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Episode 3: The Franklin Cover-Up
John Podesta's Pizza Party
Episode 3: The Franklin Cover-Up

John Podesta’s Pizza Party | Episode 3: “The Franklin Cover Up”

Listen up, we’re about to mansplain the shit out of this. The full crew of hosts are back this week to discuss MTV’s “White Guy Resolutions” video, #PizzaGate (of course) AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, the original PizzaGate aka The Franklin Cover-Up! A scandal involving the likes of former president George H.W. Bush, gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, and Larry King (not that Larry King) getting tied up in a child sex ring and snuff video filmmaking. Other things are also discussed that are basically less important but still probably interesting to Hans’s mom. Kenney is also confirmed alt-right.

Parental Guidance is suggested.

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lisemeitner-deactivated20160826  asked:

✹ transhumanism

  • 3 book recs

TRANSMETROPOLITAN. TRANSMETROPOLITAN. TRANSMETROPOLITAN. like seriously thought TRANSMETROPOLITAN. by warren ellis. it is not transhumanist. but it is set in a transhuman world. the worst of transhuman worlds. aka the one we’ll probably actually end up with. like seriously, furious gonzo journalist destroying the president of a corrupt transhuman world. you want to read this

neuromancer by william gibson. this is a headtrip mindfuck of a raaaad piece of fiction. it is the ur-text of cyberpunk and it fucking shows. the main character is a dick and you should ignore his existence because EVERYTHING ELSE IN THIS BOOK IS A GLOOOORY. the villain is literally a disembodied program operating of its own volition. one of the main characters is the razorgirl, the inspiration for hundreds of people to stick fucking magnets in their fingers. 

after many a summer dies the swan by aldous huxley. in which a man’s obsession with transhumanist progress towards immortality reveals the truth of human nature. literally this book is impossible to describe without spiralling far far away. (I can’t get away from the stories where transhumanism really is man’s greatest hubris.)

  • 3 song/artist recs

billy idol’s cyberpunk is a really shallow but kitschy fun ridiculous transhumanisty album

who even knows what david bowie’s outside is really doing, but I interpret it as a transhuman concept album so go away

there is a transhumanist hip-hop artist and it’s my favorite thing

you probably didn’t know this was a thing

also on that note

look at this silliness

  • and 1 movie rec



okay. fine.

blade runner. just like. this movie is crucial. go read the book it’s based on, too. 

Before Gonzo: Hunter S. Thompson’s Early, Underrated Journalism Career

When the University of Kentucky School of Journalism and Telecommunications announced earlier this month that the late Hunter S. Thompson would be included among its 2014 inductees into the Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame, journalists and bloggers reporting the story made a point to set Thompson apart from his fellow honorees. Thompson, a wayward Kentuckian, would be installed “along with six more traditional journalists,” noted his hometown Louisville Courier-Journal. “More traditional… Less inebriated… State it any way you want,” snickered Mediabistro’s FishbowlNY blog. “We double-checked,” a local radio station chimed in. “It’s not an April Fool’s joke.”

There’s no arguing that Thompson, who committed suicide in 2005, left behind an iconoclast’s legacy. In his middle and later career, the author of Hell’s Angels and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas earned a reputation as a literary profligate and a mild fabulist, owing to his unconcealed fondness for recreational drugs, hyperbole, Wild Turkey, fictionalized dialogue, explosives, and Ominous Capitalization—all crucial components to what he termed “gonzo journalism.” But as Thompson and his Hall of Fame classmates are inducted this week, it’s worth remembering that well before he was a “gonzo journalist” or a “New Journalist” or an “outlaw journalist,” Hunter S. Thompson was simply a journalist, just another twenty-something freelancer who spent most of the 1960s hustling his way from paycheck to unglamorous paycheck.

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Good Books - Metamorphosis (by Buck)

This is a ridiculously cool ad, filled with drug-addled imagery.