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John, I know you’re on vacation. How about a mountain pose up on those sand dunes? or Corpse pose tonight after all that climbing? :-)

All About Me Game ...

So, I’ve gotten tagged twice in this game, first by the lovely lanicakes and also by the fabulous timberonthemount.

I’m really bad at coming up with questions, so I hope you guys don’t mind if I combine these two into one post so I just have to figure out 10 questions instead of 20! ;-)

Gonna put it under a ‘read more’ link too, cos it might get really long …

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distant-blue you’re Awesome, Namaste . . !

thank you!!! *-*

howlingjack replied to your post “howlingjack replied to your photoset:because i’ve felt a bit awful…”

We could never be in the same room. The laws of physics wouldn’t allow that much awesome in one place!

haha, oh no! ^.^ that’s a bit sad though, isn’t it? i bet meeting you would be cool. but alas, physics is phyics! :) 

Behind the Yogini | Yoga Game!

Tag #behindtheyogi and 4 yoginis to play behind the yogini and then answer these simple questions:

Name: Valencia / Val

Birthday & Sign: 19th July & Cancer

Last song listened to:  Darkhorse - Katy Perry

Hobby: Online Scrabble (Words with Friends)

Celebrity crush: James Marsters (Spike, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Something you splurge on: Workout clothes

Upcoming personal goals: Continuing to get fitter, lose weight, find the right balance of macros for my body to be happy and healthy.

Favorite Quote: - Not sure I could really pick a favorite, but I just saw this today (Don’t know how said it) and I liked it a lot:

Progress has little to do with speed but all with direction.

Share 3 secret yoga behaviors:

  1.  I often try to get a spot near the wall in class so I can catch myself if I fall.
  2. I MUST use a towel atop my mat in hot yoga or my sweat literally SPLASHES like a puddle on my mat when I move. I forgot my towel once, I almost drowned.
  3. I wish the hot yoga teacher WOULD NOT turn the air conditioning on at the end of class and cool the room down below 100F. I think I may be the only person who dislikes that.


I tag: fromsmallvilletosuperman , becoming-rachelgreysummers, gonzobuddhist, yogini-dreams

anonymous asked:

I'm a little new to the fitness side of tumblr and I was wondering if you have any favourite tumblr blogs that I could check out and follow? ^_^

Sorry my internet was weird and don’t let me saw my msgs, but If you want them know they are a lot, I follow 399 lol!, I will tell you someones

sunny-yogi <—Admire her so much!

bigbootywhitegurl <—She’s funny and cute!

sassyyogi <– One of my biggest inspirations

cate-monster <—She’s awesome!

healthymargarita1796 <—–She’s adorable!! my bff on tumblr!

yogi-dance <—She’s friendly and beautiful

workoutworkitgirl <—She’s marvellous

fatmaninalittlesuit <— He is awesome like cheese and a hero like Bond, James Bond

fatgirlgetsfitatlast <— She is one of the most important persons I’ve met on tumblr, one of my biggest inspirations

runningoffyourproblems <— The most hilarious and gorgeous girl!

runningwithlegs <— if you are searching an angel, follow her!!

fitpoli <—Beside that her yoga photos are grrreat! She’s adorable!

yogamimi <– She’s marvellous and admirable

healthyhappymotivation <—She’s gorgeous like the moon!

earthlybird<— She’ll shine your tumblr!

gonzobuddhist <— He’s a perfect yogini!

veggiemonsterblog<— She’s adorable!

sexcandattracktive<— She’s very motivational!

little-miss-curvy <—The most cute girl ever!!

mrsjonie <–She’s awesome!

runmiles-smile <— She’s admirable and cute!

bleu-minuit <—She’s adorable!

fitanne <— Very motivational girl!

nivueniconnue <—She’s a handstand perfection!

anna-learns-to-love-herself <— The sweet and loving girl!!!

sunandstrength <— She’s gorgeous and sweet

myusshi <— She rocks!

fitbakerwifey <— Super adorable!

yogawithkarel <— She’s awesome!

iamprogress <— Super lovely and beautiful!

uffff I wish I could put all!!! I hope you love them like I do!

Have a great night!