gonzalo hernandez


I woke up seeing people blaming Messi because he lost a penalty and Argentina lost the title. IM SHOCKED :P

I mean,have anyone watched Messi play football ? Have they watched him playing with Argentina ? Have they watched a single game of this year Copa America tournament ?

The answer is NO,They havent .Messi gave everything he had for Argentina.He made exellent matches with his national.If it wasnt for him Argentina wouldnt have gone even in the final. And now he misses a penalty and he is worthless ?? There are great players who have missed penaltys.It just happens.And with the pressure Messi has had all these years when playing for his national,of course there was a chance for him to miss that damn penalty. 

But you know what should people do instead of trolling and blaming him . We should be thankful. Thankful for what he has given to the world of football.We are lucky to see him play.He is THE BEST to ever have played Football and all the real football fans,that understand football,knows that.

I personally feel myself lucky to have watched him and to have the opportunity to tell my childrens and grandchildrens that i have watched him play and i have enjoyed every game of him because he was there giving his 100 % like he does always.