. He glanced up to you wide eyes again, a blush across his cheeks at your close proximity and the fact that your hand was on top of his. 

“Y-y-yeah sur-e-e-… wait… Next time?” He stuttered out clearly confused. You ignored him and went over towards his bed, grabbing your backpack from the ground and placing it next to you. You grabbed your books off from the floor and grabbed out your pencil case. Peter just stood there dumbstruck. Not believing what had just happened. 

“Are you gonna stand there all night?” You asked. He shook his head and grabbed his things, joining you on his bed.

He settled down and couldn’t help but to ask you what was really nagging him. 

“Hey can I just-” He was caught off by you speaking up. 

“Why don’t you want anybody to know?” she asks seriously, her pen resting against her bottom lip. Peter sighed and lowered his head. 

“Because it’s dangerous.. what I do” He responds sadly.

“Yeah but.. why the mask?” You asked, hoping he wasn’t getting annoyed with your questions.

“It’s to protect my own identity as well as others”

“Others?” you asked. He glanced at you and you could see a sad expression rush across his face.

“If some people knew who I was people around me, closest to me would be in danger” You hadn’t thought of it like that. And now that you thought of it it makes sense. 

“Your not supposed to know…” He mutter underneath his breath but loud enough for you to hear.

“Why? It’s okay I won’t say anything-” You were cut off by a flustered Peter.

“Because with you knowing is dangerous!” he slightly raised his voice in panic. He could see the surprise in your eyes and turned his head away.

“If people made the connection…” He trailed off. Not wanting to finish the sentence. 

“But what about Ned?” You asked still slightly confused. 

“It’s not the same” he responds. 

And I don’t want the world to see me

Cause I don’t think that they’d understand

When everythings made to be broken

“How is it not the same?” You asked. 

“It’s just… not” was all he responded with. You decided to let it go, but the nagging feeling of needing to know more grew stronger. You felt an urge to be there for him, you wanted him to confide in you, it wasn’t like he had many people to talk to about this. 

“Is this why you won’t tell your Aunt?” you ask softly, almost scared about hurting his feelings. He looked to you and sighed, nodding his head. 

“If I tell her…” He trails off, resting his head against the wall. 

“She’ll freak out and I won’t be able to do this anymore” he finishes. You just look up to him and smile. 

“Well… I’m glad I know” You said. He turned his face towards you and furrowed his eyebrows.

“Why?” he asks, seeming to be slightly dazed. You curled up your knees and wrapped your arms around them, resting your head on top. 

“I don’t know” you admitted with a shrug of your shoulders. He just smiled.

I just want you to know who I am

And I don’t want the world to see me

Cause I don’t think that they’d understand

Peter glanced down at his hand, fumbling his bed sheet between his fingers. You glanced down and watched your own hand leaving your legs to find his. You stilled his movements and you heard his sharp intake of breath. You slowly wrapped your hands around his, curling your fingers around as well. 

When everythings made to be broken

He glanced up at you with a different kind of emotion in his eyes that you haven’t see before. You just smiled and hid your face more in your other arm, still holding onto his hand with the other. You felt the warmth tingle across your palm causing your heart to skip a beat. 

I just want you to know who I am…


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A/N: Here’s an imagine inspired by the song Iris - goo goo dolls! I actually had so much fun writing this one omg the song fits perfectly with Peter’s character! Thank you for requesting!