Anonymous asked: Tetra or Sheik?


Do you understand what you’re asking? We’re pirates! You know… PIRATES! The terror of the seas! What do we get out of bringing some helpless kid along with us? I’ll tell you what we get… a headache. I know how you must feel, with your sister having been kidnapped and all… But the doesn’t have anything to do with us, now does it?


“Nah, it’s all right, this is culture.”

I’m still convinced that Rizzo kissing Gonzo’s nose is just Dave and Steve being silly.


Song from Muppet Christmas Carol that Jeffrey Katzenberg had cut from most versions (including theatrical and current blu-ray) because he throught it was too sad for kids. 

Kind of a really important song in Scrooge’s development, and the base of a fantastic reprisal at the end of the film (the love we found), so if you’ve never heard it before, well, here you are!