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John, I know you’re on vacation. How about a mountain pose up on those sand dunes? or Corpse pose tonight after all that climbing? :-)

#yogapartypeople Day 2 asks #FavoriteYogaPose @cattylj @bexmaddy @yogawithkarel @namastechante for me that would be #LotusPose I always say Yumiko makes all my pictures better, not always in the best spot …
Hope everyone is having a nice weekend, Namaste …

Tumblr edit healthyhappymotivation yogawithkarel bexmaddy sunny-yogi yogarian thanks again for hosting such a fun challenge, Namaste my friends . . !
All About Me Game ...

So, I’ve gotten tagged twice in this game, first by the lovely lanicakes and also by the fabulous timberonthemount.

I’m really bad at coming up with questions, so I hope you guys don’t mind if I combine these two into one post so I just have to figure out 10 questions instead of 20! ;-)

Gonna put it under a ‘read more’ link too, cos it might get really long …

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haha, oh no! ^.^ that’s a bit sad though, isn’t it? i bet meeting you would be cool. but alas, physics is phyics! :) 

I was tagged :D

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1. Favorite superhero and why?
Tough one, mostly because I think most supervillains are more fun than superheroes. I think I’ll go with Deadpool because he’s hilarious.

2. Craziest stunt you’ve pulled?
I honestly have no idea. I have never pulled something crazy, but rather stupid and awkward but what turned out to be a good story afterwards.

3. What is the first thing you do when you come home?
Eat :D Mostly that’s the reason I always hurry home :D

4. Do you have a fave object/thing that you use for a long time and what is it?
I have a plush turtle toy I brought with me to Belgium from Latvia, I’m pretty attached to that thing. It was a New Year gift from my mom when I was 11.

5. Do you have a weird habit and if so what is it?
I have no idea. I might not realize I even have a weird habit because I’m so used to all my habits that they don’t seem weird to me

6. Your fave shower song?
Ayreon - Loser I’m always dancing and singing to it in the shower. :D And  if I had a rough day, this song kind of lifts up my mood :D

7. Favorite smell/scent?
Melon. I have new perfume I got from le boyfriend and it smells a little like melon. It’s my all-time favorite perfume now :D

8. With what animal can you compare yourself with?
Cat. I like to eat and sleep all day. I can be sweet and cute when I feel like it, but I also can scratch you if you annoy me too much. I have a will of my own.

9.  Name a thing that makes you calm
Warm bath, yoga, hot tea.

10. Do you have a favorite place you like to hang out?
I love the place where I run. It’s forest like and I love being in the forest.

11. Sweet or spicy?
I’m a huge sweet tooth, so sweet :D

New questions:
1. What was a moment in your life you’ll always remember?
2. What is your dream vacation?
3. What is your best feature?
4. Have you ever been so angry you punched something? If yes then why?
5. Favorite type of exercise?
6. What is your favorite holiday and why?
7. If you could live anywhere in the world, which place would you choose?
8. Favorite video game?
9. Do you spend a lot of money on hair and make-up? How much a day?
10. What is your all-time favorite book so far?
11. Do you have any regrets?


#behindtheyogi Yoga Game !

I was tagged in this post by Savannah yogipeach!

Tag #behindtheyogi and 4 yoginis to play behind the yogini and then answer these simple questions:

Name: Stef

Birthday & Sign: ♍ 2nd September - Proud Virgo ♍

Last song listened to:  Hey - Pixies

Hobby: I like exercising so much it helps keep me together.

Celebrity crush: I don’t really obsess over celebrities but at the moment I guess I can say Samira Wiley (OITNB S2 excitement!) and probably also the Melbourne Vixens Netball Team (this counts, right!?) because they’re all dedicated, hard working, focused, positive role models and team spirited and just won the grand final!

Something you splurge on: Honestly, the thing I buy the most is probably food! The most expensive things I’ve bought recently would be a textbook for uni and a trip to the dentist! But I guess if I am going to splurge it will either be for my partner (like a surprise or gift) or something health related for myself!

Upcoming personal goals: I am going to start the Insanity exercise program on Monday, so my goal is to stick to that. Also for the next 26 days I’m on holidays my daily goals include stretching before bed and 100 weighted skipping rope skips.

Favorite Quote: This changes depending on my situation or emotions/needs but right now I am channeling: “Set backs, slow days and other hiccups are inevitable, what is important is how to deal with them, and grow from them.” (I also have a small list of some of my favourite quotes)

Share 3 secret yoga behaviors:

  1. Every time I try to do crow pose I always end up holding my knees on the outside of my elbows rather than my knees on the top of my arms.
  2. I’m trying to get into the habit of thinking to myself “I am thankful that I put this time aside to practice yoga and care for myself” (or something to that effect- self caring and thanking) after shavasana every time I practice. 
  3. In shavasana I often have to count my breaths so I can relax and not entertain any other thoughts whirring in my mind. 


I tag littlehell96, gonzobuddhist, fangirlingmywaytofitness & yogawithkarel!
Thanks if you decide to join in! And please tag me in your responses so I can see :)

Behind the Yogini | Yoga Game!

Tag #behindtheyogi and 4 yoginis to play behind the yogini and then answer these simple questions:

Name: Valencia / Val

Birthday & Sign: 19th July & Cancer

Last song listened to:  Darkhorse - Katy Perry

Hobby: Online Scrabble (Words with Friends)

Celebrity crush: James Marsters (Spike, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Something you splurge on: Workout clothes

Upcoming personal goals: Continuing to get fitter, lose weight, find the right balance of macros for my body to be happy and healthy.

Favorite Quote: - Not sure I could really pick a favorite, but I just saw this today (Don’t know how said it) and I liked it a lot:

Progress has little to do with speed but all with direction.

Share 3 secret yoga behaviors:

  1.  I often try to get a spot near the wall in class so I can catch myself if I fall.
  2. I MUST use a towel atop my mat in hot yoga or my sweat literally SPLASHES like a puddle on my mat when I move. I forgot my towel once, I almost drowned.
  3. I wish the hot yoga teacher WOULD NOT turn the air conditioning on at the end of class and cool the room down below 100F. I think I may be the only person who dislikes that.


I tag: fromsmallvilletosuperman , becoming-rachelgreysummers, gonzobuddhist, yogini-dreams

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These questions from Cat (: Thanks for tagging me! 

  1.  What sounds can you hear right now, this very second? Be descriptive! My boyfriends music and the clicking of my keyboard.
  2.  What book are you reading right now/what was the last book you did read for pleasure? Do you/did you like it? I am currently reading Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. I LOVE it. It is seriously changing my life.
  3.  If you didn’t have to worry about making money, what would you do for work or how would you pass the time? I would do crafts, I would make things with my hands, I would play with kids, I would hold babies and feed them and play with them and sing to them until they fall asleep. I would cook food, and then eat it. I would love my little family. And repeat.
  4.  If you won the lottery, how would you use the money? 1. Pay off student loans. 2. Pay my YTT in full. 3. Travel with my love. 4. Pay my sisters college 5. Find a better place to live.
  5.  If you could own 3 different properties anywhere in the world, where would they be, what kind would they be (apt, house, castle, hut on the beach, cabin, etc.), and why? A house, a cabin in Tahoe by the lake, and a beach house. oh, or a boat so I can sail around the world, but that freaks me out. Maybe just my little California coast.
  6.  Are you an early riser or a night owl? And, depending on your answer, what is your favorite part of the early morning or late night? You know, I really don’t like either but I end up doing both. I really like 11am and 6pm. It’s my favorite because that’s usually the time I eat. lol.
  7.  What was the last live performance you saw (band, theater, dance, etc.)? Was it any good? omg, I don’t even remember. Probably a yoyo competition. HAHA. I went cuz M wanted to go and they were all so dang good!
  8.  What are you most looking forward to this month? Graduation? But bleh, more like graduation dinner. Man… I need to let go of my attachment to food.
  9.  What are you most looking forward to this year? FREE DISNEY TICKETS! WHHEEE!!!!!! :D
  10. When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried? Who or what made you laugh like that? A few days ago. M and I crack up everyday.
  11. If you could be a “natural” at one thing, what would it be (granted, you’d still have to work to exercise the talent)? I wish I was a natural at dancing. I am so awful that I barely dance in front of my own boyfriend who I’ve known for YEARS.

My Questions:

  1. What is your favorite all time favorite lunch food and why?
  2. What is one quote that you live by?
  3. Be honest, you totally have a soundtrack to your life. What is one song on it?
  4. If Tumblr (or any blogging) did not exist, what would you be doing instead?
  5. What is one language that you wish to learn that is not a “main” one? (As in not, English, Spanish, French, Chinese)
  6. Which bodily thing you wish you do not have to do in order to live? (Like, eating to sustain yourself, youll just be full. or blinking, your eyes will naturally hydrate itself. or sleeping, you will naturally have energy).
  7. What is something you did today that made you feel like you were living in the NOW?
  8. Do you live more in the past, present, or future?
  9. What is one of your pet peeves?
  10. Which animal just blows your mind? (For me it’s jellyfish. Like how do they even live?!)
  11. Tell me your Tumblr friends!

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Haha I have them on VHS too but we don’t have a VHS player anymore (or a TV for that matter). We’re trying to download them online and it’s surprisingly hard. I thought my fellow nerds world would have this under control.

Yoga Challenge celebrating Dads for June?

Would anyone be interested in working with me, or participating in, a yoga challenge for June celebrating dads? I was thinking of putting one together that focused on (beginner to intermediate) balance poses, since I think fatherhood, and parenthood in general, is a huge balancing act!

I thought we could share some things that we loved about our dads, (or brothers or other surrogate fathers) or, if you’re a dad yourself, tell what you love about being a dad, or talk about your husband if he’s a dad.

Any interest in this? Either from a participation view or helping me put it together or promo it?